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  • Хьюго-фаталист. Артемий Троицкий подводит общий знаменатель
    Радио Свобода
    музыка на свободе

    Музыка на Свободе. 29 ноября, 2020. Австралийский рок-исполнитель Хьюго Рэйс. Рок-критик Артемий Троицкий считает Рэйса ничуть не менее талантливым исполнителем, чем его куда более знаменитый земляк Ник Кейв.

  • Redacted Tonight: A corrupt system, the CIA's Big Tech contracts, the pandemic from prison
    News & Politics

    The US electoral system won't allow the real power structure that holds up the US Empire to be voted out. Lee Camp reports on the allegedly corrupt establishment officials who Joe Biden is recommending for cabinet positions in his administration. The names we are seeing put forward have histories that shouldn't give progressive voters any relief after four years of Trump's administration. In “Taking the News from Behind” Camp exposes the CIA’s secretive multibillion dollar cloud computing contracts with some of the largest names in Big Tech. There are hundreds of left-wing policies and statutes that are already in US legal codes. In a new series The American Prospect has been pointing them out. These codes could be used to push action on the environment, healthcare, human rights, and all of the things that progressive voters have been hoping for without letting Congress get in the way. Anders Lee covers how Joe Biden probably won't be using them when president. Natalie McGill and Camp finish off the show with stories on the census, the pandemic from the perspective of incarcerated people, and more.

  • Gaúcha Serra - Capixaba - Gol do Juventude 1 X 0 Nautico - 28/11/2020

    Gaúcha Serra - Capixaba - Gol do Juventude 1 X 0 Nautico - 28/11/2020

  • Governor Cuomo Updates New Yorkers on State's COVID-19 Response, Makes an Announcement
    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

    November 30, 2020

  • Intervienen con discoteca "undeground" llena de personas en San Juan
    NotiUno 630

    El Director de Investigaciones del Departamento de Salud, Jesús Hernández, dijo en Normando en la Mañana que como parte de las intervenciones en que se llevaron a cabo negocios durante el fin de semana, personal de esa agencia se topó con una aglomeración excesiva de personas en varios comercios de la Calle San Sebastián en San Juan.

  • Correspondente Ipiranga 12H50 - 29/11/2020
  • Av1235: Joe Biden utser sina ministrar

    Ronie Berggren och Björn Norström samtalar om de personer som Joe Biden utvalat till ministrar i sin kommande presidentadministration. -------- STÖD AMERIKANSKA NYHETSANALYSER:

  • Culture Friday - Cancel Culture In Publishing
    WORLD Radio
  • The Advocacy of the Prophesied Global Socialist Belief System
    Endtime Ministries

    What does the World Economic Forums Great Reset, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Human induced global warming which leads to climate change have in common. The advocacy of the prophesied global socialist belief system. We expose these efforts on today’s edition of End of the Age!

  • Keiser Report: Thanksgiving 2020 with the Keisers

    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the greatest reasons to be thankful in an otherwise miserable year. They deliver a double serving of Stacy as they look at the major events of the year, as a new Renaissance dawns and the fiat dark ages ends, making way for a more enlightened time. But first... the TikTok mansion gulags must mark a peak in these end days of fiat empires of debt.

  • Two Covelo Men Face Charges Associated with Round Valley Kidnapping and Homicides
    KMUD News

    Round Valley residents Joseph Hoaglen and Samson Musselini Joaquin are both facing charges of kidnapping and assault with a weapon other than a firearm in connection to the kidnapping and subsequent deaths of Traci Bland and Kyle McCartney. KMUD's Matt LaFever brings you the details...

  • Смена власти в Республике Молдова
    Радио Свобода
    News & Politics

    Первые задачи и возможные шаги Майи Санду на посту президента Молдавии, Виталий Портников обсуждает с Оазу Нантоем, депутатом парламента Республики Молдова и Леонидом Литрой, старшим аналитиком Центра «Новая Европа». Ссылка на источник - Ссылка на Youtube -

  • Marcelo Medeiros Presidente Do Sport Clube Internacional - 25/11/2020
  • VOCM Openline - Wednesday November 25th
  • Giane Guerra Comenta Economia No Gaúcha + - 27/11/2020
  • What Is Truth? Making sense in a truth-challenged time
    The Daily Evolver
    News & Politics

    By Jeff Salzman Dr. Keith kicks off this episode with research showing that although virtually everybody lies, most people vastly prefer to tell the truth and believe other people are doing the same. But how do we as integralists make sense of competing truth claims, particularly from different sides in the culture war? How do the facts and logic of modernity stack up against the allure of premodern myth and story? And what are the effects to the body politic of the long-term diet of lies served up by our newly-certified Loser-in-Chief? “The Shrink and the Pundit” is my ongoing conversation with integral psychotherapist Dr. Keith Witt.

  • Вторая сторона катушки. Магнитиздат плюет на "Правду"
    Радио Свобода
    мифы и репутации

    Половодье бесконтрольных записей, стихийные доброхоты магнитиздата, классики подполья и другие сюжеты в беседе с Андреем Гавриловым из цикла "Алфавит инакомыслия".

  • Eyewitness News, Friday 27th November 2020

    The big news stories in this edition of the Eyewitness News are; Amidu responds to Nana Addo’s comments in letter accepting his resignation Recent survey result encouraging but I won’t be complacent – Akufo-Addo UG survey on 2020 election will amount to nothing – Hassan Agyariga Peki SHS PTA demands probe of headteacher over alleged sexual assault of student Survey by UG’s Political Science Department unrealistic – Sylvester Mensah UG’s Political Science Department survey bogus – Osofo Kyiri Abosom

  • Keiser Report: Bitcoin will take the place of gold

    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the biggest asset manager in the world, BlackRock, finally admitting that bitcoin will take the place of gold. They also discuss perfect price discovery. In the second half, Max interviews bitcoin miner, Marshall Long, about the possibility of a hash war between the US and China as the US Comptroller of the Currency warns about China dominating the space. They discuss the true rate of mining supremacy and what the future for the sector holds.

  • Monday Morning News - November 30, 2020
    WORLD Radio