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  • KATHARSIS - Paka Walla
  • LUNATICA - Psy Is Fly (Digital Om)

    Listen my next single "Psy Is Fly" wich will be released next monday in Digital Om! :)

  • Tropical Bleyage Feat. Starac - Nonlinear
    Tropical Bleyage
    full-on, live guitar

    DCREP154 - Tropical Bleyage feat. Starac - Nonlinear December 16th 2019 01. TROPICAL BLEYAGE feat. STARAC - NONLINEAR Tropical Bleyage teamed up with guitar player Starac who dropped a few live riffs into the track. This single is also a preview to the upcoming 4th studio album '4 You' which will be out in the first months of 2020.

  • Free Download: Tydal - Vida (Original Mix)
    Dancefloor Romancer
    Progressive House

    'When Tydal was first exposed to dance music at the age of 13, he knew that it would be a major influence in his life. Thousands of hours were spent throughout his teenage years teaching himself how to produce and DJ. Whether it be groovy and dark Progressive House or Techno, peak-time 138 Trance, or face-melting full-on Psytrance, Tydal manages to execute in the studio and behind the decks no matter what. After helping to organize numerous Trance and Techno events in his hometown of Ottawa, Canada, he was able to find a platform to share his creativity and passion for music. Tydal has opened for numerous international DJ’s including Jermone Isma-Ae, Jordan Suckley, Infected Mushroom, and has played countless local Trance and Techno parties throughout his career. His dream of making people dance and having an outlet for his creativity continues to push him forward. For Tydal, each gig is just as important as the last, no matter how big or small. He is known for putting his heart and soul in to his sets and for crafting a journey that always leaves people wanting more.' Follow: @tydalmusicofficial

  • Cosmic Tone & Ital - Last Chance
    ital / Aho

    Cosmic Tone & Ital - Last Chance By Iono music 2019

  • Biological & Ital - Spiral Dynamics
    ital / Aho

    Biological & Ital - Spiral Dynamics by Antu Records 2019

  • Hux Flux - Lex Rex Perplex (Anthill Rmx)
    Forestdelic Records

    A blast from the past. Recently we have made a discovery of a very rare and valuable gem thanks to Anton Unitone. The AntHill duo got hold of the original stems that comprised one of their favorite tracks by the legendary Hux Flux - Lex Rex Perplex, and remixed it in an antish way to pay their tributes to the legendary producer and person Dennis Tapper, who made it together with Henric Fietz. Originally released in 2000 on Spiral Trax.

  • X7M RADIO Program Number 4 - 05/12/2019
    X7M Records
    X7M Records & X7M Blaze

    X7M Radio - 05.12.2019 Track List: 1.Major7 & Rexalted - Moonlight (X7M Records) 2.Capital Monkey Feat. Michelle Adamson - The Groove & The Honey (X7M Records) 3.m.Mad - Synthesis (X7M Records - Release date: 06/01/2020) 4.BoomFunk MC's - Freestyler (Major7 Rmx)(FreeDownload on SoundCloud) 5.Omega Mantra - DMT Imagination (X7M Records-Release date: 27/01/2020) 6.m.Mad - Lift (X7M Records - Release date: 06/01/2020) 7.Synthetic System & Sabretooth - Ignition Therapy (X7M Blaze - 09/12/2019) 8.Hyperspace - Perception (X7M Blaze - Release date: 20/01/2020) 9.SpaceNoiZe - Wadya (X7M Blaze) 10. Federal Alchemist & Overclock - End of the World (X7M Blaze) 11. Basscannon - Mind Bender (GroundBass & Crooks Rmx)(X7M Records) 12.Crooks - Deeper into Enlightenment (X7M Records - Release date: 16/12/2019)

