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  • Noitrik | PsyBaBas Radio Show w/ virtual guest | 07/02/2019
    dark psy

    This week’s virtual guest in PsyBaBas Radio Show is NOITRIK from Cyberbay Records. Noitrik is a project by Nick from London UK, he grew up around music studios owned by his parents throughout his childhood, he always had an interest in music, in London around 2002 he discovered psychedelic trance and so began to create his own, after some years working on a previous project he started Noitrik in 2012, Inspired by life, sound, the creation of space, visions, feelings and the universal communication of frequencies and the power of sound. CyberBay Records was founded in April of 2016, by Vova Walhalla (Walhalla project/Fractalia) & Al Vo (Zentagon). To improve the undergraound psychedelic sound. The label will concentrate on releasing hi-quality Darkpsy/Hi-tech/Psycore music, and organization of psychedelic events around the globe. Noitrik on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • The Outburst Radioshow - Episode #595 (15/02/19)
    Mark Sherry
    Trance, tech-trance, techno, hard techno

    The Outburst Radioshow is a weekly radio show hosted by electronic music producer and DJ, Mark Sherry. He brings you the very best upfront trance, tech-trance & techno releases from the scene's leaders, including exclusive plays from his own record labels, Outburst, Techburst & Outburst Twilight For more information on Ouburst Radio, please go to or follow us on Twitter at @outburstrad for live tracklists from 10pm GMT every Friday! The Outburst Radioshow - Episode #595 (15/02/19) **The Techburst Selection** 01. Sergio Marini & Luke - Serotonergic (Extended Mix) [Techburst] 02. Spektre - Something Inside Us (Original Mix) [Respekt] 03. Destroyer - Pulsing Strike (Extended Mix) [Techburst] 04. Airod - Strange Mind (Original Mix) [Monnom Black] 05. Vontech - Thrown (Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday Remix) [Yin Yang] 06. Raito - Never Felt This Way (Original Mix) [Suara] 07. T78 - Roboto (Original Mix) [Kuda Audio] 08. Spektre - Gates Of Dawn (Original Mix) [Respekt] 09. Destroyer - District FM (Extended Mix) [Techburst] ....................................................................... 10. **Outburst Cut** Mark Sherry - Phantasmic (Tempo Giusto Remix) [Outburst] 11. HP Source - Keep Moving (Extended Mix) [Grotesque Fusion] 12. Liam Wilson - Trip To Space (Original Mix) [Mass] 13. Chakra & Edi Mis - X-File (Vini Vici & Chakra Remix) [CDR] 14. Simon Patterson - Apex (HP Source Remix) [VII] 15. Junk Project - Braintool (Lost In Noise Extended Rework) [Outburst] 16. Key4050 - Beetlejuice (Original Mix) [Black Hole] 17. Systembreaker - Infinite Loop (Extended Mix) [Outburst Twilight] Mark :)

  • 3) Chakraview & Earthworm - Trippy Tablas

    Album : ChakraView and Friends - Fools Paradise Label : World People Production Mastering : Alex EVP Artwork : Anirudh Kota Video - Mirko Xs

  • Jumpstreet & Rugrats - Vs.Aliens (coming soon!)
    Jumpstreet (Looney Moon)

    New EP coming soon with my buddies Rugrats.

  • The battle begin with power (Trance, Goa Trance mix)
    Leif Sjödin - The Digital mAdmAn

    Yet another mix i threw together after work for clearing my head a bit after work. It has trance/goa trance theme and are as usual some mashups and so on. Not the best one but not the worst one either ;) And as always i select the tracks on the fly going with those i feel suites. No pres-select. Controller: Hercules Inpulse 300 Software: Djuced 4 Feel free to share, like comment and so on. I do honestly appreciate it :)

  • 4 Hours Ssssssssssserious Uplifting Banging Trance Mix 140 BPM
    Nico Suffis

    Fredd Moz - Broken World Kiyoi & Eky with Oliver Cattley - Badui Kiyoi & Eky & Cederquist - Back From The Star Kiyoi & Eky vs Cederquist - Kogarashi Kiyoi & Eky & Khairy Ahmed - Silent Heart Cold Stone - Cicada TrancEye & Sam Laxton - Hornet Lucien - Lucidity (TrancEye Remix) Burak & Emre - Revival (TrancEye Remix) Liam Wilson - 20 Stories Para X - Revive Apaches - Revelation Para X - World of Illusion Para X - Hypnotizer Para X - Miracle Para X - Twinkle Tales Para X - My Salvation Fredd Moz - Reborn (Para X Remix) Para X — Come With Me (Uplifting Mix) Para X & Claire Willis - Beautiful (Instrumental Mix) RAM - Elijah (Sean Tyas Remix) Mark Sherry & RAM - Nordic Nights (Darren Porter Remix) Sean Tyas & Darren Porter - Relentless Sean Tyas & Darren Porter - The Potion Sean Tyas vs Metta & Clyde - Storm The Alliance - Enso RAMiNiO - Eastern Ballad Adam Ellis - Napalm Poet RAM & Darren Porter - The Calling (Grotesque 300 Anthem) Sneijder & James Dymond - Deadline James Dymond - Siren's Song Christina Novelli vs Lanos - Home (James Dymond Remix) James Dymond feat. Neve White - With & Without You Kayan Code & Guy Alexander - Hi Tension Six Senses - Return (Kiyoi & Eky Remix) James Dymond & Susana - Love You Are Made Of Mark Sadness - Ordinary Emotions James Kitcher - Everything Changed

  • Parallels 038 with Monoverse

    Download the Parallels podcast at Parallels is a weekly radio show hosted by international producer & DJ, Monoverse. The show features exclusive material from Monoverse and his FSOE Parallels record label, as well as his personal selection of favorites across the electronic music spectrum. 01. Elypsis - Dear Scorpio [Silk Music] 02. Adrian Roman - Analogic Jungle (Armandhe Remix) [Droid9] 03. Anden - Walls [Zerothree] 04. Haris C - Halos That Fall Apart (The Stupid Experts Remix) [Alter Ego] 05. Ellunate - Frisson [Soluna Music] 06. Flynthe & Kris O'Neil - Oddity [Silk Music] 07. John Manz - Moments (Max Freegrant Remix) [Cloudland Music] 08. High Frequencies - Pentos [FSOE Parallels] 09. Melih Kor - AIR [K:orona] 10. Lumisade - Ride 80X0 [Statement!] 11. Dave Neven - Lethal [Coldharbour] 12. David Moleon vs. Arkham Knights - Knightfall Afterbanged (Tempo Giusto Hybrid) [CDR] ▼ Follow ▼ Follow

  • Twisted Brother
  • Flegma - Lunaris

    'Lunaris' means of or belonging to the moon, lunar. And all-mighty Moon has been inspiration to Flegma for his new single 'Lunaris', which is a powerful psy-progressive tune signed with well-known Flegma's groove. Multicolored atmospheres and melodies this time followed with very special acoustic guitar sequences that will make you feel the energy of the Moon. And... 'you will have a nicesleep without any nightmares'! TesseracTstudio releases: SPOTIFY: SOUNDCLOUD: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: BEATPORT: BANDCAMP: CDs: BOOKINGS: || [email protected] TesseracTstudio info: WEB:

  • Tempo Giusto - Dopamine (Out 25.2.19) [Kearnage]

    Returning to Kearnage with a new tech trancer called 'Dopamine', out next week. Let's GO!

  • Electrypnose - NWW (Terrafractyl Remix)
    Sinsonic Records

    Sinsonic Records is pleased to dedicate a special edition to the artist Electrypnose, who has been instrumental in shaping Psytrance for the past 20 years - including seven carefully selected remixes by various artists from around the world.

  • ૐ Psychedelic Visions ૐ February 2019 (Night Psy Forest Set)
    Night Psytrance

    This is my set from TOUCH Samadhi's monthly Psytrance event called Psychedelic Visions. I hope you enjoy your journey <3 Download for WAV quality If you like the mix,please hit the repost ⟳ Connect on Facebook : Art work by : Jeff Drawbot Thank You for Your Support! Love + Light 💞💫 ∴ Track-list ∴ 01 - Rezonant + Shred'er - Deadline / Transubtil 02 - Cryptophonix Vs Tera - La Cucharada / Digital Shamans 03 - Yabba Dabba & Make Sense - Fantastic Disaster / Goa Productions 04 - Braincell - Theory of Everything (Rezonant Rmx)/ Sangoma 05 - Synthetik Chaos & Shred'er - Too Much / Squarelab 06 - Rezonant + Shred'er - Transmitter / Transubtil 07 - Diksha, Tera - Music Therapy / Sangoma 08 - Critter vs Loom - Cromos / Believe Lab 09 - Hydra​-​E - Universal Language / Kunayala 10 - Diksha + Fungus Funk - New Way to Think / Sangoma 11 - Virtual Light + Module Virus - Circular Mutants / Loony Moon 12 - Rezonant - Spacetastic / Purple Hexagon 13 - UkaUka & Diksha - Crystalized Particles / Sangoma 14 - Hydra​-​E - LSD / Namaste Download for free on The Artist Union

  • NBHT 36 - Psy-Trance Special #2 - Soldier Story Chapter [Guest PROGSS] (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    NBHT Podcast

    Psy-Trance special #2 Thanks for the support <3 Tracklist @ 150 comments (FREE DL) **New single** OUT NOW @ @Zefroniacnbht - 00:00 - 1:00:46 @Progss 1:00:46 - END ZEFRONIAC: @zefroniacnbht Snapchat : Zefroniac PROGSS : @progss

    Neokontrol (OVNI Records)👽

    Remix started in 2015, and will probably be finshed soon (no mix, no master, full track will be around 7:30mn) Release soon @ovnirecords on NEOKONTROL & FRIENDS EP ♪♫ LISTEN the original track by @wakefieldz (2011) : FOLLOW me on &

