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  • iPhone 11 -- here's what we know
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    Jefferson Graham fills you in on the latest intelligence about the next crop of iPhones, on Talking Tech.

  • Triangulation 410: Bryan Walsh: End Times

    Triangulation (Audio)

    Bryan Walsh is the author of End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World. He talks with Mikah Sargent about the many, many ways Mother Earth may try to kill us all and the ways we might beat her to it. He also gives some hope for the future.

    Host: Mikah Sargent

    Guest: Bryan Walsh

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  • Samsung Note 10+ - first look
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    Jefferson Graham and Edward C. Baig compare notes on Samsung's latest phone, the Note 10+, with improved battery and camera on Talking Tech.

  • 12.08 Digitund: kuidas teha kaugtööd nii, et kõik ellu jääksid?
    Geenius Raadio

    Tänases saates räägime lisaks uudistele kaugtööst. Hans Lõugas ja Henrik Roonemaa teevad kokkuvõtte oma suvest 2019 ja leiavad, et täiskohaga töötamine ja täiskohaga puhkamine samal ajal ei ole jätkusuutlik lahendus. Miks me kaugtööd tihti valesti teeme? Teemad: Huawei Harmony OS Samsung Note 10 Pea kõigisse Androidi-telefonidesse saab lihtsalt üle WiFi sisse häkkida Apple Face ID häkk Fossili uued kellad Kas on mingi põhjus antiviiruse eest maksta? Kokkuvõte meie kaugtöösuvest 2019, miks asjad pole hästi? Saatejuhid Henrik Roonemaa ja Hans Lõugas.

  • Runde #227: Observation - Von einem der Auszog, ein Kubrick zu sein
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Alle Infos zur The-Pod-Livetour: Jetzt Backer werden: Das neue Spiel der Macher von „Stories Untold“ erzählt eine spannende Sci-Fi-Mystery: Eine Station, die auf unerklärliche Weise in der Umlaufbahn des Saturn landet, verschollene Crew-Mitglieder, mysteriöse Signale, eine ominöse Geheimmission und, und, und. Obendrauf gibt’s einen originellen Kniff, denn diesmal spielen wir keinen Astronauten, sondern quasi den Bordcomputer. Grund genug für uns, mit Begeisterung loszuspielen und dann sehr hart mit der Realität des Spiels zu kollidieren. Timecodes: 00:00 - Einführung 07:34 - Observation: Prämisse, Vorbilder und Gameplay 32:25 - Orientierung in der Spielwelt, Immersionsbrüche und Rätsel 01:07:24 - Story, Writing und Vertonung 01:28:40 - Wertschätzung 01:33:06 - Spoilerteil

  • MacMagazine no Ar #333: novidades do WhatsApp, registro de iPads, Face ID em Macs, Note10 e mais!

    O convidado Michel Duarte Corrêa e Eduardo Marques conversam sobre tudo de mais importante que rolou nas ultimas duas semanas no mundo Apple. No ar! [Edição: Eduardo Garcia]

  • I almost fell an Instagram scam
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    Jefferson Graham reports on an Instagram e-mail scam he almost fell for, with some words of caution for listeners on Talking Tech.

  • TMS 1768: We EARN the stupid!
    Scott Johnson 24

    Petty Theft Auto. X brings it and then gives it to ya. Hilariously Racist. What do you call stealing a thing? I need to cash these chips.... Oooh Shiny! History of Must Ard. Scott Doesn't Care Enough to Fix It. The First "Turn and cough". Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • Episode 271 - John Urschel
    Talk Nerdy

    In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by mathematician and former NFL player, John Urschel. They talk about his passion for mathematics, including his current work as a doctoral candidate at MIT and his new book, "Mind and Matter: A Life in Math and Football." They also discuss his love of football, motivations for retiring from the sport, and the painful reality of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Follow John: @JohnCUrschel.

  • The Tech Guy 1619

    The Tech Guy (Audio)

    Troubleshoot TV's, VOIP services for businesses, the life span of a hybrid vehicle battery, extending the range of Bluetooth, syncing audiobooks to your phone, unable to cut and paste in Android TV and more of your calls!

