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  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Sherelle & CEM (17/01/2020)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at Red Light Radio. First hour: Sherelle Second hour: CEM

  • Dekmantel Podcast 266 - Millos Kaiser

    Milos Kaiser is already confirmed for Dekmantel Selectors this August, and the São Paolo selector is exactly the sort of man you want to hear playing on a sunny beach. Over the past decade he has constantly excited people with his far ranging sets of rare and unknown gems. They represent every facet of Brazil's rich musical tapestry but always become dance floor heaters in his hands. He runs his own bar, Caracol, with friends, and is known for making his own edits of the tunes he plays. Over 70 minutes here he goes deep into a smorgasbord of synth sounds from tropical to pop, darker to more electro tinged. There are long legged and laid back grooves to get you slowly bumping, and more punchy tracks that get hands in the air and the good times flowing. All in all it makes for a joyous listen that is so warm and bright you will almost be able to feel the rays on your face and the sand between your toes.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Bufiman & DJ Serene (10/01/2020)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at Red Light Radio. First hour: Bufiman Second hour: DJ Serene

  • Dekmantel Podcast 265 - Gigsta

    It might well have been her set at Freerotation in summer 2018 that really got people talking about Gigsta. It was there that the hardcore heads in the crowd were all abuzz with her fresh mix of heavy bass, house funk, off kilter rhythms and kinked synths. Since then she has become more and more visible at key parties round Europe, not only as resident at Berlin's Room 4 Resistance but also through her painstakingly researched and assembled radio shows for Cashmere, where she takes cues from literature, NASA launches, spoken word pieces and plenty more. As the eagled-eyed will know, Gigsta has already been confirmed for Dekmantel Selectors in August, but to keep us going until then she has served up a special mix for us. You never know what you'll get with the Belgian artist, it could be hard and fast, could be grime, or could be garage. Here she goes for creepy and unsettling ambiance that eventually gets contorted into warped bass music, hyperactive club, hammering techno and euphoric jungle. It shows an unrivalled command of tempo and makes for a real seat-of-your pants ride.

  • Dekmantel Podcast 264 - Nene H

    Nene H has been hailed as one of techno's most strikingly singular artists. In the studio she mixes up her passion for folk and religious music as well as bruising club sounds with layers of spirituality, found sound and analogue aesthetics. Despite only first getting involved in the scene in 2015, she is already at home at places like Berlin Atonal, either playing live or laying down a DJ set, and also has a masters in piano. As a DJ she can often sound quite different to how she does in the studio: her mix here is hyperactive affair that will well and truly kick start your 2020 with brutal drum patterns and twisted electronics that take no prisoners. There's also distorted techno rap and malfunctioning club music tightly woven together in a light speed mix that somehow packs all this and more into just one hour.

  • Dekmantel Podcast 263 - Low Jack

    Low Jack has been bringing an accessible experimentalism to club music throughout his career. The DJ and live act from France is a firm favourite on the digital arts festival circuit with a dark, tension filled and industrial tinged sound that has landed on L.I.E.S., Les Disques De La Bretagne and Trilogy Tapes and taken him to clubs like Berghain. Next to his techno he has also recently blended digital dub, dancehall and dubstep on newly self-released EPs that break all the rules and means he remains a fascinating auteur. His mix is the perfect way to awaken yourself from a post-festive slumber: its all bristling drums and rib rattling bass, crashing hits and broken beats that fire every synapse in your body. There are trap cuts, dark dancehall bombs and hyper speed jungle rhythms all somehow stitched together into a lively selection that covers a dizzyingly diverse spectrum of sound.

  • Dekmantel Radio’s End of The Year Special (20/12/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at Red Light Radio, featuring part of our own staff discussing the past year and playing a selection of our favourite tracks from 2019.

  • Regis & Veronica Vasicka at Dekmantel Festival 2018

    Recording of Regis & Veronica Vadicka's set at Dekmantel Festival 2018.

  • Dekmantel Podcast 262 - Prins Thomas

    Norway's Prins Thomas is a giant of an artist whose influence looms large over the whole of the Scandi-scene. The space-disco king has a sound that draws on electro, krautrock, psychedelia and prog in melodically majestic ways and has given rise to a wealth of fully realised studio albums and classy dance floor singles, mostly on Smalltown Supersound. His latest record, 2019's Ambitions, is one of his best: it found him strip things back and reinvent himself once more over the course of plenty of gently absorbing grooves and mindful moods. As a DJ he is just as well equipped to take you on real dance floor odysseys built on ever present grooves, but coloured with melodies from the celestial realms. And that is the case on his 90 minute podcast for us, which journeys through frosty northern tundras as well as twinkling night skies with equal elan. The ups and downs along the way are subtle ones, but together they create something perfectly escapist and somehow very suited to this time of year.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ re:ni & Eversines (13/12/19)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: Eversines Second hour: re:ni

