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  • Discogs Mix 082 - Walla P
    R&B & Soul

    Tracklist here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix082WallaP Walla P is acknowledged as one of funk’s contemporary ambassadors, owing to his expertly-curated selections and passionate demeanor. The Montreal native runs Voyage Funktastique, a global brand that includes a monthly live event, a weekly radio show, and a record label. Armed with an intense love of all things funky, Walla P presents his passion through rare grooves and dance moves, as he effortlessly journeys from classic to modern funk. The Music Is My Sanctuary collaborator has brought his vibes to crowds in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lyon, Brussels, Frankfurt, Cologne, Copenhagen, Nantes, Montpellier, Marseille, Strasbourg, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Mexico City. He’s shared the stage with DâM-Funk, Kaytranada, Pomo, Onra, and Peanut Butter Wolf. He’s performed on Boiler Room and at festivals such as Osheaga, Piknic Electronik, Igloofest, Festival d’Été de Québec, POP Montréal, NXNE, C2 Montréal, 24HOV, M For Montreal, and Montreal International Jazz Festival. "For this mix, I wanted to do an all UK Jazz/Funk pressings set; playing some of my favorite tracks, including classics and some instrumentals as well." -- Walla P https://www.discogs.com/artist/7099594-Walla-P https://www.discogs.com/label/1040978-Voyage-Funktastique https://voyagefunktastique.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/walla-p https://soundcloud.com/voyage-funktastique https://www.instagram.com/walla_p https://www.instagram.com/voyage_funktastique https://www.facebook.com/djwallap https://www.facebook.com/voyagefunktastique https://twitter.com/Walla_P https://twitter.com/Voyage_Funk

  • Discogs Mix 081 - Pau Roca

    Tracklist here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix081PauRoca Pau Roca has risen as the new “house master” of Barcelona, as described in a review of the Sónar festival. He has been playing regularly at such festivals as Mutek, Sónar, Brunch In the Park, DGTL, and BAM. As head of the vinyl-only Bons Records, he released records by likes of Doc L. Junior, Philou Louzolo, and Michael & Jackson. His sets run the gamut of musical history without any complexes or prejudices, paying homage to disco, boogie, and above all, American-influenced house music at his Libido parties at Nitsa Club. After 11 years, these parties have become truly mandatory for any lover of dance music in Barcelona, and has hosted Amp Fiddler, Dan Shake, Jovonn, and Jeremy Underground amongst many others. As a producer, Pau Roca had a surprise hit in 2016 with Garvey City, a track included in the first release of the enigmatic Black Money label. In 2018 he released a solo EP which includes four edits/reworks on Los Angeles’ Pleasure Of Love label. "On this podcast I tried to mix some club focused releases that have been in and out of my record bag in the past months. As I love to do in my DJ sets, I’ve selected some records (mostly house music) that I’ve bought recently and also some old records that are equally incredible. You’ll find Sotofett doing what he does best, a nice pearl (and cheap record!) made by Osunlade, and also the Wheel one which is one of my all-time secret weapons. I used two old MK2 Technics and my E&S DJR 400 mixer, and as you’ll see you can find all records on Discogs for a reasonable price. Hope you enjoy it!" -- Pau Roca https://www.discogs.com/artist/4896580-Pau-Roca-2 https://soundcloud.com/paur https://www.facebook.com/paurocafan https://www.instagram.com/paurocabcn

