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  • [Inverted Fate AU] Say Your Prayers, Punk! ~REDEMPTION REPRISE~

    [DO NOT REUPLOAD TO OTHER SITES!] Read IF at, find the full Crisis of Determination three-parter at IF tumblr: Patreon:

  • [Inverted Fate AU] Defiance For Your Friends

    [DO NOT REUPLOAD TO OTHER SITES.] @jimmythebassist for his contribution near the end with the Alphys section! :) Read Inverted Fate here:, and see the new chapter at: Special thanks to IF tumblr: IF askblog: My patreon:

  • The Boy From Agria Volos
    Richard Anthony Bean

    The opening track from the album Earth Follower. Written as a tribute to the greek composer Vangelis and featuring synths and orchestral sounds and vocals. Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Bandcamp - YouTube -

  • Rogue Earth – No More Sun
    Epic Mountain

    Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram or Youtube: ---- © All rights reserved by Epic Mountain. This song is exclusively composed for Kurzgesagt. Unauthorized downloading and using for any other purpose is not allowed.

  • Schepetkov feat. 2WEI - In Russia (в России | Polyushka Polye)

    Full film: "Polyushka Polye" Composed & re-arranged by Hermann Schepetkov // 2WEI Additional music by Thomas Muis // 2WEI Music supervised by Christoph Körner // 2WEI The music was specifically composed for this film and is based on an old Soviet song, written by Lev Knipper & Viktor Gussew

  • Garden's Village (Hollow Knight Fan Soundtrack)
    Hollow Knight

    Tried to make a song in the style of Hollow Knight's Soundtrack, a game that I particularly like.

  • [Undertale AU][An Asriel Battle Against a True Hero] For Everyone's Hopes and Dreams (V3)
    Battle Against a True Hero

    This can be for any au you want (Asriel as Undyne only), provided you give credit to original creator of the song. Please ask beforehand. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Leitmotives (In-order): -Hopes and Dreams/Once Upon a Time -Undertale -Your Best Friend/Finale -His Theme Image wonderfully drawn by:

  • Secession Studios - Queen Of The Damned (Epic Intense Emotional Orchestral)

    ➤ Follow: ✖ Facebook: ✖ Twitter: ✖ Website: ✖ Soundcloud: ✖ YouTube: ✖ Subscribe for more EPIC soundtrack content ✖ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ✖ Copyright Info © ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. ✔ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this.

  • Megalo Strike Back - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    Megalo Strike Back

    I made this a while back but I never got around to uploading it until now. Here it is tho!! Anyway, this is MSB, His Theme AND Megalovania (yes, megalovania) in the style of In the final/Grand Finale from Mario and Luigi's Bowser's Inside Story. However, I don't think it requires many brains to know that! Also here, check out the rip on TTGD if you wanna- Credits- Thumbnail Art by flagpolethreeup. Check out their Deviant Art page - Sources- In The Final by Yoko Shimomura - Megalo Strike Back by Toby Fox - His Theme by Toby Fox - and finally, Megalovania by Toby Fox - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is all, have a great day/evening :)! P.S - I just wanted to say, Thank You and Rest In Peace Alphadream. Mario & Luigi: Partner's in time holds a special place in my heart to this very day. I have the fondest memories of playing this game when I was a kid. To those who haven't played any of the Mario and Luigi RPGs, then please do!!

  • James The Red Engine's Theme (Series 3)
    S.A Music
    Incidential Music

    Ok, so here's a Proteus theme (sort of) after so long of not doing them. This theme has always interested me aswell as a lot of Series 3's score, the fact that Mike and Junior used themes from S1-2 with the Jupiter 6 and layered the Proteus instruments on top, still giving the new style of the show at the time some elements of where it began. Its a shame this concept discontinued after the 3rd Series except for Daisy's Theme in 'Bull's Eyes' but I imagine by Series 4, some of it would sound outdated.

  • Vista - Make A Wish - by Ivan Torrent
    Performance Samples

    Website: Soundcloud: @performancesamples Facebook:

  • Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes - Rise From The Shadows (Epic Intense Heroic Orchestral)

    ➤ Follow Really Slow Motion: ✖ Facebook: ✖ Twitter: ✖ Website: ✖ Soundcloud: ✖ YouTube: ➤ Follow Giant Apes: ✖ Facebook: ✖ Website: ✖ Subscribe for more EPIC soundtrack content ✖ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ✖ Copyright Info © ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. ✔ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this.

  • sonic.exe - . . .