  • ULVAE | Parvati Records Series #43 | 28/11/2019
    forest trance

    Check out ULVAE’s new mix for Parvati Records series. Gustavo was born in Portugal and has been around music since he was an embryo, both parents were music lovers and his father a musician himself. By the age of 14 starts to play guitar and bass in garage bands and years later in some projects that actually went beyond the so called garage band. Get his first contact with the Underground and Psychedelic scene in 1998, in a forest near Coimbra. The journey was so intense that he never left! Ulvae project was born in 2003 along with other musical projects. Its in the year of 2007 that Ulvae became the main project and stands out. With a particular flavor, full with forest and organic atmospheres, obscure melodies, twisted elements, deep basses and very special details. In september 2015 Ulvae released here at Parvati Records his first solo EP: Marupo. DJ Ulvae on Facebook | Soundcloud Parvati Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

  • [Trancentral Mix #015] Dave Mac – Psychedelic Sunday Mix

    Dave Mac has been DJing for over 20 years and has had a major influence on the South African psytrance scene dating back to the nineties. His involvement in psytrance and dance music culture stretches from partnering in South Africa’s premier production team – Alien Safari in the early 2000’s, to owning South Africa’s No.1 dance music publication, BPM Magazine, for 10 years. Today he runs and owns, a South African electronic music portal. He often plays back to back with his son, Josh Mac, an accomplished DJ himself. They are one of the few, if not the only, Father/Son Psytrance DJ duos who play major outdoor festivals. Enjoy the ride! Submit your mixes at [email protected] for a chance to be featured! Track list: 1. Lifeforms – Mellow (Iboga Records) 2. GMS – Funker Master (Spectral Illusions) 3. Shanti vs. Deedrah – Low Freq Ass Leader (Iboga Records) 4. Modus – Pac Man Theory (Stereo Society) 5. GMS & Dickster & Pixel – Rik's Dik Pix (Stereo Society) 6. Undercover – Imaginary Friends (SAMRA Remix) (IONO Records) 7. Pixel, SpaceNoiZe – Existence (X7M Records) 8. SpaceNoiZe – Area 52 (X7M Blaze) 9. Sonic Entity – 11.11 (TesseracStudio) 10. E-Clip Vs Flegma – Victory (TesseracStudio) 11. GMS, Juno Reactor – Into Valhalla (Blue Tunes Records) 12. Subverso & Twelve Sessions – Gargantua 13. Egorythmia – Obeya (Iboga Records) 14. Freedom Fighters & Modus – Drumville (Stereo Society) 15. Egorythmia – Nagual (Iboga Records) 16. Flegma – Mirror Universe (TesseracStudio) 17. GMS, Mekkanikka, Stryker, Sonic Species – Party On (United Beats Records) 18. Atomizers – Raven (Iboga Records) 19. Divination – Polar (TesseracStudio) Follow Dave Mac: Website: Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud: → FOLLOW US HERE FOR MORE TRANCE: Website: YouTube:…ub_confirmation=1 Facebook: Instagram: Mixcloud: Twitter: Trancentral is a channel dedicated to the trance culture and music- psychedelic, progressive, goa & trance. The music, the festivals, the parties, the DJs, the dancers, the history. It's all here!

  • Consciousness Collapse
    Astral Light
  • Mentalecho - L2-L Preview Mash-Up -> EP Out in all Stores
    Black Out Records
    Electronic Trance

    Mentalecho - L2-L Tracklist: 01 Mentalecho - Ancient Technology (168Bpm) 02 Mentalecho - Bangalore (185Bpm) 03 Mentalecho - L2-L (190Bpm) 04 Mentalecho - Neutron vs Operator (175Bpm) 05 Mentalecho - The Misterious Stranger (183Bpm) Follow us @ Black Out Bandcamp: Labelpage:

  • 05 Yatzee - Brain Rolling (Dyaot & Apple Maggots Remix) 191
    Warromaja Records Belgium

    Future Modulation is the merger of Dyaot and Apple Maggot's producers into a joint project. Students from the Alien Chaos synthesizing course decided to gather their minds to develop a unique HighTech Trance line. After months of work the result is the creation of the project with songs in various bpm's and styles! The work has the participation of Jerry Desigs in the artwork of EP, and Alien Chaos in mastering! Have Fun!!!

