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  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Peter Ross
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Author and award-winning journalist Peter Ross takes us through the fascinating world of burial grounds in his new book, ‘A Tomb With a View’, which explores graveyards across the UK and the stories of those who lie beneath them.

  • Meet the Writers - Bill Granger
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Bill Granger is credited with inventing avocado toast. He is an Australian restaurateur and food writer, loved by family cooks and sophisticated foodies alike. His sunny, relaxed approach is an essential to his enduring popularity. His books have sold more than a million copies and his latest publication, ‘Australian Food’ is also set to be a bestseller.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Lola Shoneyin
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Now in its eighth year, Ake Festival brings together artists, writers and other creatives to celebrate culture in Africa. Its founder and director, Lola Shoneyin, tells Georgina Godwin about this year’s event and her own writing career, including her successful debut novel ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives’.

  • Meet the Writers - Andrew Harding
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to the award-winning UK journalist and author Andrew Harding. Africa correspondent for BBC News, Harding began his career in Moscow in 1991 and has lived in Tbilisi, Nairobi, Singapore, Bangkok and now Johannesburg. His new book, ‘These Are Not Gentle People’, is a true-crime thriller based in South Africa.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Amir Khan
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to NHS doctor and TV personality Amir Khan about his bestselling book, ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’. The memoir draws on Khan’s past 10 years as a GP, including his experience of the current pandemic.

  • Meet the Writers - Lauren Child
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin meets children’s author and illustrator Lauren Child, best known for the ‘Charlie and Lola’ books that have been adapted for a BBC animated series. A previous children’s laureate and Unesco artist for peace, Child’s latest book, ‘The Goody’, explores the importance of kindness and freedom.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Sue Armstrong
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to science writer, broadcaster and foreign correspondent Sue Armstrong about her new book, ‘Borrowed Time: The Science of How and Why We Age’, in which she tells the story of science’s quest to understand ageing.

  • Meet the Writers - Robert Zoellick
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to Robert Zoellick, a man whose experience in the US government spans six presidencies. Having served in a number of roles such as deputy secretary, counsellor of the State Department and as US trade representative, his illustrious career also includes stints as deputy chief of staff at the White House and president of the World Bank. Now a senior fellow at Harvard University, his latest book is ‘America in the World: A History of US Diplomacy and Foreign Policy’.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads:
  • Meet the Writers - Max Seeck
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to the Finnish best-selling author Max Seeck, whose unique and gripping style of crime fiction is earning him plaudits across the world. He discusses the influence of his military past and the inevitable comparisons with Stieg Larsson.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Laila Lalami
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to Pulitzer prize-finalist Laila Lalami about her latest book ‘Conditional Citizens’. Using her own journey from Moroccan immigrant to US citizen, Lalami explores notions of belonging in America.

  • Meet the Writers - Brandon Taylor
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin talks to Brandon Taylor, whose debut novel has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2020. The son of illiterate parents from Alabama, Taylor’s powerful ‘Real Life’ is the story of a gay, black biochemistry student. The book crackles with electric prose.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Andrew Hankinson
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Andrew Hankinson, the award-winning author of ‘You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life: (You Are Raoul Moat)’ speaks to Georgina Godwin about his latest book, ‘Don’t Applaud. Either Laugh or Don’t’, which explores contemporary comedy through the Comedy Cellar, New York.

  • Meet the Writers - Rose Tremain
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin interviews acclaimed novelist Rose Tremain about her relationship with her parents and how that has impacted on her writing, including in her latest book, ‘Islands of Mercy’. Set in 1986, it shifts between the genteel town of Bath and the wild island of Borneo.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Maggie O’Farrell
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to the newly crowned winner of the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction, Maggie O’Farrell. Her winning novel, ‘Hamnet’, was inspired by the life and death of Shakespeare’s only son.

  • Meet the Writers - Vanessa Branson
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Vanessa Branson is a champion of numerous cultural and ecological initiatives. A trustee for the charitable Virgin Unite organisation that was started by her brother Richard, she has now written a frank and highly entertaining memoir about her family, called ‘One Hundred Summers’.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Jini Reddy
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to author and journalist Jini Reddy about her latest book ‘Wanderland’, which has been shortlisted for the Wainwright prize for nature writing. Described as “eco-spiritual nature writing”, the book follows Jini as she heads off to search for the magic in the UK landscape.

  • Meet the Writers - Edition 248
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Want to know more about the authors behind your favourite books? Tune in to discover the methods of – and inspiration behind – some of the world’s most exciting writers. Every Saturday, Georgina Godwin hosts an in-depth discussion with the person behind the prose.

  • Meet the Writers - Monocle Reads: Harriet Tyce
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin speaks to Harriet Tyce about her latest thriller, ‘The Lies You Told’, which draws inspiration from her background as a criminal barrister. Tyce’s debut, ‘Blood Orange’, was a Sunday Times bestseller.

  • Meet the Writers - DBC Pierre
    M24: Meet the Writers

    Georgina Godwin talks to DBC Pierre, who won the Booker prize with his debut novel ‘Vernon God Little’. He has gone on to write five more books, including his latest: dystopian satire ‘Meanwhile in Dopamine City’. It is a darkly funny, brilliantly clever and utterly terrifying vision of technology in our near future