  • Dekmantel Podcast 261 - Tutu

    Tutu is someone who people speak about with a real sense of reverence despite the fact she very much remains in the shadows of the scene. The reason? Her electrifying DJ sets, which are brilliantly experimental, brave and adventurous in the way they pay no attention to rules or traditions. The Spaniard born Gemma Planell plays anything from IDM to ambient, to grime, bass and plenty of hard to define sounds in between, all with a sense of precision and dexterity that few could match. After impressing at our festival as well as on Boiler Room, Red Light Radio and at Sonar, she now makes a much anticipated entry into our mix series. It starts in typically brazen fashion with a monologue about the power of silence and then, a passage of silence. A giant fog horn then gets things underway again and you're carried through ambient and neo-classical, experimental minimalism and hellish techno. Weird rhythms and odd sonic textures are constantly being served up into a brilliantly mind-bending whole.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Nosedrip & FOOZOOL (06/12/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at @redlightradio. First hour: Nosedrip Second hour: FOOZOOL

  • Dekmantel Podcast 260 - Oceanic

    Oceanic makes distinctly modern house and techno with attention grabbing synths and lithe sound design. The Dutchman's production is often quirky and curious and finds him bringing plenty of subtly inventive new ideas to his grooves. They have come on the likes of Nous'klaer Audio, while last year he put out a live recording of one of his many sets at Amsterdam's De School. It was an experimental ambient mix from the club's auditorium and this week he starts in a similar fashion before getting down to his more dance floor orientated sound. The mix races up to speeds of 150bpm, often with hyperactive drum programming and day glo synths lighting up the airwaves. The whole thing races by like a high speed hallucination, a trip to another dimension that somehow never sounds like house, or techno, or anything in between. It is genre-fluid, thrillingly unusual music littered with alien lifeforms and cyborg funk of the highest order.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ JASSS & Nurali (29/11/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at Red Light Radio. First hour: JASSS Second hour: Nurali

  • Dekmantel Podcast 259 - Antenes

    Chicago born @Antenes is a Brooklyn based synth obsessive. She builds her own modulars and then sets them to the future to cook up rough edged warehouse tracks that are gritty and bleakly atmospheric, as well as more textured, detailed ambient work. She has done installations at Moogfest as well as playing as far afield as China, Colombia and Japan, and has appeared on LIES, Silent Season, Bunker NY and Mord. She DJs as well as playing live, has roots in goth and industrial as well as noise from her early years playing guitar, but also has a real love of techno, electro and experimental. Her darkly absorbing mix for us this week includes tracks from Electric Indigo, Stephanie Merchak, Fjader, Oisel, Rrose, Lonefront, DJ ESP, Erica Mar, Wata Igarashi, Silent Servant, Ewa Justka, Bergsonist and Uun. It reflects her interest in a healthy amount of ominous dance hypnagogia while also drawing from a large pool of influences from the experimental to her roots in the Midwest. “The ESP track in there has some weird filtering and panning with the crunchy drums for example,” she says, “I love hearing how raw it is”.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Mor Elian & her again (22/11/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at Red Light Radio. First hour: Mor Elian Second hour: her again

  • Dekmantel Podcast 258 - Kléo

    French born but Amsterdam based for almost 20 years, Kléo draws on her work as a visual artist when she's painting colourful musical landscapes in the DJ booth. She also takes the same approach when programming soul, jazz and boogie at Café Belgique. It is a homely space that suits her heartfelt sounds, while her Red Light Radio show has become synonymous with music that is just as sensitive. After appearances at both Lentekabinet and Dekmantel Festival before now, she finally brings her bright and beautiful approach to our mix series. Over the course of two hours she delves deep into lots of cuddly strains of house music from deep and jazzy to romantic, melodic and late night. Her tender touch draws you in close and keeps you there with lots of warm chords, pillowy pads and plenty of love struck grooves. This is one perfectly suited to long winter nights and snuggling up with close friends.

  • Dekmantel Radio w/ Uchi & Nala Brown (15/11/2019)

    Recording of our weekly Dekmantel Radio show at Red Light Radio. First hour: Uchi Second hour: Nala Brown

  • No Clubs Services at Dekmantel Selectors 2019

    Recording of No Clubs Services' set at Dekmantel Selectors 2019.

  • Casper Tielrooij at Dekmantel Selectors 2019

    Recording of Casper TIelrooij's set at Dekmantel Selectors 2019.