  • Discogs Mix 080 - Varoslav

    Tracklist here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix080Varoslav Varoslav is a Parisian DJ and producer of Czech origin, and owner of the Rue de Plaisance label. He has been now been a part of the electronic music scene for more than 20 years. As a DJ, this tireless record digger guides the dance regularly for thousands of electronic music lovers worldwide. Many of them have moved their bodies under his direction in Berlin (Cocoon, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Weekend), Ibiza (Space), Lisboa (Lux), London (Fabric, Half-Baked), New York (ReSolute), Roma (Goa), Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival) and for sure, in Paris (Rex Club, Concrete, and many more). His 2008 EP Inside Ways pushed Varoslav as a producer to the forefront of the electronic music scene. Then, in 2011, he launched his own label: Rue de Plaisance (R2P for friends), which is the name of street where he grew up and where he still has his music studio. The label was the perfect opportunity for him to develop a more personal style. After two solo maxis (2011’s 100 and 2013’s Help!) and four collaboration releases between 2012 and 2017, Varoslav brands Rue de Plaisance with his own unique identity and sensibility. "This mix was made at home on February 1st, 2019 with my two old MK2 Technics + 1 CDJ 850 on an Allen & Heath Xzone 92 mixer. The idea was to make a house music session with vinyl from my collection that I started back in 1999. I’ve been using the CDJ for a couple of upcoming tracks on my label Rue de Plaisance. For the rest, I tried to keep it real and fun for Discogs listeners. Im always trying to find a selection that could be listened to a few years later. I have selected here some old and recent stuff as I like to do in my sets. Thanks for the invite Discogs!" -- Varoslav https://www.discogs.com/artist/703543-Varoslav https://www.discogs.com/label/325183-Rue-De-Plaisance https://soundcloud.com/varoslavmusic https://www.ruedeplaisance.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Varoslav-133360900027677/ https://www.instagram.com/ruedeplaisance/

  • Discogs Mix 079 - Marcel Vogel

    Tracklist here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix079MarcelVogel Discogs Mix 079 comes from Marcel Vogel – DJ, producer, and head of the Amsterdam-based Lumberjacks In Hell and Intimate Friends labels. Check the expertly crafted live mix, and peep his story below: "One of my earliest influences as a DJ and record collector was Journeys By DJ: Coldcut – 70 Minutes Of Madness. Naturally, that led to digging into the early DJ Food Jazz Breaks. That was over 20 years ago. From there, I have delved into House and later into Disco and Funk. Around 2004, Madvillainy re-sparked my interest in Hip Hop and Rap. I suppose living in Berlin from 2003 to 2007 and being exposed to Jazzanova and their extended circles exposed me to somewhat of a more eclectic approach of Djing, combining Nu Jazz and breaks and everything that’s available from the palette of dance music. To round it out, my relocation to Amsterdam in 2010 was my most recent step of evolution as a collector and DJ. Now is a time where every DJ seems to be able to bang it out and play every aspect of rare leftfield music at the same time. The development of the Internet, the availability of music without limits, and the possibilities of CDJs and USB sticks made it so much more interesting and rewarding to be part of the nightlife and share musical stories with the world. In 2019 every Doner Kebab vendor, every shoe store, and every bar has access to the coolest Spotify list and the craziest mixes on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. The unheard is being unearthed at a much faster pace. Common nerd-knowledge is shared on a global level like viruses in 12 Monkeys. Youtube and Boiler Room and online radio stations can’t keep any secrets for long. It’s wonderful, it’s competitive, and it creates forms of unity and belonging. I suppose we have been dreaming of this; to be pulled down a rabbit hole of music that doesn’t know any limits or borders. That was the promise when I started to buy records and it has been fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams. Maybe we’ll encounter a sort of hangover at some point, but at the moment it looks like we’ll just keep rediscovering only madder and madder forgotten tunes from all corners of the world. And this is what this mix is about. Heritage, belonging, unity. My family and my bonds have been created in our common passion for this sort of music. Call it freestyle if you want. Call it Disco. Or rare groove. Most days I don’t have a name for it. But it is still exciting and it makes me get up every day and do my research. Online and in the record stores. Who knew there was seemingly no end to it?" -- Marcel Vogel This is a live recording from Marcel Vogel’s all-nighter with Stevie Wonderland in December 2018. A healthy mix between House and Disco to keep the dance floor moving. https://www.discogs.com/artist/3397767-Marcel-Vogel https://www.discogs.com/label/214417-Lumberjacks-In-Hell https://soundcloud.com/marcelvogel https://www.facebook.com/DJMarcelVogel/ https://www.facebook.com/Lumberjacks.in.Hell/ https://www.instagram.com/marcel.vogel/ https://twitter.com/MarcelVogel

  • Discogs Mix 078 - Elon

    Full tracklist here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix78Elon “Love what you do, and do what you love” is the motto that led Elon into music from a young age. Firstly, he played guitar, bass, and he even dared to sing for his own band back in his wild teenage days in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, he was a young motivated artist who wanted to break every rule. He also worked as a sound engineer until he moved to the Big Apple, New York City, in 2001 and found himself deep into electronic dance music. Since then, he’s released dozens of records and remixes and has had the pleasure to play on five continents. Many notable DJs have played his music. His discography includes collaborations with KiNK, Dario Zenker, Maceo Plex, Alexi Delano, and Pattern Drama to name a few. Further, Elon has played several influential roles in shaping New York’s vibrant underground music scene, developing the ReSolute Label in 2007 to provide a special draggy experience to the young lost kids of Brooklyn. He’s organized some of the most cutting edge underground events including his own brand, KOLEKTi in 2014, with the aim to bring together organic and Electronic music into one place. Currently, Elon has several releases lined up. The 10th release on his ReSolute Label, The Nest EP, is a collaboration with friends, with all of the music created in studio. A perfectionist in the studio as well as in his sets, Elon constantly seeks to showcase sophistication and details in style and sound, and has always believed that quality is paramount over quantity. Above all, he will never sell out and always will stay true. "The mix is the first part of a recording on April 1st, 2018 at the Panther Room (Output, NY). I played with Juan MacLean an eclectic set, starting with some Trip Hop all the way into Deep House. I used two Technics, 1 CDJ 2000Nexus, SoundBITE Pro DJ Loop, and a Rane 2016 rotary mixer." — Elon Elon: https://www.discogs.com/artist/446914-Elon https://soundcloud.com/elon https://www.facebook.com/elonnyc/ https://www.instagram.com/elonnyc/

  • Discogs Mix 077 - Silverlining

    Tracklist here: http://bit.ly/SilverliningDiscogsMix77 To some, the name Silverlining might invoke hazy scenes during the 1990s of rumbling bass lines, flickering high hats, and dubbed out vocals in cavernous underground spaces. For those hearing it for the first time, there is a freshness and authenticity that emerges from his trademark aesthetic. Clearly, the Silverlining sound has withstood the test of time. Silverlining, aka Asad Rizvi, accidentally fell into DJing in 1993. A London pirate radio station had invited him to host an experimental techno show. At the time, he was the only person they know with records of that sort. He expected this to be a short-lived stint for fun upon first committing his early productions to vinyl in 1995. The intention was to have a go at making records that mixed the shuffle-heavy grooves of US house and the abstract energy of deep techno, using the mixing desk as an instrument in the way that the early dub technicians did in Jamaica. Before long, he was booked to play his first gigs from Brixton to Berlin to Buenos Aires. Over twenty years later, the man-hours he has put into the studio and decks can be heard at every instance. With over 150 releases under different names, old titles recently have been fetching up to £75 in the Discogs marketplace. In response, he launched the Silverlining Dubs imprint to make the music accessible to ordinary vinyl buyers. The label has addressed the demand, whilst re-contextualizing the sought-after back catalogue with fresh tracks, re-edits, and lesser-known gems. All titles have hit the top 10 genre vinyl charts on Juno, with one number one. After years of using aliases, he has reinvented the Silverlining guise with the benefit of an additional 20 years experience. All the while, his sophisticated, party-savvy DJ sets have been tickling feet and minds alike in over 40 countries. He’s played hundreds of venues, warehouses to festival main stages, with repeat bookings too numerous to count. He has remained a proponent of some of the world’s finest but lesser-discussed party scenes, such as those on the West Coast of USA and Canada, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Brazil and more. Straddling the lines between the new and the old school, Silverlining’s DJ sets encapsulate a broad spectrum of moods that can be communicated within the 4/4 and electro format. Although he continues to create unique blend of house, techno, and electro, he insists that it is not ‘tech house’. Beyond the Silverlining name, his other work spans many other genres and influences. His breadth of taste is adjoined by a common groove that can be found in his extensive record collection. The Silverlining sound is unmistakeable yet uncontainable, and it just needs to be heard. "For this mix, I decided to dig deep through my shelves and return to some music that I used to play when I first started out in the mid 90s that still sounds fresh to me, with some new releases thrown in. It is largely electronic and instrumental, starting off melodically and building up to some thumpers. It twists and turns and through a few moods and genres but I tried to keep a groove throughout. As well as a few timeless classics, there are some lesser-known gems that are still available for less than $10, and a couple of my own. It has been a real pleasure to put together!" — Silverlining https://www.discogs.com/artist/724-Silverlining https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?artist_id=724&ev=ab https://silverlining-dubs.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/silverlining-dubs/ https://www.facebook.com/silverlining.dubs/ https://www.instagram.com/silverlining.dubs/

