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  • Alagi presents SUB-Y-DUB-Y-DOO NR. 5 | 01/12/2019

    Tune in for ALAGI’s brand new mix!

  • VENOM | Future Music Records presents | 30/11/2019

    Tune in for a fresh, exclusive mix by VENOM! Venom is the new psytrance project by Dor Dahbash from Israel. One of the exciting upcoming names at Future Music Records. His music explores the spectrums of the psychedelic, from forest into twilight, twisted sounds and atmospheres. Dor has been enclosed in his studio for quite sometime now and he is ready to deliver a full psychedelic journey. Stay tuned for some massive releases and his debut album coming in 2020. Venom on Facebook | Soundcloud Future Music Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • UPAVAS - Live @ Utopia 8 | Live Recording | 30/11/2019
    night psy

    Enjoy Sangoma Records artists, UPAVAS’ live set, recorded live at Utopia 8. Upavas got turned on to Goa music in 1986 in Goa, started getting into synth bleeping in 2002, drove an entire school crazy while getting a bachelors degree in sound design for visual media (they still have nightmares about him) and finally was taken into Sangoma Records artist roster in 2013, where he happily continues his mischief! Upavas on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • CYAN | Hypnotique Recordings presents | 29/11/2019
    forest trance

    Check out the new Hypnotique Recordings DJ mix by CYAN. :: Tracklist :: Simia – Movements 
Cosinus – Mukuru
 Electryxeed – Quilvo 
Seraburyaka – Big Bounce (unreleased) 
Banjhaks – Kay Pacha
 Electryxeed – Kill the Pain 
Seraburyaka – Twolves
 Chypno – Pattern Rearrangements 
Atezu – Peacock Tail 
Creepy Deep – The Universe
 Claw – Paragon Listening to high energy music inspires depth and stability. It’s more to do with feeling and creative expression rather than rational thought. We relax whilst refreshing our body and mind encouraging us to seek clarity and espouse self-knowledge and self-actualisation. Cyan is a Melbourne based act by Emma Johns. Primarily a night time orientated project, she originally started her journey with Biopulse Records (UK), playing hard-hitting twilight which was soon accompanied by bouncy night-psy. These days her taste has developed to incorporate forest with variations of full-on. Emma possesses great éclat as well as ebullience in her performance, mixing and matching music with a dark and uplifting vibe with the aim of creating a unique and driving atmosphere. Having come across many sub-genres of Psytrance, Emma brings a creative sound that blends styles old and new. Cyan on Facebook | Soundcloud Hypnotique Recordings on Facebook | SoundCloud

  • MANVANTRA - The Enpsyclopedia (compilation) | Album Presentation | 29/11/2019
    forest trance

    Tune in for the presentation show of the latest Pralayah Records compilation, The Enpsyclopedia, mixed by Manvantra. A double CD anthology featuring tracks from 25 proficient artist’s from all over the world. Years of hard work, devotion and commitment to design this boundless audio voyage. The Enpsyclopedia: Pralayah Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • CODE THERAPY | In Focus | 29/11/2019

    The brand new episode of the In Focus series was recorded by Portuguese producer duo, CODE THERAPY. Floating Machine and Crennwiick have come together to create what can only be described as an incredibly impressive live set as their first joint venture. As a team they have proven to complement one another extraordinarily well, their different musical backgrounds come together in perfect harmony. Floating Machine utilizes musical influences which include techno and progressive grooves while exploring the landscape of experimental and ambient sounds. Crennwiick has many years of professional experience as a DJ and producer; his notorious and unique sound involves using top digital techniques. He acts as a virtual analogic performer while not forgetting the golden age of the 90’s electronica music. Their first live set as a team is immediately captivating and energizes the senses. The set then continues to lift the spirits gradually upwards resulting in the listener eagerly anticipating the climax. Suffice to say the Code Therapy experience is one well worth repeating and leaves me, personally, highly anticipating their next fusion of refined musical abilities. Code Therapy on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • INFRAGANDHI | Deck Attack Radio Show #35 | 28/11/2019

    “This show was inspired by our party series, called Museum of modern rituals that is beginning a new season this week. ” – Infragandhi The Deck Attack Radio Show started exactly 15 years ago, in the beginning of 2003 – in parallel with the Deck Attack party series – at the legendary frequency of 98.6 MHz, on Radio Café where it had been broadcast as an on air show at weekends for 10 years. After the regrettable collapse of the channel the programme kept going on RCKO:FM. Since the breakdown of RCKO:FM the Deck Attack was looking for a new forum which was found now on RadiOzora! Infragandhi and Imre Szeles’s shows are broadcasting bi-weekly about the newest electronic musical happenings with the total freedom of genres. From ambient to techno, from ethno through house to acid, they create their shows with the attention to almost every segment of electronic music which will be completed occasionally with exclusive interviews that were made with significant figures of the international stage. Infragandhi on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • ULVAE | Parvati Records Series #43 | 28/11/2019
    forest trance

