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  • Volatile Cycle & Creatures // Purify // LTDC4C026 // AVAILABLE SOON!
    Drum & Bass

    Artist: Volatile Cycle & Creatures Release: Parasite // Purify Label: C4C Limited Cat#: LTDC4C026 Grab: On the title track “Purify”, the Norfolk talents join forces with Bristol badman Creatures. Crafting intricate atmospherics dotted with plinking arpeggios, they gradually introduce ebbing synth work and choppy percussion into the mix, with the track working its way up to a heady crescendo overflowing with emotion and character. The track follows on from the three producers’ gravelly autumn collaboration “Reflux”, released via SoundCloud for free download earlier this year.

  • Bytecode // Symbiosis // LTDC4C025 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    Artist: Bytecode Release: Symbiosis Label: C4C Limited Cat#: LTDC4C025 Grab: “Symbiosis”, utilises delay-soaked chords and swelling synth arpeggios, proceeding to break into a hypnotic rhythm of flitting drums and murmuring basslines. Progressing into new sections with no two passages the same, the track makes use of both an ambient breakdown and a dark, percussive second drop to create thrilling, constantly morphing sonics.

  • Bytecode // Parasite // LTDC4C025 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    Artist: Bytecode Release: Parasite Label: C4C Limited Cat#: LTDC4C025 Release Date: 23.11.2020 Buy: “Parasite”, is a cinematic triumph, its ebbing leads, gritty basslines, and repeated vocal samples making for a dark, intense soundscape. Interspersed with weightless breakdowns, the song keeps listeners on their toes, resulting in a hard-hitting stepper which will undoubtedly do damage on the socially distanced dancefloors!

  • Tobax // Steinhagel (2020 VIP) // C4CDIGUK065 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    Artist: Tobax Release: Steinhagel (2020 VIP) Label: C4C Recordings Cat#: C4CDIGUK065 Release Date: 02.11.2020 Buy: By this point, Tobax should need no introduction. The decorated Russian drum and bass producer has now been affiliated with the Cause4Concern and Red Light Records family for more than three years, his signature clanking, mechanical style of neurofunk making him one of the label’s most popular exports. His latest outing on C4C, 2019’s Blur Effect EP, found him at his most experimental, rowdily remixing Gydra’s “Beatdown” and even dabbling in grungy techno. Having since unleashed a spree of releases with other respected labels including Eatbrain, Bad Taste and Play Me, the Samara DJ/producer now makes a triumphant return to C4C with “Steinhagel (2020 VIP)”, a jittering rework of his stellar cut from the label’s landmark 2019 compilation, the 20 Years LP. Retaining the original track’s choppy basslines and syncopated snares, the VIP preserves the best elements of the song’s initial arrangement while giving it a thrilling number of new twists and turns. While some of the additions to the track – like its swirling synth arpeggios – are subtle, yet effective, its most exciting facet is undoubtedly the boundless energy of its second drop, which features electrifying stop-starts and cutting-edge sound design, adding even more intensity to the already unrelenting track. Tracks like this only further cement Tobax’s already worldwide reputation as one of the subgenre’s most consistent contributors to date; stay tuned for more to come from this prolific mastermind.

  • C4C // THE 4CAST 003 // Bytecode

    Bytecode unleashes the latest instalment in the fresh new '4CAST' series!

  • Bytecode // Paradox // LTDC4C022 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    Available now on C4C Limited Support // Artist // Bytecode Release // Ragnarok // Paradox Label // C4CLTD Release Date // 20.07.20 Paradox’. With eastern-like guitar plucks it features an epic introduction, one which builds layer upon layer until the tension is palatable. Once it drops, you are taken along for the ride and Bytecode’s tell-tale anarchy kicks into play. Both tracks highlight an important part of Bytecode’s journey. And with C4C at the helm, it’s likely to be an unstoppable rise.

  • Bytecode // Ragnarok // LTDC4C022 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    Available now on C4C Limited Support // Artist // Bytecode Release // Ragnarok // Paradox Label // C4CLTD Release Date // 20.07.20 ‘Ragnarok’, is just what you’d expect from a producer like Bytecode. All-encompassing with its cut-throat sonics, Bytecode detonates his destructiveness with a surgical like spin. With growling bass and slamming drum peddles, it’s a driving force, and he proves his weight with every meticulously crafted segment. Bytecode goes straight for the jugular with this release and doesn’t release his hold throughout. This is the perfect example of what C4C are about, as well as its Limited bracket.

