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  • #107 Hamburg – tegel, tidvatten och trycksvärta
    Staden Podcast

    Hamburg. En upplysningens uppstudsiga stad, frihandelns våghalsiga och naturens allvarliga. En stad formad av tegel, tidvatten och trycksvärta.

  • The Boy On The Beach - #1016 The Real World
    Snap Judgment

    The story behind the photo of the Syrian Refugee boy who died while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Katie Leavitt takes to the Snap stage to share the story of a job that’s impossible to feel good about, and Snap spotlights the Seven Minute Stories podcast.

  • Lost in Europe
    ARTE Radio
    Actualités & politique

    Dans le bureau de vote de son quartier de Lyon, Livo rencontre des familles d'écoliers-réfugiés hébergées dans le gymnase par les profs et les parents d'élèves. Après les résultats des élections européennes, il se souvient des frontières de son enfance, traversées pour voir sa famille de l'Est, et les compare avec celles franchies par l'un des occupants de "l'ancien collège Maurice-Sève" squatté par 200 migrants. Dépêche !, le podcast qui traverse l'actualité. À retrouver aussi sur la chaîne YouTube ARTE Radio. Enregistrements : 23, 26, 27 mai 19 - Mix : Charlie Marcelet - Réalisation : Olivier Minot

  • Isabella: The New Normal
    Soundings from Stanford

    Class projects

  • Afl. 201 Dieren: Janine Wats
    Echt Gebeurd

    In een plantenbak op het Amsterdamse dakterras van Janine Wats besluit een moedereend vijftien eieren te gaan uitbroeden.

  • HBM120: Own Worst Interest
    Here Be Monsters

    Should you have the right to hasten your own execution? [[FULL DESCRIPTION AND PHOTOS AT]]

  • 7 Minute Stories "Yellow Bird" - #1016 Real World
    Snap Judgment

    The story behind the photo of the Syrian refugee boy who died while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Katie Leavitt takes to the Snap stage to share the story of a job that’s impossible to feel good about, and Snap spotlights the Seven Minute Stories podcast.

  • Wildcard: Charnae McDonald, "We Met Online"
    All Y'all Podcast

    Sometimes, we get the impression that folks are embarrassed to say “we met online” when they’re unspooling the backstory of their love affair. As if “online” means anything at all, really, in the age of Fitbit and Alexa. The average person has no reason to be embarrassed about having met their boo through an app or dating site. That’s just how we meet one another these days. But Charnae McDonald’s story, a modern love story filled with catfishing and coincidences, isn’t exactly average.              A note about "Wildcard" stories Wildcard stories like Charnae's are told by storytellers who have no advanced warning that they are about to be called onstage to tell a story. The only opportunity to prepare that is given to these storytellers is the time that it takes for them to walk to the stage. Mark Your Calendars Our next event is on the books. Join us on July 26, 2019 beginning at 7:30PM for our next Wildcard live storytelling event at RSVP Event Space. Tickets are now available – come join us! Please Support Our Sponsors We have wonderful sponsors in Marilynn’s Place and Maccentric. Please help us thank them for their patronage by doing business with them whenever you need someone to feed you a big-ass po’ boy or fix your Apple products. Do you have a story that you’d like to tell at an All Y’all live storytelling event? Call us at (318) 582-0665 and leave a message about your story, as well as your contact information, and we’ll be in touch! Like All Y’all on Facebook: Follow All Y’all on Twitter: Follow on Instagram:

  • Make ‘Em Laugh: A Celebration of James Thurber
    Selected Shorts
  • Katie Leavitt Live "The Bottle" - #1016 Real World
    Snap Judgment

    Katie Leavitt takes to the Snap stage to share the compelling story of a job that’s impossible to feel good about. Music by Bell's Atlas

  • I Am Because I Am: The Expansion of Gender Identity
    Making Contact
    News & Politics

    Like this program? Please show us the love. Click here and support our non-profit journalism. Thanks! I Am Because I Am, explores the expansion of gender identity and presumed roles in our society. A look beyond the socially constructed ideas of what is male, female, masculine or feminine. Especially considering Trump’s administration attempts to redefine gender to be solely based on a person’s genitalia at birth. Thus potentially threatening Transgender, Intersex and Non-Binary Identity. In this show we’ll ask the questions, what does it mean when individuals challenge specific societal expectations of gender? In the case of intersex individuals, how are these ideas of gender challenged? In the spectrum of "queer identity" how does one embody masculinity, femininity, or neither? And how are communities responding to the potential threat of erasure?

  • Devon: what we talk about when we're not talking about climate change
    Soundings from Stanford

    Class projects

  • William H. Bynum III
    Arctic Entries
  • Audrey Miller
    Arctic Entries
  • Vivian Melde
    Arctic Entries
  • Brooks Banker
    Arctic Entries
  • Amy Malouf
    Arctic Entries
  • Chivonne Battle: There Has to Be More
    The Story Collider

    After finding out her uterus never developed, scientist Chivonne Battle searches for an alternative way to become a mother. Chivonne Battle is a VT graduate student with a B.S. in Material Science & Engineering (VT, ’05), ultimately in pursuit of a Planning, Governance, & Globalization Ph.D. Her career is based in engineering, however, growing up unexposed and embedded in the cyclic behaviors resulting from poverty, lives in her heart. Chivonne’s life changed when she connected her background to the social engineering world, in hopes of tackling the physiological and psychological impact of socio-economic despair. On this team, she seeks and unveils truth in working with communities/local governments with infrastructural concerns; while journeying on to reverse the effects of poverty. This story originally aired on The Story Collider’s podcast on May 31, 2019, in an episode titled “Plan B: Stories about people needing a backup plan”. Find the transcript and other information here:

  • Women's Roles
    Selected Shorts
  • #167 - S. Song 10: ...Is My Enemy's Enemy, No More, No Less
    The History of China

    With enemies on all sides, and the Mongol sledgehammer poised to strike its crushing blow against them, the Jin Dynasty seeks an out by plunging southward, only to find that the Song defenses have become the anvil on which they rest. Exhausted, they’ll seek peace at any cost… but will it be enough to save the tatters of their empire? Time Period Covered: 1217-1225 CE Major Historical Figures: Song: Emperor Ningzong (Zhao Kuo) [r. 1194-1224] Emperor Lizong (Zhao Yun) [r. 1224-1264] Empress Yang [1162-1232] Chancellor Shi Miyuan [1164-1233] Crown Prince Zhao Xun [1194-1220] Prince Zhao Hong [1207-1225] General Zhao Fang An Bing, Commandant of Sichuan Jin: Emperor Xuanzong (Wudubu/Wanyan Xun) [r. 1213-1224] Emperor Aizong (Ningjiasu/ Wanyan Shouxu) [r.1224-1234] Mongol: Genghis Khan (Temüjin) [r. 1206-1227] General Mukhali [1170-1223]