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  • We’re Back: compilers, turtles, and a brand new crew
    The Stack Overflow Podcast

    Is it legal for source code containing undefined behavior to crash the compiler? True, you’re the boss, and the compiler works for you. But that doesn’t mean it always behaves just as you instructed. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What is Logo, you ask? And what about Netlogo? William Chipps’ golden years - so close, and yet so far

  • 14.10 Digitund: Keilast Hiinani
    Geenius Raadio

    Tänases Digitunnis räägime paljudest uudistest, mis ulatuva Keilast Hiinani ja käivad tiiruga muidugi läbi ka USAst, kus on selgunud, et Apple'i tarkvarauuendusi ei ole praegu hea mõte installida. Saate teemad: -Mis seis on Huaweiga, kas nende telefone võib hetkel osta või mitte? -Google Pixel 4 ja Pixelbook tulevad sel nädalal -Miks ei ole hea mõte oma iPhone'i ja Maci uuendada -Miks suured tehnoloogiafirmad Hiinale järeleandmisi teevad ja kas see on õige? -Keila kaupluses pandi püsti iseteeninduskassa, mis teeb ise näotuvastuse abil vanusekontrolli ära Saates Henrik Roonemaa uudisteportaalist, Mailiis Ploomann Elisast ja Meelis Väljamäe Euronicsist.

  • 196: Seth Godin
    Cool Tools
    Cool Tools Show

    Our guest this week is Seth Godin. Seth is a 19-time bestselling author, a blogger, an internet pioneer and a teacher. You can find out more at For show notes visit:

  • Made By Google launch event: A Pixel 4 and Nest story
    Android Authority

    Google introduced us to a whole bevy of devices today, interwoven around a story. We saw announcements about Stadia and Pixel Buds. We saw the new Pixelbook Go, Nest Mini 2, Nest Wi-Fi, and the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. There were few surprises, but those cameras still kick everyone else to the curb. Join us as we discuss everything Google launched today. Recorded October 15 This podcast is sponsored by MNML Cases. Get 35% off your order to celebrate the launch of the Pixel 4 tomorrow. Use code OCT15 at checkout or click this link. Topics Google Stadia launch date revealed, controllers shipping soon Pixel Buds 2 announced: Google finally cut the cord on its famed earbuds Google Pixelbook Go announced: A Pixelbook for the masses? Updated Nest Mini is louder, wall-mountable, still the same price Google Nest Wi-Fi launched with beacons that double up as Nest Mini speakers Google Nest Aware pricing and plans: Here’s what’s new The Android Authority podcast is: Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology Jonathan Feist - @JFeist1 / @DroneRushcom Joe Hindy - @ThatJoeHindy Produced by Adam Doud Check out the other podcasts in our network! The DGiT Daily podcastThe SoundGuys Podcast

  • E247 - Death Stranding, Disco Elysium, Noita, Blizzard, Riot, Fortnite
    Level BackUp

    Rune har spilt Disco Elysium, Frida har spilt Noita og Children of Morta og Nick har funnet et Batman-spill han hadde glemt at han hadde kjøpt. Vi går også gjennom de spektakulære begivenhetene i Fortnite den siste uken, vi ser på de mange nyhetene vi har i vente fra League of Legends-skaperen Riot Games, vi er innom Blizzard denne uken også og mye mer. Og så har Rune fått Death Stranding, men han har ikke lov til å si så mye om det ennå.

  • Why can't I watch Netflix on my Roku?
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    Roku won't let you watch Netflix, Disney+ or Apple TV+ on its older models. Jefferson Graham explains why on #TalkingTech.

  • Episode #15: De retraite à roupettes

    Été 1997, le fier bruxellois débarque dans les salles françaises avec un film riche et explosif : DOUBLE TEAM ! Une fois n'est pas coutume, il collabore avec un maître du cinéma de Hong-Kong : Tsui Hark, dans cette course folle d'un homme prêt à tout pour sauver sa famille. Roulant sur des canettes, plongeant dans des lasers ou mawashisant des tigres dans les arènes d'Arles qui explosent, JC ira jusqu'au bout pour arrêter le grand méchant Mickey et secourir son fils. À la ville, Van Damme semble au mieux de sa forme dans les talks shows et interviews promo, pourvu que ça dure ! ==== Ecoutez Kumite sur Apple Podcasts: Ecoutez Kumite sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez Kumite sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • 276: Watchmen (Book Club)
    Geek History Lesson

    Order Jason's new book - SUPER SOLDIERS! It's about superheroes that also served in the military! Grab your copy here: GET OUR RECOMMENDED READING from this episode here: Follow the show on TWITTER - Make sure to visit our Facebook fan page: You can find Ashley at and Jason at https://twitter.comJawiin. Thanks for showing up to class today. Class dismissed!

