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  • BanDiKooT | SQUID
    Φ BanDiKooT Φ

    148 BPM Tekno Track ! Mastered by SHZ RECORDS : Wav on bandcamp

  • [Live - Mitschnitt] EdenHeimer @ Echelon Festival 2019
    Kerstin Eden

    EDENHEIMER DOUBLE TROUBLE This is a recording from our DJ Set recorded at Echelon Festival 2019. Just listen and tell us how you like it. Among all who share and comment we raffle a fan package from Edenheimer.

  • Present Perfect LIVE 02: Delta Funktionen b2b Shutta
    Roots United

    New bomb from PPF 2019 afterparty. Our close Dutch friend Delta Funktionen aka @radiomatrix went for first ever b2b with Roots United resident @shutta. 90 minutes of high class electro, techno and drum'n'bass. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  • Keflat 23 - Desert calling
    Keflat 23

    New track Tribe mental at 165 bpm! enjoy the travel :)

  • VELCRO - Mad System
  • A.D.H.S. | Closing 2nd Stage after Charlotte de Witte | Sonne Mond Sterne 2k19
    A.D.H.S. ( Official )

    Closing the Second Stage on Sunday Morning after Artists like Charlotte de Witte, ANNA, Marek Hemmann and Nina Kraviz felt a bit unreal.. Weeks before I was nervous af, but after the first two tracks I start to enjoy this amazing experience and just had one of the best gigs in my life! Thanks to the Stage crew for letting me play three more tracks, it was just the right mood to go overtime <3 Enjoy & Sharing is caring. Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Manni Dee With DJ AZF - 16 August 2019
    Rinse FM
    Rinse FM
  • Greg Gow - Dimension X
  • HaimKind Vs. Ill Patron Vs. Zahni @Zahni Bday Factory Magdeburg (part1)
    ZAHNI MusiX sup. by ill-patron
  • Dekmantel Podcast 243 - Volvox

    The last few years have seen Volvox rightfully come of age on the international scene. The self-styled “techno disciple” has been shaping and driving the Brooklyn underground ever since moving to NYC from Boston in 2011, but has been hosting events and laying down tough sets for more than a decade. A couple of residencies in that time have seen her push both an acid house sound and a harder techno outlook while she is now at home everywhere from De School to Berghain. In this searing 80 minute selection, Volvox tears through a range of electro sounds that race along with a high speed funk. Form punchy bass driven jams to visceral industrial and on to a sci-fi future, it’s a brilliantly widescreen but cohesive overview of a genre that is made for dancing.

  • Acid Division – The Fifth Element (Final Version)
    Acid Division
  • ANNA & KITTIN - Forever Ravers

    Pre-order here: “This music is about the euphoria we feel when we are on the dancefloor listening to our favourite song and we let it all go; our thoughts, our problems, our frustrations, and become one with the moment. It is about freedom, unity and acceptance that exists in our dance music community.” - ANNA For over 25 years, KOMPAKT strives to bring techno, house and everything in-between to the dance floors of generations that come from (or live) in the past, present, and future. Today, they proudly present an anthem that truly speaks to us in the spirit of what lead them to create their SPEICHER series. ANNA returns for her third round on SPEICHER following an incredible year of non-stop touring the globe, remixing JON HOPKINS and contributing to a recent AFTERLIFE compilation. KITTIN (formerly known as MISS KITTIN) needs no introduction - she is nothing short of a trailblazer in dance music history by contributing countless times through her voice, music and DJing. Together they are FOREVER RAVERS - dispatching a message of everlasting unity for the dance floor community. ANNA (@dj_anna) brings her most voracious production skills to date interwound with KITTIN (@misskittin) sounding at her best in an explosive consequence that we can only describe as being a must-hear Techno hymn. ANNA takes the original past the stratosphere with her RAVING IN SPACE MIX. Not to be misinterpreted as a dub version, ANNA keeps the potency of the original but expands the core instrumental elements that moves from suspension to release in a decisively throttling means. “Some time ago, ANNA who I never met in person, sent me a bomb. Keith Flint had just passed away and I felt the urge to celebrate, with ANNA, the empowerment and the freedom that rave culture offers all of us. FOREVER RAVERS was born. Thank you ANNA for this very special gift. More than ever, music must have a meaning, a message.” – Kittin “When I started to work on this track, I could not envision how it would turn out, I was just making it, bit by bit. After doing the first beats, I made the bassline using Reaktor. The sound and the sequence reminded me a bit of the old school stuff from The Hacker and David Carreta and the idea of inviting Kittin to do the vocals came to mind. She said she loved the track and she was gonna do the vocals and the result could not be better. I am a huuuge fan of hers going back many years and I have a lot of her records from when I started playing, right through to her recent productions. I remember when she went to Brazil about 15 years ago to play at one of the most loved clubs there at the time called Lov.e. I could not be there but I saw her on TV when she gave an interview on one of the country’s biggest channels. I vividly remember calling all my family to see it – I felt a huge admiration for her, her music, her style and everything about her. And I still do! I was a 17-year-old living in the Brazilian countryside at the time watching one of my idols on TV and could never have imagined that one day we would be doing a track together. Life is so unpredictable and this is a beautiful gift that music gave me.” - ANNA

