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  • DT:Premiere | Sebastian Lopez aka Flug - Progression [Existentia]

    @Flug Existentia is the new label being launched by its founder, the Barcelona-based Flug, who also looks to introduce productions under his real name going forward after his music appearing on Nina Kraviz’s Trip and Marco Faraone’s UNCAGE in recent months. The four tracks on Body Tales EP show his forever impressive production strengths, opening with a leftfield, dreamy, electro jam, followed by gothic inspired tones, then a trippy, mind-altering weapon. For this DT:Premiere we selected the closing track “Progression” that is a slice of blistering, and raw contemporary techno with a most certain nod to that of Detroit. Its thundering bottom end and satisfying chord stabs propel it forward, where every sound is laid out and programmed to pure and perfect, precision. Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: Existentia CAT#: EXT01 ARTIST: Sebastian Lopez aka Flug TITLE: Body Tales EP FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 3 November 2020 01. Electronic Measures 02. Body Tales 03. Time Shift 04. Progression

  • DTMIX203 - Holldën [Loulé, PORTUGAL]

    @Hollden_Official / @KuiperNoise Artist... Tracklist... Holldën has recently featured on our DEAD CERT. Records with a majestic and moody four-track EP titled Moonscape, and his other outings include labels such as Robert S (PT)'s trau-ma, Labrynth, Out-Er, ANAØH and his own Kuiper Noise. The Portuguese talent certainly knows his stuff and has put together a well crafted exclusive mix drawing on a wide range of influences from stripped back minimal to gritty, modular melodics that is impressive. Tracks featured by Casual Treatment, Vladw, Blawan, Pfirter & Grindvik, Arnaud Le Texier, Jay Clarke, Deetron and many more...

  • DT:Premiere | VIL - Moderna [PACE]

    @VILmusic / @PACErecords PACE is a new club event and label based in Berlin, and for the inaugurating release they have banded together a pool of techno talent supplying six original tracks of top quality. Catching our ear from this selection is HAYES boss VIL, the Portuguese producer has also appeared on labels such as Shlomi Aber’s Be As One, Alex Dolby’s Affekt, Planet Rhythm and TWR72’s Float Records. For this DT:Premiere we selected his track “Moderna” that instantly blazes a trail of bliss with it’s jackin’ and spacey vibe. Full of classic 909 flavour and modern texture design, it’s the perfect brew of style and substance we think is timeless. Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: PACE CAT#: PACE001 ARTIST: Various TITLE: PACE VA 01 FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 30 October 2020 01. TWR72 - Oasis 02. VIL - Moderna 03. Versho - Collective2020 04. Seld - Move 05. AINT.S - 250 06. LHVB - Four

  • DT:Premiere | Rebekah - The Bitter Boys Club [Soma]

    @Rebekah / @Soma Rebekah returns to Soma for her latest EP titled The Bitter Boys Club, following appearances on Bas Mooy’s Mord, Developer’s Modularz and Adam X’s Sonic Groove. With a sound that’s developed into shear toughness, she has forged a following of fans that love her choice of standout driving and dark beats. The tracks here have thundering and slicing percussion wrapped in a depth of industrial shapes and sizes. Eerie vibes of unnerving pitch-bending to distorted elephant trumpets, expect to be surprised by the inventive creations within these hard productions. For this DT:Premiere we selected title track “The Bitter Boys Club” that focuses the undercurrent on a relentless kick and clap combo that rarely subsides. Setting it up perfectly, the main hook soon shows itself with a grinding, dirty synth that tears out the speakers with absolute ferocity. Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: Soma CAT#: SOMA590D ARTIST: Rebekah TITLE: The Bitter Boys Club EP FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 26 October 2020 01. The Bitter Boys Club 02. Lock n’ Load (One for the Road) 03. Necromancer 04. Confession Tape

  • DT:Premiere | Rhythm Assembler - Köln [Methodical]

