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  • Rounders Vs. Solar Vision 2019 Promo Mix ★FREE DOWNLOAD★
    Vibe Tribe
    Psy Trance

    Rounders Vs. Solar Vision Festival 2019 PROMO MIX by: Vibe Tribe Tracklist: 1. Vibe Tribe & Somnia - Animalic 2. Psycraft - Nothing But Music (Blastoyz Remix) 3. Liquid Ace - Neurochemistry (Indianix Remix) 4. Protoculture - Love Technology (Vertical Mode Remix) 5. Krunch & Orpheus - El Primo 6. Vibe Tribe - Back To The Roots 7. The Delta - Traveling At The Speed of Thought (Dark Soho & Xerox Remix) 8. Bizzare Tribe - Evolution 2 Revolution (Mystery Sense Remix + Original Mix) 9. Tropical Bleyage - Mala 10. Vibe Tribe & Faders & Spade - Story Of D.M.T ★ Follow Vibe Tribe ★ Spotify - Beatport - #RoundersVsSolarVision 📡 More information of the event Entry➡ 🎟 Tickets online #RoundersVsSolarVision Entry➡ 📡 Más información sobre el evento Entra ➡ 🎟 Compra de boletos en linea Entra ➡

  • Dreamstate Radio By Vini Vici #015

    Dreamstate Radio by Vini Vici #015 Powered by Insomniac A monthly Radio Show / Podcast By Vini Vici. We will be featuring latest and hottest Psy Trance tracks we've selected especially for each show and we'll Spotlight our favorite track of the month and will bring you our most loved Classic Tracks from the past! Available on iTunes, YouTube, and IGTV Dreamstate By Vini Vici - Your Psy Trance Destination #GoodVibesOnly Tracklist: Good Vibes Only!

  • Basscannon - Mind Bender (GroundBass & Crooks Remix)

    Out Now @ X7M Records - DOWNLOAD - - - SPOTIFY - - Original track by Rafael Jacondino Remix by Thiago Ramos & Jordan Crooks @basscannonmusic @groundbass @crooksmusicofficial Don't forget to follow us :) Mastering by Bonen @Major7/X-noiZe studio. Art Cover by Raquel Ferreirinha (3rdElement.Designs).

  • Delusions Of Depravity (Preview) [Out December 6th] Spin Twist Records
    Mark Brenton
    Progressive Trance

    Follow my journey: Facebook - Instagram - mark_brenton

  • Oforia - Arcadia (Captain Hook Remix) [Out Nov. 1st]
    Captain Hook

    Very happy to be releasing this remix soon!!! A remix to the classic Arcadia from veteran master Oforia. Coming out soon on Iboga Records! Release note: Captain Hook serves us with a new remix to a true Psytrane & Goa Trance classic from one of the originators of this musical culture - Oforia. The Captain has taken Oforia’s metallic acid lines and epic melodies, and drenched them in deep rhythms. The outcome is deeply hypnotic and psychedelic, while still giving space to Arcadia’s anthemic original melodies. These, coupled with the steady repetitive groove, deliver a controlled explosive effect on the dancefloor. Follow Captain Hook: Website: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud: @captain-hook Instagram: Mixcloud: Twitter: Beatport:

  • Harmonic Rush - Dark Side Of Persia (PhaZed Rmx) *FREE DL*

    I am very happy to share this remix with all of you! Its a remix of a Trance classic by an artist i have been listening for years. The combination of powerfull Trance music mixed with oriental influenced melodies and vocals and it all ends in this energetic remix <3 Artwork: Mastering: Special thanks to @ for this great track and giving me permission to upload my remix for you all! Harmonic Rush on SC: Harmonic Rush on FB: Download for free on The Artist Union

  • AC Lights - Fearless (Original Mix)
    OHM Music

    Download / Stream: Follow The OHM Music Playlist On Spotify: Release Date: October 18, 2019 AC Lights jumps on the OHM Music Roster with “Fearless”! Dust off your dancing shoes and turn your speakers up as we give a warm welcome to OHM Music’s newest member of the family, AC Lights! Yes, fans from across the globe are falling head over heels for the magnetic progressive and trance stylings born from the forward-thinking entity that has delivered tracks like “The Genius”, “Bliss”, “Fourth” and the beloved Acala alias. From a young age this mood setting dynamo has worn his musical heart on his sleeve, culminating in secured relationships with major labels like Black Hole Recordings. Now, the time has come for OHM Music to bring this self-made lionheart one step further into the limelight and for his latest offering, we couldn’t be more excited to share the news! Ready to take your nightlife experience to levels uncharted, AC Lights proudly presents the transcendent soundscape of “Fearless”..... With a title that represents the true character of a man saturated with passion, driven by an unyielding hunger to take our ever-evolving industry by storm, “Fearless” materializes like lightning on the distant horizon. From the very first kick, the rhythm sets the stage for an unadulterated dive into bliss-mode. As the synths sparkle and echo across a balanced expression of the subterranean realm, euphoria begins to overwhelm the airwaves. Further in, “Fearless” begins to bellow, exuding hair-raising power and peak hour sensibilities that promise to both soothe the senses and enhance our conscious state in preparation for a sublime soul liberation of danceable proportions. Dominating with top-notch production elements and dripping with pure harmonious uplift, we just know you are going to love this one! YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

  • IrgumBurgum @ OZORA 2019 Main Stage
    OZORA Festival
    dark psy

    Relive some of your favourite moments from the Ozorian summer days because the recordings from the many stages of the latest festival edition are ready to hit your ears and lift your spirits. :: More about Irgum Burgum ::

  • Dirty Hippy - Section 12 (album preview)
    Zenon Records

    Coming to Zenon Records is the much awaited return album from Zenonesque production guru Dirty Hippy! 1 - Dirty Hippy - Towards Emerald City 2 - Dirty Hippy - Imperial Star Cruisers 3 - Dirty Hippy - Section 12 4 - Dirty Hippy & Kauyumari - Crystal Waters 5 - Dirty Hippy - 187 Parsecs 6 - Dirty Hippy - Xi Draconic 7 - Dirty Hippy - Draco’s Labyrinth 8 - Dirty Hippy - Escape Serpent Mountain 9 - Dirty Hippy - Keplar 442 b 10 - Dirty Hippy - Pleiadian Rains 11 - Dirty Hippy vs Knobs - Neptunian Moons Release date: December 12!

  • Sneijder LIVE @ Afterdark Buenos Aires, October 2019

    Another monumental Afterdark night in Argentina, Thank you, enjoy the music, Sneijder 01. David Forbes – The Music (Sneijder’s Intro Edit) 02. Durtysoxxx – Tussi (T78 Remix) 03. Billy Gillies – Hit The Floor 04. Iain M – Serotonin 05. Sneijder & Nick Callaghan – Marching Orders 06. Nick Callaghan – Feel The Rush 07. David Forbes – Phenomenon 08. Shugz – The Darkside 09. Nick Callaghan – Kill Jester 10. Sam Jones vs. Jordan Suckley – Buckle the Hijacker (Sneijder Mashup) 11. Bryan Kearney – Mexican Rave (Shugz Remix) 12. Billy Gillies – Evolve 13. Alessandra Roncone – Redemption 14. Nikolauss – Lifdagar 15. Sneijder – Resonate 16. Joint Operations Centre – Fugitive (Sneijder Edit) 17. ABYSSVM – Artemisia Absinthium 18. Argy & DMCK – The Funky Sound 19. Will Atkisnon – Leave A Message 20. Simon Patterson – F16 (Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson Remix) 21. Sneijder – Violate 22. Ton B – Electronic Malfunction (Paul Denton Remix) 23. Team Argentina - Alpha Omega (Sneijder Remix) 24. Sneijder & Bryan Kearney – Proper Order 25. Atkinson vs. Thirlwall – Squelcher 26. Alex Di Stefano – Lions Rock 27. Simon Patterson – Smack (Waio Remix) 28. Billy Gillies – Open Your Mind 29. Giuseppe Ottaviani – 8K 30. Shugz & Billy Gillies – The Journey 31. Key4050 – Bettlejuice 32. Sneijder – Viper 33. NU?WA – Mechanic Owl (SHDDR Remix) 34. Aigha – Bas 35. Simon Patterson – Solo 36. Iain M – Odysseus 37. Conjure One Feat. Sinead O’Connor – Tears From The Moon (Billy Gillies Remix) 38. I.D. – I.D 39. Scot Project & Mark Sherry – Acid Air Raid (Sam Jones Remix) 40. James Dymond – Goldeneye 41. Alex Di Stefano – Rip It Up 42. Lee Osborne – Angels Call (Alex Di Stefano Remix) 43. John O’Callaghan Feat. Claire Stagg – Lies Cost Nothing (Will Atkinson Remix) 44. Tobias Lueke – Lick Your Brain 45. David Forbes – Spheres 46. Sneijder – Awakening 47. Kaimo K – Mayhem (Paul Denton Remix) 48. Simon Patterson – Apex 49. John O’Callaghan – Stresstest (John Askew Remix) 50. Sam Jones – Keep On 51. Sneijder – Decimate 52. Sneijder – Polarize 53. David Forbes & Paul Denton – Blizzard 54. Project 8 – Bedlam (Live Edit) 55. Sneijder – Vaporize 56. Billy Gillies – Disturbance 57. Simon Patterson & Sam Jones – Rotavator (Sam Jones Remix) 58. David Forbes - Monsoon 59. David Rust & Renegade System – Don’t Give Up 60. I.D. – I.D. 61. Sneijder – Neutralize 62. Ben Gold & Sivan – Stay (Sneijder Remix)

  • Djantrix Live Set @Ozora Festival 2019 Main Stage
  • Transtorno' #1 - Comic Trance [200~132]
    Prog Darky'

    Set Tocado em "Comic Trance" Free Download: Redes Sociais: Prog Trance: @darkydj Fan Page: Perfil: Instagram:

  • The Prodigy - Smack my B*#@h Up (Deliriant Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

    A tribute to Keith Flint & Prodigy. Get the full wav download and artwork here - Please note due to current situation regarding women abuse in South Africa I’ve included a clean edit in the files, download at your own discretion ❤️

  • Find Your Harmony Episode 177
    Find Your Harmony Radio

    Subscribe to FYH RADIOSHOW on Apple Music and Spotify: Tracklist: 01. Rodg - 9th Ave [Statement! Recordings] 02. Ben Gold & After Midnight - Step Inside [Armada Music] 03. KhoMha x David Gravell - Alpha Centauri [Armind] 04. Ruslan Radriges & ENZO - Ocean [In My Opinion] 05. Somna & Yang feat. Noire Lee - Till Oblivion 2019 [RNM] 06. Armin van Buuren feat. Cimo Fränkel - All Comes Down [Armind] 07. Alex Sonata & TheRio - Kairos [A State Of Trance] **TALENT ID** 08. Mark Sixma feat. Emma Hewitt - Restless Hearts (ID Remix) [inHarmony] 09. Roman Messer - Destiny [Suanda Music] **WORLD PREMIERE ** 10. J-Stranger - Tears of The Moon [inHarmony] 11. Artento Divini - Overall Phased [Coldharbour Recordings] 12. Armin van Buuren vs. Tempo Giusto vs. Linkin Park - Mr. Navigator & Numb (Andrew Rayel Mashup) [CDR] 13. Nikolauss - Ares (Kiyoi & Eky Remix) [Uplift Recordings] 36:15 14. Jorza & VIKA - Forever (If I Can) (Evan Pearce Remix) [Reaching Altitude] 15. Eric Senn - Moonlight [Digital Society] 16. Eugenio Tokarev & Omniks - Strikes A Nerve [Flashover Trance] **FAVORITE OF THE MOMENT** 17. Corti Organ - The Joker (Maarten de Jong Remix) [inHarmony Music] 18. Ashley Wallbridge - On The Move [Garuda] **CLASSIC SELECTION 19. Sander van Doorn - Bastillon [DOORN Records] - For more info check: @andrewrayel