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  • CubaLou VS. Diaz - Doo You Voodoo?
    Deep House

    ♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎🎶 AKUSTIK - VOODOO 🎶♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎ Trete hinein, du bist herzlich willkommen. 🌪 Schwebe davon! 🌪 Ein Schluck vom Flakon? Vom leuchtenden Saft mit der feurigen Kraft, der heute Nacht deine Träume entfacht? Voodoo! (Ein bisschen Voodoo.) Akanama Voodoo! Voodoo! (Lass dich einfach mit drauf ein!) Akanama Voodoo! Voodoo! (Das wird dir gut tun.) Akanama Voodoo! Voodoo! (Das wird dich beschwingen.) Akanama Voodoo! Voodoo! (..Die Spirale dreht sich.) Akanama Voodoo! Voodoo! (Was ist passiert?) Akanama Voodoo! Voodoo! (Ist da etwa jemand...) Akanama Voodoo! Voodoo! (...hypnotisiert?) Komm und tauche mit ab. Wir duellieren uns um Deine Gunst. Hörst du den Klang der Magie? Du fällst und schwebst ins Land der Fantasie. Die Trommeln im Dschungel beherrschen dich. Verschwommene Bilder wirken wie Nervengift. Du genießt den Gang über brennende Kohlen. Nette Skelette wirken vital, wenn sie dich holen. Die Spirale dreht sich, sie hat dich im Bann und entkommen geht nicht. 🎶♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎🎶♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎🎶 ---Bitte beachten Sie vor Ihrem Hörvergnügen die folgend aufgeführte Gebrauchsinformation---- 1. WAS SOLLTEN SIE VOR DER ERSTEN WIEDERGABE DIESES SETS BEACHTEN? DooYouVoodoo darf nicht eingenommen werden, -wenn Sie überempfindlich (allergisch) gegenüber Deep House oder einem der sonstigen elektronischen Bestandteile sind 2. WIE IST DooYouVoodoo EINZUNEHMEN? Dieses Set kann ganz nach Bedarf konsumiert werden. (Es ist auch hervorragend für Gruppentherapien geeignet.) Bei ´chronischer Unlust auf Alles´ erzielen Sie den bestmöglichen Effekt, indem Sie es sich so oft wie nur möglich verabreichen ☝️😃 3. WELCHE NEBENWIRKUNGEN SIND MÖGLICH? Häufig: SpontanStepp-Fuss Syndrom mit anhaltendem Grinsen, sowie einhergehende Euphoriezustände. Gelegentlich bis häufig: Drang, eine Voodoo Puppe zu basteln Selten: Müdigkeit Sehr Selten: direktes Einschlafen 4. WIE IST DooYouVoodoo AUFZUBEWAHREN? Bis zur Freigabe des Download-Links bitte auf dieser Plattform abspielen. Anschließend kann die Voodoo-mp3 natürlich wie gewohnt hier runtergeladen werden, Bei diesem Set ist mit keinerlei Beeinträchtigung bei der Verkehrstüchtigkeit, oder dem Bedienen von Maschinen zu rechen (außer, Sie trinken dabei). Textinspiration z.T. by Deichkind (türlich türlich)

  • Ballroom Records Radioshow #199 - Chus & Ceballos

    Ballroom Records Radioshow #199 Here’s what we’ve got for you in the next two hours… • 13 brand new tracks in the first hour presented by AlBird • Kaiser Souzai’s ‘Track of the Week’: Kaz James – Life in Purple (Original Mix) – Circus Rec • Ballroom Radioshow Takeover this week by Chus & Ceballos! Hey and welcome to another episode of our radioshow here from Berlin from our Studios at Ballroom Records. First of all…massive thanks for supporting our recent release by Ale F & Crazy Sonic called Self Control…we’re currently Number 3 in Beatport’s Progressive releases and #40 in the Overall Releases!!! I will play you the track ‘Don’t Turn Right’ again this time. Also a new one coming from Kaiser Souzai, in a collab with BOHO on his imprint Jannowitz Records called Texel. And two Ballroom classics already one coming from my end and that one was part of my my first ever EP here called Parrot…and the track’s called Gagagei! This week’s TAKEOVER comes from Chus & Ceballos…the Stereo Production heads provided a live recording from a set they played at Rio in Budapest, Hungary. Visit our website at Setlist 1st hour (AlBird): 1. The Journey - Markgrafendamm 13 [UGENIUS Music] 2. Abbelard, MODOR - Nights (Amari Remix) 3. Anderson Noise - Wild Language (Hephaistos Remix) [Say What?] 4. Kaz James - Life In Purple (Original Mix) [Circus Recordings] 5. Ale F & Crazy Sonic - Dont Turn Right (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records] 6. John 00 Fleming - Looking Back. To Look Forward. (Morttagua Remix) [JOOF Recordings] 7. Kaiser Souzai - Sphynx (Teenage Mutants Remix) 8. The Reason Y - Amalthea (Kevin De Vries Version) [Terminal M] 9. Dave Wincent - Fuller (Simina Grigoriu Remix) [Form] 10. Kaiser Souzai, BOHO - Texel (Original Mix) [Jannowitz Records] 11. AlBird - Gagagei (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records] 12. Spektre - Back Into Consciousness (Original Mix) [Kraftek] 13. Pig&Dan - Reset Your Bassline (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings] The show is syndicated worldwide by Syndicast. If you are an artist and want to get your radio show / podcast aired on radio stations worldwide, or on streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes..., visit us: If you are a radio station and interested in airing the show, please register your station here:

  • OA - Dreams
  • ID167 3. Andres Campo - Glaciar
    Intec Digital

    Out now on Beatport Spanish artist Andres Campo makes his Intec debut following previous releases on Second State, MOOD, RUKUS and Odd Recordings Already championed by some of the biggest names in techno, Andres has risen to fame as a solo artist, but also boasts collaborations with people like Ramiro Lopez and Alberto Ruiz. Carl Cox is one of the people who regularly supports his tracks and adding Intec to an already impressive back catalogue of labels, this three track EP showcases Andres Campo at his very best. Hard hitting with hypnotic grooves and captivating atmospherics, this release also has powerful synths making it the perfect peak time EP. The opening track Cyclone is all about the exhilaration of lead synth and its stabbing rhythms layered with a heavy kick drum and fast flowing clap rhythms. Ancient Gods ripples with tension as the pulsating percussion rhythms beat like a heart with a heightened pulse rate that's been raised by excitement. With a captivating sense of urgency, this cut will whip the dance floor into a frenzy with the way it teases each and every drop along the ride. Finishing things is the understated Glaciar which builds steadily towards a twisted crescendo of sinister FX and growls, before its explosive percussion kicks back in. Keeping you on the edge of your seat, its ominous atmosphere is beyond intense.

  • Substance | Distance
    Ostgut Ton | A-TON | unterton

    ‘Rise And Shine’, the first full Ostgut Ton solo release by Substance (aka @Peter-Kuschnereit), sees him fusing his deep, industrial aesthetic with the resonant bass-heavy leanings of his alter ego DJ Pete, as evidenced on the title track’s off-kilter metallic riddims and multiple, interlaced SH-101 and Prophet 5 melodies. From there, potential set-closer “Countdown” blasts off with relentlessly rattling, scraping breaks, hissing German vox and big chords. The compact explorations of “Bird Cave” and “Distance” offer a more atmospheric take on bass and rhythm, while EP closer “Cruising” re-explores the uncanny, Berlin deep techno cosmos Kuschnereit has helped define, this time in denser form.

  • Aneed - Let It Be Your Sufferance

    BLVCKPLVG008 by Aneed 01 - Let It Be Your Sufferance 02 - Hidding My Regrets 03 - Destroy Only 04 - The Worst Face Of Anan Format : Digital Don't hide anything: unleash your inher power. Wise advice from our fresh techno crack Aneed. Coming straight from Italia, Blvckplvgue, once again, shows insights of the European newcomers. Enjoy, get lost, without any regrets. Support the Artist: fb: sc: @aneed001 Mastering: Axel Picodot

  • Frida Darko @ Rebellion der Träumer - in einer Bucht, 30.11.18
    Frida Darko
    Darko Tunes

    Diesen Abend mit Worten beschreiben? puhh... Kurz nach halb 1, Ich in meinem kleinen Boot, die Türen zum Salon gehen auf, ihr da, schaut herein, kommt auf mich zu, hört den Bass der neuen Utopia Platte, lächelt mich an, fang an zu tanzen. Von süßen Downbeats zu darko Bassbeats war da wohl alles dabei. Euer Feedback hat mich sehr erröten lassen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Danke für diese absolut bezaubernde und überwältigende Stimmung. Danke für euren Groove, eure Euphorie, eure Energie <3 Danke Souncloud crush @lady-youdid fürs so früh da sein, fürs mit gemeinsam aufregende Wege gehen! Danke @schmeckefuchs, Danke @rebelliondertraumer! Es war mir eine Ehre :) Persönlicher Favorit in der Aufnahme ab 1h 30 min. & euch dabei beim Tanzen zusehen <3 ٩( ᐛ )و