  • Morten Granau - New World Order (Copycat remix)
    Psy Trance

    Morten Granau - New World Order (Copycat remix) Interlink - Compiled by Sideform - Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL492 1. Sonic Entity - Sourcecode (Original mix) 2. Sideform - Orbital Spin (AudioFire remix) 3. Atacama - Optical Animation (Original mix) 4. Ace Ventura, Captain Hook - E.b.e (Protonica Remix) 5. Sideform - Man from the Stars (Original mix) 6. Relativ, Neuroplasm - Moon Ritual (Original mix) 7. Sideform - Quantum Flux (Nertum remix) 8. Outsiders, Sphera - Matter of Fact (Original mix) 9. System Nipel, Red Sun, Freqfield - The Shallow (Original mix) 10. Morten Granau - New World Order (Copycat remix) Iboga Records proudly presents an epic compilation from Sideform. ‘Interlink’ is a sonic representation of the everlasting connection between people - the connection that is the vital medium for the growth of our higher selves, and in this case, with help of technology. Like a virtual hub, this compilation is a place where music travellers and artists of the psytrance world meet and exchange tales and experiences from their journeys through soundwaves. Featuring remixes from Sideform's second album and many exclusive pieces, it is a selection of carefully crafted sonic explorations, dedicated to delight listeners both on and off the dance floor. Join us and get connected via 'Interlink'! Morten Granau 2019 Iboga Records Cloud9 Publishing

  • **FREE DOWNLOAD** Tongue & Groove Exclusive Album Mix for Pharmacy Radio
    Tongue & Groove (Nano Records)

    **FREE DOWNLOAD** Tongue & Groove's exclusive guest mix of their album, Midnight Madness on Christopher Lawrence's show for Pharmacy Radio is now available to download. Featuring all tracks from their No 1 album out on Nano Records this exclusive mix takes you on a mind bending, hip shaking, pulsating, throbbing journey into the psychedelic world of Tongue and Groove's distinctive addictive groove. Enjoy!

  • December 2018 Showcase by KiM0

    Hey there my dear psytrance freaks! Here is my VERY SPECIAL monthly TesseracTstudio showcase for December, where I will play you the tracks released or upcoming in each month, so that you always have fresh new music to listen at your home, car, travel, kitchen, afterparty or anywhere you could be on this planet. This one is SPECIAL as you'll hear some new tracks from ZYCE album which will be released on 24th of December, incl. 4 of his collaboration tracks with WAIO, TICON, SONIC SPECIES and STATIC MOVEMENT! Besides Zyce new album tracks includes also massive releases such as Shivatree & Spinal Fusion #3psytrance ranked single "Bring it ON", Manmachine new EP which incl. remix of E-Clip, upcoming single of OUT OF RANGE and many more great tunes! ▶ Be sure to subscribe to both @tesseractstudio and my channel in order to be tuned for new stuff. ▶ Let's make some #SERBIANSTYLE noise together! ◀ ▶ DECEMBER 2018 TRACKLIST ◀ 01. Zyce - Slava (in Dub to Trance) 02. Aquafeel - Lucid Mantra 03. Visua fet. N.A.S.A. - Monsters Glitches 04. Zyce & Ticon - Planet of Zycon 05. Sonic Entity - Infinite Source 06. Zyce & Static Movement - Orion 07. Zyce & Sonic Species - Interstellar 08. Zyce & Waio - Cosmic Order 09. MODERN8 - Insomnia 10. E-Clip - Shockvawe (Manmachine remix) 11. Out of Range - Matter of Time 12. Manmachine - There are no UFOs 13. Shivatree & Spinal Fusion - Bring it On ▶ How to get or stream those tracks? ◀ SPOTIFY: SOUNDCLOUD: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: BEATPORT: BANDCAMP: CDs: ▶ And for BOOKINGS: || [email protected] ▶ TesseracTstudio info: WEB:

  • Regurgitation

    I recorded some Death Metal vocals in the middle of the track.

  • Robbie Graham - Live @ WeAreYou Liverpool
    Robbie Graham

    Tracklisting : ID - ID UCast - Symptom [SKLD017] Barry Connell & JOC vs. Prodigy - Warriors Frizzbomb (Indecent Noise Mashup) Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face (Bryan Kearney & Barry Connells Ressential Mix) Goncalo M - Outmanipulated (Original Mix) Atkinson & Thirlwall - Squelcher [KR060] Too Many Artists - Breathe Code Alone (Muhammad Lee Mashup) ID - ID Paul van Dyk - Dont Deserve You (John O'Callaghan Remix) Sam Jones - Buckle Up [KR025] ID - ID John Askew - Battery Acid (Bryan Kearney's For The Neighbours Remix) David Forbes - Extra Dimension [OUT112] Black XS - Black Fiction Sunscreem - Please Save Me (James Dymond Remix) John O'Callaghan & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Ride The Wave (Will Atkinson Remix) ID - ID David Forbes - Panic Room