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  • A Foot in Two Worlds: A View of Coronavirus from the South Bronx
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    Early research has revealed that people of color, and those living in poverty and crowded housing situations have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. But these findings have come as no surprise to Diana Hernández, who grew up in the South Bronx and is still a resident of the diverse and historically low-income New York City neighborhood, which is a hotspot for the virus. T

  • Listener Feedback - Political Polarization
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    Many of you related to our conversation about political polarization and shared your personal stories with us. Here are some of your responses

  • WWI - Listener Feedback
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  • Listeners react to our "Why The Value of Education Is Overblown," segment with Bryan Caplan
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    You sent us a whole lot of feedback about a recent segment on whether we spend too much money on education in the U.S. - and whether college educations are overvalued. Here’s some of it.

  • Here's what you had to say about our segment about extra curricular math
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    After we aired this segment, we got a lot of feedback from you. Take a listen to some of the perspectives we collected, and remember, we love hearing from our listeners. Drop us a line at [email protected] or get at us on Twitter: @IhubRadio. Or give us a call at 617-684-5839 - we might play your voice on the radio!

  • New Year, New Ways Of Learning
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    News & Politics

    The New Year is often seen as a blank slate. It’s a way to start fresh and maybe accomplish those goals you’ve been putting off for the last 365 days. But how you learn is just as important as what you learn. Our show this week will get you ready to tackle whatever is on your agenda. First, if you truly want to learn better, put down the highlighter. Author Ulrich Boser says strategies such as memorization and underlining passages in a book are outdated methods of studying. He proposes a six-step method to learning new skills, so that they truly stick. Next, we take you back to 10th-grade Spanish class. Kind of. A new study pinpoints when language-learning skills start to decline - and what that means for aspiring hyperpolyglots. Then, if you considered math to be a four-letter word when you were a kid... you’re not alone. But there’s now a program that might be able to engage kids in a new way. Innovation Hub Senior Producer Elizabeth Ross reports on the Russian School of Mathematics, an fast-spreading extracurricular offering that’s helping some students master advanced math.

  • Your Thoughts: Votes, Jobs, And Tech
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    What did you have to say about or show about the future of work? It turns out, a whole lot.

  • Vince Beiser Talks Silicon Valley and Sand
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    Here’s Vince Beiser talking about why there might not BE a Silicon Valley, were it not for sand.

  • Sara Moulton talks about her early days at the Food Network
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    Sara Moulton talks about the gender inequality she faced at the Food Network - something that became obvious to her every time she went on vacation:

  • Krystine Batcho Talks About Nostalgia Inventory
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    Le Moyne College psychology professor Krystine Batcho talks about the tool she invented to help measure a person's nostalgia.

  • Superman in WWII - Web Extra
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    Brad Ricca talks about a huge problem that confronted Superman almost immediately after his comic book debut: World War II.

  • Nathan Lents Talks Extraneous Body Parts
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    In this web extra, Lents explains whether tonsils, wisdom teeth, and an appendix are really of any use to you.

  • Web Extra: Brooks talks Australia, space, and science fiction
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    Rodney Brooks tells his personal story of a childhood spent in Australia, where he grew up loving space and science fiction. And he talks about the thrill he got when he first saw the computer Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Web Extra: Liza Mundy Talks About Dot
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    In this web extra, Liza Mundy tells the story of one of the WWII "code girls."

  • Daniel Pink on when to do everything
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    Here's our web extra with Dan Pink talking about timing things right.

  • We're Leaving Soundcloud! Find Our Newest Segments At
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    Hi all! So we're no longer going to be posting our show on Soundcloud. But fear not, you can always listen the latest Innovation Hub segments on our website Or better yet, you can subscribe to our show wherever you listen to podcasts. Here's our show on Apple Podcasts: Google Play: Stitcher: RadioPublic:

  • How To Design A Better Life
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    Can you design a more fulfilling and joyful life? Two Stanford professors say they might be able to help.

  • The Conversation High-Powered Couples Need To Have
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    The modern workplace isn’t built for high-achieving couples. And according to Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, that often prevents women from reaching their full potential.

  • The Human Story Behind Our Genes
    Innovation Hub

    What do we know about our ancestors? Adam Rutherford says if we look hard enough, we can unpack human history through genetics. For more innovative content, follow us:

  • Full Show: Only Human
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    Your family tree is less of a tree and more of a tangled web. Geneticist Adam Rutherford explains why. There’s a conversation that all high-powered couples need to have. Two Stanford professors tell us how to use ideas from product design to create a more fulfilling life. For more innovative content, follow us: