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  • Reginald Chapman "Hoodie (BSTFRND Remix)"
    Fresh Selects

    FSX-039-01: Reginald Chapman 'Hoodie (Remixes)' maxi-single out now: The Fresh Selects Remix Series continues with the first drop of our 2019 season – trombonist/composer Reginald Chapman's brass anthem "Hoodie," from his 2018 debut 'Prototype', re-imagined in two completely different ways by a pair of the most promising beatmakers at the moment. Both repping for the Mutant Academy crew – Connecticut's finest, Foisey., and Richmond, VA's own BSTFRND – each take Reggie's original vision in exciting new directions on their respective new flips of the Chapman original. Remix Produced & Mixed by BSTFRND Mastered by Kelly Hibbert at Almachrome Artwork by Tawfiq Mardini Illustration by Ghostdrank Executive Producer: Kenny / Fresh Selects "Hoodie" Written, Arranged & Produced by Reginald Chapman Recorded & Mixed by DJ Harrison at Jellowstone Studios Reginald Chapman - bass trombone (solo) Ben Ford - trombone Reginald Pace - trombone Bryan Hooten - trombone Karl Lyden - trombone Marcus Tenney - tenor saxophone (solo) DJ Harrison - keys (solo) Andrew Randazzo - bass Corey Fonville - drums FSX-039-01 © 2019 Fresh Selects. Follow: @reginald-chapman @bstfrnd @freshselects

  • PREMIERE: Àbáse - Gbé Ra Nlè (Get Off Di Floor)
    Bolting Bits
    Cosmic Compositions

    * Read more: * Watch on YouTube: * Available soon: “Invocation” is the debut EP of Budapest born and Berlin based producer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Àbáse. Seven pieces of instrumental artistry, each one channeling a musical journey of its own, inviting the listener to a personal trip of emotions. Àbáse recorded most tracks with two drummers and two bass players playing simultaneously, a flute player, a percussionist and himself playing Rhodes and synths. Along the “base” band, there are several guest artists from different continents and backgrounds, adding their majestic contribution. The first track of Invocation, which goes by the same name as the record (“Invocation”) has Brazilian percussionist Roque Miguel as a special guest, with whom Àbáse worked on new material during his stay in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia. “Get Off Di Floor” is a afro-funk track which has a brass section and a guitarist, as an addition to the core band. It’s a take on the classic afrobeat “big band” arrangement, an environment different than the rest of the EP, where Àbáse proves again his artistic versatility. This record was created in a live recording session set up with Àbáse’s home-band in Budapest, with a few overdubs from the guests which he encountered during his journeys in Brazil, Ghana and Europe. Each track carries a personal input from the culture of every musician and it blends in beautifully with Àbáse’s ideas of mixing jazz and hip-hop in it. There is a strong West-African and Brazilian influence that is especially to be felt in the percussion and a lot of experimentation with jazz and hip hop.

  • Hades
    Jazz & Blues

    Hades: New piece by Versuchsanordnung (2019) Christoph Uhlhaas: Piano & composer of "Hades" Christian Barthold: Guitar & fretless bass Martin Schubert: Drums Cover image: Christian Barthold IndieMag about Versuchsanordnung: "VERSUCHSANORDNUNG (GERMANY) Haunting. Cinematic. Evocative. Versuchsanordnung is more of a collective rather than a band. Forming in 2006, the group has evaded categorization with their particular brand of atmospheric improvisations. Their name itself means experimental arrangement in German and they definitely live up to their name. They have a list of goals that read like a mission statement, including ‘to create sound impressions full of atmosphere aiming to paint pictures in your head.’ Goal archieved. Whether it is a film score or a freeform song, this group lives in a land where no soundscape is ever played the same way twice. Well worth hunting down." "Die Band um den Kölner Grafiker & Musiker Christian Barthold geht nicht den geraden Weg. Hier hört man jazziges, Progressiv-Elemente, Post-Rock-Tristesse und immer wieder ganz unerwartete Sounds, die dann, wie in PONYHOF, zu einem Moll-Surf-Instrumental führen, das sehr an die wunderbaren Atomic Swing erinnert. Gemeinsam mit Jörg Düpjohann (dr.), Markus Blatzheim (bs) und dem Pianisten Christoph Uhlhaas ist ein sehr eigenwilliges Album gelungen, das neben der Musik auch für sein Verpackungsdesign die absolute Höchstwertung bekommt." - Gitarre&Bass / Lothar Trampert, CD-Review / Versuchsanordnung: "Urlaub am Saundstrand" (Oct 21, 2011) Versuchsanordnung says: Please meet us on Facebook:

