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  • SUB-Y-DUB-Y-DOO NR. 3 | Hosted by Alagi | 05/10/2019

    This time you can hear the host, ALAGI‘s new mix. Alagi is a Budapest-based DJ and radio editor., As a DJ, he belongs both to Tilos Radio and Cökxpôn Ambient Society. His most played genres are trip-hop, reggae, dub, chillout, ambient and psychill.

  • BION | Lost Minute Radio Show #11 | 04/10/2019

    Up next Lost Minute series is BioN. Hailing from Naples but grower in Tuscany ,BioN is one of the hardest working DJs in the underground Berlin scene since 2006. BioN represents the dynamic Club der Visionäre / Hoppetosse crews and is seen at a never ending series of lauded events from Golden Gate, Anita Berber, Chalet, Kater Holzig, Arena Club, Tresor, Club Aquarium London, Animal Social Club Rome, Wildt Prague and many more. His fresh and cheerful sound influenced like artists like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Herbie Hancock with this connected his desire to express art develops DJing Set to a continue research of sonority which ranges from Deep House, Dub Minimal to Micro-House. Every time following his maxim “Feel the Rhythm”. He started in 2015 a new duo producer project with another Italian Berlin based , Francesco Passantino and working together for his first Ep Production by Roundeqube Musik.008 VISIOPAX Ep is also involved with two great remix from TOM CLARK and GABRIELE CARASCO. In the lastest years is more part of CDV´s family, taking care of booking and A.R. and also managing connection for artists like Anton Kubikov, Oskar Szafraniec , Caruan and more. June 2019 started also hie Series Parties in Club der Visionäre resident called GEMiNii. BioN on Facebook | Soundcloud Lost Minute on Soundcloud | Mixcloud

  • ASHERUN | Boshke Beats Series #14 | 04/10/2019

    This month’s Boshke Beats Series episode is a live DJ set by ASHERUN, recorded at ZNA Gathering’s Market Stage. DJ Asherun started his djing in 1994. In 1996 got his first shoot in Goa, India. Since then he traveled almost all around the world, ran his own label Dance N Dust and played all the major festivals and lots of underground parties all over. Asherun on Facebook | Soundcloud Boshke Beats on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • SUSPECT ONE | Phobos Records Series 3 | 03/10/2019

    Tune in for the next episode of Phobos Records Series with SUSPECT ONE. Suspect One on Facebook | Soundcloud Phobos Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • BODOO | The Observation Radio Show Vol.59 | 02/10/2019

    An other chapter of Observations, this time with a totally different flavor, cuts and pieces, sound scapes and weird notes, miscellaneous tracks from all over and of course the frequent frequencies of ObservationLand and beyond, enjoy radiozora's never ending journey with artists and tracks hard to keep up with, so no tracklist this time. Love Yall Bo Bodoo on Soundcloud | Flickr

  • FUNGUS FUNK – Audiopills 4. | Sangoma Records Series Vol.49 | 02/10/2019
    psy trance

    Here is the new Audiopills Mix by FUNGUS FUNK! Fungus Funk is Sergei Prilepa, an established psychedelic trance musician from Moscow, Russia. Sergei started producing psytrance in 1998, and he has been releasing music since 2001. Over the past 15 years, Fungus Funk has put out his compilation tracks on numerous other labels. To his credit are four well-received full length albums: ‘F-People’ (2006) on Acidance, ‘Vostok 1’ (2008) together with Samadhi on Blitz Studios, ‘Electric Grooves’ (2010) also on Blitz Studios, and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’ (2012) on his own label Unlimited Music. Additionally, Sergei also released four acclaimed EPs. Fungus Funk’s sound is not easy to define as it incorporates features from different sub-genres of psytrance and generally tends to change from album to album. Regardless of which version of Fungus Funk you get to experience, it is guaranteed to be full of fat well defined basslines, powerful psychedelic leads, and top-notch sequencing. Courtesy of his productive musical output and subsequent popularity in the international psytrance scene, Fungus Funk regularly travels the globe and plays his live and DJ sets at various dance music events. Among some of the bigger festivals he has appeared at are the well-known Boom Festival (Portugal), O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, Sonica (Italy), Antaris (Germany), Transcendence (Brazil), and Hadra (France) among others. Fungus Funk on Facebook | Soundcloud Sangoma Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • PARANOIAC| Exclusive for radiOzora | 01/10/2019
    dark psy