  • Rad Crew S18E16: Destiny 2, Concrete Genie, og mer tull fra Blizzard
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Ukas gjest, Suzanne Berget (Spillbart, tidligere Gamereactor) joiner oss for å snakke Destiny 2: Shadowkeep og Concrete Genie! Pluss: Blizzard driter seg ut enda mer, og vi har en Topp 5 om spill basert på skrekkfilmer! Og ikke minst: Ville du latt Monster Energy sponse bryllupet ditt? med: Are Ness Fløgstad, Suzanne Berget, Aleksander Hakestad, Jostein Hakestad Støtt oss: RSS: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:…ast/id415698006 Facebook: Discord: Rad Community: MUSIKK: Pause: Biohazard Orchestra Album

  • PlayStation Blogcast Episode 347: Spooktacular '19

    Lock your doors, bolt your windows, and tune into a spooktacular episode of the Blogcast! On this horror-themed episode we chat about the upcoming MediEvil remake with producer Nick Accordino. We also share our favorite horror games, scariest gaming moments, and swap spooky recommendations. Embrace the ghoulish fun with open arms... and ears.

  • Point News : Riot (League of Legends) annonce une multitude de projets(GK l'émission #426)
    Gamekult Jeux Vidéo
  • The Instance 577: Underwatch Rebelion
    Scott Johnson 24

    We had a Blizz post since last week, and Patrick and Scott are here to talk about it a bit. Plus all our predictions for Blizzcon. Will they address the HK thing on stage? We speculate. World of Warcraft has lots of books for you this weekend. How we might see a world with three factions and more!

  • This Week in Enterprise Tech 364: TWiET From the Edge

    This Week in Enterprise Tech (Audio)

    • AT&T and their sneaky revenue tricks
    • Older Amazon devices subject to old Wi-Fi vulnerability
    • California is trying to pass a law that make freelance journalism a thing of the past
    • Typosquatting websites proliferate in run-up to US elections
    • Project Soli - The tech behind radar motion sense
    • Cryptojacking worm targets and infects 2,000 Docker hosts
    • Augmented Reality is making industrial work more productive
    • Glitching: The hardware attack that can disrupt secure software
    • Said Ouissal, CEO and Founder of ZEDEDA talks with Lou and Curtis about IoT and Edge computing.

    Hosts: Louis Maresca and Curt Franklin

    Guest: Said Ouissal

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  • CORE 196: Starting a RIOT
    Scott Johnson 24

    We look at all the Riot announcements this week, and that weird Fortnite thing that went down. Deathwing seems to be in the wings. How many dos games can you play in your browser? ESO, Story of Seasons, Disco Elysium and MORE!

  • Runde #236: Alles eine Frage der Perspektive
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Meine Damen und Herren, André war im Urlaub und dachte über Perspektiven nach. Warum er nicht einfach ein, zwei oder zwölf Peroni trank, wissen wir auch nicht – wir wissen nur, dass wir dieser italienischen Unterhopfung die heutige Folge verdanken. Also sprechen wir über Perspektiven. Über die Stärken und Schwächen von Ego-Ansicht und 3rd-Person-Perspektive, über 2D und 3D, über perspektivische Unterschiede zwischen japanischen und westlichen Spielen … und natürlich über unsere Lieblingsperspektiven. Rollenspiele lieber Ego oder 3rd Person? Oder doch altmodisch Iso? Und wie schaut‘s bei Shootern aus? Und überhaupt: 3D und Jump‘n‘Runs, passt wie Arsch auf Eimer oder doch nur wie Arsch? Findet es heraus, wunderbare Menschen! Viel Spaß! Timecodes: 00:00 - Einleitung 08:54 - Bedeutung für die Spielfigur 54:11 - Bedeutung für das Gameplay 01:36:55 - Qualität und Realismus, Einfluss auf andere Medien und RPGs

  • Code Rush, DevOps and Google: Software in the Fast Lane
    DevSecOps Podcast Series

    Shortly after watching the documentary, Code Rush, I met with Tara Hernandez, the hockey stick carrying lead of the Netscape project that was being documented. We sat down at the Jenkins World Conference in San Francisco to talk about the effect that project had on her career, what she has been doing since with her position at google, and what she hopes to be working on in the coming years. We started our conversation by exploring the relationship between the Netscape project in 1998 and the current state of DevOps. Would DevOps have made a difference... the answer might surprise you.

  • Runde #237: Lieblingsorte
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Nachdem wir zusammen an die 100 Jahre in virtuellen Welten verbracht haben, wird es Zeit sich die Frage zu stellen: Wo würden wir eigentlich am liebsten unser Ferienhaus bauen? Und warum? Und wie viele Pools sollte es haben? Timecodes: 00:00 - Einleitung 07:17 - In MMOs und realen und nachempfundenen Städten 40:55 - Dörfer in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, unmögliche und einzigartige Orte 1:16:00 - Urlaubsorte, im Weltraum und Nostalgie

  • Creepy critters + The MM baby is here!
    Moose Tracks
  • Hands-On Photography 1: About The Camera

    Hands-On Photography (Audio)

    Welcome to Hands-On Photography. In this episode, Ant will look at the basics of popular cameras and free photo editors for mobile and computers.

    Cameras in this episode:

    Great photo editors to get started in photography:

    Host: Ant Pruitt

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  • ICYMI: Facebook Portal 2.0 review
    USA TODAY Talking Tech

    ICYMI: Jefferson Graham reviews the new Facebook Portal video chat device, version 2.0.