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  • Ezra Jay - Making a Difference
    Arctic Entries

    Ezra has spent many years flying small planes in various countries bringing public health services to remote and isolated villages. Now he’s building Greenstand, a platform that fights climate change and extreme poverty by using technology to employ people to plant and steward forests. If you see him on the street, he might be the guy with a mischievous grin and a perfect snowball.

  • Mandi Jay - My Greatest "Too Much" Moment
    Arctic Entries

    Raised on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies, Mandi spent her youth adventuring and fundraising with her local Boy Scout Troop 223. As a young adult, she moved around the state until finally she made a great leap of faith and for the price of a one-way ticket bought a new life. She now resides in Seward with her dog ‘the goodest boy’ Woodrow and her fat cat Buster Beans Keaton.


    Asteroids, as the dinosaurs found out, can have big effects on life on Earth.  Sixty-five million years ago, an asteroid crashed into the Yucatán. The impact caused apocalyptic tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Grit and ash blotted out the sun. It wiped out species that had roamed the Earth for millions of years. Yet asteroid hits also were critical to the origins of life on Earth. Asteroids may well have been the bringers of water, of carbon, even of amino acids — the building blocks of life. That’s a big reason why NASA is on a mission to Bennu. This asteroid is like an ancient fossil of our solar system — largely unchanged since the time the planets formed. In December, after a billion-mile journey, NASA’s Osiris-Rex mission arrives at Bennu. And, for the first time, a spacecraft will try to actually bring back an asteroid sample to Earth. On this episode of Orbital Path, Dr. Michelle Thaller sits down with Dr. Amy Simon — a senior scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and a key player on the Osiris-Rex mission. Michelle and Amy talk about the mission, Amy’s work to probe the origins of the solar system, and one other thing:  The remote chance that Bennu, someday, could collide with Earth. Orbital Path is produced by David Schulman.  Our editor is Andrea Mustain. Production oversight by John Barth and Genevieve Sponsler. Support for Orbital Path is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, enhancing public understanding of science, technology, and economic performance. For more about the show, visit

  • Rites of Passage: Stories from The Paris Review
    Selected Shorts
  • Michiyo Harper - The Taste of America
    Arctic Entries

    Michiyo has been living in Alaska for 32 years, and this is her home now. She feels lucky to live in Alaska. Being Japanese, she loves the “all you can eat salmon”, if she can catch it.

  • Elana Habib - My Soul Babe
    Arctic Entries

    Accused of being a workaholic and/or hustler, Elana works two jobs, one in public health where she attempts to prevent the negatives of using substances, and the other teaching students/being a student herself about public health promotion. When she’s not doing that, you’ll find her volunteering for various causes, Tindering, or being outside as much as possible. Her favorite quote is: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” by Oscar Wilde, a quote that continuously reminds her to seize the day.

  • Zoey Bigelow - The Best Love Story, Ever
    Arctic Entries

    Zoey skips when she is happy, which is most of the time. She’s also exceptionally skilled in the art of trying.

  • Afl. 177 Vechten of vluchten: Johnny Dkdan
    Echt Gebeurd

    De Syrische student tandheelkunde Johnny Dkdan heeft het geven van injecties alleen geoefend op sponzen. Dan breekt in Aleppo de oorlog uit.

  • Michael Eric Dyson on Trump Truth and Race
    Making Contact
    News & Politics

    Like this program? Please show us the love. Click here and support our non-profit journalism. Thanks! America’s unwillingness to assess the ugly truth about systemic inequality has created a perpetual sinkhole of denial. A reality that existed long before Trump’s presidency. It’s AMERICA’s Legacy. On this edition, we hear from Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, one of the nation’s most prominent public intellectuals, a frequent contributor to the New York Times, and an editor of The New Republic. Dr. Dyson recently penned, “What Truth Sounds Like: RFK, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America.” Today’s conversation with Professor Dyson explores race and truth in the age of Trump.

  • A look at politics and food - Yotam Ottolenghi

    Yotam Ottolenghi, Israeli-born chef and writer, at 5x15. He takes us on a fascinating journey into the formative experiences that have inspired the food he cooks. And, through a series of anecdotes, he explores the ways food and politics are linked. Having completed a Master's degree in philosophy and literature, he moved to London in 1997 to study at Le Cordon Bleu cookery school. He then went on to work as an assistant pastry chef at Capital, before working at Kensington Place, Launceston Place, Maison Blanc and Baker and Spice. In 2002, together with Samim Tamimi, he founded his own eponymous chain of restaurants and food shops, with branches in Notting Hill, Islington, Belgravia and Kensington. He is the author of three best-selling cookery books, and is interested in the relationship between food and politics, both in London and Jerusalem. Further restaurants include Nopi and Rovi. Books include: Simple, Plenty and Jerusalem. Recorded at The Tabernacle in London in May 2010. 5x15 brings together five outstanding individuals to tell of their lives, passions and inspirations. There are only two rules - no scripts and only 15 minutes each. Learn more about 5x15 events: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

  • Cut off (S7, E5) - 11/28/18 - FULL EPISODE + NEWSCAST
    Audio Files

    AudioFiles: Cut Off IN THIS EPISODE: 1. Living in a super-populated city can still make people feel socially isolated. Here's how some New Yorkers confront their experiences with urban loneliness. 2. Sleep paralysis is a condition where someone wakes up from a dream, but can’t move their body. It's a common experience for many –– we explore how and why it happens. With special guests... Newmark Graduate School of Journalism's very own library manager, Tinamarie Vella. Brooklyn-based electronic musician Keke Hunt performs live. Producer: Allie Weintraub Host: Rob Dozier Assistant Producer: Matt Cutler Music Producer: Ariama Long Digital Producer: Lea Ceasrine News Producer: Avi Scher Stories by Michael Rosenthal and Josh Christensen

  • Harvard Women Computers
    The Kitchen Sisters

    #KeeperoftheDay No. 36 "Hi Kitchen Sisters. My name is Lindsay Smith Zrull and I'm a curator of astronomical photographs here at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. We have over 500,000 glass plate photographs of the night sky that were taken between 1885 and 1992...But the thing that's the most amazing at least in my opinion is that during the late 1800s and early 1900s we had a team of women who studied these stars that were preserved on the glass and they made revolutionary discoveries in the field of astronomy. This team collectively was known as the Harvard Women Computers..."

  • Kery James sur le Mike
    ARTE Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap

    "Il est habité quand il chante, ses textes sont habités." Retour d'un ancien dans le Mike. Malgré quelques maladresses, les quatre chroniqueurs recommandent le dernier album de Kery James "J'rap encore" sorti en novembre 18. Extrait de l'émission de critique rap "Le Mike et l'enclume (décembre 18)" sur Enregistrement : 22 novembre 18 - Réalisation : Charlie Marcelet - Animateur : Jérôme Larcin - Chroniqueurs : La Go, Labrax, Mike et Moe

  • Lea Marie Løppenthin: "En ting, jeg aktivt bestemte var, at der skulle være en blæksprutte med."
    AKT1 Radiodrama

    Lea Marie Løppenthin: "En ting, jeg aktivt bestemte var, at der skulle være en blæksprutte med." I en serie på seks podcasts går vi bag om AKT1s hørespil. Her kan du møde kunstnerne og høre, hvad der egentlig går forud for en radioforestilling. Gæst: Lea Marie Løppenthin Vært: Niels Erling Teknik og klip: Clara Lindstrøm Gleerup

  • A Child’s-Eye View: Stories by John Irving
    Selected Shorts
  • 70 Million - Reform Activists and a New DA Find Common Ground
    Making Contact
    News & Politics

    Like this program? Please show us the love. Click here and support our non-profit journalism. Thanks! Activists in Houston were galvanized by events in Ferguson in 2014 following the death of Michael Brown. First, they took to the streets in protest. Then they started organizing. Not long after, they found a kindred spirit in the most unlikely person: a candidate for the DA office. 70 Million reporter, Ruxandra Guidi, chronicles how activists and reformers are succeeding in cutting the jail population, diverting drug arrests, and increasing accountability for local police.

  • Le mike et l'enclume (décembre 18)
    ARTE Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Le podcast mensuel de la culture rap. Émission enregistrée en public à FGO-Barbara (Paris 18). Chroniques albums : Vince Staples "FM!" (1'30) - Kery James "J'rap encore" (10'15) - Takeoff "The Last Rocket" (32'20) - Soolking "Fruit du démon" (41'25) - Anderson .Paak "Oxnard" (51'30) Lourd/Balourd : les 11 nouveaux tracks d'"Epilogue" d'Orelsan (6'50) - Hip Hop Symphonique 3 par le Mouv' (19') - le court métrage de Nas "NASIR - The Film" (23'05) - le retour de Rohff (29') - Booba quitte Ünkut (39'45) - Waka Flocka se retire du rap (50') Les recos du Mike : Heuss l'Enfoiré par Mike (8'25) - Lava La Rue "Letra" par La Go (21'15) - Smino "NOIR" par Labrax (37'10) - Freeze Corleone "Projet Blue Beam" par Moe (48'05) Trésor enfoui : les 20 ans de "Soul Survivor" de Pete Rock (24'40) Recos du public : 7 Jaws "Steam House" - Mick Jenkins "Pieces of a Man" - Norsacce Berlusconi 667 "Money d'échange" Envoyez vos recos à [email protected] La playlist du Mike et l’enclume - tous les morceaux dont on parle dans l'émission en entier - est disponible chaque mois sur Deezer et Spotify. Abonnez-vous au podcast du Mike et l’enclume sur l’appli podcast d’Apple, sur Deezer, sur Stitcher, sur SoundCloud, sur notre appli gratuite. Mettez des petites étoiles dans les yeux. Le mike est enregistré chaque mois en public au FGO-Barbara à la Goutte d'Or (Paris 18), prochain enregistrement le 06 décembre.

  • Cut Off (S7, E5) - 11/28/18 - FULL EPISODE
    Audio Files
  • Sleep Paralysis Part 1
    Audio Files

    What happens when you wake up from a dream, but can’t move your body? Here we listen to a personal + shared experience with sleep paralysis. Josh Christensen reports.

  • Two Part Harmony Billy Harvey
    Radio Boise

    A intimate sit down with musician Billy Harvey