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  • MIXTAPE : Anatolian Man - Live @ Fairytale, Hampsted Heath, London
    Past & Future

    About : Recorded live @ Fairytale, Hampstead Heath on 31.09.2020 The fairytale is a collective based in Hampsted Heath providing a public space for furloughed creatives to perform during lockdown duress, based in Hampstead Heath. Follow : @anatolian-man @ilanalorraine

  • PREMIERE : You Man - Non Sense (Original Mix) [Eskimo Recordings]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : You Man - Non Sense (Original Mix) [Eskimo Recordings] Buy: Release Date : 2020-09-25 Back around the turn of the millennium Tepat Huleux and Giac Di Falco, lured by dazzlingly eclectic sets by the likes of The Glimmers and 2manyDJs, would sneak out of their Lille homes, cross the Belgian border and dance all night at the legendary parties that birthed Eskimo Recordings. 20 years later the pair, now known as You Man, make their debut on the label with the stunning 4 track 'Altered States' EP. Those early club experiences obviously made an impact as the pair have followed that open minded approach with their new EP embracing everything from dark disco to muscular EBM, euphoric trance to Konnakol, a percussive vocal effect used in Southern Indian Carnatic music, and even Di Falco's background as a trained psychologist and hypnotherapist. The result a mesmerising experience primed to both open and expand minds on the dancefloor. A homage of sorts to 'The Doors of Perception', Aldous Huxley's classic book about his mescaline experiments, the EP's opener, and title track, is just the thing to get us in the right mindset for this journey. Luring us in with a looping bass line that will lock your body into the groove, 'Altered States' kicks into gear as the aforementioned Konnakol vocals, a series of stuttering percussive syllables, work their magic and lift you to new levels of consciousness. Taking us deeper into this trip we have 'NonSense', a track that recalls the wild experimentation and playful spirit of the early 90s trance scene and artists like the Higher Intelligence Agency or Banco de Gaia. Imbued with a playful spirit, the track bounces along as percussive elements, little vocal snippets and strange instruments fade in and out of the mix before echoing off into eternity. If 'NonSense' revels in the lighter side of the psychedelic experience 'The Veil' offers us the other side of the coin. Easing us in with a series of insistent, repeating tones that build and build the pressure until the track explodes into life, a throbbing post-punk bass line and looped rising and falling synth tone creating an effect as eerie as it is atmospheric. One for dark industrial warehouses, illuminated by just a single flashing strobe and silhouetted hands reaching into the darkness to tear down the veil that exists between worlds. Finally we reach the end of the EP and 'Mind Ballad', a track that adds a psychedelic twist to the early Chicago House sound of producers like Lil Louis. Created with hypnotic intent, close your eyelids, let the bass line fill your body, and as the snare rush hits open your third eye to the world around you in all its fractal altered glory. With releases on labels such as Tronik Youth's NEIN, their stunning live shows and hypnotic visuals created by Huleux, the pair have firmly established themselves on the underground disco scene, their eclectic tastes and esoteric interests combining to create a distinctive sound that is sure to win over even more hearts and minds in 2020 with the release of the 'Altered States' EP. ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : My Little Friend ft. Yuki Coda - In Your Shadow (Original Mix) [Black Diamonds Records]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : My Little Friend ft. Yuki Coda - In Your Shadow (Original Mix) [Black Diamonds Records] Buy: Release Date : 2020-09-18 Black Diamonds Records introduces My Little Friend. A nameless, faceless, genderless producer based in Berlin who has created this exquisite deep house banger, In Your Shadow. Yuki Coda lays down soulful, next level vocals and the track transports you to the club at 3am. Stay tuned for more gems from My Little Friend, exclusively on Black Diamonds Records ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Kenan Savrun - Lights Out (John Cosani Remix) [Movement Recordings]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Kenan Savrun - Lights Out (John Cosani Remix) [Movement Recordings] Buy: Release Date : 2020-08-31 The latest release on Tash's Movement Recordings welcomes Kenan Savrun back to the label for his first EP. The Turkish artist first appeared on the Greek imprint in January of this year with a remix of Gabriel Amato's 'Anthrax'. The Ankara resident has compiled an impressive resume since arriving on the progressive scene in 2019. Releases on Ziger's Eat My Hat, Droid9 and Soundteller Records sit prominently in his discography, while his near two-decade long career as a DJ has seen him share the decks with Alex Niggemann, Eli and Fur, Andy Bros, Victor Ruiz and Oliver Huntemann. Now embarking on one of the most anticipated releases of his career, Kenan returns to Movement with 'Luminosity' alongside remixes from Highjacks and John Cosani. Rounding out the release and providing the lone interpretation of 'Lights Out' is John Cosani. The Argentinean artist has found a comfortable home on the Greek imprint, with five appearances since making his debut in 2015. Long regarded as one of his country's finest progressive house producers, John has also found a home on Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music, Beat Boutique and Or Two Strangers. Now making a welcome return to Movement Recordings, John delivers a deep interpretation of 'Lights Out'. Engaging from the outset, its warm framework is crafted to perfection with smooth rhythms and hypnotic arps converging for a gorgeous free form story. Quirky melodies and soulful wails lift the mood higher as the main break commences. Perfectly timed, the track's centrepiece is tasteful trippy, as astral effects melt down against a wave of noise as the groove drops for a purring finale. A brilliant remix from John which rounds out another must have release from Tash's Movement Recordings. ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Balata, Ana Mago - Pour Toi (Original Mix) [Leisure Music]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Balata, Ana Mago - Pour Toi (Original Mix) [Leisure Music] Buy: Release Date : 2020-08-17 ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Cosmic Boys - Timeless (Original Mix) [Legend]
    Past & Future

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Cosmic Boys - Timeless (Original Mix) [Legend] Buy: Release Date : 2020-08-14 The legend speaks of a Digital Love and Timeless of the Cosmic Boys towards all the peoples of the galaxy. ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Adrian Schneider - Nautilus (Original Mix) [WAYU Records]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Adrian Schneider - Nautilus (Original Mix) [WAYU Records] Buy: Release Date : 2020-08-14 ♫ Follow ♫

  • FREE DL : The Weeknd - After Hours (Marcos Rivas Edit)
    Past & Future

    About : FREE DL : The Weeknd - After Hours (Marcos Rivas Edit) Link to Download : Follow :

  • FREE DL: The Monzas - Where Is Love (Puk Edit)
    Past & Future

    About : FREE DL: The Monzas - Where Is Love (Puk Edit) Download Link : Mastering: @lucatrent For WAV file go to Bandcamp profile. Follow : ☞ Soundcloud: ☞ Facebook: ☞ Instagram: ☞ Bandcamp: ☞ Spotify :

  • FREE DL : Kas:st - Lost Souls (BonÏpso Rework)
    Past & Future

    About : Download the track for free here (you need to follow artists on Soundcloud) => Follow :

  • PREMIERE : Stash Magnetic - My Future (Retroforward’s ‘No Future’ Remix) [Field Of Dreams]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Stash Magnetic - My Future (Retroforward’s ‘No Future’ Remix) [Field Of Dreams Recordings ] Buy: Release Date : 2020-08-04 Stash Magnetic make analog driven, hybrid electronica and now land on Al Mackenzie's Field Of Dreams Recordings next to remixes from Dan Wainwright, Retroforward and Richard Sen. After being summoned from Ohio to London by Adrian Sherwood, Nick Riggio and Rebecca Magnetic have brought their Midwest musical experience to the South London electronic music scene with a unique creative vision. Fusing elements of techno, post-punk and psychedelic rock they explore spiritual connections and transcendence while Rebecca Magnetic's introspective vocals set against a tough backdrop of Detroit influenced rhythms and vibrations leave you in awe. Their superb single 'My Future' is a brilliantly cosmic exploration of spaced out and spacious grooves. Crashing hits bring an edgy mood, while lurching drums drag you forwards. Molten acid synths and the strained and pained vocals from Rachel add further layers of intrigue to this most adventurous electronic trip. First to remix is Oosh! man Dan Wainwright, and his version is laced up with sci-fi chords and echoing vocal sounds. The downtempo drum rotations are superbly heavy and trap you in a trance. Next up, Retroforward is Al Mackenzie's solo remix/music project named after his successful Birmingham night. Al is also in Field Of Dreams and pop dance act D:ream. His ‘No Future’ remix is an airy and atmospheric remix that takes the track to the farthest edges of space on smooth. hypnotic grooves and beautifully astral melodies. Lastly, Richard Sen has already been getting support for his remix from ALFOS man Sean Johnston, and he goes for a superbly rugged yet slow motion chugger that is dubbed out and expansive thanks to the arching guitar riffs that ring out to the heavens above fat-bottomed drums. Whether experienced on the dance floor or in metaphysical states, this music is medicine for the mind and body. ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Damien Fisher - Lost In Something (Original Mix) [Curiosity Music]
    Past & Future

