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  • Laurence Fox: wokeness, white privilege and Question Time
    News & Politics

    The day after his explosive performance on Question Time, actor Laurence Fox joined Brendan O’Neill to discuss the woke world of Hollywood, the myth of white privilege, and the wisdom of ordinary people. Become a regular spiked donor:

  • Trump, Davos and Laurence Fox

    Impeachment, green capitalism and wokism. Brendan O’Neill, Freddy Gray, Tom Slater and Fraser Myers discuss. Become a regular donor:

  • Milo van der Schuur belde de hulpdiensten
  • "Militaires, koglweogo et policiers ne peuvent pas opérer sur le même terrain" (chef koglweogo)
    Radio Oméga

    "Les militaires, les koglweogo et les policiers ne peuvent pas opérer sur le même terrain. La mission des militaires est différente de celle des Koglwéogo. Nous protégeons les biens. En ce qui concerne la protection de la population, on doit confier cette mission aux hommes de tenue pour que nous soyons leur relais sur le terrain" a indiqué Nandzida Hamidou, chef Koglweogo. Il est l’invité de la rédaction. Interrogé par Sada Sanfo, l’invité donne sa lecture de la loi sur le recrutement de volontaires pour la défense de la patrie (VDP).

  • Studio bochum - 22/01/2020

    Pêşkêşkirin: Sîrwan Hec Berko

  • Media Dazzled by Chairman Schiff’s Oratorical ‘Virtuosos'
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 24, 2020. Visit: [01:00] Book Club Update (3 minutes) Last night was our second book club meeting for Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years. Visit to see what we covered in this latest meeting. [4:30] FBI Scandals and the Radical Left (29 minutes) Although the Democrats would have us believe the Carter Page warrants were legal, the FISA court announced just the opposite, revealing yet again the deep-seated scandals in the FBI. Caught in their web of lies, the liberal Democrats are exposing themselves for their true motive: destroy the president at all costs. [33:30] Hosea—God's Warning to Ephraim (17 minutes) God warns through the Prophet Hosea of the coming destruction of Britain. In this segment, I examine the road ahead for Britain now that it has severed ties with the EU. [51:00] E-mail Feedback (4 minutes)

  • Коронавирус из Китая - глобальная битва за жизнь. 2020 - 01 - 24
  • The Tropic of Torture, from Guantanamo to Washington
    Democracy Now!
    News & Politics

    Democracy Now! is a daily independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. Visit to watch and listen to the latest interviews, read through show transcripts, search the vast news archive or to make a donation to support our nonprofit news program. Livestream weekdays 8 a.m. ET. Follow Democracy Now! on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud and iTunes.

  • The Biblical Location of the Jewish Temples
    Endtime Ministries

    More and more people deny the Jewish Temples ever stood on the Temple Mount. These beliefs align with the International Community and seek to discredit the Bible. Which is why, on today’s edition of End of the Age, I will provide biblical proof The Temples were built on the temple Mount!

  • Another Jewish Holocaust is Coming
    Endtime Ministries

    World Leaders are in Israel to Mark 75 Years Since the Auschwitz Liberation—remembering the horrible Nazi holocaust that killed 6 million Jews. Jews say, “Never again.” But the prophecies of the Bible tell us that another Jewish holocaust is coming. We will discuss the prophecy on this edition of End of the Age!

  • Sputnik Orbiting the World: Davos explained and Iran the enigma
    News & Politics

    It costs half a million pounds a year to be a member of the World Economic Forum. From Tony Blair to Donald Trump, the richest and most powerful people within the pale of the prevailing orthodoxy, have gathered to save the planet, so long as it doesn’t cost them too much money or power. But apart from the Swiss chocolate fondant, what is the point of Davos? Phil Dobbie is economics writer and broadcaster, so we invited him into the Sputnik studio to help us find out. Iran is a country subject to 800 different economic sanctions, whose leaders can be extrajudicially shot on sight, whose territory is surrounded by US military bases, yet for many it is still regarded as the single biggest danger to world peace. It’s a riddle, wrapped inside a mystery, inside an enigma! So, who better to help us unravel the riddle than Iran expert, journalist, and broadcaster Robert Carter?

  • A Serious and Somber Impeachment That Is Also Monotonous and Boring
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 23, 2020. Visit: [01:34] Trying to Steal Two Elections (24 minutes) The Democrat media complex can’t understand why people aren’t taking the impeachment more seriously. Democrats like Adam Schiff are at the point where they’ll do anything to keep the scandal alive, even if it means fabricating narratives out of thin air. Schiff said yesterday that this matter can’t be decided at the ballot box in 2020. The strategy now is to undermine the results of the next election.  [25:00] E-mail Feedback (4 minutes) [29:30] It Will Be Sudden (25 minutes) America and Britain are in the midst of a temporary resurgence. What happens when the resurgence ends?

  • #614 AOC'S SOCIALIST MELTDOWN | Jocko Willink Guests | Louder with Crowder
    Louder With Crowder

    Talking all things Tulsi suing Hillary, Epstein public relation fiascos, Hong Kong's absurd flight rules, AOC's slipping grasp on reality, and finally hitting the Impeachment Circus. Joined by Jocko Willink.

  • Sala De Redação 24/01/2020
  • Politicking: Alan Dershowitz explains his changing view on impeachment
    News & Politics

    Larry goes one-on-one with constitutional scholar and member of President Trump's legal defense team Alan Dershowitz, who explains why his views on impeachment have changed from those he previously held during Bill Clinton's Senate trial.

  • Election Daily - Tuesday - SF on a Roll & The Latest Poll
    Inside Politics
    News & Politics

    As Sinn Féin perform well in the polls, Mary Lou McDonald continues to fight for her place in the televised leaders debate. Fiach Kelly spoke to the SF leader at the candidates launch in Dublin today about the possibility of becoming the next Taoiseach. Also Pat Leahy discusses the most important policy issues for voters according to the latest Irish Times poll.

  • Election Daily - POLL - Fianna Fáil Opens A Lead, Sinn Féin Surges
    Inside Politics
    News & Politics

    The latest Irish Times / Ipsos MRBI poll, conducted in the days after the calling of the general election, shows Fianna Fáil edging ahead of Fine Gael and Sinn Fein gaining significant support. Pat Leahy is here with all the numbers and analysis.

  • Watching the Hawks: Baghdad demanding US military out & first female coach in Super Bowl
    News & Politics

    Protesters in Baghdad are demanding the evacuation of the US military in Iraq. Insys Therapeutics’ founder was sentenced to five years in prison for bribery and kickbacks. Netflix is facing criticism over the documentary ‘Killer Inside.’ Then, RT sports producer Regina Ham gives us the details about the first female coach in the Super Bowl. RT correspondent Faran Fronczak brings us the latest on the impeachment of Donald Trump. And a preview of Redacted Tonight...

  • Ministra da Mulher, da Família e dos Direitos Humanos Damares Alves 24/01/2020
  • Show Dos Esportes - Gaúcha Serra - Edição 103ª - 24/01/2020