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  • trndmsk Podcast #63 - Victor Ruiz

    ♬ Click for more and download ☞ ⚡ Follow us on YouTube ☞ 🌃 Follow us on Spotify ☞ Music is something you have to experience. It touches you in the most intimate way. And that’s what music is to @victorruiz: the strongest form of art. With a Rock ’n’ Roll background, is no mystery that Victor has a unique sound. For some years now he has been known for his high end quality of productions, which has made him a stablished artist in the Techno scene. (...) And today the Brazilian producer mixed trndmsk Podcast #63. Victor, what can we look forward to in the next few minutes? Victor Ruiz: A proper Techno mix with some of my new stuff and some another powerful tunes.

 When did you record the set? What surrounded you at the time? This was recorded at Sea You Festival and it was one of the best gigs of the year for me. Such a beautiful atmosphere and energy from the crowd.

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  • BgH/MadSkillz\SPK/BSC\- ! 1v1 VinyL Rumble !
    Schmidi -BgH-

    1 Scheim auf die nächste- jede Plottn a Herausforderung - sunsd wads yo fad :D -BGH (Bghlex, Schmidi) -SPK (sodomize) -Mad Skillz (1Down) -BSC (Pico, Loco) ------>>> zaaanglarei vom feinsten ! Danke Leid, lustig woas! :D

  • Remco Beekwilder - Blurring The Lights

    Remco Beekwilder continues with his Blurring The Lights EP on EMERALD. A fair warning for those out there with love for nostalgic non-traditional cuts. Limited available high quality (140gm black 12") vinyl copy of EMERALD 006. Comes with additional stickers! A1. Blurring The Lights A2. Galaxy 1882 B1. Uganda Streets B2. A Ruffneck's Child B3. Fair Warning All tracks written and produced by Remco Beekwilder Artwork by Mate Pavic Cat. EMERALD006 – All rights reserved © EMERALD 2019

  • Yowii - It's Not So Bad

    Free Download

  • Port 2k - Black Rain (Original Mix) [Maniacal]

    Stream & Download: Donation Campaign: Title: Anomal Type: Single Catalog #: CAT322047 UPC Code: 193872519845 Release Date: 2019-08-12 Pre-Order Date: None Number of Tracks: 2 Primary Artist: Port 2k Primary Genre: Electronic Secondary Genre: Hardcore / Hard Techno Explicit Content: No Record Label: Maniacal Copyright ©: 2019 Maniacal Publisher ℗: 2019 Maniacal

  • Premiere: OutpostLive - Sacri Misteri (Ness Version)
    Orb Mag

    Full stream of Ness version of "Sacri Misteri," taken from OutpostLive's forthcoming EP on Lykos Records, out August 26. Pre-order: @lykosrecords @outpostlive @ness

  • Voyage Stekllaire
    UTK (aka Ulystek)

    160bPm E N'hésitez pas a faire tourner si ça vous a plus :)

  • Champas @ 3 Jahre Endzeit // 17.08.2019 // MS Connexion Complex Mannheim
  • DesertF!sh - Sun Rise of the Ethereal AfterHours LiveSet
  • BallerBengel @ PLATTENBUNKER Banging Bonn - 16.08.2019

    Leider sind die ersten 2 Minuten verloren gegangen.. :D Es war auf jeden Fall eine Energiegeladene Nacht mit einem richtig geilen Publikum. Das hat ordentlich Bock gemacht! Danke für die fette Nacht an alle!

  • Felix Kröcher Radioshow - Episode 207
    Felix Kroecher
  • Ixindamix @ Tropen Tango - DJ Set

    My Dj mix at the most excellent Tropen Tango Festival.

  • PREMIERE : Depaart - Krad (Original Mix) [MONO NOISE]
    Sweet Musique

    - Sweet Musique | Digging the best Melodic House & Techno since 2014 - Follow us on Youtube : ➤ Youtube : ➤ Instagram: ➤ Website: ➤ Facebook: ➤ Spotify : ➤ Soundcloud: @sweetmusique ➤ Submit your demo : ♫ About ♫
 THREE compiles the power of FOUR! We are continuing our FOUR series w/ Tony Casanova, Depaart, T.M.A, Lindahl feat. Craig Walker. Tony Casanova is opening the EP with his deep and base driven track 'User Name'. Hypnotic melodies, robotic vocals and wide pads are sending you into a long night. Second track comes from Madrid based producers Depaart. Their key element is an unpredictable arpeggiator supported by an uplifting baseline while followed by filtered vocal cuts. 'Woodpecker' is the work of Berlin based producer duo T.M.A! This track has so many great details which makes it hard to explain but for sure you will dance and smile. Track four of FOUR is from Lindahl feat. Craig Walker. They have delivered a serious late night hit called 'Soul Sick'. Dark vocals, a pulsing baseline and a growling top line! BUY : ♫ Follow ♫

  • Rocko Garoni - MBF
    Second State

    BUY: Digital: 30th August 2019 Vinyl: 13rd September 2019 1: Rocko Garoni - Phobia 2: Rocko Garoni - Unify 3: Rocko Garoni - MBF 4: Rocko Garoni - MBF (Marco Bailey Remix) Rocko Garoni might be new to Second State, but he’s already made an indelible impression. If 2018’s Detection EP marked the respected Berlin DJ as a producer to watch, his sophomore Second State release confirms him as an electrifying new talent. Having made his mark on important clubs and festival stages across Germany and as far as the Netherlands, Israel and Brazil, Garoni has a well-trained ear for what works on the dancefloor. He deploys it to devastating effect on the Phobia EP. Kicking off the release, the title track is as atmospheric and menacing as its name suggests. A detached female vocal utters the titular word on repeat over a pulsing kick, while later, ravey bleeps shift the track into overdrive. ‘Unify’ is a rallying call that meshes a political voiceover with a hammering kick and pounding synths. At 132BPM it’s fast, furious and impossible to resist. ‘MBF’ is straight eyes-down techno, with another nefarious, monosyllabic vocal and a slowly building cacophony of elements designed to get lost in. On Marco Bailey’s remix, the Belgian veteran adds lashings of acid and wonky keys for a destabilizing alternative. Overall, Phobia is a four-weapon package destined to do some serious dancefloor damage. Make no mistake, Garoni has arrived. @rocko-garoni @marco-bailey @secondstateaudio

  • Camea live at Garbicz Festival 2019 (DJ set)

    Camea live at Garbicz Festival 2019 (DJ set)

  • AKousMaTT - Ghostopia

    °° The city of banned illusions. °° Acidcore tune, with plenty of other influences. 160BPM // homemade mastering // available for release. Play it LOUD, hope you'll enjoy!


    For Newa, when DJing, the emotional guidance she uses to locate the structure of her set is key. She builds something that has all the ingredients of classic techno and at the same time perfectly mirrors its present sound. She explores the low-level end of the bass-spectrum as well as cunningly introducing squelchy acid together with intense melodies. Newa’s techno is direct with an intense presence, yet never forceful or intrusive.

  • Club Mood Vibes Podcast #246: ROWA live @ Artlake Festival 2019
    Club Mood Vibes

    #246 of our podcast series by @djrowa with his live-cut from this years Artlake Festival @ Silicon Edge (Beach) Stage from 6:30 - 8:30! ➪ ➪ When Fabian received his first cassette tapes of Sven Väth, Underworld and the Wighnomy Brothers, at the age of 12 years, he immediately realized that even though he was unable to articulate what was going on, his feelings were strongly influenced by this music. Following these encounters he started fanatically collecting and listening to records, until he made his first trip to the Loveparade in Berlin in 2006. This experience left a lasting impression, and he realized that his connection to electronic music was stronger than ever before. A dream came true when Fabian founded Monopolar in 2015; friends became members of a closely-knit music community and acquaintances turned into friends. Next to organizing a variety of electronic music events in his hometown of Rudolstadt, Fabian also started DJing and through that set out on a journey of findings his own emotional style and sound. Strongly influenced by music, and the collaboration with close friends, Fabian at times also creates his own tracks, some of which were already released on Deepwithyou Recordings. He has now joined Traum Schallplatten with the track „Lunar“ onthe Tour De Traum series and releases his debut solo Ep „ Lava“ in January 2019 on Traum Schallplatten. Fabian uses his DJ sets to tell stories and to share events that occurred in his life with his audience, and he believes there is no better medium for him to articulate his thoughts and feelings. In doing so he gives free rein to the many genres and facets of Techno, allowing a free flow instead of clearly defining his style. From soft and melodic soundscapes, to subtle background details, and deep and heavy baselines, all these are part of Fabian’s musical story telling. Longstanding musical experience merges with a fine-tuned sensibility for expressing emotions to create an intriguing and sometimes mad entity that brings you spellbinding electronic music. ——————————————— 🎧 More Music in our Playlists on Spotify ⤵ 💥 Techno Mood: ⚡ Deep Mood: 💃 Groove Mood: 🌃 Soundtrack Mood: ⚡ Drum’n’Bass Mood:

  • 8daycast 230 - Sabura (DE)
    ∞ ♥

    Submit your track, mix for repost or premiere? ➩[email protected] Stream our Playlist on Spotify: ♩ ♪ ♫ ∞ ♥ Download this mix for free: 👉 ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ Follow the artist > @saburaa Bio: "His sound is a unique driving, impulsive and dark experience, that conduct the people into an euphoric state of mind. He is not only a Resident DJ at Waagenbau, Hamburg, he also shared his music around Europe and Asia. Also he released diverse club oriented tracks on labels such as Dunkelheit, Sweet Musique, Progressive Astronaut and was remixed by big names like Teenage Mutants, BoyNextDoor, BAAL and Yubik. Few Years into the scene, he started to create his own events with an overall thoughtful concept. Sabura’s authentic and full energetic rave style, represents his subcultural background. Not only the upcycled costume is worth to make a visit to his singular originated playgrounds. In the booth his skills do the talking, that also brought him to share the stage with names like Oliver Huntemann, Victor Ruiz, Pleasurekraft, Einmusika, Jay Lumen,M.A.N.D.Y, Lee Van Dowski, André Winter & many more." ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Stream our Playlist on Spotify: All 8day premieres: All 8day podcasts: All GrrreatCasts: All Free Download: Releases Out now on 8day's imprint!

  • The Suicide Box Rockers @ Nature One Festival 2019 (03.08.2019)
    The Suicide Box Rockers

    The recording from our show at the Acid Wars Bunker Stage at the 25th anniversary of Nature One Festival 2019. SBR x Acid Wars x Tekkfreakz