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  • Is Red Dead Online Pay to Win? - Dude Soup Podcast #202
  • Podquisition Episode 209: Pokemon Is Late Stage Capitalism

    A podcast of two halves, almost. Jim and Laura talk Pokemon Let's Go, then Jim and Gav dump hard on Fallout 76. The whole gang joins in for in-game gambling though.

  • E880 Tina Sharkey CEO Brandless disrupts retail w/ products reflecting consumers' values not brands'
  • #EGCast: Episode 208 - فريستايل

    يمكنكم الإستماع للحلقة رقم 208 للبودكاست الأسبوعي #EGCast عبر: - برنامج/تطبيق الساوندكلاود SoundCloud على أجهزة iOS (الآيفون، آيباد ... إلخ) وأجهزة الأندرويد Android وأيضا على الآيتونز iTunes بودكاست لأجهزة iOS. - تطبيق فريق إكسترافاجيمنج المتواجد في App Store و Google Play المشاركين في الحلقة: - طــلال السعيــدي - @Talal_Alsaeedi - عبداللــه الحســن - @Pickells - سلطــان المزيعــل - @Master_Haar - خالــد خضــر المقدمة مع رحلة الفريق إلى Blizzcon 2018 - التوقيت: (منذ البداية) فقرة الألعاب التي قمنا بجربتها - التوقيت: (00:26:12) لعبة Battlefield V لعبة Darksiders III لعبة Spyro Reignited Trilogy لعبة Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 لعبة Dota 2 لعبة Neo Geo Magical Drop 3 لعبة Towerfall Ascension على Nintendo Switch لعبة Kirby Star Allies فقرة أبرز أخبار الأسبوع - التوقيت: (00:57:45) فقرة الأسئلة و مشاركات المتابعين - التوقيت: (01:41:15) نحب نشكر جميع الذين استمعوا للبودكاست وشاركوا بتعليقاتهم وأسئلتهم مع الفريق. يمكنكم كتابة تعليقاتكم ومشاركاتكم في قسم التعليقات في الأسفل. وشكراً لحسن استماعكم وبانتظار مشاركاتكم في الحلقة القادمة والتي ستكون في الأسبوع القادم. رابط قناة EGCast الجديدة في اليوتيوب (لمشاهدة الفيديوكاست): رابط قناة ExtravaGaming الرئيسية في اليوتيوب: رابط الانستجرام: رابط تويتر: لحن المقدمة والفواصل: Legacy Theme من لعبة Battlefield V لحن الفواصل: Fury's Theme من لعبة Darksiders III لحن النهاية: Maker's Hideout من لعبة Darksiders III

  • Top 10 nude scenes with Mr. Skin
    Moose Tracks
  • Double Tap #109: Enter The Fighting Game
    Mash Those Buttons
    Fighting Games

    What is considered a fighting game?, The Wobble Returns, Welcome Negan and extras to Tekken 7, Team Ninja's website really pacts a punch,Visa Rejections for a Capcom pro tour winner, and more!

  • This Week in Tech 695: Friends in Bikinis

    This Week in Tech (Audio)

    • Black Friday was Amazon's biggest sales day ever
    • Marriott Hack hit half a billion Starwood guests for 4 years
    • Indian Microsoft scammers busted
    • Amazon's new machine learning racecar, quantum blockchain, and more from re:Invent
    • When is Amazon rolling out Prime Health?
    • UK grabs thousands of Facebook emails from bikini app company
    • Google's China woes continue
    • Apple at the Supreme Court
    • Microsoft tops Apple as world's most valuable company

    Host: Leo Laporte

    Guests: Nate Lanxon, Devindra Hardawar, and Dwight Silverman

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  • FLOSS Weekly 509: OpenVPN

    FLOSS Weekly (Audio)

    With more than 50 million downloads, OpenVPN has been in the open source networking space since its founding in 2004. Its Private Tunnel service provides "last mile" security to millions of consumer mobile devices, doing everything from online purchasing to checking bank accounts. Francis has expertise in Private Internet Access, Cyber Security and knowledge in the VPN space.

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Jonathan Bennett

    Guest: Francis Dinha

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    Here's what's coming up for FLOSS in the future.

    Think your open source project should be on FLOSS Weekly? Email Randal at [email protected]

    Thanks to Lullabot's Jeff Robbins, web designer and musician, for our theme music.


  • Currentgeek 196
    Scott Johnson 24

    Frosty the Snowman is a Lich! Daredevil is OUT at Netflix. China launches rockets at their fires. Netflix goes in on BeBop live action. MIT says planes could one day have no moving parts. UPS and Fed need trackers! And more!

  • Boop 195
    Scott Johnson 24
  • Valley of Genius 13: Steven Levy

    Valley of Genius

    Steven Levy is a legendary tech journalist and author of the seminal book Hackers. He talks about the reaction to his book and the famous Hackers Conference that followed.

    Hosts: Leo Laporte and Adam Fisher

    Guest: Steven Levy

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    Get a copy of Adam Fisher's Valley of Genius book at a bookstore near you.

  • Game of Roles : Magic - Saison 2, Episode 6

    Episode 6 ! A la fin de l'épisode précédent, Keitra était en fâcheuse posture puisqu'elle s'apprêtait à combattre dans la grande arène d'Aqabah afin de sauver son ex-disciple. Ses compagnons espèrent tous (sauf un) qu'elle s'en sortira car l'arène n'est vraiment que le début de leurs péripéties dans cette splendide ville. Bonne écoute ! Retrouvez le détail de l'aventure sur le Wiki dédié à Game of Roles, un grand merci aux auditeurs qui se chargent de le tenir à jour ! ---- Écoutez-nous également : Sur Souncloud : Sur Apple podcast : Sur YouTube : Sur n’importe quel app avec le flux : Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : @dequaliter Sur le twitter de JVTV : @JVTVofficiel Sur le discord JVTV : Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • E202 - Red Dead Online, Fallout 76, VR
    Level BackUp

    Red Dead Online smalt ned i redaksjonen vår denne uken, og det preger også ukens episode. Men vi er som vanlig innom veldig mye annet rart, fra Fallout 76 til Destiny 2, VR, trophy-jakt, julefilmer og mye mer. Kjøp billetter til LEVEL UP OG NORWEGIAN THUNDERBOYS SPILLER JULEN INN her:

  • Hoy Hemos Traído La Vida - Cita De Cristo Lisbet - 12-04-18
    Cristo es una Mujer

  • Digitalia #450 - Logic Borg

    Carabinieri col telefonino. La lotta ai vigliacchi sul web. Spegnere incendi con i droni. Microsoft supera Apple. Twitter proibisce il deadnaming. Queste e molte altre le notizie commentate nella puntata di questa settimana.

  • iOS Today 424: Smart Home Starter Kit

    iOS Today (Audio)

    Megan Morrone and Mikah Sargent discuss gift ideas for smart home experts and smart home beginners. The Hue Starter Kit, LifeX bulbs, Koogeek smart plug and other small devices make great stocking stuffers. Plus, Apple Music comes to the Amazon Echo, Product (RED) celebrates World Aids Day, and get your iPhone battery replaced for free before it's too late.

    Hosts: Megan Morrone and Mikah Sargent

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    You can contribute to iOS Today by leaving us a voicemail at 757-504-iPad (757-504-4723) or sending an email to [email protected].


  • SITREP Radio #136: Community EP: Feat BicycleOfDeath
    Mash Those Buttons
    The Division

    On this week community ep of the show we talked to the awesome @BicycleOf Death who gave his thoughts on #TheDivision2, the current SOTG and his time as a Star Player at PAX.

  • Windows Weekly 598: Giant Hairball of Code

    Windows Weekly (Audio)

    Edge vs Chromium

    • Is Microsoft about to switch rendering engines in its Windows 10 browser?
    • Is this a good thing or bad thing for 1. the industry; 2. developers; 3. users (Yes, yes, and yes; let's debunk some myths.)
    • Will it still be called Edge?
    • Will it look/work like Edge does today? What about extensions, etc.?

    Windows Lite

    • Windows RT failed. Windows 10 S Mode failed. Can Windows "Lite" succeed?
    • Our guesses about how Windows Lite fits in with WCOS
    • If this isn't called Windows, what should/might it be named? ("Yoghurt"? "DillyDally"?)

    Related to these two topics, we need to talk about Terry Centaurus: The dual-screen successor to Andromeda

    • If at first you don't succeed in landing a dual-screen pocketable device, should you try, try again?
    • Microsoft is working on another attempt to take on Chromebooks with Centaurus

    Xbox + Surface futures

    • Brad drops a bombshell about the future of Xbox and for Surface too

    Microsoft Connect roundup

    • Microsoft open sources WPF, Winforms and WinUI
    • Microsoft releases public preview 1 of Visual Studio 2019
    • Microsoft open sources the ONNX inference engine
    • Azure Machine Learning is now generally available

    Microsoft v. FCC

    • The FCC says that most Americans have access to broadband. Microsoft says that's not even close to reality.

    Tips and picks

    • Tip of the week: You can once again download the Windows 7 and 8.1 ISOs. But...
      • Plus: Yes, Bootcamp still sucks
    • App pick of the week: Typora
      • Plus: Google Arts & Culture mobile app adds a cool AR Vermeer experience
    • Enterprise pick of the week: CNAB
    • Codename pick of the week: Chromium
    • Beer pick of the week: Collective Arts Ransack the Universe

    Hosts: Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott, and Megan Morrone

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    The Windows Weekly theme music is courtesy of Carl Franklin.


  • SN 692: GPU RAM Image Leakage
    Security Now

    Security Now (Audio)

    • Another Lenovo SuperFish-style local security certificate screw up
    • The Marriott breach and several other new, large and high-profile secure breach incidents
    • The inevitable evolution of exploitation of publicly exposed UPnP router services
    • The emergence of "Printer Spam"
    • How well does ransomware pay? We have an idea now.
    • The story of two iOS scam apps
    • Progress on the DNS over HTTPS front
    • Rumors that Microsoft is abandoning their EdgeHTML engine in favor of Chromium We also have a bit of
    • A Cyber Security related Humble Book Bundle just in time for Christmas
    • Some new research that reveals that it's possible to recover pieces of web browser page images that have been previously viewed.

    We invite you to read our shown notes.

    Hosts: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

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    You can submit a question to Security Now! at the GRC Feedback Page.

    For 16kbps versions, transcripts, and notes (including fixes), visit Steve's site:, also the home of the best disk maintenance and recovery utility ever written Spinrite 6.


  • #199 Physical prototypes with Kathryn McElroy
    UX Podcast

    Kathryn McElroy joins us to talk about being a multi-modal designer, bridging the gap between physical and digital, you can think beyond the screen and consider the experience from a broader perspective.