  • Discogs Mix 076 - Noha

    Tracklist here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix76 Noha is a musician like few others in the contemporary Electronic music world. As a staggeringly creative individual, he is also a painter of some note. Noha was born and raised in Rome, certainly a city that’s long been renowned for its creative pursuits. He has harbored a fascination with music from a young age. It was when he discovered Electronic music that he gradually began to swap the paintbrush for the studio. This decision has proven to be fruitful. After moving to Berlin a few years ago, he then founded Nabuco Records in 2014. Nabuco has been a vehicle for his own distinguished compositions, as well as for various other newcomers. The label has quickly earned support from some of Electronic music’s more discerning players. Always driven by a love for traveling and exploration, Noha has also spent time in Japan. This experience has greatly influenced both his outlook on life and music. His Persimmon release on the Tokyo label, Vis Rev Set, offers a fascinating insight into this experience and how it’s helped hone his unique and intricate sound. Noha’s ascendency has proved impressive since kicking off Nabuco. He followed up his inaugural releases with EPs for the likes of legendary Berlin label Cabinet and All Inn’s sister label, Nilla. With further releases for some of the scene’s most respected labels, 2018 has been a pivotal year for this intriguing new talent. "This is a chilled mix for home listening. Recorded during a rainy day playing vinyl." — Noha https://www.discogs.com/artist/3889690-Noha-3 https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?artist_id=3889690&ev=ab https://soundcloud.com/noha_bekind https://www.facebook.com/nohanabuco/

  • Discogs Mix 075 - Hotthobo

    Tracklist available here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix75Hotthobo For his second exclusive Discogs Mix (he contributed # 41 back in 2015), Hotthobo returns to our series in support of his upcoming European tour (dates here: http://bit.ly/DiscogsMix75Hotthobo). Randy “Hotthobo” Ellis co-owns and serves as label manager for California’s Hobo Camp and Voltaire Records. He’s a longtime vinyl DJ and record collector, the host of the NTS radio program Mint Condition, and also a producer, arranger, remixer, event promoter and coordinator and frequent contributor and collaborator to releases by Loose Shus, Chautauqua, Elegant Borzoi, and Relish. His DJ sets consist of deep excursions into new, classic, and obscure 12″ and 7″ records, with a focus toward high-end Boogie, Disco, Two Step, Sweet Soul, Italo, House and Modern Funk. Of his mix, Hotthobo says "This mix was created to showcase my current favorite Boogie Funk tunes on a soulful tip… all life-affirming jams celebrating love and loss, dating as far back as the early 80s and spanning up to the present day, and featuring brand new tracks from Social Lovers, Birdbone Unlimited, Joao Donato E Donatinho, Heather Haywood, and Zackey Force Funk. I’d like to shout out all the DJs and crews that inspired this mix, the ones that are digging constantly for tunes, and are preserving this music by playing these old tunes out, creating mixes, doing radio shows and generally reintroducing this music to a new audience and showcasing that brand new Boogie Funk… and also shout out the current crop of producers that keep integrating the feeling and production techniques of Boogie into their creations, and are still pushing this music forward and staying original!" Randy "Hotthobo" Ellis: https://www.discogs.com/artist/4287886-Hotthobo https://www.discogs.com/artist/3431342-Randy-Ellis-3 https://soundcloud.com/hotthobo https://www.nts.live/shows/mint-condition https://hobocamp.bandcamp.com/