    PARANOIAC is back with a new mix, showcasing his latest collaboration albums, Paranoiac & Friends 1, 2 and 3. Paranoiac on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • TRANSIENT DISORDER | Dacru Records Series Vol. 4 | 02/10/2019
    full on

    TRANSIENT DISORDER is back on radiOzora, this time in Dacru Records series. Filipe Trindade a.k.a Transient Disorder was born in Portugal in the 90’s. His interest for music started very early, at the age of 13 he took his first steps playing the guitar. Later he had his first contact with electronic music, and caught the bug, never looking back. In the past he was part of several metal, hardcore and punk bands, and also participated in various electronic music projects, until he formed his solo project Transient Disorder, focusing on the psychedelic. His appearance on the Dacru Records uncharted series didn’t go unnoticed as the label offered him a fixed spot on their roster. As a young producer, his style is a perfect fit for dacru, with beautiful melodic touches and a strong production. Keep an eye out for this up-and-comer as he’s dropping quality releases rapidly! Dacru Records is a Belgian psytrance label. The label boosts a strong selection of artists, from major names with a 20 year career under the belt to younger promising talents. The rosters includes names like U-Recken, Talamasca, DigiCult, Spirit Architect, Tropical Bleyage, Bitkit, E-Mov, Electric Universe, Aquila, Overdrive, A-Tech, Transient Disorder and more. The aim is to release timeless music with a strong emphasis on the psychedelic and melodic. Besides being a record label Dacru has also been making a name as event promoter with over 80 events since 2001, that’s a whole of a lot of experience that goes into organizing quality productions. The events have taken place all over Belgium, from The Netherlands to Germany and even in exotic places as Thailand and include big and small indoor events, open air festivals, bus trips, 11 day pop up clubs and more. Some of the party lines include Organic Dreams, Tribal Roots, After Sunrise and Nova’s Incident open air. Transient Disorder on Facebook | Soundcloud Dacru Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • MIKE STELLAR presents Stellar Regions #31 | 24/09/2019

    After this long summer full of good moments and meeting nice people, this set recorded in the south of Portugal is a good reminder of what i’ve been playing. I was the last set on this night in particular, so the end also represents that. How to send people home in peace with the first rays of light. Mike Stellar‘s, promoter, DJ and a man of many artistic tastes and musical flavors is presenting his Stellar Regions showcase series on the Chill Channel: “Stellar Regions represents every month the diversity of my music taste and discoveries. The second hour is always given to a guest mix to showcase talents I come across. Mike Stellar on Soundcloud | Mixcloud

  • PROFOUND | Brahmasutra Records presents | 25/09/2019
    night psy

    Brahmasutra Records’ next label artist is PROFOUND. Alex Marantidis, 21, was born in East London, South Africa and relocated to Cape Town at a later stage. He always had an immense passion for music and the form of self expression that is displayed through dance. After attending his first ever psychedelic gathering, he instantly fell in love with the incredible display of creativity, freedom and love that was shared at these gatherings as well as the music that was being played and the way it made not only himself, but everyone around him feel. Falling deeper and deeper in love with psychedelic music and the psychedelic scene, he chased his passion and started djing in 2016. After playing multiple sets at all the leading indoor events in Cape Town, he slowly started making a name for himself in the scene. In 2018 he got booked for his first ever Cape Town festival for one of the biggest events companies, Alien Safari. He then started getting booked for outdoor festivals in Johannesburg and began making a name for himself in a whole new city. He pursued his love for psytrance further and began producing and has some upcoming releases on his record label as well as other local/international labels. Alex now owns his own event called “Aura” which has quickly become one of the leading Cape Town indoor parties. He pushes his vision for psychedelic music and the scene through his events and hopes to one day grow it into his own outdoor psychedelic gathering. In 2019 he aims to push out enticing psychedelic sets across South Africa as well as start regularly uploading his own tracks. The project was released in 2017 and soon after started building a reputation in the South African psy scene. He has now been signed to Brahmasutra records, a record label in India. In 2019 he has now started releasing tracks on various labels as well as releasing his first VA on Brahmasutra Records. The Brahmasutra is one of three most important texts in Vedanta along with the Principal Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. It is also known as the Vedanta Sutra, deriving this name from Vedanta which literally means the “final aim of the Vedas”. Other names for Brahma Sutra is Sariraka Sutra, wherein Sariraka means “that which lives in the body (Sarira), or the Self, Soul”, and Bhikshu-sutra, which literally means “Sutras for monks or mendicants”. The main aim of Brahmasutra Records is to derive the most important and upcoming talents in respect to Psytrance and Chill out music. The record label will emphasize more on innovative sounds rather than patronizing something which already exists thereby infusing a new trend of melodies and crunchy basslines. The motive of this record label is not to earn money but to help, support, promote the love and passion of talented producers and artists and giving them the opportunity to gain more experience at the same time. Punchline –“Because we grow together” Profound on Facebook | Soundcloud Brahmasutra Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • ATACAMA | Digital Om Productions Series Vol. 53 | 25/09/2019
    progressive psy trance

    Tune in for ATACAMA’s new set for Digital Om Productions series. :: Tracklist :: Tristate & Atacama – Black Moon (TechSafari) Protonica & Ticon – Departure (Iboga) Bitmonx – Erdbeer Kixi (Captain Hook Remix) (Iboga) Aioaska – Epic Story (Tristate Remix (Flow Ev Records) Ilai – Imagination (Tesseract) Ticon – Mirage (Iboga) Atacama – The Ghost Of Sagittarius (Digital Om) Jakaan – Vibrations (Spiral Traxx) Atacama – Even Flow (Digital Om) Hatikwa – Sin City (Xonica) Since their very first psytrance parties more than twelve years back in time
the Berliners Kevin Hentschel and Rafael Gomez never stopped experimenting with electronic sounds. Alongside multiple excursions into various sub-genres,
own label activities and many open air- and club events 
the two friends concentrate since 2012 on the production of driving psychedelic trance music.
After some releases in Spain and further mindblowing experiences while playing large festivals – such as the Fusion Festival – the two musicians re-invented their sound – and themselves – as „Atacama“.
Sometimes mysterious, always complex and preferencial driving 
Atacama carry off their listeners in spheres between bygone experiences and oncoming promises
where myths and reality, rhythm and movement merge into a cosmic unity. Atacama on Facebook | Soundcloud Digital Om Productions on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • SYNTHETIK CHAOS - Kagura | Album Presentation | Bom Shanka Music Series #35 | 27/09/2019
    night psy

    On the next edition of Bom Shanka series, SYNTHETIK CHAOS presents his soon to be released album, Kagura. QSynthetik Chaos is Yan, a French psytrance music producer ,His influences come from differents kinds of music (mainly electronical) such as: Aphex Twin, Slide, Richard Devine, Nick Taylor, Ministry, Droid Sect, Sonic Youth etc…….. The result of all this influences & many experimentations in the lab results in a combination of heavy twisted basslines & electroid rhythms, psychedelics soundz & weird noises, with always in mind to keep the dance floor as a recreation ground! He has already released some tracks on several labels including, Pixan, peak,sangoma, and has collaborated with some killa artists such as Electrypnose, Dirty Saffi, Illegal Machines, asimilon…. he perform in many countries in europe & around the globe(usa,russia,costa rica,canada,cyprus,dubai,uk,germany,italy,croatia etc….. )an album is in preparation for 2015 on bom shanka music! Synthetik Chaos on Facebook | Soundcloud Bom Shanka Music on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • NEUROQ | Mystic Sound Series #36 | 26/09/2019
    psy chill

    Mystic Sound Records series continues with NEUROQ’s mix. Neuroq is the project of Igor Mirgorodskiy from Russia. The taste of his music is multiple and with a light touch of Indian spices. You can also feel dubby berries blooming to the shifting bass. Neuroq on SoundCloud

  • AGZ | World People Productions presents | 26/09/2019
    night psy

    Open your ears for a new set by World People Productions label DJ, AGZ, who is about to release his compilation, Glitching. :: TRACKLIST :: 1. Braingineers – Mentally iLL (Unreleased) 2. Shenanigan & Krypto – Comedians (Out soon on Protoned Music) 3. OxyFlux – May The Fungus Be With You (Out soon on Protoned Music) 4. Render – Kinetic Motion (Out soon on Overdose Music) 5. Virtual Light – Yoga Dominatrix (Unreleased) 6. Spectral – Parallel Dimension 7. Dirty Saffi – Beat Around The Bush 8. Primary Lab – A.I 9. Yabba Dabba – Hippy Mafia 10. Jumpstreet – Sci Fi 11. Dribble – Grotesque Gargoyles (Out soon on Protoned Music) 12. Skyhigh Pirates & Chakraview – Infectious Grooves Agz is the project of the 24 year old Agge Vinther, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Agge has been in the danish scene around a decade, but even so it took him many years before he learned the arts of disk-jockeying. In 2015 he bought a pioneer djm 400 and two belonging cdj’s 400, with a friend, and started what ended up as his most important quest. Two years later at nye 17/18 he played his first gig as a vs set with his good pal Osvald/OxyFlux. And from that day until now, time has not stood still in his calendar. Playing most parties and festivals in Denmark throughout the past years, World People Productions binoculars found him after he played a gig in Spain, and got him signed in November 2018. Growing up in a musical environment, as his dad played a jazz inspired rock band, his ears was exposed to many different genres which gave him a wide taste in music and later his style of playing and mixing. He likes to mix the organic with the mechanic, having both heavy, raw and groovy basslines, but most importantly to keep it psychedelic and playfull. These days he is working on his first compilation called Glitching, which is going to be released later this year at Protoned Music. It’s going to differ from 147-152 bpm morning, night and twilight trance, with music from friends, exciting newcomers and some of his favorite producers. Agz on Facebook | Soundcloud World People Productions on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • INFRAGANDHI | Deck Attack Radio Show #33 | 26/09/2019

    “This week I selected some sombre masterpieces mostly from the German deep house and techno scene.” – Infragandhi The Deck Attack Radio Show started exactly 15 years ago, in the beginning of 2003 – in parallel with the Deck Attack party series – at the legendary frequency of 98.6 MHz, on Radio Café where it had been broadcast as an on air show at weekends for 10 years. After the regrettable collapse of the channel the programme kept going on RCKO:FM. Since the breakdown of RCKO:FM the Deck Attack was looking for a new forum which was found now on RadiOzora! Infragandhi and Imre Szeles’s shows are broadcasting bi-weekly about the newest electronic musical happenings with the total freedom of genres. From ambient to techno, from ethno through house to acid, they create their shows with the attention to almost every segment of electronic music which will be completed occasionally with exclusive interviews that were made with significant figures of the international stage. Infragandhi on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • DIFAZ | Hadra Altervision Records Series Vol.8 | 25/09/2019

    Here is the next Hadra Altervision mix by DIFAZ. ::Tracklist:: Eric Schaich – White Bird Charlotte de Witte – Watching Eric Schaich – Charly Eric Schaich – Tube Breger – Preserve The Peace (Cubex Remix) Smooth Criminal & LMX – Boule Denerji LMX & Electrypnose – Tchin-Tchin Tomy Wahl – Kinky Beat (Dj Lion edit) Mathame – Prophecy (Amelie Lens Remix) Cubex – Dark Matter Keith Carnal – Racidence Mark Reeve – Temptation (Egbert Remix) Smooth Criminal – Night Club Sandwitch Zarok – Cyborg LMX – Huraitrh Knob – Helicopter Cubex – Enter The Void Amelie Lens – Restless Binome – Fost Difaz is the techno project of Fadi, half of the French duo Dark Prog “Itchy & Scratchy”. return to his first experiences in the world of electronic music, mixing all types of techno, dark, hypnotic. Difaz was an unofficial project for several years, foaming after and private party, he was able to forge his own identity where his experience of psygressive and dark progressive come to meet his passion for techno, deep techno, minimal it is now a new adventure that begins for him with projects full of ideas (compilations, Ep or Album). Difaz on Facebook | Soundcloud Hadra Altervision on Facebook

  • PROPAGUL | Insomnia Records Series #17 | 24/09/2019
    psy trance

    Up next on Insomnia Records is PROPAGUL. Since the beginning Propagul was the project of two talented musicians from Russia, Moscow (Evgeniy and Maxim). Since last two years Evgeniy is doing a solo work on the project and now he is coming back to RadiOzora with a brand new dj-set of crispy and crunchy forest psychedelic music. Currently Evgeniy concentrates on the upcoming album for Insomnia Records which he is constantly making along with some compilation releases and collaboration projects. The mix contains fresh unreleased dancefloor grooves written and produced by Evgeniy Kirushin (Propagul), Oleg Myr, Michael Pankov (Mik-Ha), Waldeinsamkeit and Arcturians. Propagul on Facebook | SoundCloud Insomnia Records on Facebook | SoundCloud

  • ROLAND HANDRICK | Atmospherica Exotica Vol. 10 | 19/09/2019

    Tune in for this month’s guest mix by MANOLITO, followed by the host, Roland Handrick’s selection. Roland Handrick: I was born in 1983,and i started listen to music in my early years…I heard techno music for the first time at the age of 10 in Germany.My mother is german,and in the 90’s we were travelling 3 times a year her family, that’s why i was able to hear techno music so early.Listening to Chris Liebing’s and Anja Schneider’s radio shows was a good starting point of my musical journey.I was able to hear all kind of electronic music,techno,house,drum’n”bass etc,so i was developing my “musical” self vey soon.Collecting dj mixes,compilations and also tracks in any style of music was a straight way to start my dj and music career.So in 2000 i start to collect vinyls,buy turntables,a mixer and learn mixing it together.In the first 3-4 years i was playing in my hometown in little pub’s and clubs,then we start to organize own partys with a friend,so we were able to book some of the top techno and house djs,and i could warming up for all these artists.In 2004 had an invitation from Zvezda Beta to play at Ablak A Dubra in Budapest and one year later to team up the Hairy Crew.From here on i played most of Budapest’s and other big city’s music clubs,and played along side the “best” hungarian techno-house dj’s,and years later also with international artists also.Constant performer of the biggest festival’s in Hungary and have an own residency with my old mate and dj colleague Roocha at Aether Club in Budapest.Im very proud that from 2014 joining Ozora festival as an artist too. Listen to the Manolito mix here: Roland Handrick on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • EGON’S EMBRACE | Sangoma Records Series Vol.46 | 04/09/2019
    night psy

    Check out newly signed Sangoma Records producer, EGON’S EMBRACE’s mix. Egon’s Embrace is Mladjo Ivanovic, a US based Serbian psychedelic trance producer. This is a form of a personal therapy. It is an alter ego that enables me to bleed my heart out, scream, laugh and dance at the same time. As such, it is an ongoing metamorphosis that allows me to explore parts of my personality that are often impossible to explore in everyday life. My music is very personal and expressive testimony to challenging, often harrowing, periods that we all encounter during our lives. It is a combination of despair, melancholy, joy, hope and reflects a personal journey and arrival in a different (often positive) new place. The sonic vision and emotional honesty that drive my music is lush and intoxicating. I always felt drawn to organic ethos of Macedonian Psychedelic Trance scene, and up to date most of my influences stem from artists who have defined that sound. In the end, although Egon’s Embrace is drawn towards darker psychedelic sound, there is still a bit of a dreamer in it otherwise. Egon’s Embrace on Facebook | Soundcloud Sangoma Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • JHOTHI | Boshke Beats Series #13 | 06/09/2019

    Check out JHOTHI’s (aka. Jothi Sidhu) new set in Boshke Beats series. DJ Jhothi with his storming and consistent techno dj set recorded live few days ago at Market Stage ran by Boshke Beats Records at amazing ZNA festival in Portugal Joti Sidhu aka Psychaos doesn’t need much introduction to the goa/psy scene. Joti also having his own techno productions under the guise of JHOTHi, and DJ JHOTHi. He’s worked alongside such luminaries as Dave Allen (producer of The Cure), Andy Wright (Massive Attack, Eurythymics), Mark “Spike” Stent. The ebb and flow of his electronic career ultimately landed him a spot with Kenny Dope’s Dopewax under his Jhothi guise and also sees him as a new signing on Todd Terry’s Terminator Records First hooked on acid house in the late 80’s at the tender age of 17 spawning his Psychaos moniker, this producer found himself playing at extraordinary spots like castles in France and Yugoslavia, high atop Mount Fuji and the Swiss Alps, to the low and dusty ancient ruins in Greece and the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert to AfrikaBurn in South Africa and the deserts of Australia. His productions have graced labels such as XL Recordings, A Concept in Dance, Dragonfly, Perfecto, Atomic, Neurobiotic and others and recently he joined Boshke Beats Records where he plans to release his upcoming tunes pretty soon! Jhothi on Facebook | Soundcloud Boshke Beats on Facebook | Soundcloud