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  • Timeline Gaúcha - 02/12/2020
  • Angus Road : Pravind Jugnauth a logé une première plainte en Cour suprême
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  • Policière Tuée Lors D’une «controlled Delivery» «Li Ti Pe Rod So Transfer Depi L’Adsu»...
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  • LISTEN: Viral Audio of Leaked Voice Call w/ Damion Crawford and Party Members
    Nationwide News Network

    LISTEN: PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford, is at the centre of controversy following a leaked telephone conversation between himself and two party members from his East Rural Constituency. The audio, which was leaked over the weekend, was reportedly recorded a few weeks before the PNP Presidential race where Mark Golding defeated Lisa Hanna. Here is the full audio which has gone viral:

  • Dans L’intérêt Public, Il Est Préférable Que Dr Soobhug Ne Pratique Pas
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  • Election Des Présidents Des Conseils De District Un Proche Du PTr Élu À Grand - Port, Les...
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  • Sala De Redação - 01/12/2020
  • Refém descreve momentos de tensão em ataque a banco em SC
  • Sala De Redação - 03/12/2020
  • Nov. 28, 2020: Reported shooting
    News & Politics
  • Even More Evidence for the Media to Ignore
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on Dec. 2, 2020. Visit: [00:30] How Many Witnesses Does the Media Need? (10 minutes) There have been hundreds of signed affidavits from individuals who say they witnessed illegal activity in this year’s presidential election. And yet, like trained seals, the legacy media maintains there has been no substantial evidence to support voter fraud. A year ago, it took just one whistleblower complaint to nearly take down the president of the United States! This time around, no amount of evidence of fraud is worth reporting. [10:30] What Is Bill Barr Up To? (5 minutes) The Associated Press released a few short excerpts from an interview with Attorney General Bill Barr. The money quote the media are hyperventilating over was this: “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” The AP hasn’t released the full interview, but that hasn’t kept the media from blowing this story out of context. Already spokespersons from the Department of Justice are disputing the way Mr. Barr’s comments are being portrayed by the media. [15:45] The Machines (20 minutes) Hundreds of witnesses are coming forward in hearings to present their stories about how the voter fraud machines in America’s major cities operate. To date, nobody in the mainstream media seems to care. Daniel Horowitz wrote this week that “the suggestion that we should somehow move on from this is a greater threat to democracy than anything in our history.” [40:30] A Big Work With a Small Following (15 minutes) In this segment, I talk about the work of the ancient prophets Elijah and Elisha. These two figures are featured prominently in the Bible, but their following was relatively small. The important thing is not the size of the following, but the message that is being declared!

  • Non-paiement de l’allocation de Rs 1 000 : un syndicat envisage de tenir une manif
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  • "Темные" российские деньги в США
    Радио Свобода
    News & Politics

    Сколько денег держат в США российские богачи? Могут ли "темные" российские деньги в Америке стать инструментом Кремля? Почему США остаются предпочтительным объектом инвестиций для российских капиталов? Закроют ли им путь в Америку? Обо всем этом мы говорим сегодня с Андерсом Аслундом, сотрудником Атлантического совета, в прошлом советником нескольких правительств, в том числе российского, и Павлом Ивлевым, адвокатом, в прошлом представлявшим интересы ЮКОСа.

  • What If Joe Biden Actually Became President?
    Trumpet Hour
    News & Politics

    Last Friday, the father of Iran’s nuclear program was assassinated. Why was this man so important to Iran, and why is this such a massive blow to the nation’s quest for nuclear weapons? Former U.S. President Barack Obama is back in the spotlight, with Joe Biden hoping to bring back several Obama-era officials into his coming administration. It is remarkable evidence of how influential Barack Obama remains, and how vital is the work that Donald Trump has done to stop him and to expose the corruption in Washington he represents. The Democratic Party has a dangerously close relationship with Big Tech and social media, and evidence shows these companies had considerable sway over America’s past presidential election.

  • Z93: City can't even get a tree lighting right
    News & Politics
  • The Evidence of Voter Fraud Is Everywhere
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on Dec. 1, 2020. Visit: [00:30] Biden’s Record-breaking Campaign! (15 minutes) Why aren’t the media talking more about Joe Biden’s incredible, unprecedented, record-shattering, historic “win”? Biden received more “votes” than any presidential candidate in U.S. history. He “won” even as the incumbent received more votes than any president in history. He did all of this without ever really running a campaign or leaving his basement. Instead of reporting on Joe Biden miracle victory, the media fixate only on President Donald Trump’s “loss.” [16:00] Evidence in Plain Sight (18 minutes) We constantly hear from the radical left that there is no evidence of voter fraud. Just because the media choose to ignore it doesn’t mean the evidence doesn’t exist. Hearings in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan and multiple complaints filed in court have revealed loads of evidence—so much that it’s difficult to keep up. [32:00] What Is Going On in Georgia? (10 minutes) The Georgia election debacle continues. Over the weekend, a judge ordered that voting machines in Georgia must be “frozen” and left alone to be investigated. That same day, there was a server crash in Georgia’s biggest county and Dominion technicians were sent to replace it. Other reports appear to show moving vans visiting counting centers. Why aren’t more people looking at the fraud in plain sight? [42:30] Pipe-Gate (7 minutes) On election night, Fulton County reported that its main vote-counting center would be shut down due to a water-main break in the stadium where the count was happening. According to witness accounts, poll workers and watchers were told to leave the center. One witness recalled seeing a few people remain inside to work on the voting machines. According to Sidney Powell’s Georgia lawsuit, there was no “burst pipe” in the stadium that night, but rather an overflowing toilet. Aren’t the media at least concerned that they were lied to? [49:00] President Trump Keeps Fighting (6 minutes) Despite the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, most of Mr. Trump’s allies are telling him to give up and focus on 2024. Do they really think it’s possible to win another election if the scams of 2020 are not corrected?

  • Interdiction d’utiliser l’eau potable pour le lavage des voitures
    News & Politics
  • Sala de Redação - 30/11/2020
  • The Storm Recedes? QAnon Post-POTUS & the Chan Board Origin Story of Q w/ Fredrick Brennan
    Media Roots Radio
    News & Politics

    Following Robbie Martin's 2-part podcast QAnon breakdown on Media Roots Radio, the anonymous (self- proclaimed) 'government insider', Q continued to post on the 8kun message board but appeared to be running out of steam, lacking the creativity and spark it once had. Trump has lost the election and gone into hiding and interestingly the anonymous poster known as Q decided to do the same, only posting 3 times total in the month of November. Unfortunately for the sitting president, Q now seemingly describes Trump as 'post-POTUS'. But what happens if or when Q stops posting? Has the QAnon movement become stronger than the identity itself? What the hell does this all mean? Robbie attempts to decipher all this from @ 01:16:00 onward. The co-founder of 8chan, Fredrick Brennan joins Robbie at the beginning of the episode to discuss his political trajectory and how he was intimately close to the technical backend of the 8chan website enough to have a plausible theory on who may be behind Q. Is it possible Jim and Ron Watkins, the father/son duo and owners of 8kun are currently posing as Q? Take another journey with Media Roots Radio into QAnon land to find out answers to these bizarre questions and more.... intro/outro music: Gescom - Seventh Stone Triangle Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this podcast, please consider donating to Media Roots Radio on Patreon // Patreon subscribers at the $5 tier get access to an exclusive bonus episode per month. FOLLOW // // //

  • Gondol i Sauda
    Radio Haugaland
    News & Politics

    I Sauda jobbes det nå med planer for en gondolbane. Vi snakker med Lars Reidar Fosstveit i Svandalen skisenter.