    Originally Composed by Kyū Sawamura Remastered by @rumorweedofficial

  • Desires Are Already Memories
    A Winged Victory for the Sullen

    FOR PRESS INQUIRIES EU - [email protected] FOR PRESS INQUIRIES NA - [email protected] A Winged Victory for the Sullen, the collaboration between Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O'Halloran, are set to release new album ‘Invisible Cities’ on the 26th February 2021, the stunning score to the critically acclaimed theatre production directed by London Olympics ceremony video designer Leo Warner. Released on their own Artificial Pinearch Manufacturing label, the album comes as part of an agreement with A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s current label, Ninja Tune. Premiering to a sell-out audience in July 2019 at the Manchester International Festival, the duo was commissioned by Warner’s 59 Productions to score the music for the 90-minute multimedia theatrical stage show, adapted from Italo Calvino’s 1972 novel, ‘Invisible Cities’. Described by The Sunday Times as “a beautiful frenzy of movement”, it fuses theatre, music, dance, architectural design and visuals and brings to life a series of fantastical places and disparate worlds, centred on the tense relationship between Kublai Khan, the volatile head of a vast empire, and explorer Marco Polo. Originally conceived as a touring project, it’s last performance was in Brisbane, Australia before COVID-19 changed the world as we know it.

  • Extreme - Powerful and Enegetic Background Music For Videos (Free Download)
    Extreme Music

    Free Download Music: Extreme - is a powerful and energetic background music for videos, extreme sport videos, vlogs, gaming videos, game trailers, movie trailers, videogames, TV and radio shows, websites, social media, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Facebook, Instagram, for commercial projects and more. More Background Music For Videos (No Copyright Issues): ● Patreon: ● Fiverr: ► If your video received a Copyright Claim on YouTube from HAAWK: If you become my patron, I will remove claims from your videos. I will also add your channel to the HAAWK whitelist. Your videos will not receive copyright claims. You will be able to monetize your videos. You will also receive the music tracks that I created earlier for my patrons. Also, every month you will receive from 2-4 music tracks. More info and become my patron here: --------------------- About Music Track: Track Name: Extreme Music by AShamaluevMusic. ► Listen and download this music track via Patreon, iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Use on TikTok, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Google Play, Yandex Music, SoundCloud: ► LICENSE: ● If you need a license for your project, you can purchase it here: via AudioJungle. --------------- ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: ● SoundCloud: ● YouTube: ● Facebook: ● Instagram: ● Twitter: ● LinkedIn: ● VK: ● Telegram: ● Reddit: ● Discord: ● TikTok: ● My Website: ● My Patreon: ● My Fiverr: --------------- ►More Background Music Free Download: - For Videos - - For Films - - For Documentaries - - For Presentations - --------------- ► MORE SIMILAR MUSIC: ● EXTREME MUSIC - ● ENERGETIC MUSIC - ● ROCK MUSIC - ● GAMING MUSIC - -------------- FAQ: ► Can I use this music in my videos? ● Sure! If you become my patron, you can use this track in your videos. Your videos will not receive copyright claims. You will be able to monetize your videos. (Become my patron: -------------------- ► How do I remove the copyright claim from HAAWK? ● You need to become my patron: I will take the claims off your videos. I will also add your channel to the HAAWK whitelist. Your videos will not receive copyright infringement complaints. You will be able to monetize your videos. -------------------- ► How to credit you in my video? - Copy & Paste: Music: Extreme - AShamaluevMusic. Music Link: -------------------- ● If you have any problems or questions, you can write in the comments or write me a personal message. -------------- ► What you can find here: Royalty Free Music, Background Music, Instrumental Music, Background Music For Videos, Background Music For Extreme, Background Music For YouTube, Backgraund Music For Gaming Extreme Background Music, Powerful Background Music, Gaming Background Music, Energetic Background Music, Driving Background Music, Rock Background Music, --------------- Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months. Do not forget: Like, Share and Subscribe! Thanks For Listening!

  • Ninja Tracks - Dark Multiverse (Epic Intense Hybrid Orchestral)

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  • [Aftergore I] Boss Monster

    *Ah, a new face! *I am so happy to meet you. *I am Miss Toriel, the principal of this school. *It has always been my dream to enrich the minds and hearts of little ones just like you. *Are you here to enroll? In Aftergore I, Toriel takes the role of Asgore. However, she does not hide away in the castle for the whole adventure. You can find her at her very own school in Snowdin Town, where she's happy to see you! Surprised? Remember, her policy is to treat fallen humans not as enemies, but as friends! She wouldn't ever do anything to hurt you...right? Aftergore Discord:

  • Underverse 0.5 OST - Homecoming by NyxTheShield

    Underverse 0.5 OST - Homecoming is made by NyxTheShield, I in no way claim ownership of this music, all rights reserved to NyxTheShield. If requested that this is to be taken down, I will do so. I am only uploading this for people to listen to on SoundCloud, no profit is made off of any song uploaded to my profile unless the original owner grants permission. NyxTheShield: Art by Jael Peñaloza: Original video:

  • Even If It Means Death!
    CreepyPasta Reader

    One Piece Ost

    PRIZM█ - ideas excite me

    TRACK BY: @jaeden-niko-niko-ney Ariiiight, alriiiiiiight.... I lieDD. Bye for REAL this time! [ SOURCES ] - Hideki Naganuma - Vela-Nova (Hideki Naganuma) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable OST - Main Theme (Heavy Vocal Samples) Dunkaccino LMFAO ft. Lil Jon - Shots (Beverages) Persona 5 OST - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Funk) Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice (Beverages)