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  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Levi Verspeek & BERTON (14/06/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: Levi Verspeek Second hour: BERTON

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Sleep D & The Social Lover (07/06/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: The Social Lover Second hour: Sleep D

  • Dekmantel Podcast 234 - J-Zbel

    French trio J-Zbel keeps it low key. The unknown collective from Lyon has released exclusively on Brothers From Different Mothers since 2015, and in May this year offered up a fantastic debut album. The oddly titled Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up was an eclectic double 12” mash up of rave, hardcore, breakbeats, acid and techno that is full throttle and uncompromisingly high energy. With little else to go on but for their music, it’s fair to say J-Zbel enjoy the sweat and intensity of the dance floor and are not afraid to take musical cues from outlier scenes like trance and gabber. That lends their music a thrilling and unpredictable edge that also permeates this podcast: it’s 1 hour 40 minutes of tempo hopping, mood switching sounds that are have your hands pumping to rave one minute and your body skanking to some abstract future grime the next. It’s a refreshing and widescreen take on strobe lit styes that hits like a train.

  • Dekmantel Podcast 233 - Mozhgan

    Iranian born Mozhgan has a love of dark and ghoulish sounds that always play out when she’s on the decks. In 2011, she started her own We Are Monsters party in San Francisco and it very much went against the grain, mostly thanks to her own definitive sets which draw on 80s synths and vintage hardware as well as exotic and ethnic rhythms, cold wave sounds and industrial textures. Since then she has established herself on the global circuit with sets at cult places like Burning Man and Panorama Bar. She will join us at Dekmantel Festival later this summer and tastes us with what to expect with this new mix. It’s a rugged and low slung affair with jerking body music and frosted synths making for an alien vibe throughout. While often abstract and desolate, there are moments of sci-fi beauty and heady depths along the way that make this mix a cinematic experience from start to finish.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Josey Rebelle & Iggy P (31/05/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: Josey Rebelle Second hour: Iggy P

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Roza Terenzi & Elena Sizova (24/05/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: Roza Terenzi Second hour: Elena Sizova

  • Dekmantel Podcast 232 - Territroy

    Territroy is a coming together of long time techno innovator Stathis Kalatzis and Panagiotis Melidis, who is best known as Larry Gus from his work on DFA. This new collaboration explores the similarities and differences between the two distinctive artists: the club focussed drums and physicality of the former, and the meticulous song craft and chord structure of the latter. It has resulted in a brand new album, Skulls & Plants—due in June on our own UFO label—that explores rugged rhythm, dark internal spaces and twisted synth work that is a full of beautiful contrasts. That distinctive duality and sense of split personality is clear to see in the mix they have put together for us. And few in the series have started as wildly, with freeform jazz expressionism bursting out of the speakers before dying away to reveal a loose and tropical rhythm littered with percussion and hand drums. Looseness and, frankly, weirdness, characterises the next couple of hours as psyched-out synths and manic drumming, computer meltdowns and more radical jazz stylings all intertwine with each other in truly beguiling fashion. If you like your music to be challenging and rule breaking, this is the one for you.

  • Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio w/ DJ soFa

    Recording of DJ soFa's set at Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio.

  • Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio w/ upsammy

    Recording of upsammy's set at Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio.

  • Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio w/ Jasmín

    Recording of Jasmín's set at Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio.

  • Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio w/ Loma Doom

    Recording of Loma Doom's set at Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij Kiosk Radio.

  • Dekmantel Podcast 231 - Job Jobse

    Today we’re all super hyped for for Lente Kabinet this weekend so to get us even more excited we’ve got Job Jobse making his entry to the series. He will play a closing set at the festival and as resident at De School is a master for serving up the perfect record at the perfect time. Initially a slow burner, he’s long been loved by Amsterdam locals for his richly melodic take on house, techno, Italo and disco, and himself is happy to call it trance. It’s certainly a spell being and emotional style that characterises his work here. With something of an old school slant, there are stiff vocal cuts and robotic grooves that slowly loosen up and turn to more hands in the air and zoned out fair before getting more sci-fi and occult later on. As ever with Jobse, it’s feel good and fun without being obvious.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Yīn Yīn & Rouzbeh (17/05/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: Yīn Yīn Second hour: Rouzbeh

