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  • Podquisition 248: Fap Titans (With Guests Mari & Stacy)

    This episode should have been called something else, but we couldn't call it what it should be called. This is as safe-for-work as we can make it. Mari and Stacy from Geek Remix/Pixel Squirt joins us for talk of Deadly Premonition, World of Warcraft, and some very sexy videogames.

  • Podquisition 247: Chamberlain Is Friend To Gelfling! (With Guest Ellen Rose)

    Ellen Rose from Outside Xtra joins the crew as we discuss Control, Astral Chain, and how awesome The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is. Also, NBA 2K20's gambling, and a little dose of that good Deadly Premonition.

  • S2 Ep8 - Facebook Phone Leak, $5m Ransoms And DNS Controversy
    Naked Security

    This week, Producer Alice Duckett steps in to host the show with Paul Ducklin, Ben Jones and special guest Peter Mackenzie. Peter shares the latest ransomware trends, Ben discusses a Facebook data leak which led to the exposure of 419 million phone numbers and Duck explains why not everyone is happy about Mozilla's move towards DNS over HTTPS. Related articles Mozilla: Facebook: Ransomware: RDP research:

  • Are You Cool Enough For the iPhone 11? - Dude Soup Podcast #243
  • Episode 88 - Fire Ronnie2K?
    Gaming Illuminaughty

    Guest Kenny joins the Gi boys to talk Control, Gears, COD's 2v2 alpha, NBA 2K20 and a whole lot more!

  • The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 254 ft. Neuro & MomoPW7
    Genna Bain

    Watch The Co-Optional Podcast live at on Tuesdays at 3pm ET. Genna and Dodger are joined by Neuro & MomoPW7 in this episode of the Co-Optional Podcast. Enjoy! Neuro MomoPW7 Dodger Follow Me ☆Twitter - ☆Instagram - ☆Facebook- ☆Twitch - ☆Discord - ☆Reddit- FTC ☆This video is NOT sponsored. #cooptionalpodcast #gennabain #neuro #momopw7 #dexbonus

  • Du Jamais Vu - Pilote / FFVII, PNL, Breaking Bad

    Voici la nouvelle émission mensuelle de Qualiter ! Vous n'oseriez pas parler des œuvres culturelles que vous ne connaissez pas ? Eux, si. C'est Du Jamais Vu ! Au programme de cet épisode pilote, Final Fantasy VII, PNL et Breaking Bad ==== Ecoutez Du Jamais Vu sur Apple Podcasts: COMING SOON Ecoutez Du Jamais Vu sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez Du Jamais Vu sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • They're here: iPhone 11, AppleTV+, Apple Watch, iPad
    AppleInsider Podcast

    William and Victor talk about what was announced at the event, AppleTV+, Apple Watch, and which new iPhone we're getting.

  • a16z Podcast: How to Pay for Healthcare Based on Health

    There's been a lot of talk about the need for our healthcare system to shift away from volume and fee-for-service, where you pay by appointment, procedure, etc, to value-based care, where you pay for both quality and outcomes—essentially, good health. But there's also been a real dearth of seeing how that might work in action, or concrete models for how to implement it at scale. In this episode, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina Patrick Conway dives deep into how exactly we can make the move towards this kind of healthcare a reality, in conversation with a16z's General Partner Jorge Conde, Venkat Mocherla and Hanne Tidnam. Conway—also a pediatrician, and formerly Deputy Administrator at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)—gets into what value-based care really means; different ideas for how payors can implement the shift away from fee-for-service and volume-based care towards outcomes; as well as the critical role social determinants (food insecurity, transportation, and more) play in our health—and how tech can be a driver of change. And finally, Conway shares thoughtful analysis from an insider’s point of view from the Hill on how to actually effect change in policy and regulation in healthcare to move the entire system in this direction.