  • International Tribe: Ishmael Ensemble
    Worldwide FM
    Jazz & Blues

    International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Ishmael Ensemble.  With a sound that is deeply ingrained in jazz, Ishmael Ensemble combines the worldly timbres of brass, beats and a swirling blizzard of electronics, to create mesmerising and atmospheric soundscapes. Multi-instrumentalist & producer Pete Cunningham a.k.a. Ishmael is the brainchild behind the project and the collective have quickly come to the light of influential tastemakers such as Gilles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs and just about everyone else. For his International Tribe selection, Pete Cunningham takes inspiration from his family. On the sleeve of Severn Songs 3, there's a dedication to Sam & Gordon. The latter was Pete Cunningham's Grandfather, who died in 2017 aged 94. During the Christmas period, Pete visited his Grandfather's old home and dug into his vast and varied record collection, the outcome, an hour-long journey through sacred Indian ragas, early spiritual jazz and South African funk.

  • DDr Blues Special with Tommy TTT - Dark was the night, Cold was the Ground
    All City Records

    Hambone Willie Newburn Funny Papa Smith Tommy Johnson Johnny Shinies Skip James Ed Bell Willie McTell Rossevelt Holts Miss Country Slim Robert Driggs Wade Walton Smoky Babe Square Walton Napoleon Strickland Henry Thomas Jack Owens / Bud Spires Butch Cage SugarCane Harris Jukeboy Bonner Kid Thomas Jerry McCain Guitar Crusher Frank Frost Johnny Acey Otis Rush Magic Sam Billy Boy Arnold Mojo Buford Little Walter Jimmy Rogers Sonny Boy Holmes Dr Ross Hogman Maxey Johnny Young Bert Logan Charley Patton Magic Sam

  • Speak Low. Aleck Rand and Oddrun Eikli
    oddrun eikli
    Jazz & Blues

    Arranger, guitar, bass, piano, other instrument: Aleck Rand @aleckrand vocal: Oddrun Eikli "Speak Low" (1943) is a popular song composed by Kurt Weill, with lyrics by Ogden Nash. It was introduced by Mary Martin and Kenny Baker in the Broadway musical One Touch of Venus (1943). The 1944 hit single was by Guy Lombardo and his orchestra, with vocal by Billy Leach. The tune is a jazz standard that has been widely recorded. The opening line is a (slight mis)quotation from William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing (1600), where it is spoken by Don Pedro.

  • Michelle Blues - C Blues Hex minor
    brokenback? :P maybe broken sweat!
    Jazz & Blues

    Slightly bluesy, overprocessed random improvisation that goes up and down a scale >_____> albeit not well! But quite pretty. Maybe? My neighbour just called me boring, so my guitar is sobbing! XD

  • Neil Bopperson #62 w/ L'Eclair
    Le Mellotron

    Who’s hidden behind l’Eclair ? The Groove ! A mysterious space machine who can make you dance, but also wander through some hazy jazz melodies. L’Eclair sets himself as a direct heir of the 70s, with inspirations coming from Krautrock to Jazz Music, Blaxploitation and Library music. It’s not all about being retro, but aiming to propose a futuristic approach on that legacy. > > Tracklist : Neil Bopperson: Zoe’s Shanghai - No Cure Godtet - Alice (La Sapa) (Unreleased) Al Dobson Jnr. - Shikimi Greetings (Izwid) Willfried Percussion - Andei (SpaceTalk) Captian Creole - Fre Moin Abu Ali - Prelude L’Eclair - Suite || (Bongo Joe Records) L’Eclair Guest Mix : Nina Simone - Baltimore Celia - No Boca Du Sol Grover Washington Junior - Masterpiece Part 2 Yastaki Shimizu - Umi No Ue Kara (WRWTFWW Records) Pulse 3 - Rondo Poly Dance - Hanko Tony Wilson - Hanging Out In Space TGP - Hardlife - (Sexual Healing) (Billy G Records) Carlo Visconti - Ma detto Si, Madetto No Giovanni Tommaso - Vivere a Tokio Bad Bad Not Good - Time War Zero The WhiteField Bothers - Riz Ortini - Ricordo Di uno Delitto Gill Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Stemila - Sishovingolovane (Celuloid Records) Denis Mupanga & Paul K - Funyaka (Androo’s Romantic Dub) Mildlife - I’m Blau (Sleep D Remix) (Research Records) Makadem & Behr - Nyako (On The Corner Records) The Stylistics - People make The World Go Round

