Jeff Van Houten tracks on Soundclound


  • Once Upon A Time, Long Ago
    Jeff Van Houten
    lee picutres

    Here's the beginning of my new solo piano album "Dreaming". Relax your body, Reflect on your life and Renew your soul. Enjoy this free download sample.

  • "Hush Little Baby"
    Jeff Van Houten
    Solo Piano Children's Song

    This is my submission for TPC "Children's Song" Competition. I arranged this very familiar classic as a reflective contemplative piece that will soon serve as background music for a Pro-Life video I will be working on. Hope it caused you to think. Jeff

  • Barely Holding On
    Jeff Van Houten
    Solo Piano

    Sat down at the keyboard tonight for the first time in a month and this song just came to me tonight... This is my first attempt at getting it out of my head. Still a work in progress... aren't we all. The photo is also from tonight, my son Colt. This picture is not inverted, I took it from underneath at the peak of his back swing.

  • "March On" Here Comes The Bride
    Jeff Van Houten
    Piano Instrumental

    Last night around Eleven I went down stairs and started playing the keyboard... before I knew it I found myself developing this wedding march. The more I played the more overwhelmed I became. I hope this simple "March" serves as a reminder for you and I... Marriage is an Adventure... Not a walk thru the park. It's commitment... Not a shot in the dark. It's a March... Not a skip or a jog. A growing tree... not cut off like a log It's LOVE... Both to give and to hold. True Love... While we're young... growing old. Thanks for listening!

  • A Thousand Years (Breaking Dawn, Christina Perri Piano Cover)
    Jeff Van Houten
    Cover instrumental

    Alright, So... I don't like vampires but there are two songs in the movie Breaking Dawn that are absolutely beautiful... I just learned this one and recorded it tonight. Hope you enjoy!

  • Happy Birthday! & My Cover of "100 Years" by Five For Fighting
    Jeff Van Houten
    solo piano cover

    Birthdays...They come and go like a note un-sustained, lost in the busy song of life. This "Happy Birthday" arrangement as well as my cover of "100 Years" by Five for Fighting, was embedded in my mind last night after spending the evening at a fund raising event benefiting a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. It was a powerful night and reminded me once again how great full we ought to be for today. To learn more about Camp "Watcha Wanna Do" visit their website and consider making a donation to this wonderful program.

  • Our Life in Pictures
    Jeff Van Houten
    solo piano

    Wrote this one while on a family retreat the beginning of February. Looking for a title. This song went so well with the photos we took I decided to give it a name to encourage others to use it for the same. Hope you enjoy!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (The Unborn Memorial)
    Jeff Van Houten
    solo Piano arrangement
    64,469 This is one of my favorite songs in the world to play. I just finished this arrangment today... your comments appreciated. Hopefully it takes you back to your childhood and allows you to look forward to what remains introspectively. If it makes you think of anything specifically I would love to hear your story. Enjoy the journey! If you would like to use this arrangement please contact me prior. God bless!

  • Empty Playground
    Jeff Van Houten
    Solo Piano

    This is the soundtrack to one of my favorite stories I've been given, "Playground Full of Crosses", also available here on soundcloud. Hopefully this huntingly simple melody gets people to slow down and think twice about one of the most horrific injustices this world has ever been apart of, and then motivate them to step up and do something about it.

  • Angels Dance with Me
    Jeff Van Houten

    I wrote this song a few months ago... and last Saturday i found out why. Take a look at the video i captured last week during our team building / awareness trip to the Dominican Republic... crazy stuff... i didn't add anything to the video other than this song, text and a transitional blur... Brent, my father in law is praying and Cori's New Life in Christ is what she is declaring and what we are celebrating. Thanks for watching!

  • Old Rugged Cross **FREE DOWNLOAD**
    Jeff Van Houten
    revised hymn

    It's not often we really sit down and think about all that happened up there on that hill. It was a battle for your soul and mine. In the past when I played this song (or anyone else for that matter) it was just plunked out with out any depth, feeling, or sense of what His death on that cross meant. When you listen imagine the spiritual battle that was going on and remember that His death freed you and I up to live this live to the fullest. Thanks for listening! Jeff

  • Flowers Fall **FREE DOWNLOAD**
    Jeff Van Houten
    Piano & Cello

    This is just a simple solo piano track I wrote a few years back for an album titled "Still Water". I brought in a friend (Cellist: Daniel Zambarano) who added a brilliantly simple touch of warmth and relaxation towards the end of the piece *THANKS DAN!"