  • Discogs Mix 074 - Philogresz

    Tracklist available here: http://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-74-philogresz/ Istanbul native Ilker Soylu, better known as Philogresz, is a Turkish-Dutch Electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Amsterdam. With a decade-plus career spanning genres from Electronica to Techno to jazzy stripped down micro-cuts, Philogresz has released tracks on respected labels such as Echocord, !K7, and Electric Deluxe. He also heads up Team Records and Phil, having produced dozens of releases since 2002. One of his top releases thus far, Mooder (Bedrock Records), topped several international charts. His 2010 single Move Me was selected by Gilles Peterson for his legendary weekly radio show, Worldwide, on BBC Radio 1. His Dub Techno piece Edge (Echocord) was licensed to the prestigious DJ Kicks series on !K7. Additionally, several of his mixes have achieved high chart rankings on Resident Advisor, Beatport and Kompakt. His 2014 debut album The Lost Movie was launched in Tokyo with a remarkable show at Shibuya’s legendary club Module, and was featured on various media outlets such as Vice, RA, Thump, Noisey, DJ Broadcast, and Fazemag. The album launch was followed by a supporting tour with numerous dates, including performances at 10 Days Off, Boiler Room, Tomorrowland, and Distortion Festival. Philogresz regularly performs worldwide and and plays at popular venues such as D-Edge Sao Paulo, TBA New York, Radion Amsterdam, Arkaoda Istanbul, Culture-Box Copenhagen, Berns Stockholm, Revolver Norway, Macarena Barcelona, and Rye Wax London. In recent years, he founded Zwart Goud – Amsterdam record shop and a platform for events, clinics, and blogging with the aim to spread the love of Electronic music. "The mix is recorded live in New York City in February 2018. It was a rainy Thursday at this club called TBA Brooklyn where I had the freedom to play all night long. This mix is capture of the final hours of the night where the energy levels were high. Hope it feels right!" -- Philogresz Philogresz: https://soundcloud.com/philogresz https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?artist_id=982417&ev=ab http://philogresz.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/philogresz/ https://twitter.com/philogresz Zwart Goud: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Zwart-Goud/profile https://www.zwartgoud.org/ https://www.facebook.com/ZwartGoud https://www.instagram.com/zwart_goud/ https://twitter.com/zwartgoudwinkel

  • Discogs Mix 073 - Justin Strauss

    Tracklist here: http://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-73-justin-strauss/ Discogs Mix 73 comes in support of Discogs x Mobile Mondays! Present Gray & Justin Strauss, taking place on August 6th, 2018 at the Bowery Electric in New York City. This special edition of NYC’s premiere weekly 45-centric DJ night will feature performances by downtown legends Gray, which was founded by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman (on this night Gray will be led by Holman and Nick Taylor), and the pilot of this month’s mix, Justin Strauss. And of course, spinning 45s all night will be the MM! crew: Operator Emz, Joseph Carvello, Natasha Diggs, Just Blaze, DJ Misbehaviour, and $MoneyMike$ along with your host Rebecca Lynn. Event tix: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/discogs-x-mobile-mondays-present-gray-justin-strauss-tickets-47866307414 Very few DJs could represent the last three decades of New York nightclub history or have the iconic credentials of Justin Strauss. Beginning the age of 17, when Island Records signed his first band, Justin’s career has read like a who’s who of the music scene, on to DJing at nearly every dance club that you’d ever want travel back in time to experience. Starting at NYC’s legendary Mudd Club, he DJ’d his way through The Ritz, Limelight, Area, Tunnel, M.K., Life, Centro Fly and more, cultivating his own unique sound, and then becoming one of the most sought-after remixers and producers not just in New York, but in the world. He has worked with the a wide spectrum of artists – Depeche Mode, Sergio Mendes, Tina Turner, Jimmy Cliff, The B-52s, Luther Vandross, Malcolm McClaren, Skinny Puppy, and Goldfrapp, to name a few – and on over 200 records. Here on Discogs Mix 73, Justin Strauss presents “An Imagined Night in NYC, 1983”. Justin Strauss: https://soundcloud.com/justin-strauss https://www.instagram.com/justinstrauss1/ https://twitter.com/justinstrauss1 https://www.discogs.com/artist/2731-Justin-Strauss Mobile Mondays!: https://soundcloud.com/mobile-mondays https://mobilemondaysnyc.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mobilemondaysnyc https://www.instagram.com/mobilemondays/ https://twitter.com/mobilemondays

  • Discogs Mix 072 - DJ Mamabear

    Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-72-dj-mamabear/ Discogs Mix 72 by DJ Mamabear, comes in support of Modern Funk Fest 2018, presented by Discogs, taking place on June 16th at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Los Angeles, CA. MFF ’18 will feature performances by many of the top movers and shakers in the Modern Funk scene, including: The Egyptian Lover (with live band featuring XL Middleton, Brian Ellis, and Ghost), Beverly Girl, and Zackey Force Funk, and DJ sets from Gwizski, Hotthobo, Mamabear, Funkmosphere DJs, Austin Boogie Crew DJs, and more. The festivities will be hosted by Moniquea. Growing up in Southern California, Mamabear’s musical tastes were developed by spending nights in the roller rink, skating to Funk and Hip Hop as well as hearing her parents’ New Wave collection. In 2007 she purchased her first pair of Technics turntables; she quickly went from spinning in her bedroom to making her debut in San Francisco, and in 2009 became part of the acclaimed Sweaterfunk crew, the most devoted purveyors of spinning Boogie vinyl, which has hosted Dam-Funk, Steve Arrington, Leroy Burgess, Howard Johnson, and Onra, to name but a few. Beginning in 2010, DJ Mamabear spent 2 years living in the city where House music was born, Chicago, learning the art of extended blending and how to get lost in the 4-on-the-floor. After Chicago, she moved to Las Vegas, where she held a residency at Insert Coins in DTLV, bringing the city to a different sound than what is usually heard on The Strip. Seeking a return to her roots, in 2015 she moved back to LA to where it all began. Frequently guesting on Dublab Radio, where she played her first live over the air mix in 2012, she earned her own show, The Honey Pot, where she showcases Boogie, Modern Soul and 2-Step every fourth Friday of the month from 8-10p PM PST at dublab.com. "Highlighting recently released tracks from our Sweaterfunk play cousins (Tuxedo, Psychic Mirrors, Buscrates, Kutcorners) as well as soulful Boogie classics, this mix is intended to be played while cruising with the windows down or to be played during a BBQ at a healthy volume." — DJ Mamabear Mamabear: https://soundcloud.com/mamaburr https://www.mixcloud.com/DJMamabear/ https://djmamabear.com/ https://www.facebook.com/djmamabear Modern Funk Fest: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/modern-funk-fest-tickets-45543185895 https://www.facebook.com/events/364348460729379/

  • Discogs Mix 071 - DJ Rahdu

    Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-71-dj-rahdu/ DJ Rahdu began amazing audiences with his unique musical taste the moment he hit the air on the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s internet radio station, BlazeRadio. His hypnotic ability to make audiences across the city move to the sounds of Soul, Hip Hop, Rare Grooves, House and Jazz made him a popular fixture on the nightclub scene and eventually drew interest from newly arrived radio station Hot 107.7. With his groundbreaking Diamond Soul XXXperience radio show, Rahdu delivered the refreshing vibes of Neo Soul to everyone within the range of the station’s broad signal while maintaining his duties as mixer on the number 1 rated Throwback Lunch & Classic Hip Hop Show. Realizing his sound reached beyond his city, Rahdu created and began sharing the sounds he discovered on BamaLoveSoul.com in 2008. The site became a destination for tastemakers and upcoming artists worldwide, propelling BLS into the pantheon of revered alternative music websites. The website’s broad appeal also led to fruitful partnerships with established brands like Hennessy, Banana Republic and many others. Rahdu has curated compilations for the critically acclaimed BBE music label and served up mixes for influential sites Okayplayer and Whosampled. You can still catch Rahdu DJing in Birmingham as part of the Art Beats & Lyrics traveling art and music show or other alternative music showcases. https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?q=bamalovesoul http://bamalovesoul.com/ https://bamalovesoul.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bamalovesoul https://www.instagram.com/BamaLoveSoul/ https://twitter.com/BamaLoveSoul/

  • Discogs Mix 070 - DJ Roane aka Roane Namuh

    Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-70-dj-roane/ DJ Roane (aka Roane Namuh) is a Portland-raised DJ, producer, and record collector. Digging since the age of 12, Roane is known for his deep, eclectic crates ranging from rare 60’s-70’s Jazz-Funk, 80’s Boogie/Disco, 90’s Boom Bap and R&B, to modern Leftfield Soul and House. Roane has been DJing regularly in Portland for more than 10 years, with multiple monthly residencies around town, and has shared a bill with the likes of DJ Maseo, Egyptian Lover, DJ Krush, Count Bass D, Edan, and The Internet. As a producer, Roane Namuh is best known for his collaborative LP Cloudshine with singer Reva DeVito, as well as other various vinyl releases on the Portland based label Liquid Beat Records. Roane also hosts Liquid Beat Radio, a weekly radio show on xray.fm, alongside Liquid Beat Record’s owner Matt Nelkin. "In this mix I wanted to showcase some of my favorite current artists and record labels. I also mixed in a couple throwbacks, as well as one of my own remixes. It goes through elements of Boom Bap, Boogie, Disco, House, and Jazz." -- DJ Roane https://soundcloud.com/roanenamuh https://www.discogs.com/artist/2106359-Roane-Namuh http://www.roanenamuh.com/ https://www.instagram.com/roane_namuh/ https://www.facebook.com/Roane-Namuh-113878502015256/ http://mixcloud.com/DJRoane