  • Chasin' The Trane
    Riley Stone-Lonergan
    Jazz & Blues

    Riley Stone-Lonergan Quartet live at Ronnie Scotts, London. Featuring Rick Simpson, Tim Thornton and Tim Giles

  • You're a Flower

    Prod. senmel *samples 坂本龍一 - Flower is not a flower(2009) Kenny Rankin - Marie (1975) Dinah Washington - What a Diff'rence a Day Makes (1959) 애니메이션 魔法使いの嫁 (2017)

  • SummerTime Cover
    Jazz & Blues

    a capella jazz arrangement of Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald

  • “Us Fallas, Enjoy Watching Sexy Ladies”
    Jimmy Jr.

    Arranged with Smooth Jazz Brushing Train Drumset, Smooth Jazz Brushing Drum Fill, Smooth Sexy Brooklyn Upright Jazz Bass, Smooth Jazz Candelight Piano, Smooth Jazz Scene Wah guitarist, Smooth Sexy Leading Shadow guitarist, Smooth Jazz Shadow Pad, Smooth Sexy Background Vocalist, Smooth Jazz Chimes FX, Smooth Sexy Cruising Ship Horn, Smooth Delta Disco Guitarist, And That Smooth Jazz Power Vox FX By Songwriter & Artist Jimmy Jr.

  • The Pied Piper Orchestra - Sex For Crack Cocaine
    Pimpin' Willie

    DEEP DIRTY NU-FUNK & GHETTO PULP GROOVES Giraffe Records GIR 0020 EAN/UPC 616086726927 ASIN: B00TBFB71Q FUNKTROPOLIS soundtrack features a tumbling mix of dusky soul jazz informed by the spirit of Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn Theme." Pied Piper & The Orchestra contribute all of the tracks, striking a fine balance between straight bop and movie theme atmospherics. contributing some sophisticated back-alley fare. Adding breakbeat momentum, Piper goes in for some syncopated funk rhythms overlaid with strings and light fusion touches, the cuts comes off sounding a bit outdated, while fitting right in with the retro soul program. A perfect soundtrack purchase for acid jazz fans who likes their grooves laced with smoky ambience.

  • Alpine Grooving - with Stephan Lipinski / guitar and Paul Racle / bass
    Jamie Rhind
    Jazz & Blues

    So much fun here with Stephan Lipinski and Paul Racle as we blow through some Alpine Grooving. Our blues original set's Paul's fine bass line down, with Pinner knowing just what to do. Paul is one of the most creative and inspiring voices here, producing so much fine music that bends genres and nails them too. We all owe him a big thanks for vast collection of music he has recorded to inspire others to join and create. Sweet bass grooving from him here! Stephan is a hired gun too, and we've done over 50 tunes together so far, yet have not met:). But we will and that will be an important party! Can't wait to do the same in Zurich, Paul. You know that:))) Follow these friends and their music: Stephan Lipinski: Paul Racle: Thanks as always for your generous time listening, for your comments and for your shares

  • Jolly Beach
    Annie Booth
    Jazz & Blues

    Composed & Arranged by Annie Booth Performed & Recorded by the Concert Jazz Ensemble at the University of Colorado, 2019. Featured soloists: Sonya Walker (trumpet), Annie Booth (piano), Michael D'Angelo (drums)

  • Snowflakes
    Anna Emmeluth
    Jazz & Blues

    Recorded at the Danish National Academy of Music in Esbjerg. Anna Emmeluth: Vocal and Composition Martin Killie: Trumpet Gunnar Sjur Ringøen: Hammond Organ Thomas Brunbjerg: Guitar Jonathan Larsen: Bass Mathias Fabricius: Drums Ole Ellingsgaard: sound engineer, mix 10 Fingers: photo

  • Outset Island Jazz Waltz
    Totally Totodile
    Jazz & Blues
  • On the Back Foot
    Sarah Spencer
    Jazz & Blues
  • Melody of the Night
    Sofia Imbimbo
    Jazz & Blues

    This is my jazz composition based on the painting "Melody of the Night" by Leonid Afremov.

  • Mo' Better Blues
    Rodrigo Farah
    Jazz e Blues

    Mo' Better Blues, com uma harmônica diatônica Suzuki Olive, em Bb. Estudo para o curso Masterizando o Improviso, do professor Jefferson Gonçalves.