    @NicoMTD / @MethodicalMusic Methodical is the newest venture from Italy’s MTD who introduces his latest alias with debut album titled Focus. He is also the owner of the seasoned label Sonntag Morgen and as an artist, has seen his music on imprints such as Animal Farm, Blackrod, Affekt, and Gynoid Audio. This eleven track pack is nothing short of total excellence, with diverse ideas, yet solid club functionality. Familiar and new is difficult to achieve for any artist and we hold him in high esteem with no sign of filler, which is hard to find in the abundance of the digital world. Proving his production pedigree and consistently hitting the spot, this album is essential to real techno lovers. For this DT:Premiere we selected the track “Köln” that gets into some mental pleasure with its hypnotic techniques. Using spacey drones and wonky modular stabs to create a moving and morphing sonic masterclass of exceptional analogue beauty. Order the CD at Juno Records Discogs Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: Methodical CAT#: METHODICAL LP001 ARTIST: Rhythm Assembler TITLE: Focus FORMAT: CD & Digital RELEASED: CD - 12 October 2020 Digital - 20 October 2020 01. Purist 02. Get Out Of Here 03. Köln 04. Cortex 05. Geometric 06. Adam 07. Rusty Tool 08. Reconstruct 09. Ondulate LFO 10. Rose 11. Naïf

  • DT:Premiere | M.R.E.U.X - Deep Space (Joel Mull Remix) [Blumoog Music]

    @MREUX / @JoelMull / @BlumoogMusic Blumoog Music is an Italian label ran by M.R.E.U.X. who has kept his music close to home and featured music and remixes by Dan Curtin, Pfirter, Cari Lekebusch, Edit Select and more. Supplying the remix is staunch Stockholm artist Joel Mull whose quality productions have reached far and wide labels such as the homebase Parabel, Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD for example. For this DT:Premiere we chose his remix of “Deep Space” that combines a funky groove with morphing, metallic tones that wave and pulse with tension. A trippy and hypnotic take, it’s deep and functional sound will captivate and satisfy as it explores electronic emotion and exactness at the same time. Order the 12″ vinyl at Juno Records Discogs Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: Blumoog Music CAT#: BLUG012 ARTIST: M.R.E.U.X TITLE: Gravity FORMAT: Vinyl & Digital RELEASED: Vinyl - 25 September 2020 Vinyl - 18 September 2020 01. Radar 02. Deep Space 03. Deep Space (Joel Mull Remix)

  • DTMIX202 - Kastil [Vitoria, SPAIN]

    @KastilMusic Artist... Tracklist... Stale and Soul Notes owner Kastil is a Spanish artist forging his own path and sound by diving into a huge variety of styles be it, ambient, electro and of course techno. Having released on P.E.A.R.L.’s Falling Ethics, UTCH, Cabrera and INNSIGNN, he continues to turn heads having his music remixed by Oscar Mulero, Dario Zenker and Eomac for example. In his mix he takes us on a seasoned journey of trippy beats, experimentation with a dark, analogue tapestry sewn in. Tracks featured by 30Drop, Nørbak, Lars Huismann, Planetary Assault Systems, Oliver Rosemann, Plastikman, Temudo and many more...

  • DT:Premiere | Pfirter - Endless [ODD / EVEN]

    @PfirterMusic / @ODD-EVEN-1 German imprint ODD / EVEN is a project that began in 2014 by Andre Kronert and that has a solid standing with artist appearances by firm favourites such as Jonas Kopp, Markus Suckut, Johannes Heil, Shlomi Aber, and many more. The latest Endless EP welcomes Barcelona-based Pfirter for his first full package following a remix on the launch release. A five track selection has definitely been worth the wait and he supplies some trippy and cerebral cuts. For this DT:Premiere we selected the title track “Endless” with a punchy and funky rhythm at its core. The Detroit inspired, stuttering chords are met with ghostly, machine-like textures of weird and wonderful electronic noise, all the while it powers through with driving, analogue, vigour. Order the 12″ vinyl at Juno Records Discogs Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: ODD / EVEN CAT#: ODDEVEN030 ARTIST: Pfirter TITLE: Endless EP FORMAT: Vinyl & Digital RELEASED: 29 September 2020 01. Through My Window 02. Last Breath 03. Endless 04. Certain 05. Release

  • DT:Premiere | Kernel Existence - Asist (Electric Indigo Remix) [Konsequent]