  • DKMNTL068 // VA - Scores

    Various Artists - Scores Dekmantel (DKMNTL068) - 12" a1. Jordan GCZ - Sosoon a2. upsammy - Uit Het Rijk Der Kristallen b1. Suzanne Kraft - Prélude28 b2. Parrish Smith - Lichtspiel: Opus II, III, IV In collaboration for Dekmantel Festival 2018, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative and Dekmantel teamed up for the second time to invite four local artists to breathe new life into 4 archival films from the Sound and Vision and EYE Filmmuseum archives. Jordan GCZ, Suzanne Kraft, Parrish Smith and upsammy were all assigned short animated films dating back to 1921. The films and their new scores debuted at EYE on August 2nd. Unsurprisingly, each artist imparted their unique styles onto the films that they previously had no relation with. From Suzanne Kraft's sparse atmospherics that have become more apparent in his new SK U KNO project to Jordan GCZ’s free flowing hardware jams. Parrish Smith showed his contemplative side and sparse orchestrations that he demonstrated on his RE:VIVE release, Genesis Black, a sonic departure from his bombastic releases and DJ-sets while upsammy showed yet again her deft hand for melody and texture, a style that dominates all her releases to date. These four scores can live apart from their films, fitting seamlessly into each artists' growing catalogs of work. But when combined, it’s as if the films and music were made simultaneously with the artist and filmmaker together in the same room. Dekmantel and RE:VIVE are proud to present these new works as the electronic music scene in The Netherlands continues to show its multifaceted talent that continues to expand far beyond the dance floor.

  • Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij RLR AMS Shop w/ Bufiman

    Recording of the Lente Kabinet Op Bezoek Bij RLR AMS Shop listening session.

  • Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij RLR AMS Shop w/ Jasmín

    Recording of the Lente Kabinet Op Bezoek Bij RLR AMS Shop listening session.

  • Lente Kabinet op bezoek bij RLR AMS Shop w/ Casper Tielrooij

    Recording of the Lente Kabinet Op Bezoek Bij RLR AMS Shop listening session.

  • Dekmantel Podcast 230 - Cera Khin

    After a few years bubbling under, Cera Khin could well be about to breakthrough. And few deserve it more than the Tunisian born, Berlin based artist as she is busy on many different fronts, from hosting radio shows on NTS and Noods to running her own LazyTapes label. It has put out music she has made with Ossia as well as solo 12”s from Peder Mannerfelt, but her has not as yet showcased the full breadth of her tastes which range from Afro to Egyptian grooves, grime, rave and ambient. This mix is just as wild and full on from the off, but more directly focussed on the dance floor. High energy techno ranges from mutant to acid to hardcore, with corrugated ghetto funk and euphoric rave all mix in with tight and technical skills. It’s a blistering introducing to how Khin sounds in the club and is a great way to kick start your week.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ DJ Nigga Fox & DRKNGHTS Collective (10/05/19)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: DJ Nigga Fox Second hour: DRKNGHTS Collective

  • B2. Identified Patient - Lucy's Comeback

    Identified Patient - Signals In Snakes Dekmantel (DKMNTL-UFO9) - 12" a1. The Drip (Ft. Sophie Du Palais) a2. Let Me Do It b1. Chantals Chant b2. Lucy's Comeback If heavy industry is a thing of the past, no-one told Identified Patient. For the past few years, he has been a one-man factory: by day, assembling component parts of acid, techno and all varieties of wave (dark, cold, minimal) on the production line; by night, a DJ dynamo pulsing with so much energy he could power a small city. His style is the kind of churning, lithe, fractured machine funk that could make Trent Reznor weep with envy – mean but clean, sinister and stomping but crucially, never overconfident or overblown. After two show-stopping performances at the parent festival last year, Signals In Snakes marks Identified Patient’s first Dekmantel release, for the technoid UFO sub-label. Opener “The Drip” lives up to its namesake, slowly lowering elements into the field of play with partner in crime Sophie Du Palais. No prizes for guessing what exactly might be dripping through this fetishistic slow burner, so we’ll let your sordid imagination run wild. “Let Me Do It” takes the pent-up anguish and lets rip with the mood of unearthed electrical wires sending sparks flying, an upscaling of intensity that continues on “Chantal Chant.” Envisioned as the moments of tension before a gladiator fight in ancient Greece, the acidysound is that of barely restrained militant chaos. Our battered fighter’s swan-song, “Lucy’s Comeback,” marshals the dark undercurrents of bass and brings us to a close. Giving a new lick of shiny paint to a well-weathered industrial exoskeleton, Signals In Snakes is one to unify the cold-blooded villains and hot-blooded lovers all summer long.