  • LTB #411 Grow to Fit
    Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    Hey folks, we recently returned from the Blockchain Training Conference, where aside from teaching classes and doing a couple of live shows, we set up a Let's Talk Bitcoin! table, where I camped out for two of the three days and interviewed about a dozen people, some new to Cryptocurrency and some who have been around longer than I have. This episode is sponsored by Segment 1: Trixie - Newer User ( Segment 2: Jameson Lopp - Long Time Bitcoin Developer - Casa CTO ( Segment 3: Darrin - Long Time Bitcoin Miner Segment 4: Davi Barker - Long Time Bitcoin User - Bitcoins Not Bombs & Pirates Without Borders ( Original Album Art: Thanks for listening to this episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin! This episode was sponsored by, and featured Adam, Trixie, Jameson Lopp, Darrin, and Davi Barker. This episode featured music by Jared Rubens and General Fuzz. Today's show was produced by Krystal and edited by Steven. Incidentally, are you a reliable, capable audio editor? I'm looking to expand the team I work with on Let's Talk Bitcoin! and would love to hear from you.

  • Episode 667: Reaction to Apple’s ‘By Innovation Only event’ and Apple’s new products

    It was a big day for Apple this past Tuesday. We talk about the event itself, the new iPhones, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+, the new Apple Watch, and a lot, lot more in this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

  • Runde #231: Control – Eine Hassliebe
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Alle Infos zur The-Pod-Livetour: Jetzt Backer werden: Selten haben wir in einer Folge derart orgiastisch in Lob gebadet, nur um direkt wieder bitterlich über ein Spiel herzuziehen: Control ist eine absolut wilde Mischung aus etlichen verschiedenen kreativen Einflüssen: Eben noch bescheuert, dann gruselig, dann ernste Mystery. Es schwankt zwischen banalem Gameplay und unfassbar spektakulären Kämpfen voll von dynamischen Physikeffekten, bei denen Andre und Sebastian vor lauter Speichelfluss gar nicht mit dem rehydrieren hinterher kommen. Visuelle Brillanz kämpft gegen stupide Skillsysteme, absolut glorreiche Videoszenen gegen überquellende Textmassen, brillantes Leveldesign gegen dumme KI und, und, und. Das neue Spiel von Remedy ist eine echte Achterbahnfahrt zwischen großartigen Höhepunkten und tiefen Tälern des „meh“. Timecodes: 00:00 - Einleitung 14:54 - Prämisse, Story und Spielwelt 40:37 - Technik, Gameplay und Steuerung 01:25:13 - Charaktere und Stories & Fazit 01:43:46 - Spoilerteil

  • APPLE'S AUTONOMOUS CAR - WAN Show Sept 6, 2019

    Backblaze: Get a 15-day free trial for unlimited backup at Freshbooks: For your unrestricted 30 days free trial, go to and enter in “The WAN Show” in the how you heard about us section. Pulseway: Monitor and manage your PC in real-time with Pulseway! Create your free account today at Buy an LTT shirt, hoodie, hat, and even our own insulated water bottle at Timestamps (Courtesy of Jakehead20) 00:00 Explanation for being late (ROG Phone) 01:40 Topics 02:10 Intro 03:15 Why Linus doesn't eat on stream 04:37 Apple's Autonomous Car (Title) 05:50 Linus going out with a guy 09:58 Apple doesn't have press contact and support sucks (Also some technical issues) 16:20 Apple live chat logs 20:45 Folding phones (Samsung launches in South Korea) 24:20 Sponsors (Backblaze, Freshbooks, Pulseway) 26:43 Hisense ULED TV (Answering superchat) 27:34 Linus talks about VR and its improvements 39:35 Calling Apple 40:55 Apple and Google ordered by US gov to hand over gun scope user data (Nobody picked up the phone) 44:33 Amazon testing scanning hands for payments (Prime members only) 46:13 Outro 46:25 JK Superchats

  • Locals #001 - Autumn Tree [live]
    Radio GIPA FM 94.3

    locals #001 - Autumn Tree [live] - ლეონ ლოლიშვილი – კლუბ KHIDI-ს რეზიდენტი, ათობით EP-ის ავტორი, ადგილობრივი ელექტრონული მუსიკის სცენის ერთ-ერთი პიონერი. locals – ელექტრონული მუსიკის სცენის წარმომადგენელია, რომელიც ისაუბრებს ადგილობრივ არტისტებთან მათ მუსიკალურ თუ სხვა მოღვაწეობაზე. ყოველ მეორე ხუთშაბათს, 22:00-ზე, local-ის საუბარიზე და სეტი Radio GIPA-ზე. ტექნიკური პარტნიორი: სტუდია Pulse Host: ცა – Tsa

