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  • Life On Easy Street
    Snap Judgment

    A musician writes a song so catchy, it takes over the world...then he finds out it's become a weapon. "Easy Street" turned into something it was never meant to be. This story contains explicit language, sensitive listeners are advised. A big thanks to Joe Sivick & producer Deena Prichep Producer: John Fecile Original Score: Renzo Gorrio Season 10 Episode 21

  • "Rest" by Laura Cronk

    I wish I was a priest. I wish I wore buffalo horns and an ivory orb as a mitre on my head. High holidays and times of despair- what to do and more importantly what to wear decided, unyieldingly glam, form untraceable beneath the pooling blue. I wish I had that far off look, holding up a white flag to the crazed fertility coming between me and the great, pure ocean. ————————————– Laura Cronk called us from New York, NY. Previously appeared in Big Other: SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • "Forgiveness" by Chelsea Bunn

    Outside my therapist’s office, three men are planting ferns, pruning bushes, cutting back the tangled vines that twine across the building’s bricks, covering them in green, and when I reach the door one of them has risen, and nods his head, and it seems a nod that verges on pity, as if he’s seeing into the room I’ll enter to empty myself of grief and wants to offer one gesture before turning back to the roses, a projection I should share but never will. Inside, I settle in the chair across from her, the woman I see each week despite my fear of being seen. Have you thought over, she asks, what we talked about last time? She’s trying to get me to forgive myself. She wants to free me of the song I play over and over in my mind, which governs every part of me: nerves, veins, fingers, ego. I sing myself my sins: Clear, dry gin. The man I loved (my roving heart). The fringes that I occupied. My father in his hospital bed and I too late. What severing it must take to let this go. And now she says, moving a little closer to the edge of her chair, really seeing me, or wanting to, I had a patient once, in a place far from here, who, in the impenetrable fog of her disorders, and guided by some sick version of herself, killed her three little sons. And when she came to see me, after the fever of her sin had burned the memory to fine dust, she didn’t even know what she had done. And I had to decide—do I tell her what she did? And now an ambulance goes by outside. I follow the noise of its thin siren dragging itself down the street until it’s gone, and those men, I suppose, are finishing their work, satisfied by having given life to that garden, and the garden, content in being tended to, everything green and free to bloom. She says: I didn’t tell her. ————————————– Chelsea Bunn called us from Albuquerque, NM. Previously appeared in The Big Windows Review: SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • "Raspberry Picking" by C.M. Crockford

    That taste of sour-red-sweet as seeds stick to teeth: sun hazes over naked legs. You eat more, flush, the ripe burst ————————————– C.M. Crockford called us from Philadelphia, PA. SUPPORT US ON PATREON:

  • Hawaii: A Voice For Sovereignty
    Making Contact
    News & Politics

    Like this program? Please show us the love. Click here and support our non-profit journalism. Thanks! Some call it “Paradise”, but Hawaii isn’t just a tourist getaway. Look beyond the resorts, and you’ll find a history of opposition to US occupation. From sacred sites, to indigenous language, Hawaiians are fighting hard to protect their traditions, and their future. On this edition we hear excerpts from the 2012 film by Catherine Bauknight “Hawaii: A Voice for Sovereignty,” which explores the history of Hawaii - from the beginning of the US occupation up to statehood and the present day.

  • The Little Boxer
    Snap Judgment

    It's the 1950s in San Francisco. After getting beat one time too many, little Gus Lee decides to fight back. A big thanks to Gus Lee. This story comes from his novel, “China Boy,” based on his childhood. Lee is a courage-based leadership trainer and consultant. He’s now completing his eighth book, "Courage Is a Verb." Producer: Liz Mak Original Score: Renzo Gorrio Season 10 Episode 21

  • Salomé

    A dark Biblical tale of hubris, lust, and self-destruction, written in the inimitable voice of Oscar Wilde. The beautiful Salomé is King Herod’s stepdaughter, who helps her mother Herodias exact a gruesome revenge on the prophet John the Baptist. Wilde originally wrote this powerful one-act tragedy in French, and the play was so controversial that no theatre in England would produce it for nearly four decades. Recorded in Los Angeles before a live audience at the UCLA James Bridges Theater in January 2014. Directed by Michael Hackett Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg James Marsters as Iokanaan Kate Steele as Salomé John Vickery as Herrod Rosalind Ayres as Herodias Matthew Wolf as A Cappadocian/Page of Herodias/Various André Sogliuzzo as The Young Syrian/Tigellinus/Various Associate Producer, Anna Lyse Erikson. Sound Designer, Recording and Mixing Engineer, Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Senior Radio Producer, Myke Weiskopf. Stage manager, Megan McGrory. Editor, Wes Dewberry. Music performed by Djivan Gasparyan and Lian Ensemble.