  • Find Your Harmony Radioshow #183 (incl. ReOrder Guestmix)
    Find Your Harmony Radio

    Subscribe to FYH RADIOSHOW on Apple Music and Spotify: Tracklist: 01. Farius - Miami Love [Enhanced Progressive] 02. Maywave & Sodality - Contrast [Suanda Progressive] **TALENT ID** 03. ID – ID [inHarmony Music] 04. Orjan Nilsen - Up & Up [In My Opinion] 05. Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge feat. PollyAnna - Lionheart (Tom Fall Remix) [Garuda] **INHARMONY EXCLUSIVE** 06. Husman – The Siren's Call [inHarmony Music] 07. Ben Gold & HVNNAH - Come Home [Armada Music] 08. Daxson - Sonder [Coldharbour Recordings] 09. Davey Asprey feat. Evan Henzi - ALIEN [A State Of Trance] 10. Aleksey Gunichev - Inside of Me (Tycoos Remix) [Edge One] 11. Solis & Sean Truby - Out Of Sight [Garuda] 12. Steve Allen, Xijaro & Pitch & Sarah Russell - Shadow of Myself [Amsterdam Trance Records] 13. Ferry Tayle & Clara Yates - Find Your Paradise [FSOE Fables] 14. Allen Watts - Reboot [Who's Afraid Of 138] 15. Binary Finary - Syntax [Nocturnal Animals Fusion] **FAVORITE OF THE MOMENT** 16. Ruben de Ronde x Elevven feat. Lara - Shadow Of Us (Electronic Family 2019 Anthem) (Bogdan Vix Remix) [Statement! Recordings] 17. Dustin Husain - HM02 (Fly) [Flashover Trance] 18. Driftmoon – New Dawn [GO Music] **CLASSIC SELECTION** 19. Darren Tate vs Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In (Drival Remix) [Armada Captivating] Reorder Guestmix: 01. Mark Sixma feat. ANVY - Meet Again (ReOrder Remix) [Armada Music] 02. ReOrder – Timeshift [A State Of Trance] 03. Alice DeeJay - Better Of Alone (ReOrder & Shuba Bootleg) [CDR] 04. Dash Berlin feat. Bo Bruce - Coming Home (Standerwick Remix) [A State Of Trance] 05. ReOrder - All There Is [Black Hole Recordings] 06. Allen Watts – Reboot [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 07. ReOrder - Escape The Ordinary [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 08. Armin van Buuren - Stick Up [Armind] 09. ReOrder & Exis - The Truth [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 10. Atlantis - Fiji (ReOrder Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] 11. Cygnus X & Ummet Ozcan vs. Rozalla - Feel Free Superstring (Ummet Ozcan Smashup) [CDR] 12. Saltwater - The Legacy (ReOrder Remix) [CDR] 13. Gareth Emery & Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (ReOrder Extended Remix) [Garuda] 14. ReOrder – Bali [Dreamstate] 15. Planet Perfecto Knights - ResuRection (Maurice West Remix) [Rave Culture] 16. Armin van Buuren vs. Tempo Giusto - Mr. Navigator [Armind] 17. Armin van Buuren feat. Bonnie McKee - Lonely For You (ReOrder Remix) [Armind] 18. Skypatrol - Folding Your Universe [FSOE]

  • Memento Mori Vs Anannuki Project - Chandrapal (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

    Memento Mori Vs Anunnaki Project - Chandrapal - Stream/Download: ▶ Subscribe to Balbalab Records: ▶ Follow Memento Mori on: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more: ▶ ▶Soundcloud: ▶Facebook: ▶Instagram: Follow Anunnaki Project on: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more: ▶ ▶Soundcloud: ▶Facebook: ▶Instagram: Join Balbalab Records Network: ▶Spotify: ▶Facebook: ▶Instagram: ▶Soundcloud:

  • Never Sleep Again 172
    Liquid E.T.

    Artwork by: Anna Foundinaforest Click the Buy Button or go to this link to get the VA: :))

  • Memento Mori - Whistler (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

    Memento Mori - Whistler - Stream/Download: ▶ Subscribe to Balbalab Records: ▶ Follow Memento Mori on: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more: ▶ ▶Soundcloud: ▶Facebook: ▶Instagram: Join Balbalab Records Network: ▶Spotify: ▶Facebook: ▶Instagram: ▶Soundcloud: