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  • Ep. 617: BONUS Episode
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The guys are back for a bonus episode. They talk The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sinister, horror flicks, kids party mascots, Brendan's Halloween party invite, sex dolls, VR porn and much more!

  • Ep. 616: Mark Normand
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Mark Normand talks his comedy special, staying in NY, performing stand-up in a park, being in a relationship during quarantine and more. Also, the gang talks hunting, Malik's tiny legs, Brendan's new mullet, Shapel and Brendan's 90 Day The Other Way challenge and much more!

  • Ep. 615
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The gang talks spicy foods, Nipsey Hussle, John Mayer, Denzel Washington, robot pigeons, a cliff diving shark encounter and much more!

  • Ep. 614
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The gang talks Cat's covid scare, first date stories, thruple relationships, pimps and hookers, the guys getting tattoos in Texas, Malik's weekly news report, our weekly Gram of the week, Jeffrey Toobin masturbating on a Zoom call, the Hunter Biden scandal, and much more!

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  • Ep. 613
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The guys talk Dodgers, Matt Barnes giving Shapel a giant joint, the hot scientist on Married At First Sight, speed dating, Malik and Shapel's cougar women stories, 11 year old arrested for stealing a bus, Kanye West asking to go on Joe Rogan's podcast again and much more!

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  • Ep. 612
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The guys share erectile dysfunction stories and talk sex, how Shapel met Bill Burr, Brendan doing Steve-O's podcast, chicken wings, BBW strip clubs, Cardi B's accidental nude post, man stalked by cougar and much more!

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  • Ep. 611
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The guys talk Lakers winning the NBA finals, BBM's, big women, Bill Burr's SNL controversy, Barstool Sports, viral Shapel look-alike's, Kevin Costner's music, Vin Diesel's Instagram page and much more!

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  • Ep. 610
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The gang talks Malik's "queen", the presidential debates, the fly on Mike Pence's head, comedian fights, rap battles, Cat's Only Fans page idea, Morgan Wallen's SNL controversy, Saved By The Bell reboot and much more!

  • Ep. 609: Mat Best
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Mat Best talks the future of Black Rifle Coffee, the recent exodus to Texas, strapping a fighter jet rotary machine gun to a Toyota Prius and more. Also, the gang talks Worldstar fights, their Texas trip, Cuba Gooding Jr. movies, Tyga showing his dong on Only Fans and much more!

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  • Ep. 608: Steve-O, Malik Bazille & Shapel Lacey
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Steve-O joins the boys in studio and the guys talk Jackass 4, splitting Jackass money between cast members, Steve-O receiving 3rd degree burns and getting duct taped to a billboard, addiction, getting sober, an update on Bam Margera, his RV podcast Wild Ride, the story of how he bet on himself with his comedy special and much more!

  • Ep. 607: Joey Diaz, Shapel Lacey & Malik Bazille
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Uncle Joey Diaz joins the show to talk his future with podcasting, his move to New Jersey and more, also, Shapel Lacey and Malik Bazille are back to talk fitness, pool parties, swingers, horses, Lori Harvey and much more!

  • Ep. 606: Malik Bazille & Shapel Lacey
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Malik and Shapel are back and the guys talk Malik's movie roles, Shapel's rough past, everyones favorite TV shows, fame, Teen Mom, Mia Khalifa on Only Fans and much more!

  • Ep. 202: Shapel Lacey & Malik Bazille
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Shapel Lacey and Malik Bazille join Brendan to talk Malik's flat tire on the way to the studio, Shapel's cheerleading days, thiccc girls, Malik's boxing match, Dave Chappelle's emmy speech, Greg Kelley playing at EMU, Jean Claude Van Damme's music video and much more!

  • Ep. 604: Josh Wolf
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The guys talk Josh throwing the first pitch at a Red Sox game, the NBA playoff's, Brendan's son's close call with choking, Josh's son being deployed, depression, a moon travel debate and much more!

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  • Ep. 603: Josh Wolf
    The Fighter & The Kid

    The guys talk NFL, embarrassing sex stories, farting in front of your significant other, Chris Evans' dong pic, killer whales attacking boaters and much more!

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  • Ep. 602: Mark Sanchez & Scotty McKnight (Bonus Football Special)
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Mark Sanchez and Scotty McKnight join Brendan to talk all things football on this football bonus special. Also, they discuss Scott's Tua Tagovailoa documentary, their predictions on the playoffs, Odell rumors, Joe Budden's controversial dog story, Taco Bell removing popular items and much more!

  • Ep. 601: Michael Rapaport
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Michael Rapaport steps in as special guest co-host and the guys talk NBA playoffs, Rap's burner accounts, Cardi B's interview with Joe Biden, UFC GOATS, the Kardashians, Virgil Abloh's G Wagon, Rap's Twitter fued with Star Wars actor John Boyega and much more!

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  • Ep. 600: Josh Wolf
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Brendan and Josh talk NBA playoffs, the Lakers losing, Brendan's dodgeball accident, they share stories of Ralphie May, gender reveal parties, visiting prisons, Howlin Rays, Dr. Dre's estranged wife asking for $2 million in monthly spousal support and much more!

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  • Ep. 599: Gary Owen
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Gary Owen joins Brendan and Josh and the guys talk black comedy clubs, Dane Cook stories, Fat Tuesday's, both Josh and Gary share stories of them getting teargassed, pooping in public, Gary's Chelsea Handler story and much more!

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  • Ep. 598: Josh Wolf
    The Fighter & The Kid

    Josh Wolf and Brendan talk Brendan's bike ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Josh's argument with a neighbor that involved dog poop, public display's of affection with your partner, men born with 2 dongs, the unfortunate passing of actor Chadwick Bosemen, Taiwan toddler stuck in a kite and hurled high into the air and much more!