  • Oedipus The King

    Written by Sophocles, "Oedipus the King" is one of the first and greatest of all Greek tragedies. Harry Lennix stars as Oedipus, the king who unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother. Translated by Nicholas Rudall. Recorded before a live audience at The Getty Center, Los Angeles in December 2003. Directed by Nicholas Rudall Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg Spencer Garrett as Shepard/Chorus Francis Guinan as Messenger/Chorus Gregory Itzin as Creon Charles Kimbrough as Priest Of Zeus/Chorus Harry Lennix as Oedipus Rod McLachlan as Second Messenger/Chorus Carolyn Seymour as Jocasta W. Morgan Sheppard as Tiresias/Chorus

  • Afl. 210 Hier ver vandaan: Dorothée de Rooy
    Echt Gebeurd

    Dorothée de Rooy gaat tien dagen aan zichzelf werken op Bali. 'Ik kan het iedereen aanraden. Mits in leuk gezelschap.'

  • Abortion Diary Entry 167: Leah Coplon, MPH, RN
    The Abortion Diary

    "We care so much about our communities and the folks we serve." In this episode, Leah Coplon talks about her path to becoming an abortion care provider, how abortion fits into the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health care, what it's really like in the clinic, and what it means to connect with other independent abortion care providers. This episode was made in collaboration with Abortion Care Network (ACN) and was recorded at their 2019 annual conference. ACN is a nonprofit membership organization for independent abortion clinics. Independent clinics — like Maine Family Planning, where Leah Coplon works — provide the majority of abortion care in the U.S. ACN provides the staff of those clinics with support, training, and resources. Leah Coplon MPH, RN is the Program Director at Maine Family Planning, overseeing abortion care and strategizing for innovative ways of reaching rural patients to increase access to abortion, contraception, and transgender health services. Leah worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nursing at the University of New England. She has practiced full-scope midwifery, worked as a labor and delivery nurse, and has been in the field of reproductive health for over 25 years. Leah received a BA in sociology/anthropology from Carleton College and her BSN from the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, she holds a Master of Science from Philadelphia University and a Master of Public Health from the University of New England and is board certified as a Nurse Midwife with the American College of Nurse Midwives.

  • Season 9 Announcements

    Announcements for Season 9 of This Is Actually Happening. Includes updates on the release schedule, the new This is Actually Happening store, and more. If you'd like to submit a design for a This Is Actually Happening t-shirt or poster, send your artwork to [email protected]

  • #171 - Mongol 10.1: The Succession
    The History of China

    Genghis Khan is old, wracked by pain in his body and heart, and in spite of his best efforts, has come to accept there is one foe he cannot defeat: mortality itself. Thus, even before setting out on his campaign against the Khwarazmian Empire, he will assemble his four sons and together reach a fateful decision - who among them will rule when Genghis is gone? Note: This is part 1 of the 2-part conclusion to the life of Genghis Khan, with the conclusion available to subscribers! Time Period Covered: 1220-1227 CE Major Historical Figures: Genghis Khan [Temüjin] (1162-1227) Börte Khatun (c.1161-c.1130) Jochi (1181-1226) Chagatai Khan (1183-1242) Ögedei Khan (c.1186-1241) Tolui (c.1191-1232)

  • Beatmakers S2 (7/10) : Evil Grimace
    ARTE Radio

    Désormais, tout est permis : on peut être fan du label néerlandais de techno hardcore Thunderdome et apprécier l’énergie du rap le plus provoquant, celui de LIM par exemple. En mélangeant le gabber (une forme particulièrement tapageuse de techno batave) et des a cappella rap français, Evil Grimace a créé un genre baptisé « Frapcore » : des punchlines scandées a tue-tête, des basses d’une violence foudroyante, et l’acharnement des drums comme des claques dans la gueule à répétition… Il dissèque ici son hymne des free partys, le morceau emblématique et générationnel « 3 Litres ». La chaîne YouTube et le SoundCloud d'Evil Grimace. Le SoundCloud de Casual Gabberz. Autres extraits dans l’épisode : - Jebroer (Prod. by Paul Elstak & Dr.Phunk) : « Kind Van De Duivel » - Wu-Tang Clan : « Protect Your Neck » - Evil Grimace : « Pour mes gens » (remix de « That's my people » de NTM, avec un sample du Préludes op.28 N.4 de Chopin) - Goth Von Core : « Helplessness » Dans cette deuxième saison, dix nouveaux producteurs français (King Doudou, Laurent Garnier, Trackbastardz, Don Nodey...) racontent le « making of » de leur plus grand tube. En partenariat avec Enregistrements : 2018 - Auteurs : David Commeillas, Samuel Hirsch - Réalisation : Samuel Hirsch - Illustration : Marine Stéphan

  • Someone’s Listening
    Selected Shorts

    On Being's Krista Tippett hosts SELECTED SHORTS this week, presenting works that look at issues of art and faith. "The Doctor and The Rabbi" argue about the efficacy of prayer in Aimee Bender's story, read by Ellen Burstyn. Thriller writer Elmore Leonard has some fun with the "hail Mary" football pass in "Spirituality, with or Without a Prayer," read by Julie White. The title says it all in Jenny Hollowell's "The History of Everything Including You," read by Kyra Sedgwick, and Tracy K. Smith reads poems by Carl Dennis and Pablo Neruda.