  • E974 The Next Unicorns E2 Grove Collaborative CEO Stu Landesberg $100M+ rev selling natural products
  • The Hustler's Guide to the Hair Business

    with @bhorowitz @shakasenghor @diishanimira @therealritabee Hustlin’ Tech is a new show (part of the a16z Podcast) that introduces the technology platforms -- and mindsets -- for everybody and anybody who has the desire, the talent, and the hustle to do great things. Read more about it here.  Episode #3, "The Hustler's Guide to the Hair Business" features Diishan Imira, CEO and co-founder of Mayvenn, a technology company re-shaping salon retail distribution; Sherita (SherriAnn) Cole, who uses Mayvenn for her hair stylist business -- both interviewed by Ben Horowitz and Shaka Senghor. "Can you fit in this box? You always have to fit in a box, and for the first time in a life, it's like I didn't have to fit in anyone's box, and I could create my own box -- maybe it's not a box, maybe it’s a star shape." music: Chris Lyons

  • 6 & Daz - Episode 1: 50 Cent
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Premier vrai épisode de 6 & Daz, on a pris en compte tous vos retours et on propose évidemment le son de Qualiter pour lequel nous sommes reconnus dans tout l'univers. On a même ajouté un jingle parce qu'il nous restait un peu de budget. Pour cet épisode nous abordons la carrière d'un artiste new-yorkais assez peu connu nommé 50 Cent, et on passera en revue ses coups d'éclat artistiques mais aussi côté business car l'homme est doué pour les affaires. Comme c'est l'usage, venez discuter et n'hésitez Pas A nous faire parT de vos retouRs sur notrE fOrum ou sur Nos comptes Twitter à 6 (@getlarge), Daz (@dazjdm) et évidemment Qualiter (@dequaliter). Bonne écoute ! ==== Ecoutez 6 & Daz sur Apple Podcasts: Ecoutez 6 & Daz sur n'importe quelle app de podcasts: Ecoutez 6 & Daz sur Soundcloud: Rejoignez-nous : Sur le twitter de Qualiter : Sur le forum de Qualiter: Vous pouvez également soutenir Qualiter en participant à notre patreon :

  • The Hustler's Guide to Getting Paid

    with @bhorowitz @shakasenghor ram @earnin & vaughn ferguson Hustlin’ Tech is a new show (part of the a16z Podcast) that introduces the technology platforms — and mindsets — for everybody and anybody who has the desire, the talent, and the hustle to do great things. Read more about it here. Episode #2, “The Hustler’s Guide to Getting Paid” (early, but actually, on time) features Ram Palianappan, CEO and founder of Earnin, which allows workers to access their pay instantly with no fees or interest; Vaughn Ferguson, who uses Earnin to avoid overdraft fees or payday loans -- both interviewed by Ben Horowitz and Shaka Senghor. "Just knowing that more people are really using these things that are out there, to their advantage and not their detriment." music: Chris Lyons

  • E242 - Monster Hunter, Blasphemous, Death Stranding, FFVII, Apple Arcade
    Level BackUp

    I ukens episode av podcasten vår har Rune spilt Blasphemous og Gears 5, Karl har spilt Monster Hunter World: Iceborne og Frida har spilt mer Astral Chain og en dæsj Mario Kart 8. Vi er også innom hotte nyheter fra Tokyo Game Show, inkludert Death Stranding og Final Fantasy VII, vi diskuterer den nye spilltjenesten Apple Arcade og mye mer. God helg!

  • Rad Crew S18E11: Final Fantasy 8 remaster er skuffende, pluss Control
    Rad Crew Podcast

    Vi snakker om den litt skuffende og langt fra definitive Final Fantasy 8-remasteren, koser oss med Remedy sitt fantastiske spill Control, og oppsummerer ukas viktigste spillnyheter! Med: Are, Stian, Jostein Støtt oss: RSS feed: Spotify:…ast/id415698006 Facebook: Discord: