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  • Naomi Hagelund - Newfound Freedom
    Arctic Entries

    Naomi is a born-and-raised Alaskan, passionate about writing, wine and bluegrass. She spends her days working in public relations at a non-profit, where she brings her dog, Whiskey, every day. She spends her weekends looking for live music to see or trails to hike.

  • Mental FM
    ARTE Radio

    Une femme se plante un micro dans le cerveau et enregistre tout ce qui s'y dit. Dans sa tête comme dans la nôtre, il y a mille radios branchées en permanence : doutes, angoisses, jugements, désirs, appétits, procrastination... Bienvenue sur Mental FM, la fréquence des voix dans nos têtes. Journaliste spécialiste des masculinités, Victoire Tuaillon anime chez Binge Audio le podcast "Les couilles sur la table", qui a remporté le prix du podcast de conversation au Paris Podcast Festival 2018. Elle signe là une fiction vive et drôle sur nos paniques intimes, que Charlotte Duran met en voix et Arnaud Forest en sons. Tous en choeur : "Bébé ! Bébé ! Bébé dedans !" Enregistrements : 25 janvier 18 - Texte : Victoire Tuaillon - Voix : Charlotte Duran - Réalisation et musique originale : Arnaud Forest - Illustration : Maïc Batmane

  • Agnès Varda: Keep Faith in Art
    The Kitchen Sisters

    While recording stories for The Keepers we had the honor and pleasure of interviewing French director Agnès Varda. We sought her out for our story Archive Fever: Henri Langlois and The Cinémathèque Française because she knew Langlois back in the day. We went to her home/production office in Paris—the apartment was filled with the scent of red peppers roasting. A bouquet of roses Martin Scorcese had given her upon receiving her Honorary Academy Award graced the table. Agnès talked about the Cinémathèque, but the interview veered off in other directions and became a kind of meditation on keeping, on cinema, on life. As her films have across the decades, she gave us much. “Agnès Varda: Keep Faith in Art” was produced by Selene Ross & The Kitchen Sisters. Mixed by Jim McKee.

  • Erynne DeVorre - Caught the Feels
    Arctic Entries

    Erynne is an almost lifelong Alaskan, minus a short stint in Maryland after college where she decided she didn’t like people as much as she thought she did and couldn’t live around millions of them. She’s a single mom of two kids and spends most of her time picking up stale goldfish from her car.

  • Héroïnes
    ARTE Radio

    Quelle est la place des femmes dans l’histoire de l'art ? Malgré les appels à davantage d’égalité, l’art reste un domaine résolument masculin. « Je voulais le monde et le monde alors appartenait aux hommes », disait Niki de Saint Phalle. Où sont les femmes dans les musées ? Je pars à leur recherche dans le Centre Pompidou. Je traverse un pan de l’histoire de l’art, du début du 20e siècle à nos jours, en plongeant dans les univers de Natalia Gontchrova, Niki de Saint Phalle, Annette Messager et Sadie Benning. Elles sont mes héroïnes. Leur audace, leur génie et leur volonté leur ont permis de s’imposer dans un monde qui ne leur était pas destiné. « Les minorités deviennent fortes quand elles se servent de leurs propres atouts sans essayer d’imiter ceux de la majorité» (Annette Messager). Cette "Museum Fiction" coproduite avec le Centre Pompidou est librement inspirée de ses collections. Enregistrements : octobre 18 - Interprètes : Laure Chatrefou, Chloé Assous-Plunian, Samuel Hirsch, Tatiana Zelenina, Sabine Zovighian, Lou Ciantar, Emma Broughton - Réalisation : Samuel Hirsch - Texte et voix : Laure Chatrefou - Coproduction : Centre Pompidou

  • Seeking a Savior (Pt. 1)
    Religion & Spirituality

    Sun AM (12/2/18)

  • Sofiane sur le Mike
    ARTE Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap

    "Il arrive à concilier les anciens avec les jeunes." L'équipe du Mike recommande la compil' de Sofiane "93 Empire" sorti en octobre 18, et qui regroupe 44 rappeurs sur 22 morceaux. Extrait de l'émission de critique rap "Le Mike et l'enclume (novembre 18)" sur Enregistrement : 25 octobre 18 - Réalisation : Charlie Marcelet - Animateur : Jérôme Larcin - Chroniqueurs : La Go, Labrax, Mike et Moe

  • Taylor DiBiasio - Who Says Cancer Treatment Can't Have a Blooper Reel?
    Arctic Entries

    While Taylor could very easily use this bio to endlessly list interesting facts about himself, he has instead decided to identify the Disney character that most accurately epitomizes his sparkling personality, supporting cast member mentality, and comedic wit. “He touched the butt.” – Tad, Finding Nemo

  • Hache-P sur le Mike
    ARTE Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap

    "La rythmique, le flow, sa gimmick, il a tout compris." Les chroniqueurs du Mike sont contrastés sur l'album "Before" de Hache-P, ancien de la MZ, sorti en décembre 17. Extrait de l'émission de critique rap "Le Mike et l'enclume (février 18)" sur Enregistrement : 16 janvier 18 - Chroniqueurs : Lama, Labrax, Mike, Moe - Animateur : Jérôme Larcin - Réalisation : Charlie Marcelet

  • Jolene Campbell - Splitting from the Cycle
    Arctic Entries

    Jolene is a proud Alaskan Native and a self-made super woman. She wears many hats but her favorites are of a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. When she has free time she enjoys spending it with family, her numerous pets, and reading.

  • Nevaeh Miller - Another Alaskan Statistic
    Arctic Entries

    Nevaeh Miller is a gregarious cat and dog loving Hispanic female. First in her bloodline to graduate high school and college with an Associate’s in Automotive Technology from the University of Anchorage Alaska.

  • E.J.R. David - Why Are You Here?
    Arctic Entries

    E.J.R. David is a father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. He enjoys writing and talking, especially if the writing and the talking will get him into necessary trouble. Other than this, his main duty is to drive his family to their basketball games, swimming lessons, and midwifery gatherings.

  • Marie Acemah - My Awkward Phase with Anchorage
    Arctic Entries

    Marie is a mama of two, an educator, a traveller, and a story-midwife. She runs See Stories (, an organization that engages youth throughout Alaska in creating documentary films that share vital community stories. Two truths and a lie: she once busked as a fire dancer in Italy, she has shaved her head seven times, and her greatest ambition is to engage in space tourism.

  • The Cut
    Snap Judgment

    When the man in charge of a small, insular northern Ohio town wreaks havoc on his followers, a young boy with a passion for good hair trys to clean up the mess Producer: Shaina Shealy Original Score: Leon Morimoto

  • HBM106: Beautiful Stories about Dead Animals (part 2)
    Here Be Monsters

    Personal stories of animal death and the bodies they leave behind, as told by writer Kryssanne Adams. [[FULL DESCRIPTION AT]]

  • Live Sounds Sick Wish November 30, 2018
    Radio Boise
    New Wave

    Boise, Idaho band Sick Wish previews new music from their sophomore album "but you love electricity" the day prior to their album release show at The Shredder. Hosted by Daniel "Kid" Yoshida of Country Jesus.

  • Afl. 176 Rivalen: Rogier Jacobs
    Echt Gebeurd

    Rogier Jacobs wil dichter worden en doet mee aan een poetry slam. Net als zijn alter ego.

  • Truth and Consequences with A.M. Homes and T.C. Boyle
    Selected Shorts
  • Interview With Klaus Fluoride of the Dead Kennedys October 8, 2018
    Radio Boise

    DJ Sage of Radio Boise's Smoke and Mirrors and Ken Harris of Shades of Blues interview legendary Dead Kennedys' Bassist Klaus Fluoride about the early days in Detroit and Boston, new punk, having a eclectic record collection, the power of community and radio, radio, radio.

  • GBA 349 Louise Fazackerley
    Getting Better Acquainted

    In GBA 349 we get better acquainted with Louise. She talks about the round about route her life has taken between when we met at university and now, finding her way to poetry, writing and teaching, her relationship with Wigan where she has lived most of her life, her new music projects, coming back to dance after years away, being a self employed person working in the arts and so much more. Also at the end of today’s episode, after the conversation is over, I repeat the announcement about how Getting Better Acquainted going on a hiatus after episode 350. And also between now and the Christmas Special. Louise plugs: 1st Dec Liverpool Cinema For All event: Louise on twitter: wordWITCH on twitter: Nymphs and Thugs: Love is a Battlefield: Bird St: I plug: My recent writing about consent and gender: Mansplaining Masculinity: The Book What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity: Down to a sunless sea: memories of my dad: New piece: The Family Tree: Patreon: We mention: Ludus Dance: Stand Up Tragedy: Louise at SUT: White Poppy: Mike Garry: New Voices Award BBC Radio 3: Ian McMillan: The Verb: George Orwell: Road to Wigan Pier: Northern Soul: Would they wear it in wigan? Burning Eye: John Cooper Clarke: Toria Garber: Luke Wright: Clare Ferguson-Walker: Kendal Calling: Kate Tempest: Sleaford Mods: Joy Division: Tom Waits: Bob Dylan: Nico: Die Antwood: The Streets: Depeche Mode: Slummy Eve: Travis Alabanza: Oranges are not the only fruit: Help more people get better acquainted. If you like what you hear why not write an iTunes review? Follow @GBApodcast on Twitter. Like Getting Better Acquainted on facebook. Tell your friends. Spread the word!