  • C4C // THE 4CAST 002 // Juno

    Juno steps up next with the latest instalment in the fresh new '4CAST' series! Tracklist: 1. Juno – Sacrifice 2. Juno – Banshee 3. Juno – Critters 4. Audio – Darkseid 5. Phace – Decisions 6. Juno – Enemy 7. The Upbeats – Abduction 8. The Upbeats – Boogers 9. Juno – Sylar 10. Mefjus – The sirens 11. Juno – Phaser 12. Gridlok – Insekticide 13. Audio – Dead stock 14. Signal – 2me 15. Signal – Duster 16. Dub Elements & Kolt – Flamenco (Juno remix) 17. Buunshin – Malign 18. Juno – Surrender 19. Teddy Killerz – Shinjuku (Juno remix) 20. Magnetude – Mantis 21. Disphonia & TR Tactics – Nightraider 22. Pythius - Monster Black Hole [Merikan Remix] 23. Killbox – Troll eater 24. Magnetude – Falling 25. Smooth - Devil's Head 26. Pythius - Sound barrel 27. Optiv & CZA vs IHR – Third kind 28. Black Sun Empire - Foundation 29. Killbox – Gritty 30. Black Sun Empire – Parasit 31. Shockone - Pray for me 32. Mefjus – Clock off 33. Signal – These eyes 34. Mizo – Dark days

  • C4C // THE 4CAST 001 // Myselor

    Myselor delivers a fresh mix to kick off the new '4CAST' series! Tracklist: Myselor - Thriller [C4C] Mizo - Mechanical Paw (Joe Ford Remix) [Neuropunk] Teddy Killerz - Person [Neuropunk] Gydra - Hangjaw [Eatbrain] ID - ID (ID Remix) [C4C Forthcoming] Juno - Phaser [C4C] Mean Teeth - Shut Them Down [C4C] Myselor - Rave Magic [C4C] Mean Teeth - Facesplitta [C4C] Merikan - Absolute Zero [Blackout] ID - ID ID - ID Merikan - Converge [Blackout] Mean Teeth - Halo [C4C] Juno - Enemy [C4C] Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Gydra Remix) [Bad Taste] Phace & Subtension - Oh Dear [Neosignal] Buunshin - Retaliate [Neosignal] Noisia & Phace - Deep Down [Vision] IHR & TR Tactics - Light Hammer [C4C] Gydra - No Kidding [Neuropunk] Mizo - Rockfall [Neuropunk] Kursiva - I Don't Care [Bad Taste] Beterror & Alt.Face - Perch [Sinuous] Ram Trilogy - Evolution (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) [RAM] Cod3x - Rock the Show [Eatbrain] Mean Teeth - Keepin It Dirty [C4C] Gydra - Hearing Damage [Trendkill] Rockwell & Roni Size - Easy [Shogun Audio] Myselor - Stubborn [C4C] Smooth - Anger [Mainframe] Myselor - Funky Shit [C4C] ID - ID [C4C Forthcoming] TR Tactics - Between Worlds [C4C] ID - ID Magnetude - Falling [Evolution Chamber] ChaseR - Pressure [C4C] Des McMahon - Tipping Point [Trendkill] Mean Teeth - Vitriol [C4C] Zombie Cats - Chemical [C4C] Prolix - Snake [Blackout] Disphonia - Can't Hold Back [Blackout] Optiv & CZA: Cell Dweller [C4C] Prolix - Lift Me Up (feat. Dee Freer) [Blackout] ID - ID Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind feat. Tiki - Skin Crawler [Blackout] ID - ID [C4C Forthcoming] Alerstorm & Mozo - Othell [C4C] Myselor - Obsession Disphonia - Guillotine [Code Smell]

  • Juno // Enemy // C4CDIGUK064 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    ‘Enemy’, still with Juno’s precise movements and running like a freight train with its weight. ‘Critters’ is another massive body of work from Juno, delivering yet more goodness from C4C.

  • Juno // Critters // C4CDIGUK064 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    ‘Critters’, with rolling stretches of synthesis pulled together by animated sonics, taking you into its first climatic shock. This track is filled with pumping segments, highs and lows and hooks which are built from each of these elements. Juno creates an interesting mix, something which gives an added context to the shadier sounds.

  • CZA // Cause4Concern // 10 Years of DarkstepWarrior Mini Mix // Download Enabled
    Mini Mix

    Here is a Mini Mix I recorded for DarkstepWarrior to help him celebrate his 10-year anniversary. 20 tracks in 14 minutes! Download enabled! Tracklist: (Compiled from our label uploads on the channel) 1. IHR - Smoking Mirror 2. Mizo - Black Mirror 3. ChaseR - Pressure 4. Fragz, Optiv & CZA - Bump Ahead 5. IHR & TR Tactics - Light Hammer 6. Mean Teeth - Mudrub 7. Optiv & BTK - Shredder (IHR Remix) 8. Optiv, CZA & IHR - Third Kind 9. Subtension & Dephzac - Tomb Driver 10. Synth Ethics - Short Order 11. IHR - Jaws 12. Akov - Shak Out 13. Fa11out, Optiv & CZA - Bleed Like Us 14. Juno - Phaser 15. Myselor - Thriller 16. Optiv & CZA - Cell Dweller 17. Tobax - Steinhagel 18. Juno - Banshee 19. Gydra Ft. Coppa - Bomb First 20. Mean Teeth, Optiv & CZA - Tough Business Check out the full 10 years playlist link below:

  • Juno // Banshee // C4CDIGUK064 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    ‘Banshee’ begins the assault and it kicks into play through grooving, distorted rhythms laid out in its intro which suddenly build in their impact, before quaking subs rattle down its first drop.

  • Seawolf (ChaseR Remix)
  • TR Tactics // Solar Radiation // LTDC4C021 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    Finishing the EP is ‘Solar Radiation’, with experimental sonics drawing you out into the open before distorted, sliced vocal samples grow the urgency before the drop catapults its listener. With each groove crafted around the mix, it proves that TR Tactics knows how to command his audience, without losing any of the track’s edge. TR Tactics makes a flawless addition to C4C Limited’s team, highlighting a relationship which is sure to continue as the producer’s profile grows.

  • TR Tactics // Between Worlds // LTDC4C021 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    ‘Between Worlds’, the EP’s title-track. Step by step the build-up grows more and more overbearing, with its zapping blasts of LFO followed by thumping kicks. It is a commanding cut and one which encapsulates what TR Tactics represents on the dancefloor.

  • IHR & TR Tactics // Light Hammer // LTDC4C021 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    Long time C4C residents IHR join forces with TR Tactics for the EP’s opening track ‘Light Hammer’. The Italian trio mould their unmistakable style around the slamming energy of TR Tactics production and as a result, ‘Light Hammer’ morphs into an all-out assault on the aural synapses. They perfectly bring together their collective experience and detonate an impeccable beginning for the EP.

  • Fragz, Optiv & CZA // Bump Ahead // C4CDIGUK062 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    For the first part of this two tracker Fragz melds his undeniable penchant for zipping basslines alongside the production might of both Optiv and CZA, who use Fragz technicality whilst zapping their own antiquated, beloved monikers which have enabled the pair to reign supreme over the years. ‘Bump Ahead’ is chaotic, jumping between its switches whilst proving to be an impenetrable dancefloor offering.

  • Fragz & Volatile Cycle // Crush // C4CDIGUK062 // OUT NOW!
    Drum & Bass

    ‘Crush’ then welcomes Volatile Cycle into battle, once again calling on a set of collaborators to create an explosive concoction of an already revered sound. A driving, forceful number, ‘Crush’ creates hooks that snag your aural senses and leave you freefalling between each twist of bass.

  • CZA // Peoples Choice Studio Mix // DOWNLOAD NOW!

    I've recorded a new studio mix with all of the music picked by you. No tracklist, thought id leave that up to you guys, not too tricky, lets see what you've got!! #ripoptiv <3 Download enabled!