  • ASR - Flakka 250 (Original Mix)
    AntiSocial Radical

    Title: Flakka 250 Artist: Antisocial Radical // ASR Genre: Uptempo/Flakkacore Tempo: 250BPM Version: Original Mix Follow Me:

  • KAIZER | POKKE HERRIE 2019 Warm Up Mix

    I DID IT!!!!! I won this years Pokke Herrie DJ Contest by Hardcore Germany and will be able to play live on the 14.September at the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen!! EPIC! Thanks for this by the way!!! <3 Check Out my Warm Up Mix especially for this Night, so you will hear that you better not miss my Set at the Newcomer Stage in a versus with Dj In_tok'S !! Make sure you will be there! xoxo THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!! __________________________ Tracklist: 1. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Re-Fuzz Bootleg) 2. Miss K8 - Magnet (Hatred Edit) 3. Unproven - Put The Record On 4. Mind Compressor - You Know 5. Hard Effectz - Freddys Coming 6. The Satan - Kicks Up 7. Repix - Keep It Raw 8. Basspunkz - Be The Boss 9. eDUB - STFU 10. Sandy Warez & The Freaky Bastard - Its A Revolution 11. Sjammienators & Basspunkz - Hands In The Air 12. Estasia - Queen Of The South 13. Hard Effectz & Trespassed - Beatdown 14. X.Killer - Te Quiero Puta 15. Insanity & Mind Compressor - Talking About Hardcore 16. Warmonger - Fuck This Party

  • Premiere: DYEN - Drop That [TMORVA001]

    @themeaningofrave delivers a 12 track VA of essential rave inspired techno cuts! We are happy to premiere one of MOTZ favourites Dyen with another explosive track. Release date 20.09

  • Reche & Recall vs Die Gebrüder Brett @ Sonne Mond Sterne Festival 2019 (SMS XXIII)
    Reche & Recall
    Sonne Mond Sterne 2019

    follow R&R >>>

  • Club Mood Vibes Podcast #247: Eliza Feliz
    Club Mood Vibes
    Melodic Techno

    #247 of our podcast series by @elisa-fe! ➪ An artist who brings passion and captivating charisma to the dancefloor, Eliza Feliz, now of Leipzig, is a wondrous DJ who has all the hallmarks of a fascinating performer. Her driving rhythms coupled with mesmerizing melodies and vocals are what make her sets so special. Since 2014 she's been mixing in various clubs around Germany. Her rooted love for dance music came during her 18th year when she'd dance the night away on dancefloors, like many of you'd be familar with. After a groundbreaking year for Eliza, having performed at various locations, including DISTILLERY Leipzig, Mauerpfeiffer Saarbrücken & Burg Schnabel Berlin. ——————————————— 🎧 More Music in our Playlists on Spotify ⤵ 💥 Techno Mood: ⚡ Deep Mood: 💃 Groove Mood: 🌃 Soundtrack Mood: ⚡ Drum’n’Bass Mood:


    MICHAEL KLEIN - YUZU EP - COR12166 A home grown product of the Frankfurt electronic scene, it’s only right that Michael Klein should find his way to Cocoon Recordings. After a string of releases on BLK DRP, Second State and Micro.fon, together with a DJ schedule that’s established him as a well known face on the European techno circuit, destiny has come knocking and the result is a two track EP that will blow the roof off even the most sturdy of clubs. Thunder clouds gather on “Yuzu“ - a full-on dose of headstrong, slamming techno. Rampant hi hats, a rasping bass and a frenzied acid riff conjure up a deliberately disorientating electric storm that takes a certain amount of pleasure in battering the dance floor like a force ten gale. Plastik snare rolls dominate the breakdowns and whip-crack percussion prolong the audio beatings being dished out on this ‘next generation’ acid-techno. Klein adds some extra bounce to the raw, pounding beats on “Eureka“, creating a cavernous backdrop that transports you back to the heyday of E-Werk. Then, it’s all aboard the night train as the sounds gradually morph into some kind of demonic locomotive, hissing and spitting out fire and smoke as it cuts a path through the darkness, hurtling full throttle into the abyss where atmospheric tempo changes to the main motif add an extra dimension of mayhem to proceedings. Warning! Like a surfer waiting for the seventh wave you either rise to the occasion, get on top of these tracks and ride them ecstatically to the shore or you’re gonna find yourself crushed by the relentless power and energy of Michael Klein’s music... and that’s just the way we like it.

  • [FREE DL] Reinier Zonneveld - Undertone (Steam Shape Remix)
    Steam Shape

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