  • Stefano Noferini, Artslaves - Monologue (Original Mix)

    Label boss is back! Stefano Noferini, the man behind the Deeperfect and DPE Records brands, is stepping up to the plate for his last release of 2018! On this EP he is joined by the Neapolitan mighty duo, Artslaves, aka Alessandro Rondinone and Domenico Gei the owners of Moan Recordings. Together the three collaborators deliver a two track EP of the finest quality club weapons. 'Monologue' starts off in a manner that is instantly recognisable as a tough cut of Deeperfect’s signature stripped-back tech house. A solid beat is punctuated with sprinkles of tribal percussion and underpinned by a pulsing sub line. Eerie pads and ethnic choirs bring the drama up with quick intensity and create an enveloping atmosphere that brings the track to life. Sweeping FX and an energetic rides help to create intense sections of energy, which are contrasted by moments of serenely deep vibes. The second and final track, 'Alfa' is a rolling Deep Tech groover that is perfectly geared towards the most discerning dancefloors on the planet. The groove is laden with shuffling percussion and Stefano’s signature understated funk. Rich textures and atmospheric pads swirl from the speakers as a driving synth line and punchy sub bass drive the energy home.

  • Danny Eclipse - Tony Montana
    Monta Musica

    Danny Eclipse - Tony Montana

  • Gem FM 082 - Hidden Empire
    Secret Cinema

    Hidden Empire exploded onto the scene in 2015 courtesy of Oliver Koletzki's Stil Vor Talent imprint. The label was home to both their first release and debut album which made its way up to no. 1 techno on Beatport. Currently it is their Cashmere Ep that's all over the charts (link below). Enjoy an hour of Hidden Empire in episode 082 of Gem FM. TRACKLIST 1 Fiberroot - Roccodrillo (Shall Ocin Remix) 2 John Monkman - Tune In Turn On (Original Mix) 3 Giorgia Angiuli - Music is Life 4 Modeplex - My Spirits Addiction (Original Mix) 5 Adana Twins - Aufstand der Massen (Original Mix) 6 Alex Stein - Steep (Original Mix) 7 Hidden Empire - Cashmere (Original Mix) 8 Jon Hopkins - Singularity (ANNA Remix) 9 Third Son - Machine Love (Original Mix) 10 Elax - Sueno (Original Mix)

  • Technikore - 4AM (Radio Edit)
    Technikore / Technikal
    Happy Hardcore

    🎧 Australian Happy Hard hero Technikore, shares the best moments of the day with his track '4AM'. We all know that time, when the party is drawing to a close but we're not quite ready to head on home. So, we grab the last bit of energy and pump it straight into the dancefloor. Technikore's 4AM is the perfect combination between happiness and energy and is now available on all portals!


    BLOCAUS PODCAST 46 | RHYW Welcome to the 46th session of Blocaus podcast.

 We receive as guest : Rhyw Rhyw, also known as one half of the duo Cassegrain, has made a career from a series of records that represent the very best of modern techno. His work under the Rhyw moniker showcases the producer’s keen ear for drawing out melody from potentially disharmonious elements with some considerable style. He co-runs Arcing Seas with Magna Pia, his partner in Cassegrain as well as Fever AM with Mor Elian. With his second EP for Avian just released - Cave Walls (Part Two) - and more on the way, Rhyw continues to mine this unique production aesthetic. Rhyw - Web Links Listen all the shows here : @blocaus Follow us on Facebook here :

  • Substance | Cruising
    Ostgut Ton | A-TON | unterton

    ‘Rise And Shine’, the first full Ostgut Ton solo release by Substance (aka @Peter-Kuschnereit), sees him fusing his deep, industrial aesthetic with the resonant bass-heavy leanings of his alter ego DJ Pete, as evidenced on the title track’s off-kilter metallic riddims and multiple, interlaced SH-101 and Prophet 5 melodies. From there, potential set-closer “Countdown” blasts off with relentlessly rattling, scraping breaks, hissing German vox and big chords. The compact explorations of “Bird Cave” and “Distance” offer a more atmospheric take on bass and rhythm, while EP closer “Cruising” re-explores the uncanny, Berlin deep techno cosmos Kuschnereit has helped define, this time in denser form.

