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  • Comandante-Geral da Brigada Militar, coronel Rodrigo Mohr Picon - 18/11/2019

    Comandante-Geral da BM, coronel Rodrigo Mohr Picon fala sobre metas no combate ao crime

  • 18.11.19 Le Clash
    News & Politics
  • U.S. Declares Israeli Settlements Lawful and Donald Trump’s War Against Experts
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on November 19, 2019. Visit: [01:42] Hong Kong Protests (6 minutes) China is cracking down hard on the few remaining protesters in Hong Kong. Videos show police carting protesters into train cars. In this segment, I update listeners on the latest developments in Hong Kong and where this trend is leading.  [07:38] Trump Reverses Another Obama Policy (20 minutes) United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced last night that the Trump administration was reversing Barack Obama’s policy of labeling Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria “illegal.” Israel was elated by news of the reversal, and it is yet another sign of the temporary resurgence.  [27:00] Trump, Ukraine and the ‘Deep State’ (20 minutes) Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch says that she has been smeared by the Trump administration. In 2016, during her time as an ambassador, members of the Ukrainian government actively worked to smear members of the Trump campaign to help Hillary Clinton. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, was pressured out of his position due to fabricated stories emanating from Ukraine. When asked about this, Yovanovitch said she did nothing to try to stop it. [48:35] Bible Study: Our Spiritual Race (8 minutes)

  • Prince Andrew Bombs, Bill Barr Drives the Left Crazy, and Barack Obama Weighs in on ‘The Resistance’
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on November 18, 2019. Visit: [02:00] Protests Intensify Around the World (6 minutes) From Hong Kong to Iran, protests are becoming more widespread—and violent. One writer at PJ Media wrote this week that “something strange is upending the world.” [08:00] Prince Andrew Interview (7 minutes) Prince Andrew has come under intense criticism over his recent interview regarding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. The prince reportedly agreed to conduct the interview without approval from the Queen, leading many to wonder if she’s lost control of the royal family. In this segment, I talk about the continued decline of Britain’s royal family. [15:00] Impeachment Circus (8 minutes) America’s former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was the latest person to testify in the sham impeachment hearings. Yovanovitch offered zero evidence that had anything to do with impeachment because she wasn’t in office when the alleged “high crime” took place. She was, however, in office when Ukrainian officials were actively working to help the Clinton campaign in the 2016 presidential election. [23:00] William Barr’s Speech (22 minutes) On Friday, Attorney General William Barr gave a stunning speech at the Federalist Society. “The fact of the matter is that, in waging a scorched earth, no-holds-barred war of resistance against this administration, it is the left that is engaged in the systematic shredding of norms and the undermining of the rule of law,” Barr said. In this segment, I talk about the context surrounding Barr’s speech and how it could be a harbinger of things to come. [45:00] Bible Study: Endure to the End! (10 minutes)

  • Reporter’s Notebook: Uncovering a Possible Pay-To-Play Scheme for Ambassador Role
    CBS This Morning Podcast
    News & Politics

    Only on the “CBS This Morning” podcast, CBS News chief investigative correspondent Jim Axelrod and CBS News producer Michael Kaplan join national correspondent Errol Barnett to discuss their investigation that uncovered a possible pay-for-play scheme involving the Republican National Committee and President Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to the Bahamas. They share details of the emails they obtained that show the nominee, San Diego billionaire Doug Manchester, was asked by the RNC to donate half a million dollars as his confirmation in the Senate hung in the balance. Plus, Axelrod and Kaplan explain how America is unusual when it comes to its use of political appointees for ambassador positions.

  • Тайные знания цивилизаций. 2019 - 11 - 15
    News & Politics
  • Keiser Report: A rivalry turned ‘financial war’

    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the looming ‘financial war’ between the US and China and why it could lead China (and other nations) to develop other independent clearing systems to avoid the weaponized dollar. In the second half, Max talks to Tyson Slocum about the curious case of a mysterious buyer for El Paso Electric and what it means in a day and age when more and more public companies are going private. Are we in another period of robber barons? They also discuss the situation out west with PG&E in California.

  • Av968: Ronie och Katerina om Stefan Löfven - statsministern som gick vilse i samtiden

    Ronie Berggren och Katerina Janouch gör en kritisk granskning av statsminister Stefan Löfvens svaga ledarskap i en tid när Sverige befinner sig i akut kris. ---------- STÖD AMERIKANSKA NYHETSANALYSER:

  • WATN: Used car lot on outer Washington Street closes
    News & Politics
  • Monocle's House View - Tuesday 19 November
    Monocle 24: Monocle's House View

    Isabel Hilton and Jeffrey Howard join Monocle’s Markus Hippi to discuss what a ‘merciless’ detention policy in Xinjiang means for China’s minorities. Plus: We ask whether public healthcare really is socialist and wonder how babies pick up accents in the womb.

  • Le président de la République par intérim, Barlen Vyapooree, se confie avant son départ
    News & Politics
  • THE BURNER 007: Debate Prep, Campaign Dialectics and Billionaires
    Novara Media
    News & Politics

    THE BURNER 007: Debate Prep, Campaign Dialectics and Billionaires. Send stories about the campaign, mobilisations and issues you’re hearing to [email protected] — or tweet on the hashtag #TheBurner.

  • U.S. Says Israeli Settlements NOT Illegal
    Endtime Ministries

    While Israel struggles to put together a new government, the United States has announced that Israeli settlements are not illegal. How will this new historic development affect the unveiling of President Trump’s peace plan?

  • Watching the Hawks: Trump may send asylum seekers to Guatemalan jungle
    News & Politics

    Trump pardoned convicted war criminals. Protests continue in Iran. Apparently the Trump administration is considering sending rejected asylum seekers to the jungle in Guatemala.

  • Democracy Now! Tuesday, November 19, 2019
    Democracy Now!
    News & Politics
  • Sala De Redação - 18/11/2019
  • Boom Bust: Aramco’s high hopes & copyright in court

    The Saudi Aramco saga continues as the world’s most profitable company has set its value at $1.7 trillion dollars, a price which could prove to be too high for international investors. Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading and Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital are both on hand to break down the stellar target, and so much more. Plus, as big tech continues to come under pressure from governments around the globe, the US is hearing a case on copyright that could reshape the playing field in the sector. Mollye Barrows, contributor to America’s Lawyer, lends us her insights on the situation, and examines what impact this could have on these worldwide giants.

  • Sala de Redação - 19/11/2019
  • Democracy Now! Monday, November 18, 2019
    Democracy Now!
    News & Politics

    Democracy Now! is a daily independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. Visit to watch and listen to the latest interviews, read through show transcripts, search the vast news archive or to make a donation to support our nonprofit news program. Livestream weekdays 8 a.m. ET. Follow Democracy Now! on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud and iTunes.

  • Larry King Now: Orville Richard Burrell CD, better known by his stage name Shaggy, speaks to RT

    Reggae singer Shaggy sits down with guest host Tom Green to talk about his long career and how his Jamaican roots influences his music. Plus, the pressure of playing the beloved Sebastian in Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid Live’.