    Check out ULVAE’s new mix for Parvati Records series. Gustavo was born in Portugal and has been around music since he was an embryo, both parents were music lovers and his father a musician himself. By the age of 14 starts to play guitar and bass in garage bands and years later in some projects that actually went beyond the so called garage band. Get his first contact with the Underground and Psychedelic scene in 1998, in a forest near Coimbra. The journey was so intense that he never left! Ulvae project was born in 2003 along with other musical projects. Its in the year of 2007 that Ulvae became the main project and stands out. With a particular flavor, full with forest and organic atmospheres, obscure melodies, twisted elements, deep basses and very special details. In september 2015 Ulvae released here at Parvati Records his first solo EP: Marupo. DJ Ulvae on Facebook | Soundcloud Parvati Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • Spirit Minute Ep21 | Kidding vs Parenting Your Mind | 28/11/2019
    talk show

    “The movie, The Matrix is not science fiction, it’s a documentary…” said developmental biologist, epigenesist Dr. Bruce Lipton in his talk on the biology of belief, and we’ll be discussing similar notions, and the role we and our subconscious plays in programming and manifesting our lives and who we become from the earliest age. Chill with us from 7pm CET this Thursday and get your freshest dose of spiritual entertainment with Lady Anyway and Grandpa Charles. Cover image credit: Eugenia Loli – Normalization

  • PsyBaBas Favorites | PsyBaBas Radio Show | 28/11/2019
    dark psy

    This week you can hear the PsyBaBas current favorites. Irgum Burgum on Facebook | Soundcloud Psybaba Allstars on Facebook

  • MIKE STELLAR presents Stellar Regions #33 | 27/11/2019

    My journey this month is definitely influenced by Brasil, probably because of the book I’m reading and the music that has been getting to my hands from different origins. From old to new and with some detours in the middle! The guest comes from London based Brazilian El Peche Shake your booty to a little Brazilian boogie! This set is in preparation for summer in Brazil and to warm up the winter of those who will stay in Europe! Mike Stellar‘s, promoter, DJ and a man of many artistic tastes and musical flavors is presenting his Stellar Regions showcase series on the Chill Channel: “Stellar Regions represents every month the diversity of my music taste and discoveries. The second hour is always given to a guest mix to showcase talents I come across. Listen to the El Peche mix here: Mike Stellar @ Mixcloud

  • EL PECHE | Guest mix for MIKE STELLAR presents Stellar Regions #33 | 27/11/2019

    My journey this month is definitely influenced by Brasil, probably because of the book I’m reading and the music that has been getting to my hands from different origins. From old to new and with some detours in the middle! The guest comes from London based Brazilian El Peche Shake your booty to a little Brazilian boogie! This set is in preparation for summer in Brazil and to warm up the winter of those who will stay in Europe! Mike Stellar‘s, promoter, DJ and a man of many artistic tastes and musical flavors is presenting his Stellar Regions showcase series on the Chill Channel: “Stellar Regions represents every month the diversity of my music taste and discoveries. The second hour is always given to a guest mix to showcase talents I come across. Listen to the Mike Stellar mix here: El Peche on Facebook Mike Stellar on Mixcloud

  • MADIANBRAINS | Vantara Vichitra Records series #4 | 27/11/2019
    forest trance

    Check out the new Vantara Vichitra Records’ mix by MADIANBRAINS. FMadianbrains is a psychedelic project created in 2006 by Yanis who is from Greece but based in Australia. As a part of Vantara Vichitra records, he has been blasting dancefloors all around the world, most recently just completed a tour in Europe playing in Modem, Freqs of Nature, Lost Theory, Revision, Tantra, and also smaller parties. His sets are hypnotic, revealing a splendid symphony of colour allowing the experiencer to peel away the layers of reality, exposing different facets of our multiverse, taking us on a sonic adventure into unexpected introspects. The unique sounds of Madianbrains will remind you of your magnificence and lift you into a high you had forgotten you could reach. Vantara Vichitra Records is a service of the audio to your body, and mind; elaborately designed to cater to all your needs of existential greed – nutritive, spatial, conscious, and imaginative. We are a unified attempt to contribute to the world of psychedelic music through a balance of impeccably crafted soundscapes with unending narratives for your thought, filled with infinite mysterious dimensions. The only thing we cannot give you however, is ideology, ‘cause that’s got to be your own vehicle into the paradigms we create. We aim to hybridize some of the best sonic soldiers from all over this chaotic sphere along with their potent weapons of ego-destruction into a spectral variety of mental voyages that you can travel through on your own ideology to create integrated experiences of the body and the spirit. Call us somewhat strange, but we’re into experiments involving the cosmic dance and we support the phenomenon of alternative expression. Founded by Vikram aka Alien Trancesistor and Vineeth aka Cacofonix in 2011. Madianbrains on Facebook | Soundcloud Vantara Vichitra Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • GENESIA | Digital Om Productions Series Vol. 55 | 26/11/2019
    progressive psy trance