    @KernelExistence / @Indigo / @KonsequentRecords Konsequent was founded by Persian-born, Berlin resident Maral Salmassi who has enlisted many of the leading producers to support the project with reworks including the likes of Jonas Kopp, Inigo Kennedy, Jeroen Search, Psyk, Sleeparchive, Zadig and many, many more. Simply titled Remixes it’s just that, including four new reworks of what seem to be a bevy of unreleased works by Kernel Existence, that may or may not see the light of day to come. Remixes from Messiahwaits, d Func. aka Alexander Kowalski, WHT MOTH and Electric Indigo. Austria-based Electric Indigo graced us with our landmark podcast (DTMIX100) over 5 years ago and will always be a shining light with over 30 years of influence in music production and the club scene, so we are always pleased to hear her creations that have featured on Ostgut Ton and DJ Hell’s Gigolo Tapes for example. For this DT:Premiere we selected the remix “Asist” that is an exploration of sound design. A signature take on techno, it’s dripping in electronic energy, pulses and glitches to teleport you into a dystopian world of abstract creativity. Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: Konsequent CAT#: KSQ-078 ARTIST: Kernel Existence TITLE: Remixes FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 18 September 2020 01. OPI (Messiahwaits Remix) 02. Things (d Func. Remix) 03. Octone (WHT MOTH Remix) 04. Asist (Electric Indigo Remix)

  • DT:Premiere | Kmyle - Synchopa [Astropolis]

    @Kmyle / @Astropolis_Records Astropolis is a label and festival brand from France that launched in 2012 and has featured music and remixes by artists such as Laurent Garnier, The Hacker, Slam, Madben, Michael Mayer, Marc Romboy and many more. Their latest EP is from Paris-based Kmyle who is somewhat of a studio wizard and gaining great standing with his productions landing his music on such labels as Cleric’s Clergy, Bas Mooy’s Mord, Emmanuel’s ARTS and Electric Rescue’s Skryptöm amongst others. For this DT:Premiere we selected the track “Synchopa” that’s a fierce jackin’ juggernaut from the off. Tense with a dark deepness, the gothic chords quickly begin to take over the frequencies that morph into tearing textures in this full throttle exemplary experience. Order the 12″ vinyl at Juno Records Discogs Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: Astropolis CAT#: AR12 ARTIST: Kmyle TITLE: Keroual EP FORMAT: Vinyl & Digital RELEASED: 18 September 2020 01. Keroual 02. Telegraph 03. Synchopa 04. Keroual (Zadig Day Is Dying Remix)

  • DT:Premiere | Gerald VDH - Martyr (Cleric Remix) [MEAT Recordings]

    @GeraldVDH / @Cleric / @MEATrecordings Another hammer release from the Austrian label MEAT Recordings and the label boss Gerald VDH with his latest EP simply titled Martyr that includes remixes from Berlin’s Elad Magdasi and Cleric from Manchester. Cleric has been forging his name through his distinguished cuts released on Len Faki’s Figure, Emmanuel’s ARTS, Slam’s Soma, EarToGround and his very own Clergy imprint. For this DT:Premiere we selected his take on “Martyr” that straightens out the original’s broken beat, opting for a four-to-the-floor pattern with a driving sound from the launch. Raw and heavy, the focus is all about tough percussion with a locked in groove made by whirling textures, pumping bass and an adept industrial flair for very good measure. Order the 12″ vinyl at Bandcamp Juno Records Discogs Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: MEAT Recordings CAT#: MR014 ARTIST: Gerald VDH TITLE: Martyr FORMAT: Vinyl & Digital RELEASED: 4 September 2020 01. I Came Back For You 02. I Came Back For You (Elad Magdasi Remix) 03. Martyr 04. Martyr (Cleric Remix)

  • DT:Premiere | Kastil - Hound [ExoPlanets]

    @KastilMusic / @30DRecords ExoPlanets is one branch of sublabels from the 30D Records cosmos ran by 30drop who is now based in Germany. Since launching in 2015, ExoPlanets has featured talent such as Population One, Terrence Dixon and Dasha Rush. Kastil resides in Spain and here introduces his latest offering of original music on the Hard Standing EP with four meaty and grimey sonic selections, following appearances on P.E.A.R.L.’s Falling Ethics, Cabrera and his own imprints Soul Notes and Stale. For this DT:Premiere we selected the track “Hound” that’s a tenacious assault full of delicacy and precision. Its burgeoning, twisted textures morph and contract like a hellish thunderstorm on the horizon and its constant tension makes it a discerning DJ’s dream. Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: ExoPlanets CAT#: 30DEXO-008 ARTIST: Kastil TITLE: Hard Standing EP FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 11 September 2020 01. Double Cluster 02. Hound 03. Fade To First 04. Pale Terra

  • DT:Premiere | Jacom - Mind (VSK Remix) [Adroit]

