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  • SONIC DRUID - Zenon Records Series Vol.22 | 17/08/2018

    Don't miss SONIC DRUID'S new DJ mix in the next episode of Zenon Records series. Damian de Paul Albert (AKA ‘Sonicdruid’) has been DJing for over 18 years and is the label Dj rep. for Zenon Records in South Africa. Playing a wide range of electronic music throughout his career has added a sophisticated level of versatility and passion to his music; one that is evident when he’s spinning his magic behind the decks. Each Sonicdruid set has been specifically designed for every event he performs at. Sonic Druid on Facebook | Soundcloud Zenon Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • KHOOMAN | Mystic Sound Series #27 | 02/12/2018
    psy chill

    Mystic Sound Records series continues with KHOOMAN’s mix. Khooman is a mystical shaman who touched the sacred knowledge during his deep ethnographic expeditions into the jungles of Peru. There he realised his mission and became the flawless musical guide in the world of spirit and in the labyrinths of the unconscious. Khooman on Soundcloud

  • CROOKED MIND | In Focus | 01/12/2018
    psy trance

    On this edition, the Focus is on Costa Rican producer, CROOKED MIND. Don’t miss his exclusive live set, and his soon to be published interview on Ozorian Prophet. Crooked Mind is a Psychedelic Trance project by Jose Montenegro (Costa Rica) the project was initiated in 2011, after participating for various years in the local psytrance events as a dj and party organizer he realized his true desire was to create his own story, aiming for a deep atmospheric psychedelic sound. Crooked Mind on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • CHROMATONE – Zero 1 Music Label Showcase #40 | High Contrast – Album Presentation | 30/11/2018
    psy trance

    Zero 1 Music series continues with CHROMATONE’s new live set, containing tracks from his recently-released album, High Contrast. Chromatone has created an exclusive mix of his smash album “High Contrast”. Using a special “stem warping” technique, everything is constantly in key! This incredible album is a spectacular story of monstrously memorable, diverse, dance delights. Working with artists from around the world, Chromatone captures and elevates a range of emotion that is often lacking in current trends. From majestic mountains, fragrant forests, and blazing beaches, the journey of this quintessential collection stands as an exotic island high amidst the contrasts of consciousness. Chromatone has been producing electronic music two decades while also working as a pro-audio consultant and mastering engineer. Chromatone has surprised countless audiences with his buoyant energy, brilliant beats, and positive vibes having appeared at nearly every major festival around the globe including Boom, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Burning Man (in Surround sound), Origin, Alien Safari, Antaris, and Universo Paralello. Through deeply spiritual and emotional connections to his music and an intrinsic understanding of audio manipulation, Chromatone has become one of the most powerful voices in Psytrance today, often preferring collaborations with countless top artists to procreate a wider variety of music. His masterful employment of intricate sound design take listeners on journey after epic journey through the uncharted territories of the mind. Chromatone on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • LOBE | Shanti Planti Series Vol.20 | 29/11/2018
    psy bass

    Shanti Planti series continues with LOBES’s exclusive live set. Tracklist: Crude Boss (Evil Oil Man feat. Urchin & Lobe) Count Fatula Rude Rigs (feat. Nomadic Jurassic) Normalise Amygdala Human Creature Ovum Sazstronaught Mind of a Child Animalist Bish Wyrms (Lobe & Urchin) Mere Matter Lobe are a mid-tempo, psychedelic electronic duo based in Melbourne, consisting of brothers Cody and Jesse Norris. Growing up in the Victorian bush, they spent their years as teenagers playing drums and writing music, while taking inspiration from a variety of musical styles from dark, heavy and progressive, to funk, psychedelic and melodic. After discovering a love of electronic music and outdoor dance floors, the boys became inspired to create their own sounds, and began experimenting with production and sound design. Lobe blends elements of chill, glitch and bass music, organic rhythms and melodies, intricate sound design and psychedelia. The result is a unique, diverse and cerebral listening experience. Lobe on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • PsyBaBas Favourites | 29/11/2018
    dark psy

    This Thursday you can listen to the Psybabas’ current favourites. Enjoy! Irgum Burgum on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • INFRAGANDHI – Deck Attack Radio Show #17 | 28/11/2018

    While preparing for a Soviet thematic party on 7th November I found some particular treasures that inspired me to create this mix. The Deck Attack Radio Show started exactly 15 years ago, in the beginning of 2003 – in parallel with the Deck Attack party series – at the legendary frequency of 98.6 MHz, on Radio Café where it had been broadcast as an on air show at weekends for 10 years. After the regrettable collapse of the channel the programme kept going on RCKO:FM. Since the breakdown of RCKO:FM the Deck Attack was looking for a new forum which was found now on RadiOzora! Infragandhi and Imre Szeles’s shows are broadcasting bi-weekly about the newest electronic musical happenings with the total freedom of genres. From ambient to techno, from ethno through house to acid, they create their shows with the attention to almost every segment of electronic music which will be completed occasionally with exclusive interviews that were made with significant figures of the international stage. Infragandhi on Soundcloud

  • MIKE STELLAR presents Stellar Regions #22 | 28//11/2018

    For this month journey around the universe I have found a nice variety of tracks ranging from ambient and downtempo to a more upbeat and clubby stuff! Enjoy the ride! Mike Stellar‘s, promoter, DJ and a man of many artistic tastes and musical flavors is presenting his Stellar Regions showcase series on the Chill Channel: “Stellar Regions represents every month the diversity of my music taste and discoveries. The second hour is always given to a guest mix to showcase talents I come across. Mike Stellar @ Mixcloud

  • SOUND ERA | United Beats Records Series Vol.32 | 28/11/2018
    full on

    Don’t miss the new United Beats Records series episode with SOUND ERA. Tracklist: 1. Mad Maxx & Javier Bussola – Puja 2. Mad Tribe – Sound Horn Ok 3. Hyriderz – Self Control 4. S.O.5 – Fm Mania 5. Impulser & Nano Tonez – 5th Dimension 6. Sentinel 7 – Katana 7. Block Device & Sound Era – I Need a Drop 8. Hyriderz & Sound Era – Life Is Only a Dream 9. Basstards – Night Creatures 10. Hyriderz – Shades Of Time 11. Mekkanikka – Yogis Of Tibet 12. ESP – UFOz Alonso Villanueva aka Sound Era, born in 1993, has been a music lover since the first day he set foot on this earth. Starting his career as a DJ mixing at local parties in the border town of Juarez Mexico, he then quickly redefined his style of music into Full on psychedelic trance in 2009. At the age of 16 years old, he joins “Psytek Productions”, a local event organizer. He later becomes the pillar of the crew by showing an impeccable attitude and clear vision towards the company. In 2011, Alonso formed his own promotional agency, bringing and working with many international artists. He has shared stages with great artists such as: Astrix, Talamasca, Captain Hook, Stryker, Ace Ventura, Mad Maxx, Mekkanikka, Sonic Species, Freedom Fighters, Major7 (X-Noize), X.S.I., Skyfall (Menog), Bionix, and others. After years of hard work, playing a professional DJ, and keeping true to his heart, Alonso becomes an ambassador of his favorite record label,“United Beats Record”. Dreams are always inspired by the purest thoughts, and Alonso has managed to crack the code to his dearest aspirations… Sound Era on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • GENESIA | Digital Om Productions Series Vol.46 | 27/11/2018
    psy trance

    Up next on Digital Om Productions series is GENESIA. GENESIA comes from ‘Genesis’, which is scientifically applied to an origin of something. The meaning of this concept will be particularly used though. When everything that human being currently can hear and see, did not exist yet when there was nothing, even the first particle, something happened.
What formed all we can perceive was stunningly a sound, a totally tuneful one. As far back as that happened, basic and complex rhythms of auditive range frequencies have been working; that “everything” has been constantly controlled by perfectly harmonic universe’s lifelong sound oscillations. GENESIA is a 2-Architect project interested on modulating that kind of deep-seated sounds through a psychedelic progressive trance music style. Eriq Dyna [Disorder] & Antonio Resendiz [Ohm] have discovered how to put them into a powerful and addictive formula where the main characteristics are dynamic bases, cinematic atmospheres and a unique evolution of rhythms among morning sounds and highly contagious groovy frequencies. Genesia on Facebook

  • Ozorizon Ep08 – Reality, Liquified | 27/11/2018
    talk show

    Today, we shatter preconceptions, tickle ideas, and liquify our reality. It is, perhaps, a good time to do just that. So much is happening, changing around and within us, and it can all get bewildering. Lose that compass for second. We make the uncharted journey with the extraordinary mind of Erik Davis, scholar, writer and philosopher. In our new live radio show, Ozorizon, we will discuss insights of the festival, the community behind and around the psytrance scene, the shift of the way many of us live our lives and how we look at modern society. Join us to learn more about the Ozorian way of life and feel free to start a conversation with us about anything that buzzes you. Send a message to radiOzora on Facebook and we will include the topic in one of our shows.

  • COGUIE | Purple Hexagon Records Series #25 | 27/11/2018
    psy trance

    On the next edition of the series, you can listen to COGUIE’s exclusive DJ set. Coguie aka Joana Gregório is a bubbly Dj oozing forest spirit from Portugal. She is best known for blasting forest and twilight Psytrance onto the dancefloors. Her Dj Journey began in 2012, when she started spreading her energy and musical essence at parties across Portugal. In 2015 she was invited to join the established label Purple Hexagon Records. Coguie sets are unique psychedelic and dynamic journeys, loaded with powerful rhythms and deep atmospheric sounds. Catch this spirited Dj blasting dancefloors across the globe with her “forestdelic” sets. Coguie on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • DENSE | Cosmicleaf Records Series Vol.49 | 26/11/2018
    psy chill

    DENSE is back on Cosmicleaf Records series. Tracklist: 00:00 Translippers – Hover (Dense Remix) 08:30 Germind – Bird Flight Mission 15:35 D. Batistatos – This Road 20:55 Zero Cult – Clouds Garden 28:05 Stefan Torto – Monument Valley 31:20 Potlatch – In A Cavern 39:35 Side Liner with Kanc Cover – Footprints 46:10 Cayo Largo – Drive Away 50:20 Side Liner + Aviron – Robot 56:50 Dense – Chaldene Dense is one of the most popular ambient DJs in Germany – performing chillgressive® style…Working as a DJ and musician since 1993 he’s been spinning acidizing rhythms and kicked the crowd with exhausting psychedelic trance music. Consequent grooves with kickin’ melodies shaped his sets on European dancefloors. Successful with techno and ambient releases in the mid 90’s, he’s additionally been working as a reporter and photographer for German music magazines like Frontpage, X-Mag, Loop and others. Over the years Dense used to organize several techno and trance events in Germany (D’vents). In 2008 he refined his striking style of performing progressive ambient music. Luckily he took his ability to play the right music at the right time from the dancefloor to the chill out floor. Meanwhile Dense is one of the most popular ambient DJs in Germany – performing chillgressive® style… Dense on SoundCloud | Facebook

  • NANOPLEX In the House | DJ set | 13/10/2018

    Ben Coda and DJ Ipcress aka Nanoplex are back with us, In the House, to get us all warmed up for a VégrePéntek (FinallyFriday) special party edition in Budapest this Saturday. If you can't make it, join us on air for some words, smiles and the guys' live DJ set from the studio from 19:00 CEST. Nanoplex on Facebook | Soundcloud @nanoplex-1

  • NANOPLEX In the House | Interview | 13/10/2018

    Ben Coda and DJ Ipcress aka Nanoplex are back with us, In the House, to get us all warmed up for a VégrePéntek (FinallyFriday) special party edition in Budapest this Saturday. If you can't make it, join us on air for some words, smiles and the guys' live DJ set from the studio from 19:00 CEST. Nanoplex on Facebook | Soundcloud Nanoplex is the new live project from two of the pioneers of the UK progressive techno sound, Ben Coda & DJ Ipcress. Ben Coda needs little introduction, his tech-prog sound crosses boundaries - tough beats and rolling basslines contrast with soaring melodies, fusing his love of the tougher sounds of techno and tech house with classic progressive house. With a busy international schedule, Coda is taking his sound to the masses. DJ Ipcress has risen from the underground dance scene in the UK and over the last 5 years has taken his dark edged techno sound across Europe and the world. Fusing techno and house, with a deep minimal groove, a partnership with Ben Coda was always going to produce a slick future techno sound.

  • EMOK In The House | 10/11/2018

    This Saturday evening Iboga Records' head honcho, DJ EMOK is visiting us in the studio for a pre-party chat, mixed previews with some new music, just few hours before his show at the Avatar Events party at A38 Budapest. DJ Emok is co-founder of the record label Iboga records. Together with label partner Banel, Iboga has successfully grown from strength to strength since its creation in 1996 to become internationally recognised today as one of the most respected and successful record labels in the world. Iboga records signature sound can be recognised as the best of progressive house and progressive trance styles, seeing DJ Emok and Banel together with Iboga Bookings managing and releasing top international electronic artists including Antix, Ticon, Liquid Soul, Nyquist, Freq, Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura, Sun Control Species, Sesto Sento, Phony Orphants, Maelstrom and Behind Blue Eyes…wow! Iboga has been consistently releasing tunes storming numerous electronic charts including the prestigious house and trance charts found on Beatport. Many of Iboga’s releases have reached the biggest online DJ charts and are gaining extensive online sales. Recent Iboga releases can be found on respected international labels including Armada, Toolroom and Ministry Of Sound. Armed with production skills in various electronic genres, Emok also produces under the name of Maelstrom and Phony Orphants. DJ Emok’s access to fresh and unreleased tracks from supporting producers in the music community means it comes as no surprise that he is guaranteed to play unique, distinctive and exclusive sets ripping up dancefloors across the globe. With DJ sets and Live performances in more than 20 countries every year, he is firmly putting a statement on his worldwide popularity. Emok on Facebook Iboga Records on Facebook | Soundcloud @ibogarecords Avatar Events

  • Before Party w/ RITMO | 06/10/2018

    We're back this weekend with one of those preparty specials live from the studio with Ritmo on Saturday from 18:00 CEST, before he heads off to play at Ritmo - Iboga Records II Colors party in Budapest's Corvin Club. Join us on air for a track-studded talk to get you into the Saturday fun mood. Ritmo on Facebook

  • Interview with CAPTAIN HOOK | Iboga Records Series #7 | 21/11/2018

    This edition of Iboga Records brings you Captain Hook’s newest album presentation with a short talk with the pirate who’s putting trance back into psytrance, topped with a special Origin album mix. When your heart is in the right place, rhythm shall follow. And this path is a journey of discovering your inner groove. Reshef Harari from Israel, began this trip when he became 15 and started to be fascinated with experimenting with sounds. Not long after, Reshef started to collect vinyl and practiced on turntables, he would play the records all day, enchanted by the groove and curious to know where they can take him. The dancefloor was the next place to explore, so at the age of 17 he started to DJ at various parties where he could absorb and tune his skills of feeling the crowd. Another huge impact on his creation was the minimal Trance wave of that time with artists such as XV Kilist, Bitmonks and Paste, which inspired his deep crunchy tone. The doors of perception to the world of Psytrance were first opened through his brother Rahav and one of Israel’s Psytrance pioneers Asher Haviv, who took him deep into this rabbit hole. Reshef got a job in a sound company, learning the process of compressing and EQing on analogue gear from scratch. After playing in underground parties, in 2003 he met Avi Nini, the owner of Domo records, and started DJing as part of that label. That same year he also founded the project Quantize together with Adi Ashkenazi. The duo released music at various labels, and their debut album Time in 2009 on Iboga records. After 7 years of collaboration, in 2010 they went their separate ways. It was then time to wear the captain’s hat. Keeping his close ties with Iboga, Reshef started to remix, testing his interpretation to older tunes, while at the same time collaborating with his heroes back then who gave him inspiration. Popularity sparked with his debut album Human Design, released in 2011, which took him on an expedition across the world for the next 3 years. This album was a mile stone in his career, where he collaborated with Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, Loud, Tetrameth Freedom Fighters and ill.Gates, while giving each track a unique sound design, texture and colour. Travelling across the world and performing at festivals expanded his artistic horizons, and filled his mind body and soul with new energy sources. While on the road he was working for 2 years on a double remix album Akashic Library, hand picking the finest most unique pieces of music and released it in late 2013. At the moment he is collecting material for a new album, but the best way to understand the essence of the music is to tune into the frequency and feel the pulse of the Hook. Captain Hook on Facebook | Soundcloud @captain-hook

  • FRACTALIA | PsyBaBas Radio Show w/ virtual guest | 22/11/2018
    dark psy

    Don’t miss this week’s PsyBaBas Radio show with virtual guest, Fractalia. Fractalia aka Walhalla project: is the side project of Vova Landyak, that concentrated on the dark side of psytrance dimension. Vova was born in USSR just before it got split, and the area become Ukraine, in 1999 his family moved to Israel, where Vova heard a goa tunes for the first time, and got his musical background, all began with the classic guitar lessons, that lead to electric guitar, that lead to becoming a member of the local death metal band where he played at his high school ages. After a short survey at IDF, he studied synthesis and sound design at Resonance college, in Tel Aviv 2006 – 2010, where he met Alex Glazin, and the Walhalla project was born, at first it was twilight, psytrance tunes. At 2011 after the India trip, and the first Walhalla gigs at Goa and over India, the two got split, and Vova was moving the flag of Walhalla and transforming the sound to faster psychedelic, ultra dynamic tunes. At 2014 after Vova moved, to Germany / Berlin, and on the first winter, inspired by coldness and the darkness, Fractalia was born!!! Together with establishing CyberBay records, with his partner Alex Volnik (Zentagon), where the first tracks, of Fractalia was released, at VA – 11:11 PM, the first EP – Digital Mantra was released at 2017 on CyberBay, and the Collaborated EP – Sumerki with Grainripper was release in 2018 also on Cyberbay records… In this days Vova just released a 3rd Walhalla album, The Vision, and working on the new Fractalia EP, that will be released in 2019. Stay tuned, support the underground sound!!! Fractalia on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • VAHATI | Hypnotique Recordings presents | 22/11/2018
    psy trance

    Hypnotique Records label artist, VAHATI is proud to present you his new live set, containing tracks from his new EP, Deeper Waves. Vahati is the psytrance project created by JC Kerinec , a French producer based in France and Morocco . JC discovered psychedelic trance in 2011 and started experimenting with its production aspect in 2013. Four years of experimenting and learning eventually led to the birth of the ‘Vahati’ project. His unique signature sound features deep powerful basslines, detailed driving percussion, multilayered atmospheres and dynamic high energy leads. Vahati on Facebook | Soundcloud