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Damien Fisher - Lost In Something (Original Mix) [Curiosity Music] Buy: Release Date : 2020-07-24 Founded in 2016 in Paris, Curiosity Music has consistently showcased the work of incredibly talented producers from all around the world. Curiosity Music believes in highlighting musical artists from different origins, backgrounds, and musical identities, but always with a focus on quality over quantity. To celebrate our 4 years of existence, we are thrilled to announce the release of our first Various Artist Album, featuring famous signatures of the label such as Damien Fisher, Quenum, Loïs, Mike Krier, Fruckie or Loïs Capelli. The new release also shares the spotlight with fantastic newcomers we are more than happy to welcome: the Parisian friends Elomak and TIIMAL, the German duo from Munich REDEMPTION, the Russians Ney & WalDStreeT and the amazing Spanish producers Sosa Ibiza & Dalosy! For lovers of deep, melodious, powerful techno, and minimalist lovers alike, these 10 tracks are our gift to you! Each track has been meticulously chosen to make you (re)discover the universe of our passionate artists, and BREAKING NEWS: there are pure techno bombs in it! With everything going on in the world, the purpose of this album is to make you get up and dance with friends and feel the love from Curiosity Music's incredible artists. The show must go on! Mastered by Baptiste Toutant Photograph by Mabik With everything going on in the world, the purpose of this album is to make you get up and dance with friends and feel the love from Curiosity Music's incredible artists. The show must go on! ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Gizmo & Mac - Arkanum (Heerhorst Remix)[MIRROR RECORDS]
    Past & Future

    About : Gizmo & Mac debut on Mirror Records with their newest EP "Arkanum". The four-track Melodic House & Techno EP features heavy bumping basslines, stirring melodies and driving drums. The first track "Arkanum" already starts of with a massive bassline and builds up into a true peak time banger that will make sure to get any dancefloor moving. The remix by Heerhorst takes it even a step further, adding driving drums to create a seemingly never-ending rave bliss. The flipside of the EP features "Zeitgeist", this tracks delivers a more melodic approach without ever neglecting the dancefloor suitability. With the last track on the record Monsieur Pluspetit returns to Mirror Records with his remix of "Zeitgeist". He’s focusing on the melodic parts of the original, emphasizing the vocal bits and giving it his very own touch. Overall the EP is a masterful first appearance from Gizmo & Mac, make sure you grab it! Buy : Follow :

  • PREMIERE : Pepe Mateos - In Space (Original Mix) [Flow Musique]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    PREMIERE : Pepe Mateos - In Space (Original Mix)  [Flow Musique] Buy: Release Date : 2020-07-17 The Flow Musique label has been bringing its own brand of percussive house music to the fore since its launch in 2014, with label boss Pepe Mateos a driving force, not only as A&R but also as a pivotal artist in the imprint’s development. Away from his Flow Musique Mateos has also featured on key labels like Little Helpers and Oblack and has built a solid reputation both as producer and DJ.   This latest musical offering sees the artist in fine form, turning in a track that explores the current space race, as state players and billionaires push for a sky full of satellites and a charge towards Mars! ‘In Space’ is a deep and rolling slice of house music with a sci-fi feel as a spoken word vocal offers a future advert for psychedelic pharmaceuticals.   The original is backed with a brace of remixes, opening with an offering from Luna City Express man Norman Weber who turns in a delightfully deep and emotive reworking built on smooth chords and loose percussion. Columbia’s Matheo Velez comes next with a spacious and minimal tech workout that is simply sublime before Edgar Peng closes things down with a deep house gem.   This is another surefire winner from Pepe Mateos and Flow Musique which is further elevated by three sterling remixes. ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Tom Watt - Sloala (Original Mix) [Leisure Music Productions]
    Past & Future
    Deep House

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Tom Watt - Sloala (Original Mix) [Leisure Music Productions] Buy: Release Date : 2020-06-29 We are excited to announce the release of Black Circle Vol.1 our first multi artist EP featuring massive talents from around the world. As diverse the background of our artists, is this album that offers an Afro Melodic House and Techno journey, spinning through different vibes and atmospheres that transpire on a global and universal level, and that understands to join them all. Music is the universal language that connects all living beings. An accelerator to enforce human connections and interactions. In its pure form resulting in movement and dance. So with joy and honor, we present you 5 epic and divers Afro House tracks, that are put together for the above mentionend motions and motivations, to bring people together, to celebrate life and dance and to enjoy these songs in their beauty. TOM WATT - Sloala: Is an upbeat track with a strong driving kick, a wonderful groove and lovely marimba melodies, progressive deep and high synth lines, amazing African vocals and great percussion. This song is a modern approach incorporating beautiful ethnic elements and first and foremost a real groover for the dancefloor. ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : INVU Ft. Robert Owens - Eau De 90s (Markus Homm Remix) [Vibe Material]
    Past & Future

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : INVU Ft. Robert Owens - Eau De 90s (Markus Homm Remix) [Vibe Material] Buy: Release Date : 2020-07-03 Vibe Material come up with more of that groovy goodness here with a huge package featuring INVU, the voice of house music that is Robert Owens, and Markus Homm. Eau de 90s opens up with the classic vocals from Owens layered over warm house beats, a nice bassline is joined by raw perc and make this a perfect tonic for the club. The Markus Homm remix is then more stripped back and driving, with a slick house groove and rubbery kicks getting deep under your skin. Vinyl Crush is a darker, dirtier tune with burrowing beats and a late night menace that keeps you locked. Once the big diva vocal arrives hands will go in the air. Steady the Ship is a more bubbling and warm tune with well programmed drums and chords that tease and please. Overall this is a house package that packs a real punch. “If you support any of these on an upcoming stream please do let us know so we can highlight on socials of the label and artist" ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : Alex Kreimer - Burnerduke (Mariano Santos Remix)[Aletheia.Recordings]
    Past & Future

    About : Since starting his career way back in 2004 Alex Kreimer is on an epic journey through various genres and festivals. The most recent stop on his quest for enormous power of happiness and joy only music can offer is this Burnerduke single. The original starts way from the deep and then hypnotically builds itself into a grooving masterclass that leaves no stones unturned and showcases the best virtues of dance music. Introduction of lush melodies and juicy textures puts a cherry on top of this cake. Also this time Alex doesn't travel alone and has Mariano Santos and Erik Polder for company. Mariano's take on Burnerduke is has more of an industrial hint to it, but the added roughness serves the purpose of delivering a full dancefloor experience your body will thank you for. Sharp drum sounds drowned in groovy bassline arpeggio with a little pad goodness on top — all the ingredients you need to loose yourself in this remix. To complete the single Erik Polder takes his remix to a land of electro flavored trance. With intense strict bassline and a lead synths to envy your body is simply unable to stop moving to this classic beat. Elegant in its simplicity this work expands the genre reach of this release even further. All in all, a very diverse, but balanced single that has will turn heads on every dancefloor. Follow: @alexkreimer

  • PREMIERE : Mattia Saviolo - Until The End (Original Mix) [1605]
    Past & Future

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : Mattia Saviolo - Until The End (Original Mix) [1605] Buy: Release Date : 2020-07-03 No words. Just Music. ♫ Follow ♫

  • PREMIERE : David Phoenix - Questioning (Original Mix) [Dense Audio]
    Past & Future

    ♫ About ♫ PREMIERE : David Phoenix - Questioning (Original Mix) [DENSE AUDIO] Buy: Release Date : 2020-06-26 David Phoenix's debut on Dense Audio. Questioning is a good old fashioned dark minimal techno, with a nice groove and atmosphere, dedicated to the dancefloor. Enjoy! ♫ Follow ♫ David Phoenix @davidphoenixminimal Dense Audio @denseaudio

  • PREMIERE: Sæb - Ethernal Circuit (Original Mix) [SHAMAN BLACK]
    Past & Future

    About : Ethernal Circuit is a song who take inspiration from electron movements in an electric circuit. About The Artist: Sæb. Born and raised in Sicily. His first approach to music was at the age of 6 when he started to play piano. Experimenting with Elvis vinyls at the age of 13 he discovered his love for the art of djing. He started to train with 90’s dance vinyls and then playing in small clubs and in private party in Sicily. Years later his piano skills combined with his passion for electronic music, brought him to compose his firsts tracks. First release comes in form of Sebastian Gulino in 2013, the name is Hangover EP. Years later will release new tracks like Cinematic and Transistor via Alveda Music. In 2015 He moved to Turin to study at the university. There, He will get in touch with the club culture and the techno world, taking part to festivals like c2c and Kappa. Turin changed his mind and now he is focused on Techno music, following the vibes of djs like Joris Voorn, Joseph Capriati, Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, etc. In 2017 He leaves the university to focus himself on music. In this period he compose the debut Album of his project Acnøløgia: “Hominum Memoria”. The same year he moves to Rome where he starts to study Sound Design at the European Institute of Design. He graduates in 2019 but in the meantime have already started another activity in Rome, his own studio: Dale Studios. In these years he has been playing on several stages in Rome and some places in Europe like Czech Republic trying to bring his feelings and emotions in a unique melodic techno style. Buy : Follow : Ig: @musica_seba Fb: Spotify: