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  • Astrix - Sex Style (Spectra Sonics Remix) [Dimension 005] [Sample]
    ASTRIX (official)

    Here is a sample of the Spectra Sonics Remix to my track 'Sex Style' from my 2004 album "Artcore", to be released on the new Alpha Portal compilation - Dimension 005, on my label @shamanictales Get it ➡ ⬅ Release note: Alpha Portal is the Psychedelic Trance project of Astrix & Ace Ventura with a vision of no-compromise Psytrance experience. After a string of high powered releases and massive festival performances, and while working on their debut album, the two have presented us with a compilation of high powered intense journey to represent their perception of Psychedelic Trance. Shamanic Tales Records is happy to invite you to cross through the Alpha Portal into Dimension 005. Ready to take you there are Alpha Portal themselves, Astrix, Tristan, GMS, Electric Universe, Burn in Noise, Braincell, Outsiders, Volcano, Spectra Sonics, Legohead, Magik, OxiDaksi, Pogo & StarLab. See you on the other side! Follow: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: @astrix-official Instagram: Mixcloud: Beatport:

  • Slava & 4i20 - Missa Psychedelic (Original Mix)

    Download: This is a progressive/psytrance fusion with classical music influences. It's a collaboration between 4i20 & Slava and it's filled with heavy drops and a fat bass, while touching on nostalgia with beautiful emotional breaks. A driven track with plenty of psychedelic soundscapes along with melodic bass lines. Mix & Master by Slava Cover by Gerra G Released on Alien Records

  • Killerwatts - Beyond The Edge Of Time (Album Mix By Tristan)
    Killerwatts(Nano records)
    Psychedelic Trance

    'Beyond the Edge of Time' - The 'Edge of Time' Remixes While sitting under that Banyan tree questioning the nature of reality as minds fractured and fractalised at the edge of time, Killerwatts clung tightly to some remarkable chunks of tonal excellence that spawned what became their second full length album 'Edge of Time'. A number of Moons have passed since the release of that legendary album, along with a solstice or two, and a new idea was born. An idea that enlisted the powerful energies of accomplices old and new to realign, invigorate, hybridize and create fresh versions of these musical journeys to push them beyond the edge of time and into new realms of radical mind altering beats. With new manipulations from a host of deep psychedelic minds, including : Laughing Buddha, Magik, Aardvark, Southwild, Virtual Light, Ingrained Instincts, Menog, Melting Point (aka Braincell & Earthspace), Pogo, Illumination, Tron, Earthbound and Alta. Deeper into time we go ! ✿ Get it here: Artist: Killerwatts Label: Nano Records Cat no.: nar1cd059 (cd) // nanoocd059 (digi) Format: CD // Digital Download Release Date: 08 July 2019 ► Track Listing 01. Killerwatts & 3 Of Life - Fractured (Laughing Buddha Remix) 02. Killerwatts - What u Think About (Magik Remix) 03. Killerwatts & Mandala - Ready to Rumble (Virtual Light Remix) 04. Killerwatts & Mandala - Edge of Time (Ingrained Instincts Remix) 05. Killerwatts - Hooked (Melting Point Remix) 06. Killerwatts & Outsiders - Tsunami of Truth (Menog Remix) 07. Killerwatts & Azax - Altered States (Earthbound Remix) 08. Killerwatts - What u Think About (Southwild Remix) 09. Killerwatts - Hooked (Aardvarkk Remix) 10. Killerwatts & Mandala - Edge of Time (Illumination Remix) 11. Killerwatts & Azax - Altered States (Pogo Remix) 12. Killerwatts & 3 Of Life - Fractured (Alta Remix) 13. Killerwatts & Laughing Buddha - Nature of Reality (Tron Remix) 14. Killerwatts Killerwatts - Fractals (Original Mix) ⟡ Follow Killerwatts @killerwatts ⟡ Follow Nano Records @nano-records

  • Dreamstate Radio By Vini Vici #012

    Dreamstate Radio by Vini Vici #012 Powered by Insomniac A monthly Radio Show / Podcast By Vini Vici. We will be featuring latest and hottest Psy Trance tracks we've selected especially for each show and we'll Spotlight our favorite track of the month and will bring you our most loved Classic Tracks from the past! Available on iTunes, YouTube, and IGTV Dreamstate By Vini Vici - Your Psy Trance Destination #GoodVibesOnly Tracklist: 1. Gorovich – Area 101 2. 3 Of Life – Santa Catarina 3. DEGO vs. PANGEA ft. Marina Maximilian מארינה מקסימיליאן – Russian Cannon 4. Eddie Bitar ft. Shanti People – Narayana (Harmonika Remix) 5. Andrew Rayel – Tambores (Blastoyz Remix) 6. SKAZI & Infected Mushroom & Mr. Black – Do It 7. Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat & Juno-Reactor ft. Taja Devi – Ingonyama (BLiSS Remix) 8. Perplex – Atlantis (Remix) 9. Static Movement & Sentinel 7 – Transition 10. Symbolic – The Future 11. Animato & Coexist – Interdimensional 12. Nine Inch Nails – Vessel (Freedom Fighters Remix) 13. Gaia – Euporie 14. Invisible Reality – Chameleon Good Vibes Only.

  • Lanz & Vibration - Silver Line 💀 180 BPM 💀 📯📯📯 ★FREE DOWNLOAD★

    Silver Line 📯 Collab con Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Burn in Noise - Live @ Origin Festival 2019

    Burn in Noise - Live on the Main Stage @ Origin Festival 2019 - Cape Town ::: Next Origin Festival ::: >> 31 Jan - 02 Feb, 2020 ...Keep updated with all things Origin... >> >> >> >> >>

  • Reverence - 2 MILLION MIX

    This is a special gift to all my fans! <3 A heavy mix celebrating my 2 MILLION plays on my Souncloud! Here we have some classic songs and UNRELEASEDS!! Thank you <3 TRACK LIST 1 - Reverence - New Order (Original Mix) 2 - Gigi D'Agostino - I'll Fly With You (Reverence & Reaction Remix) UNRELEASED 3 - Reverence & Dapanji - Toma Toma Remix 4 - Don Diablo ft. Paije - People Say (Reverence & Black Muffin Remix) 5 - Reverence - Cyber Trance (Original Mix) 6 - Reverence - Lovescape Live Mashup (Your Love + Dreamscape) UNRELEASED 7 - Blastoyz - Step Aside (Reverence & Hybrid Machines Remix) 8 - Nicky Romero ft. Krewella - Legacy (Reverence Remix) 9 - Reverence & Perplex - Shake Up (Original Mix) UNRELEASED 10 - Reverence & Argus - Design Perfected (Original Mix) 11 - Reverence - Future is Effective Live Mashup (Future is Perfection + Effective) UNRELEASED 12 - Reverence - Excalibur (Original Mix) 13 - Reverence & Hybrid Machines - Abstract (Original Mix) 14 - Reverence & Hybrid Machines & Acid on Sphere - Dunia Remix Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Lifeforms - Into The Wild

    Enjoy & Share it! 🔊 Follow Lifeforms: Instagram: Facebook: @ibogarecords A two and a half year journey begins and ends with 'Into the Wild' – the debut album from Lifeforms. As the first track written for the album, it is also the title of and core of this musical exploration that unfolds in the heart of the Lifeforms signature sound. Rooted in the nature of the psytrance scene, 'Into the Wild' is about connecting with nature and going beautifully wild in it. With a style that's focused on big build-ups and melodic breakdowns, scattered with rich psychedelic soundscapes, the album captures the colourful signature sound of Lifeforms throughout a range of 138 to 143 BPM tunes, and even into more mellow spheres with a chillout/ambient track. With 7 completely new solo tracks and one previously released collab with Symbolic called 'One of a Kind', the album moves with smooth fluidity through layers of the progressive and psytrance spectrum, resulting in a glossy and finely developed album that has a natural aliveness to it. Delighting the senses and unfolding layer by layer, this album sends you into your wild.

  • Susana - A Million Memories (Steve Allen Remix)
    RazNitzanMusic (RNM)

    Two MASSIVE Trance stars collide here at Amsterdam Trance Records as Steve Allen takes Susana's incredible 'A Million Memories' and gives it the Uplifting treatment only he knows how. Come soar in the clouds with us on this one! Enjoy and PLAY LOUD! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WWW: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WWW: SPOTIFY: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: SOUNDCLOUD:

  • Meduza - Piece Of Your Love (Berg Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

    Subscribe BERG: Visit Berg Shop for brand new merch: Link for the track on youtube: FREE DOWNLOAD: Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart (Berg Remix) Psytrance #Meduza #Pieceofyourheart #Berg #Remix Follow Meduza: [Verse] Show me a piece of your heart, a piece of your love I'm calling you up to getting down, down, down The way that we touch is never enough I'm turning you up to getting down, down Show me a piece of your heart, a piece of your love I'm calling you up to getting down, down, down The way that we touch is never enough I'm turning you up to getting down, down, down [Break] What? Sorry, just quickly What if it's da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Down, down, down [Chorus] Uh, da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da Uh, da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Da, da, da, uh, uh Down, down, down Tracks by Berg: Berg Live: Berg Mixes & Sets: Follow Berg: Facebook: Sounscloud: Instagram: Beatport: Berg (Shlomi Berg) has entertained hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. His performances encompass a half-dozen of the world’s most acclaimed and massive dance parties, including Tribe Festival, Xxxperience, Dreamstate, Sonoora, ASOT, Equinox, Tam Tam, Unity and Equinox Festival. Berg has been consolidating his own style of Progressive Psytrance & Offbeat based on the desire to mix different sounds that inspired him, being able to take it to a new level which gave him the opportunity to collaborate with different artists such as Neelix, Symphonix, Capital Monkey, Major7, Skazi, Blastoyz, just to name few. His tracks were released in labels like Spin Twist Records, Blue Tunes, Synergetic Records, Kearnage & Armada.

  • Craig Connelly - Live From Subculture LA, The Hollywood Palladium, 6 - 7-2019
    Craig Connelly
  • Altom - Hologram (Avalon & Divination remix)
    Avalon (Nano Records)

    i'm a Hologram...hologram....hologram. My new single out july 22nd on Nano records. I team up with divination and remix this classic and bring it back to life 17 years on in the future. It took a long time to get it right, first version was road tested at boom, it worked great. But I realised it could be better, and so the track became more complex, 3 different basslines and another 9 more months tweaking, changing sections, testing it out and then finally we got there!!! Hope you enjoy <3

  • Kobi & Libra - Above The Stars ...OUT NOW!!
    Nano Records

    Above the Stars, beyond clouds, the all-seeing-eye draws inspiration from across the universe and beams it back out like a beacon of creativity and wonder! As the beam splinters through the galaxies shards of light enter our atmosphere and mingle with our senses, coaxing our creative minds to push the boat out, try something new and will into existence new art, music and words. It's a was one of these rogue shards that bounced through the studio of Kobi & Libra as they dreamed up this massive new tribal anthem, overflowing with good vibes, huge grooves and filthy acid riffs, and it is that beam of light you will feel when this track propels out of your sound system! ✿ Get it here: Artist: Kobi & Libra Label: Nano Records Cat no.: nanodigi202 Format: Digital Download Release Date: 19 July 2019 ► Track Listing 01. Kobi & Libra - Above The Stars (Original Mix) ⟡ Follow the Artists ⟡ Follow Nano Records