    Up next on Digital Om Productions series is GENESIA. Check out their new EP, Slices Of Existence. GENESIA comes from ‘Genesis’, which is scientifically applied to an origin of something. The meaning of this concept will be particularly used though. When everything that human being currently can hear and see did not exist yet, when there was nothing, even the first particle, something happened.
What formed all we can perceive was stunningly a sound, a totally tuneful one. As far back as that happened, basic and complex rythms of auditive range frequencies have been working; that “everything” has been constantly controlled by perfectly harmonic universe’s lifelong sound oscillations. GENESIA is a 2-Architect project interested on modulating that kind of deep-seated sounds through a psychedelic progressive trance music style. Eriq Dyna [Disorder] & Antonio Resendiz [Ohm] have discovered how to put them into a powerful and addictive formula where the main characteristics are dynamic bases, cinematic atmospheres and a unique evolution of rythms among morning sounds and highly contagious groovy frequencies. Genesia on Facebook | Soundcloud Digital Om Productions on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • TRY2FLY | BMSS Records Series #26 | 26/11/2019
    psy trance

    Here is the new BMSS Records mix by TRY2FLY. Vladimir started to play music in 2000 when he was only 14 years old … He play on every regular party till today (dj set and live ) . After many years of djing , experience on stage and experimenting in his studio , finally in 2006 Try2Fly is born . Try2Fly is unique psychedelic trance , melodic and atmospheric with groovy basslines and groovy drums … After many singles and ep’s on a lot music labels all over the world like bmss records , y.s.e. records , goa records , planet b.e.n. and many more he finally release his debut album “Faith” on Goa records / San Francisco 2012 .Today he is proud member of Bmss records (Germany) and working on his second (solo) album , working on many collab. with other artists ( all around globe ) , also he is part of the one of the biggest organizations in the world S.U.N. Festival (Hungary ) … Stay tuned for more from Try2Fly !!! Try2Fly on Facebook | Soundcloud BMSS Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • Ozorizon S2e01 | KICKOFF – A look back at our past season | 26/11/2019
    talk show

    Every O.Z.O.R.A. is a different universe, a pearl in itself, and for everyone means something different. Personal and universal experience made it into what it was: this year’s festival. Pony and Blaze will reflect on what made it special for them, and perhaps for all of us. How is the festival evolving? Where to next? What’s on the Ozorizon this year? In our new live radio show, Ozorizon, we will discuss insights of the festival, the community behind and around the psytrance scene, the shift of the way many of us live our lives and how we look at modern society. Join us to learn more about the Ozorian way of life and feel free to start a conversation with us about anything that buzzes you. Send a message to radiOzora on Facebook and we will include the topic in one of our shows.

  • SOL8 | Mystic Sound Series #38 | 24/11/2019
    psy chill

    Check out this month’s Mystic Sound show with SOL8. Sol8 is an ethno-electronic project that combines the potential of electronic sound and all the beauty of ethnic musical instruments. The atmosphere of the project includes a variety of music styles and the love for creative experiments. Slow rhythms in a mesmerizing harmony, old style ethno-trance or new sense of dubstep, mysterious India or wild Africa – all these sounds can be heard in a creative way with a professional and magical touch. SOL8 on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • ALECKAT | In Focus | 23/11/2019
    psy techno

    In the next edition of our In Focus series you can enjoy ALECKAT’s mix. Aleckat is an Australian born feline renowned for his prowess in mixing on the decks with his signature style in techno. Starting his musical journey with a pair of CDJs in 2007 he was captivated in mixing early 00s break beat and house music. The same year his musical tastes expanded after being introduced to underground bush parties and raves. With a seemingly large contrast between the light-hearted, catchy music he grew to love and the dark, expansive sounds that psychedelic music has to offer, his style became a decade long pursuit in marrying the best of both worlds. Aimed at capturing hefty, driving Psycadelic Basslines and the funky rhythms and hooks of house music, all marinated with sultry undertones, intelligent percussion sequences, and a playful inviting nature. Now Producing his own music alongside Djing gigs, his productions have slipped their way into the dance floor at Esoteric festival (Vic), Ponies, Cymatics festival (NZ), earth dance Festival, Fireworld, Transcendence and rain dance festival (WA), his sets are guaranteed to make you think, wiggle your hips and bring out even the shyest feline in their dance floor journey throughout the night. Read the Aleckat interview on Ozorian Prophet here: Aleckat on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • Pony's Art Quest | Interview By With Dennis Konstantin Bax

    An interview with abstract painter Dennis Konstantin Bax from the grounds of OZORA 2019 where he participated at the festival’s exhibition space, the Mirador. Bax is at the forefront of the modern visionary and psychedelic art movement, his distinctive and whimsical style is a skillful blend of control and chaos, of punk and perfection.

  • DJ NUKY | Bom Shanka Music Series #37 | 22/11/2019
    psy trance

    Bom Shanka’s favorite DJ is back with a new and truly smashing mix. All new pure Shanka music, with tracks from Synthetik Chaos and Dirty Saffi’s new albums, some from the massive new monster-sized comp ‘Every Last Drop’ and a couple of unreleased tracks to keep us guessing. It’s pure, it’s smooth and it rocks your socks, it’s DJ Nukys winter mix DJ Nuky on Facebook | Soundcloud Bom Shanka Music on Facebook | Soundcloud