    Host: Leo Laporte

    Guests: Sam Abuelsamid and Chris Marquardt

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  • TMS 1770: Tainting the Corners
    Scott Johnson 24

    Verily, volumes of vomiting Vultures. The Finer Points of Booby Traps. Matter Pooping Lad. Stick a sword in me I'm done. The USS Cheerios. No more grape fondling. Madea Takes the Bus To Jail. Matter-Eater Lad's Mom Wears Capes. Major Spoilers! Trek Nerd and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • TMS 1767: Phony Guacamole!
    Scott Johnson 24

    What is the plural of penis? More than anyone expected to learn about apples. I want a new Ghostbusters, one that won't make me sick. Major Vajor. Ibbott's Miraculous All-Day Apple. Allergic to a Finger Up the Bum. That 3D printer really captured his junk. Reccomentals and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

  • What's Really In The FTC's Facebook Settlement, Part One

    Ever since the FCC announced its proposed settlement with Facebook, the headlines have focused on the largest-ever privacy fine that came with it — but few people paid attention to the many, many important details. This week, we've got the first half of a two-part podcast with lawyer Joshua de Larios-Heiman, who helps us go through the entire settlement from start to finish, and pick apart what it means.

  • Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1618
    The Tech Guy

    The Tech Guy (Audio)

    Have we reached "peak podcast?" Configuring a network printer securely, finding drivers for an old laptop, streaming audio and video buffering issues, remotely controlling a television, connecting home theater devices to an AV receiver, partitioning a hard drive remotely, how to start a podcast, and more of your calls!

    Host: Leo Laporte

    Guest: Dick DeBartolo

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  • 08- 11-19-Toma Tu CruzYSigueme- MelquisedecLisbet-1h52
    Cristo es una Mujer

  • Hands-On Tech: JBL Link Bar First Look

    Hands-On Tech (Audio)

    The new JBL Link Bar is a voice-activated soundbar with Android TV built-in, including Google Assistant, the Google Play store, and Chromecast. Jason Howell gives the Link Bar a first look on All About Android with Florence Ion, Ron Richards, and Ryan Whitwam.

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    Watch All About Android:

    Host: Jason Howell

    Guests: Florence Ion, Ron Richards, and Ryan Whitwam

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  • Tech News Weekly 95: What is Human-Assisted AI?

    Tech News Weekly (Audio)

    • (01:43) Parmy Olson from the Wall Street Journal shows how startups like are using artificial intelligence as a buzzword more than an actual description of its technology.
    • (12:25) Everyday people are firing up phone farms in their living rooms to make extra cash according to Joseph Cox at Vice.
    • (25:21) Keren Elazari, founder of BSidesTLV, talks about the hacker community found at Defcon, Blackhat and BSides events.
    • (38:57) WeWork filed it's IPO and Alex Wilhelm from Crunchbase takes a closer look at some of the abnormalities of the S-1.

    Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent

    Guests: Parmy Olson, Joseph Cox, Keren Elazari, and Alex Wilhelm

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  • This Week in Computer Hardware 529: The Reversing PSU Fan "Sucks"

    This Week in Computer Hardware (Audio)

    Hands-On w/ Corsair's Hydro X Series custom liquid cooling, SSD warranties, benchmarks for the Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5700 XT, a Sega Genesis mini is coming with 42 games!

    All that and more with Sebastian Peak and Patrick Norton on This Week in Computer Hardware, episode 529!

    Hosts: Patrick Norton and Sebastian Peak

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    Send your computer hardware questions to [email protected].


  • E964 PodShare's Elvina Beck builds co-living in desirable areas for cheap, trades privacy for access
  • Userbench CPU score DRAMA - WAN Show Aug 9, 2019

    Ridge Wallet: Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code LTTJULY at Honey: Honey automatically applies the best coupon codes to save you money at different online checkouts, try it now at Squarespace: Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Buy an LTT shirt, hoodie, hat, and even our own insulated water bottle at Timestamps: (Courtesy of Ruwaidi) 1:55 Cloudflare terminated 8chan 16:40 Linus take on 8chan takedown 18:58 Userbench controversy 28:20 Sponsor 30:27 Sponsor 31:02 Sponsor 32:00 Actual main topic of the WAN Show 33:00 Linus calling out MKBHD for a challenge 37:00 Linus admitting he has a plan 38:45 AMD EPYC 7002 Rome delivers a knockout 42:00 AMD stock analysis? 45:25 AMD EPYC technobabble 51:40 Speaking of ....oops..not on sale yet 52:05 Dr Su going to IBM rumor 55:20 LTT Store merchandise update 1:10:50 Apple is locking iPhone battery repair 1:18:20 Straw Poll results - Have you had your battery swapped in your phone more than once? 1:19:40 Viewer's comments 1:24:50 Linus will be on vacation next week