    Jacom (@user-983038554) / @VSK_CRS / @AdroitMusic Adroit are a collective from Switzerland bringing the finest techno talent from around the world to the country such as Marcel Dettmann, Marc Houle, Matrixxman, Etapp Kyle, Kobosil and many more. Firing up their tenth EP is Italian Jacom who is a close member of the label team and returns after a compilation contribution a couple of years ago. Joining the release with remixes are Kaiser and VSK in Berlin and Italy respectively. VSK has been showing his hand as a much loved DJ and producer having appeared with music and remixes on Bas Mooy’s Mord, Tommy Four Seven’s 47, Perc Trax, Slam’s Soma and Developer’s Modularz amongst many others. For this DT:Premiere we selected his remix of “Mind” that has a dark soul and driving sound. Hypnotic and gritty with an impressive pulsating bassline at its core, it’s a trippy take with spooky textures and heavy vibes that creates a cocktail of nothing but cool. Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: Adroit CAT#: ADT010 ARTIST: Jacom TITLE: Mind FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 4 September 2020 01. Confusion 02. Distruction 03. Mind 04. Mind (Kaiser Remix) 05. Mind (VSK Remix)

  • DT:Premiere | Kessell - Decompressing [From 0-1]

    @Kessell / @From0to1 The From 0-1 crew are made up from unsuspecting cities in USA such as San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle. Launching in 2008, they have featured music and remixes by artists such as Samuli Kemppi, Mike Parker, Kyle Geiger, Alex Bau, Tim Xavier and continue to impress with their steady approach. The latest EP sees a vinyl and digital drop titled Life Under Lockdown compiling tracks from a tight bunch of serious Spanish soothsayers Kessell, HD Substance, Joton and American label head JX-216. One half of duo Exium with Tensal, Kessell also runs the Granulart imprint and is closely affiliated with Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup institution as well as his music hitting Developer’s Modularz and EarToGround amongst others. For this DT:Premiere we selected his track “Decompressing” with its throbbing bassline and metallic hits creating a subsonic groove and incrementing tension. The phasers and raw textures make it a dominant ride while the compulsory built in funk makes it simply flutter with style. Order the 12″ vinyl at Juno Records Discogs Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: From 0-1 CAT#: FR01035 ARTIST: Various TITLE: Life Under Lockdown FORMAT: Vinyl & Digital RELEASED: Vinyl - 7 September 2020 Digtial - 16 September 2020 A1. Kessell - Decompressing A2. JX-216 - Shaping Shadows B1. Joton - Under Control B2. HD Substance - Neutron

  • DT:Premiere | Albert Salvatierra - Immersion (Arnaud Le Texier Remix) [Elart]

    @A-Salvatierra / @ArnaudLeTexier / @ElartRecords Elart Records sees its Spanish label head Albert Salvatierra supply his seventh EP and this time welcoming remixes by Arnaud Le Texier and Joton to complete the four track package. Arnaud Le Texier is a veteran artist who has released on heralded imprints ranging from from Slam’s Soma to Sven Väth’s Cocoon and continues to inspire the scene with his evolving style and quality productions. For this DT:Premiere we selected his remix of “Immersion” that focuses on a rolling beat and hypnotic aspects to drive things forward in a relentless fashion. Morphing tones, stabbing phasers and spacey textures create a deep character to this energetic piece of masterful techno. Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: Elart Records CAT#: ELART007 ARTIST: Albert Salvatierra TITLE: Immersion / Emerge FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 2 September 2020 01. Immersion 02. Immersion (Arnaud Le Texier Remix) 03. Emerge 04. Emerge (Joton Remix)

  • DT:Premiere | Simone Gatto - Primal Reality (Distant Echoes Remix) [Souvenir]

    @SimoneGattoDJ / @Distant_Echoes / @Souvenir-Music Souvenir Music is the Berlin-based label of Schwarz brothers known as Tiefschwarz with well over twenty years of influence with their deep, edgy and atmospheric techno. The Imaginary Realities EP is is the latest offering from Simone Gatto who co-owns Out-ER Recordings and has releases on Curle, Monocline amongst others. He seems to live in a realm of abstract rhythms and dreamy tones with a wonderful and diverse selection of originals on show. The other half of the Out-ER label also appears on the release, Distant Echoes brings a heavier rework to “Primal Reality” incorporating alternating sections of broken beats and straight four-to-the-floor grooves. Dubby and spacious, his expert construction is a delicate and inspirational take that combines compelling sound design with emotional connection. Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: Souvenir Music CAT#: SOUV105 ARTIST: Simone Gatto TITLE: Imaginary Realities EP FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 4 September 2020 01. A New Wave 02. Quest For Vision 03. Restorative Agents 04. Primal Reality 05. Primal Reality (Distant Echoes Remix)

  • DT:Premiere | Yan Cook - Worm [Planet Rhythm]

    @Yan_Cook / @PlanetRhythmRec Planet Rhythm legendary Dutch label formed in the early ’90s and that has staked its claim with a constant stream of brilliant techno music from the likes of Bas Mooy, Sleeparchive, Oscar Mulero, TWR72, Adam Beyer, Woo York and many more. Returning for his tenth appearance with the Inferno EP is Ukrainian artist Yan Cook who continues to be one of the most consistent and idealist producers around with ear for enchanting sound design and club ready weapons. His beats can be found on super labels such as Soma, ARTS and Delsin as well as his own Cooked imprint that began releasing in 2017. For this DT:Premiere we selected the track titled “Worm” that spins a warping web of delayed acid waves to stimulate the senses. Raw and analogue, this engrossing creation is another example why his work is a constant source of inspiration to those who really know their stuff and pine for standout, secret weapons. Order the 12″ vinyl at Juno Records Discogs Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: Planet Rhythm CAT#: PRRUKBLK056 ARTIST: Yan Cook TITLE: Inferno EP FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 24 August 2020 01. Order 02. Worm 03. Inferno 04. Lucid 05. Cosmonaut

  • DTMIX201 - Paul Ritch [Paris, FRANCE]

    @PaulRitch / @Quartz-Rec Paul Ritch has been an active producer for nearly 15 years, which has brought with it accolades of his music being released on everywhere from Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, Developer’s Modularz, Planet Rhythm or his own Quartz Rec imprint. In this exclusive set he not only shows how to flow with a raw groove and showcases multi deck mixing, there are highlight tracks shining with expert subtlety and impact. High-octane, tough and with dark atmospherics, this is a precise and punchy juggernaut from start to finish, testament to his skill and well practiced craft. Tracks featured by Temudo, Nicolas Bougaïeff, DJ Saint Pierre, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Yan Cook and some unreleased cuts…

  • DT:Premiere | TWR72 - SSS [Corpus Black]

    @TWR72 / @CorpusBlack Corpus Black is a Greek label born in 2018 with a wonderful underground sound that has welcomed artists such as HD Substance, Ket Robinson and Cyklos amongst others. The newest edition to their various artist series Collective Futura VII welcomes four artists from around the world in the shape of TWR72, Red Rooms, Salbany and Rhombic respectively. Amsterdam’s TWR72 has once again impressed as his productions deliver time and time again. For this DT:Premiere we selected his track “SSS” that goes down a more cerebral and hypnotic prism accompanied with a broken beat filled with atmospheric textures, raw hits and delightful details along the way that you can really get lost in. Buy the Digital release from Bandcamp Beatport LABEL: Corpus Black CAT#: CORB020 ARTIST: Various TITLE: Collective Futura VII FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 20 August 2020 01. TWR72 - SSS 02. Red Rooms - Floating 03. Salbany - Below The Sea 04. Rhombic - Social Outburst

  • DT:Premiere | Coyu - Suor [Suara]

    @Coyu / @Suara Suara certainly seems to be moving and shaking of recent years, combining many variants of the techno spectrum and featuring respected heads such as James Ruskin, Mark Broom, Jonas Kopp, Edit Select, DJ Rush and many more. The honcho himself Coyu, steps out again with his third iteration of the Technostalgia series that visits yesteryear styles and sounds that have guided his journey. For this DT:Premiere we selected the title track “Suor” that sits at a punchy 137 BPM and fires straight out the gate. The soaring bassline and always rising intensity in the atmosphere seems to have strong industrial influences too, making it an absolute steam roller of pressure and power that caught our ear as the highlight. Buy the Digital release from Beatport LABEL: Suara CAT#: SUARA404 ARTIST: Coyu TITLE: Technostalgia EP 3 FORMAT: Digital RELEASED: 3 August 2020 01. L’Ultim Ball D’Agost 02. L’Estiu Mes Esperat 03. Suor 04. Sol Torrid