  • Discogs Mix 069 - Styles In Black
    Hip Hop

    Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-69-styles-in-black/ Based in America’s Pacific Northwest, producer Styles in Black combines the warm nostalgia of lo-fi Hip Hop with bass-heavy, tribal-influenced rhythms. With a wide range of musical styles and collaborations with artists around the globe, his productions range from Chillhop to Trap, Reggae, R&B, and Funk. With two albums on Philos Records and features on outlets such as Chill-Masters, Indie Shuffle, and Stereofox, Styles in Black has steadily crafted a signature sound that is tropical, nostalgic, and exotic. This Styles in Black mix is exclusive to Discogs and takes listeners on a journey across a diverse set of regional sounds. "For this mix, I chose songs that give me the chills. The word for this phenomenon is “frisson.” In the context of music, frisson is best defined as “a sudden, passing sensation of excitement, a shudder of emotion from an epic moment of a song.”

 Enjoy this mix that spans across countries, eras, and genres. I included tunes from America, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Jamaica, and more – so there’s a little something for everyone. All of these songs have brought me happiness and comfort through the years, and I hope the same for you." — Styles In Black https://soundcloud.com/stylesinblack https://facebook.com/stylesinblack https://twitter.com/imstylesinblack https://stylesinblack.bandcamp.com/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/1gX09BMQoACEaOtOteciMH

  • Discogs Mix 068 - Kids Dig with DJ Flying Ace

    Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-68-kids-dig-with-flying-ace/ In support of Kids Dig - a day of record digging and vinyl education at Josey Records in Dallas, TX, on February 24th, 2018. www.facebook.com/events/142804886407294/ Flying Ace is a multi-talented 8-year-old DJ from Dallas, TX. Music is his number one passion in life and he begins and ends his day with it. Ace spends most of his time mixing records and producing original beats, and has a true passion for old school Rap and Soul music. His range is wide as he frequently spins sets in the Pop, Contemporary and Hip-Hop genres. Ace’s ultimate ambition includes creating music for his very own future film scores. He admires the work of Stevie Wonder, Sade and John Williams (Star Wars) the most. Here, Flying Ace presents a mix of some of his favorite Funk songs. http://oakcliff.advocatemag.com/2018/01/young-dj-flying-ace-takes-turntables-seriously/ www.keepspinningdja.com/ www.facebook.com/TooFreshDTX/ www.instagram.com/TooFreshDTX/ www.twitter.com/TooFreshDTX/

  • Discogs Mix 067 - Generation Next

    Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-67-generation-next/ For Generation Next – real name Tre Strickland – a career in music always maintained an air of inevitability. The son of Detroit legend Big Strick (himself a cousin of FXHE boss Omar S), he grew up in a home where Jazz, Disco, House and Techno reigned supreme. Inspired by contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B as much as he is the music of family friends Amp Fiddler, Kenny Dixon Jr and OB Ignitt, he’s enjoyed a musical upbringing like few others in modern-day Detroit. But don’t be fooled. While his influences span both near and far, Generation Next maintains a sound that’s very much his own – and one he’s been busy cultivating for quite some time. A prodigious talent since his early teens, his production career began in earnest when he first picked up his father’s MC808. The two have fostered a unique musical relationship ever since, with Tre ultimately working as sound engineer across much of their label, 7 Days Ent’s discography. In 2012, he released his first solo EP on 7 Days courtesy of a self-titled release that featured some of the label’s finest moments to date. Picked up by numerous DJs and in-the-know House heads, tracks such as “October Oasis” and “Lamborghini Dreams” emphatically reminded listeners of a producer on the rise. Tre is also a DJ of some repute and has already shared the decks with the likes of Omar S, John FM and Walter Glasshouse, while in Europe he debuted his live show at Panorama Bar, which perhaps goes some way to explaining his standing amongst discerning electronic music fans. For Generation Next, music is very much a family affair. Don’t be surprised to see him on a line up near you very soon. https://www.facebook.com/GenerationNextDetroit/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/3bZf8F4KHsrbPexacjtsCi https://www.discogs.com/artist/3016794-Generation-Next-2

