Jan Eerala tracks on Soundclound


  • Swan talk - 1/11/2019 - Trolloori Finland
    Jan Eerala

    Winter come with frost and ices by the shore and during one day thousands of Whooper Swans headed South. A small group decided to stay here, though they had to stay some way out from the shore. In the beginning, a fisherman is heading out to sea in the darkening evening. The Swans are keeping "Swan song" only now and them; most of the time they are chatting, rather quietly. This recording merely portraits the mood of a darkening November day here by the Northern part of the Baltic Sea. http://www.rupuranta.net/weblog/filet/191101/ (AT4022 ab60cm, MixPre3, no processing, 24/48, flac)

  • Constructive - 26/10/2019 - Mantyluoto Port
    Jan Eerala

    The title refers to constructivism in architecture. As I visited my favorite places in Mantyluoto Port I heard a weak sound somewhere from the distant in the otherwise rather silent harbor. Go for the sound, and specially weak sounds, is something I've learned during my [short] life as a field recordist. Well, I found a big storage of ugly made corrugated steel and a place where the seams of the plates were resonating in the light wind. The wind was dying, so this is an uncut and unprocessed track from the beginning of the recordings; after half an hour there was just some few fragments left from this beautiful drum concert. Headphones recommended even here, as there's nice spatial movements in the sounding. http://www.rupuranta.net/weblog/filet/191026b/ (AT4022 ab60cm, MixPre3, 24/48, flac)

  • Stony Shore - 26/10/2019 - by Uniluoto Mole
    Jan Eerala

    Seemingly, I have to record every other year the small shoreline by Uniluoto village mole, as I make a visit there. It's one of the rare places with natural sea made rounded stones, that keeps rolling up and down with the waves. Now I discovered, that the stones are much bigger than two years ago, and that will mean an end for this nice performance so I just had to do this once again, maybe for the last time now. www.baltic.fi (MKH8020 ab60cm, SD702, 24/48, no processing, flac)

  • Swans (and flights) - 26/9/2019 - Makholma Bay
    Jan Eerala

    A little flock of migrating Whooper Swans rested for some days in the bay area near us. Years before this was rather common; there could be hundreds of swans yoking all the night on the bay, but as the Whooper Swan breeded to southern Finland, these migrating flocks disappeared. Anyway, still waiting for more to come, I couldn't resist making a short recording though they were rather silent. This is from an over night recording, and this ten minute was the most of their sounding. www.baltic.fi (AT4022 ab60cm, Mixpre3, +10 dB in post, 24/48, flac)

  • Cranes (and Guns) - 14/9/2019 - Lake Puurijarvi
    Jan Eerala

    Lake Puurijärvi is a swampland and preservation area in the midsts of the rural Western Finland. It's a well known place for Cranes gathering during a short time before migrating South. It's also a noisy place just the same time, as the cranes are leaving during the best harvest time. This recording is done in late evening near Kärjenkallio bird-watching tower, when some hunters (possible outside the restricted area) began to shoot. About four thousand Cranes got distressed and began to shout and fly around. This lasted for half an hour. The excellent mastering is done by Kh. Nizamis aka Hearing Beings : https://soundcloud.com/hearingbeings Pictures: http://www.rupuranta.net/weblog/filet/190914/ (MKH8020 ab40cm, SD702, 24/48, flac)

  • A Dark and Stormy Night - 13/9/2019 - Preiviiki Fields
    Jan Eerala

    Two hours from inside a lonely barn out on Preiviiki Fields during a stormy night. Just pick your headphones and relax! A little about the title: Its status as a catchphrase for bad writing comes from the opening sentence of English novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 1830 novel Paul Clifford [3] "It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness." http://www.rupuranta.net/weblog/filet/190913/ (MKH8020 ab60cm, MixPre3, no processing, 24/48, flac)

  • A Walk with the Birds - 4/9/2019 - Yyteri Finland
    Jan Eerala

    A walk in the wet meadow in nearly total darkness with two-three thousand Barnacle Geese keeping night in the shallow waters beside. Tried recording their gabble earlier in the evening, but a White-tailed Eagle frightened them away. When I already was near my car one mile away, I heard them coming and walked back though it was hard to distinguish anything in the very late evening. I couldn't see where to put my foots, and got wet, naturally. To come back to the road I followed a star that I know was in the right direction. http://www.rupuranta.net/weblog/filet/190904/ (MKH8020 ab60cm, SD702, 24/48, flac)

  • Keeping Weather - 18/8/2019 - Fishing Hut with Barn Swallow
    Jan Eerala

    The few pairs of Barn Swallows that still are nesting here are leaving the country and flocking for the last days mostly in the reeds by the shore but in heavy rain, seeking shelter inside a fisherman's hut. www.baltic.fi (MKH8020 ab60cm, SD702, 24/48, flac)

  • After Rain comes the Wind - 18/8/2019 - Port of Pori
    Jan Eerala

    A rain day inside old port crane "Luveeni" in Mantyluoto Port in town Pori on the West Coast of Finland. Headphones required, as usual. www.baltic.fi (MKH8020 ab50cm, SD702, 24/48, flac)

  • Oak skiff Bris sailing home - 3/8/2019 - Makholma Bay
    Jan Eerala

    Sailing singlehanded old oak skiff Bris in a good back wind with all sails on the last two miles to the home harbor in Makholma. Recording sailing is always difficult because of the wind, and there's some wind noise here too. The microphones were placed upon the rudder, back of the stern, a place that is very near to what the man keeping the tiller will hear. By the harbor pass, there'a a small holiday cottage with kids playing and a man saluting. In the end, I had to take for motor to get the boat to the dock, as it was in shelter there. www.baltic.fi (MKH8020 ab40cm, SD702, 24/48, flac)

  • Salute to the Sunrise - 6/8/2019 - Rayhat Reef
    Jan Eerala

    The first calls of the Herring Gulls in early morning a little before sunrise on the small Luoteen Rayhat Reef. Nothing to cut, nothing to add, love it or hate it ;- This is from an over-night recording on the reef. Very quiet one hour before sunrise, otherwise a distant ship and some early fishing boats. The gulls will leave the reefs within one or two weeks and arrive again in March. www.baltic.fi (AT4022 ab60 cm, MixPre3, nothing done in edit, 24/48, flac)

  • A peaceful evening - 25/7/2019 - Makholma Harbor
    Jan Eerala

    Late evening in little Makholma village harbor. A boat (the pic) is arriving. Longer away two children are swimming. Some mosquitos. A fish jump. The fisherman comes ashore, docking the boat. www.baltic.fi (AT4022 ab60cm, MixPre3, +2 dB in post, 24/48, flac)

  • Gulls, Boats and the Eagle - 21/7/2019 - Rayhat Reef
    Jan Eerala

    The few fishing boats and one small trawler that are still left in the bay area starts roaming along the bay with the sunrise. The Gulls, Terns and two pairs of Caspian Terns on the little Rayhat Reef wake up around the same time. Otherwise, the bird life on reef is rather peaceful now, but when a White-Tailed Eagle lands on the reef, an enormous kalabalik starts. (3.20) The Eagle is yelling here at least 27 times. (Some maybe better screams are at 10.09 14.06 29.30 and 34.03) www.baltic.fi (AT4022 ab60cm, MixPre3, nothing done in edit, 24/48, flac)

  • One Mile of Coastal Sailing - 13/7/2019 - Makholma Finland
    Jan Eerala

    A sunny summer sunday and half a mile from the coastline. Sailing in light wind with old skiff Bris from the outer reefs home. This is how the rural landscape with some holidays houses sounds: grass cutters, chain saws, water jets, airplane, jets, motor boats and four wheelers. www.baltic.fi (Sennheiser KE4 ab40cm, MixPre3, 24/48, flac)

  • Brutal Baltic - 4/7/2019 - Haminakallio Rocks
    Jan Eerala

    Brutal sea with Herring Gull by the rocky shore of Haminakallio cliffs, Luvia Finland. Picture from the recording point. Updating www.baltic.fi (MKH8020 ab60cm, SD702, 24/48, flac)

  • Cormorant Reef - 30/6/2019 - Marjakari Finland
    Jan Eerala

    The hunger choir of one thousand nestlings of Cormorants in the Marjakari Reef in Luvia, Western Finland. Same recording place as last year, but now with less wind and sounding better. www.baltic.fi (MKH8020 ab60cm, SD702, 24/48, flac)

  • Busy Morning - 24/6/2019 - Makholma Harbor
    Jan Eerala

    From the shelter of a boat shed in little Makholma Fishing Harbor in early morning between 5 and 6 am. Busy Birds, like Terns, Black Headed Gull, Common Gull, Slavonian Grebe etc. starting they daily work. www.baltic.fi (MKH8020 ab60cm, SD702, 24/48 flac)

  • Daybreak - 16/6/2019 - Rayhat Reef
    Jan Eerala

    The yearly over-night recording in little Rayhat Reef by the West Coast of Finland from the shelter of a small bush of Buckthorns. There had been more species of birds earlier in the June, but because of windy conditions this was the first possibility to do this. But still a wonderful diversity among rhythm, sounds and incidents. Herring Gull, Common Gull, Eider and Terns. Twenty meter behind was a abandoned small fishing hut, with a roof of corrugated steel on which gulls were landing. Recording time was between 7 and 8 am. www.baltic.fi (AT4022 ab60cm, MixPre3, 24/48, flac, nothing cut from this track)

  • Ice Quake - 22/2/2019 - Rengaskari Finland
    Jan Eerala

    A short and "forgotten" recording of a shockwave moving a long way under the ice. It passed me and my microphones, and I had to move the mics as there begun water pouring on the ice. (Picture) I was one kilometer from the shore. The ice had still some minor quakings, but as the wind rise, couldn't record anymore.

  • June Days - 13/6/2019 - Makholma Shore
    Jan Eerala

    Wind from East, Gulls walking on fishing huts of corrugated steel, Terns and a moaning Slavonian Grebe. A one minute rain. This time no fishers, no motorboats, they come already ashore earlier in the morning. Recorded with omnidirectional microphones to be listened with headphones only. (MKH8020 ab60cm, SD702, 24/48, no processing, flac)