  • Wholesale-Master_v2

    A crippled starship outside Jupiter. A colony emergency room in chaos. An unknown place of violence and horror. This is the day that Clay Orts will awake to find himself trapped in three dangerous realities, unsure of the truth of his existence. As humanity battles to outlive its own extinction, one man sets out on a desperate quest to save the woman he loves, only to find himself caught between wildly different, and deadly, worlds. With just his implanted AI for company, no matter what happens, whatever horror he faces… Clay must get to Europa. Warning. Ex-6. This Is Record 25567.

  • Haunted: Cristal Willcox, "Cat People"
    All Y'all Podcast

    You can tell a lot about someone from the way they treat the animals in their lives. When storyteller Cristal Willcox's beloved cat Kashmir passed away, her friends gathered for the kind of midnight funeral that could only take place in Louisiana. In another time and place, storyteller Randall Ross embarks on a lovelorn holiday acid trip during which a talking feline encourages him to commit cat burglary. It's a weird episode. All Y’all Live: Going Through It on Saturday, Sept. 28 The next All Y’all live storytelling event, Going Through It, will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 28 at LSU Shreveport’s beautiful University Center Auditorium. For our sixth annual Fidnto Award fundraiser event, we’re currently seeking true stories of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, beating the odds, and going the distance. There’ll be a cash bar and live musical interludes. All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit mental health support services for under-served communities in and around Shreveport. Purchase tickets at Our Sponsors Are Freaking Great Seriously, how lucky are we to be sponsored by an incredibly good po' boy shop (Marilynn's Place) and the most trusted Mac service shop in town (Maccentric)? Can you imagine if, instead of talking about two badass, locally owned businesses, we were hawking That would be awful. Please support our sponsors.

  • Beatmakers S2 (8/10) : Myth Syzer
    ARTE Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Le rap est devenu la nouvelle pop music, Myth Syzer élabore des beats acidulés et synthétiques comme des bonbons Haribo. Pour la série Beatmakers, il fait d’abord l'inventaire de ses influences 90’s, du R&B de R.Kelly au boom-bap de J. Dilla qui lui a inspiré son nom. Il décompose les pistes de son fameux single « Le Code », le premier track ou il assume pleinement de chanter au micro, mais aussi celui où il démontre vraiment que son rap est soluble dans une pop « à la Etienne Daho ». Muddy Monk, le rappeur Ichon et l’excentrique Bonnie Banane le rejoignent sur ce tube aussi doux qu'imparable. Du rap qui chante l’amour, avec glamour. Autres extraits de l’épisode : - Aaliyah : « At your best (You are love) » - Joke : « Kyoto » - Sade : « War of the Hearts » - Etienne Daho et Françoise Hardy: « Et si je m’en vais avant toi » Dans cette deuxième saison, dix nouveaux producteurs français (King Doudou, Laurent Garnier, Trackbastardz, Don Nodey...) racontent le « making of » de leur plus grand tube. En partenariat avec Enregistrements : 2018 - Auteurs : David Commeillas, Samuel Hirsch - Réalisation : Samuel Hirsch - Illustration : Marine Stéphan

  • Beatmakers S2 (6/10) : Isaac Delusion
    ARTE Radio

    Un demi-siècle après la naissance des Beatles, ça ressemble à quoi un groupe de pop ? Isaac Delusion assume leur démarche de beatmakers, avec un process de production qui tourne essentiellement autour des machines, Les Parisiens rejouent ici le scénario de leur premier succès, « Midnight sun », un titre inspiré par « Soul kitchen » des Doors, avec des chœurs mystiques façon chants grégoriens, et une mélodie de clavier Rhodes qui ouvre le morceau vers les étoiles. Autres extraits dans l’épisode : - Neil Young : « Old man » - Gang Starr : « Full clip » - Supertramp : « Goodbye stranger » - Tame impala : « Solitude is bliss » Dans cette deuxième saison, dix nouveaux producteurs français (King Doudou, Laurent Garnier, Trackbastardz, Don Nodey...) racontent le « making of » de leur plus grand tube. En partenariat avec Enregistrements : 2018 - Auteurs : David Commeillas, Samuel Hirsch- Réalisation : Samuel Hirsch - Illustration : Marine Stéphan

  • Lessons of Nagasaki
    Making Contact
    News & Politics

    Like this program? Please show us the love. Click here and support our non-profit journalism. Thanks! The US dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. Three days later, the small fishing city of Nagasaki also fell victim. On this edition, we hear the voices of the most deadly attacks the world had ever seen. We commemorate the anniversary of the bombings with excerpts from two documentaries: “Hiroshima Countdown” and “Nagasaki Journey.”

  • Loud Male Whisper "Oh Crap They're Back"