  • Discogs Mix 066 - Air Zaïre and Dino Soccio

    Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-66-air-zaire-and-dino-soccio/ "Mr. Zaïre and I went for a SoCal flavored variety of soulful cuts that span the globe and exemplify the types of sounds we get into when we DJ together. There's some OG versions and some DJ edits but it's all in the spirit of trying to learn kick back...southern California style." -- Dino Soccio A life-long musician originally from South Florida, Adam Santucci dabbled in various musical projects before embarking on a solo career as an electronic music producer and DJ under the Air Zaïre moniker in 2011. By the following year, the then-budding DJ/producer packed his bags and moved to NYC where he quickly fell into the local music scene and gained momentum following the release of various singles and remixes. In 2016, Air Zaïre relocated to Los Angeles, where his new home on the west coast has inspired a wave of new disco edit releases. Dino Soccio is a seasoned disco, funk, and house DJ/producer from Los Angeles via Chicago.  An avid collector of Italo, boogie, and proto-house records, Soccio has residencies across the US including his weekly Hollywood underground, Pleasure of Love.  His edits and remix work have been released on Mute, Deep & Disco, Paradise Ultd, L'Affaire Musicale, Editorial, and Razor N Tape. Air Zaïre: https://soundcloud.com/airzaire https://www.airzairemusic.com/ https://www.discogs.com/artist/5718298-Air-Zaire Dino Soccio: https://soundcloud.com/dinosoccio https://www.facebook.com/dinosoccio1984 https://www.discogs.com/artist/6222557-Dino-Soccio

  • Discogs Mix 065 - Epic Vinyls From Brazil

    Epic Vinyls from Brazil – Brazil in the 80s – Primeiro Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-065-epic-vinyls-from-brazil/ Based in Copenhagen, Epic Vinyls from Brazil is set to bring you new sounds from the past in the shape of DJ sets and mixtapes consisting of outstanding Brazilian songs that you most likely haven’t heard before. The EVFB tracks are without exception from a collection of vinyl records in which the major part has been found on numerous travels to Brazil since the year 2000. Since 2014, EVFB has played festivals, toured in Europe and Brazil, and supported Brazilian icons such as Jorge Ben, Marcos Valle, Azymuth and Emicida. Currently in the pipeline is finishing the third mix in a trilogy of “compacto mixes” with strictly Brazilian 7-inches and launching the second Afro Brazil Orixá mixtape. "On this exclusive for Discogs, our 10th mixtape of pure Brazilian music from the past, EVFB has now moved into the 1980s. We’ve weaved together a smooth mix of Modern Soul, Boogie, Brazilian Funk and Samba influences that are sure to bring out the sun and make your body move." –Epic Vinyls from Brazil https://soundcloud.com/epic-vinyls-from-brazil https://www.facebook.com/epicvinyls/ https://www.instagram.com/razbrazil/

  • Discogs Mix 064 - Saucy Lady

    Saucy Lady – Move Yo Hips Tracklist here: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-mix-64-saucy-lady/ "Move Yo Hips mix presents a range of party funk tunes that will keep you on your toes, make you move yo hips from side to side, and sweat all the way down to your feet." -- Saucy Lady Known as the “Beantown Disco Queen”, Saucy Lady is a Boston-based vocalist, songwriter, and DJ. She also runs her own label, Audio Chemists Recordings, which so far in 2017 has released a vinyl EP by her own Honey Sauce Band, and a 7″ featuring remakes of classic Japanese throwback tunes by Tatsuro Yamashita and Misora Hibari. Saucy’s also known as the First Lady of Star Creature Universal Vibrations, the Chicago-based label that’s been on a roll with sold out 7″ releases of original Modern Funk and intergalactic space-age Boogie. She’s also released original tracks on ISM Records, Midnight Riot, Soul Clap Records, and Dopeness Galore to name a few. Saucy Lady has collaborated with numerous artists around the globe including K-Maxx, Soul Clap, Inkswel, Rahaan, First Touch, Lord Funk, Yam Who? and many more. https://saucyladymusic.com/ https://www.facebook.com/saucylady/ https://www.instagram.com/mzsaucy/ https://twitter.com/djsaucylady https://www.discogs.com/artist/2502188-Saucy-Lady