  • Bedtime Story (What stories come to mind when you hear this?)
    Jeff Van Houten
    piano solo

    For some reason, this is the tune that is in my head when i make up a story for our kids before bedtime. The first line is always... "Along Time Ago, In a Land Far Away..." The beautiful thing about it is the rest of the story is up to you. If you come up with lyrics I would love to hear them! It is a work in progress, a little too busy and muddy, but thought I would throw it out there for you give a listen.

  • Nostalgia **FREE DOWNLOAD**
    Jeff Van Houten
    Ambient Piano

    I appreciate all of your feedback... I slowed it down a few beats and gave it much more of an amblent feel. It was previously "Title Needed". Let me know your thoughts. I've never really done any "ambient" piano tracks. Would love to have the sound of a playground, kids winging, laughing with a dreamy sound... ocean, seaguls... not sure, but i think something like this might be great... if you, or anyone you know would want to be a part of this feel free to download and mess around with it.

  • yiruma- river flows in you (cover)
    Jeff Van Houten
    solo piano cover

    I love this song... if you haven't heard Yiruma play it you need to do a quick search for it on This is just my version, it would be his version but I haven't quite taken the time yet to figure his version out yet. It's very expressive, unfortunately I don't quite know it well enough to play it quite like i hear it in my head. I'd love to hear you comments. Thanks for listening!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star **FREE DOWNLOAD**
    Jeff Van Houten

    This is what I've got so far... would love to add strings later. There are a few places where i made some mistakes, when I have time i will go back and re-record.

  • Theme from Somewhere In Time (Cover)
    Jeff Van Houten
    Solo Piano

    I love this song but haven't really played it in about 10 years.

  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
    Jeff Van Houten

    I've always loved this one

  • Maybe Today (Matthew 24)
    Jeff Van Houten
    Solo Piano

    This is Colt wakeboarding last year! (4yrs)

  • Rescue Me
    Jeff Van Houten

    I wrote "Rescue Me" thinking of two Causes... Destiny Rescue and Cause we all need rescued! While there are no words, a film crew is currently in Pattaya, Thailand gathering footage for a documentary of these children enslaved in the sex trade industry. I was led to donate the use of this song specifically because of two customers of mine, both very well respected in the business world. These men have led me by example. Bernard just offically joined the board of Destiny Rescue, and Roger currently provides all of the office space for Destiny Rescue USA. I am so glad God called me out of "full time ministry" to get into full time ministry. I know without a doubt He called me into "the family business" to grow it, His business and ours. What a great way to spend the day! Hopefully some footage will soon be available... unitl then, here is a little info. on DR Mission statement Rescue the sexually exploited We actively seek out and rescue children from sexually exploitive situations and then restore, protect and empower them. Restore the abused Those that have been rescued out of a brothel or sexually exploitive situation need very specialized and intensive care. They are given one on one medical, psychological, emotional and intellectual care to help them heal and overcome the abuses of their past. We also give them the tools they need to integrate back into society. Protect the vulnerable Children and women in developing nations are often very vulnerable and need protection from being sold into prostitution or from other physical/sexual abuses. We have "Safe Homes" for those deemed "at risk" for both short term and long term care. Empower the poor Our philosophy is to empower the poor to become self supporting, not to create a welfare system of continual handouts. We achieve this through education, vocational/business training, small business loans, job creation, self reliability projects, savings programs, day care centres etc. Be a voice The poor, the vulnerable and the abused often are powerless to have a voice that will be heard by those who have the power to help. Our aim is to be that voice, a voice that is loud and pierces deeply into the hearts of men and women, inspiring and motivating them to do all they can to positively impact the lives of the poor, the vulnerable, the sexually exploited and the abused.