  • 5e99 - hello strange podcast #364
    hello ▼ strange

    5e99 - [ ] + [ ] TL: 01 Yagya - Rigning Einn 02 Yagya - Rigning Sjö 03 Yagya - Rigning Tíu 04 Alex Humann - Isolated Rooms 05 Faidel - Antartica 06 Fetish - After Eight 07 Yagya - Sleepygirl 7 08 Yagya - Sleepygirl 6 09 Yagya - The Great Attractor 10 Yagya - Laniakea's Redshift 11 Yagya - Snowflake 6 strange instagram - facebook - bandcamp - telegram - blog -

  • Ismcast Presents: Schacke

    Ismcast Presents: Schacke (Ectotherm/Fast Forward/Kulør/IoD) Our next guest is Copenhagen heavyweight Schacke, who definitely made our year with the set he played at our Ismus event in June and his impressive output of productions. His brilliant releases on Ectotherm, Kulør, Instruments of Discipline or Interstate records as well as the next-level tracks under his Dimensionhopper alias totally blew our minds. So we are very glad to present you this chapter of our Ismcast series and hope you enjoy listening! More info:

  • Radikon | Reto I | Continuous DJ Mix By Jonas Saalbach
    Deep House

    Upstart label Radikon stakes its claim with ‘Reto’, a stunning debut compilation showcasing the full range of an exciting young project hailing from Berlin. Featuring 7 tracks by the outfits’ mainstay artists, ‘Reto’ is a deliberate collection defining the label’s subtle atmosphere and percussive theme. Tracklist: 1. Tony Casanova – Realism 2. Budakid – Amalia 3. Yubik – Eprect 4. Foreign Guest – Catch The 101 5. Dahu – Primordial 6. Guzy - Doloro 7. Jonas Saalbach – Edgework

  • BERTHA VS MYLACID Space distortion
    Acid Mental

    nouvelle collaboration d'un mélange entre 2 sonorités qui se complète et forme un tout dans une explosion chaotique distordant l'espace et le temps

  • Premiere: Alpha Particle Assembly - Andromeda Ascendant [Reload Black Label]
    Getting Deeper

    Our first techno premiere comes from Alpha Particle Assembly called 'Andromeda Ascendant' from Genome Sequence 3 track EP by Reload Black Records. Alpha Particle Asssembly: @alphaparticleassembly_x Reload Black Label: @reloadrecordsoffical Getting Deeper: @getting-deeper

  • Charlotte de Witte presents KNTXT: Mark Reeve (01.12.2018)

    We're proud to have invited German power force @markreeve for this week's episode of KNTXT on Studio Brussel. Anyone serious about their techno will certainly have come across the name Mark Reeve. Moving to Germany from England 15 years ago in search of an inspirational scene that embraced his tough uncompromising sound. @CharlottedeWitte presents KNTXT. Saturday evening at 23h on @StudioBrussel.

  • PREMIERE: Paulo Foltz - Pulsar (Binaryh Remix) [Prisma Techno]

    Artist: Paulo Foltz Remixer: Binaryh Title: Pulsar Label: Prisma Techno Cat: PRSM018 Genre: Techno Release Date: 06/12/18 Buy here: Em dezembro de 2017 Paulo Foltz lançou seu primeiro álbum, ‘Pineal Connection’, com uma visão futurista e abordando temas como glândula pineal, estado de fluxo e metafísica. O álbum alcançou os ouvidos de Richie Hawtin, Pan-Pot, Raxon, Clint Stewart, BLANCAh, além outros grandes artistas, projetando Foltz como o novo expoente brasileiro na cena techno mundial. Tamanha repercussão o qualificou para um segundo álbum: ‘Pineal Connection Remixes’, com releituras das faixas originais produzidos por artistas consagrados, variando entre diferentes vertentes do Techno, Minimal, Breakbeat e Eletctronica. Tal diversidade de gêneros presente neste trabalho evidencia ainda mais o alcance das faixais originais. O duo Binaryh em sua versão de ‘Pulsar’ combina brilhantemente camadas exuberantes de melodias com um rolling bass vibrante. Soundcloud: @prismatechno / @paulofoltz / @binaryh Curator: Enrico Cherbino Artwork: Kaio Batista Follow Us: @connectch