starwarspunk tracks on Soundclound


  • Wedding Studio (Cyrus and Reese's Theme) from Animal Crossing Piano Cover

    Super cute song for wedding season in Animal Crossing New Horizons (the Retail Theme). It was inevitable I would learn this since I've literally listened to it everyday for almost a month while putting down a billion chairs just to please an alpaca.

  • All Is Found from Frozen 2 (Piano and Voice Cover by Dani the Girl)

    Watched Frozen 2 on Disney Plus and realized this is the one female Disney song I can sorta sing so here is a piano cover of the song.

  • Brothers (A Star Wars Clone Wars fan song) by Dani the Girl (starwarspunk)
    Star Wars

    This song is based off of conversations from ARC Trooper Fives and Captain Rex from the Star Wars: Clone Wars TV series and how I imagine they feel during the never ending Clone Wars. My favorite episodes often involved learning more about the clones, in particular the story arc about General Krell, and the discovery of the implanted chip in all the clone troopers. I'm excited to see what happens in Season 7. For all my original Star Wars songs (including an original song about Ahsoka Tano): Artwork used with permission by lonefirewarrior

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian theme (piano cover) WORK IN PROGRESS

    This show is so good! I can't get the theme out of my head so I started figuring it out on piano. Hoping to learn the rest!

  • What Is This Feeling? (Are You Human Too 너도 인간이니 Kdrama Fan Song) by Dani the Girl (starwarspunk)

    This song was originally written for an OST contest about the kdrama, "Are You Human Too." The winner got their song featured in the show. No, I didn't win! T_T But I still really enjoyed writing a robot love song ^_^ LYRICS I am programmed to be unlike anybody living, breathing. I will be the best My creator gave me strength with great empathy Comforting, I will relieve all your stress I don't have a heart, I'm just wires and parts so why do I feel something strange.... Can someone please find out what's causing this change? I cannot understand How to run this command I don't know what to do when I'm alone with you. Underneath all this skin, Among the circuits within, What is this feeling? Does this make me human too? Assumed an identity With other entities Soothing, calming, you would never guess. I should do all perfectly 'cause of my circuitry Somehow, you've made me what I can't express... There's nothing inside, meaning I'm not alive, then Why do I feel so funny? Can someone please see what is happening to me? I cannot understand How to run this command I don't know what to do when I'm alone with you. Underneath all this skin, Among the circuits within, What is this feeling? Does this make me human too? I cannot understand How to run this command Why do I only feel this way when I'm with you? Underneath all this skin, Among the circuits within, What is this feeling? Maybe, I'm a human too....

  • The Dark and The Light (Kylo Ren & Rey song) A Star Wars Reylo fan song by Dani the Girl
    Star Wars

    YouTube with lyrics: This song is based off of the connection and conversations between Kylo Ren and Rey as seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. "Darkness rises.... and light to meet it." I included tributes to Kylo Ren's theme and Rey's theme which are written by the fantastic John Williams Art from Shoutout to the #reylo fans. I hope you enjoy this one. ^_^

  • SHINee - Dream Girl (piano cover)

    This is the first SHINee song I ever heard and for some reason, it has stuck with me for all these years. I am actually not a fan of kpop, but SHINee is the one and only exception. I listen to them on my runs, on the bus, and while I'm working meaning I have listened to them almost everyday since 2014. I never knew how much of an impact SHINee had on me until I realized that I will never be able to see Jonghyun in concert nor will I ever hear his wonderful voice on any new songs again. Thank you for all the music. RIP I am working on a piano medley of my favorite SHINee songs, but I wanted to share this one first.

  • League of Legends Worlds 2017 - Legends Never Die (Acoustic Cover)

    An acoustic cover of the League of Legends Worlds 2017 theme. Original song ft. Against the Current. Yeah I don't sound anything like her.... #SKTWIN

  • The Decemberists - The Engine Driver(acoustic cover by Dani the Girl)

    I finally got a new guitar! I wanted to test it out by playing one of my favorite songs. this was part of a super chill casual sunday acoustic guitar session. and i just realized i f-ed up the lyrics though in some parts. noooooo :(

  • Chris Cornell - You Know My Name (piano cover by Dani the Girl)
    James Bond

    This became my favorite James Bond film the moment I heard the opening theme. RIP Chris Cornell

  • League of Legends - Ekko Theme (piano cover)
    league of legends

    Quick piano cover of Ekko's theme from the game League of Legends. I'm playing this at about 1/2 the speed it should be. Note: This is only 1/4 of the song.

  • Kreia (Star Wars KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords song) by Dani the Girl (starwarspunk)
    Star Wars

    This song is about the Jedi Exile realizing her similarities to Kreia, and also just how wise Kreia really is. LYRICS Cast out for the ones you teach, Eternally expelled Power and the Heart you seek, Our lives in parallel Wisdom in the words you speak, Fall under your spell How could I Blindly follow your deceit, The lies you *had* to tell? So tell me Kreia, I want to know Tell me what you know I'll never understand without you Tell me what you know. Shadows where you operate The holes that cloak your goal Secrets to manipulate them under your control End this bond I'm forced to make, Echoes through my soul Betrayal From the wounds that you create A life that you foretold. Listen to Part One: What I Used to Be (Revan's Song)

  • League of Legends S5 Queue Theme Piano Cover by Dani the Girl SUPER QUICK
    league of legends

    I learned part of the LoL S5 queue theme on piano while in queue all day today!! :D Here's my super quick cover. enjoi. (yeah there are mistakes, it's aight. time to play now bye) longer version? idk

  • New Star Wars Day song! (preview)
    Star Wars

    Preview of a new Star Wars day song I'll be releasing on Star Wars Day! (May 4, 2016) :) :) :) A continuation of my Revan song. At last.

  • The Scavenger (Rey's Song) A Star Wars: The Force Awakens song by Dani the Girl (starwarspunk)
    star wars

    This song is about Rey as she takes her first steps into a larger world. I also included a tribute to the fabulous Rey's Theme and Binary Sunset/Force theme written by the AMAZING John Williams. Hope you enjoy. :) LYRICS: I am a remnant from a past left behind To be collected like the remnants I find I wait forever, but they'll never arrive My hope will survive. I count the days and watch the years that go by Without a purpose until it fell from the sky Pursue the stories that I've heard all my life. The dark and the light. What will I find if i let you come in In my mind, there's a strength from within. I hear a calling that I cannot deny Relive the memories that play out in my EYES. Awake the power that I'm feeling inside The light is alive What will I find if I let you come in In my mind, there's a strength from within Leave behind all the fear of what's been Now's the time for my life to begin Search for the comfort that I seek every night And find the place where myths and legends reside Look at the future: see our paths intertwined A new hope will arise.