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  • you should go

    “you should go” by e11 It was all black in the room You were sad but said you’re good Feeling bad but made an excuse So that no one would come bothering you Someone told you to jot them down So you did, and you went down and down Cause someone said those were your chances And you thought that you knew it in advance But it came out to be all wrong It turned out that you were not that strong Falling in and sinking in Have you ever noticed it? You should go You should go You should go It was all white at the place She was scared but kept walking straight Feeling weird cause it was nowhere And no one could truly hear what she said Someone told her to say it out So she did, she shouted out loud Cause someone’s words were so understanding That she thought that she could believe in But it came out to be a fault It turned out that she was not what she thought Falling in and sinking in She had never noticed it She had never had a doubt All those things she cared about All those stories that she had fancied They were just your fantasies You should go You should go You know you should go You should go You should go You should go You know you should go It’s been a long while after that You’re now no longer sad or mad Feeling fine but you’ll never forget That you’ve promised to have no regrets So you go So you go You know you should go

  • Impossible
    Nothing But Thieves
  • Egg runs around
    Jungo does

    Needle Needle Jun 12th . =)

  • El Brujo
    River Williams
    goth-folk / spooky-core / witch-pop
  • Bilinda Butcher
    Mila Moon

    written produced and mixed by me <3 Bandcamp:

  • Obliquely Serenely
    Dream Pop

    Obliquely Serenely Obliquely Serenely is the second single taken from Bristol dream-pop band Lespectre's debut album A Stray, A Dream, Forgiveness, released on 16 October. A coruscating dreamscape in D minor, it finds the band making their most overt foray yet into the world of ambient synth textures, with singer Tom Hackwell's fizzing Moog sounds melding beatifically with big brooding guitar chords and woozy interlocking vocal harmonies. Recorded at the iconic Coach House studio, where Massive Attack and Portishead recorded some of the city's most famous records, this is a new Bristol sound; the song's chimerical lyrics are a stream of consciousness, crafted by Hackwell and co-songwriter and drummer Max Perry. Fans of Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, Cigarettes After Sex, Beach House and other such somnolent delights will find lots to love in Obliquely Serenely.

    Taylor Wave

    Redes Sociais: Instagram : Spotify: Youtube:

  • Bones (demo)
    night potential

    Night Potential combine melodic, intertwined guitars with dark, haunting lyrics and harmonies to create pulsing, rich soundscapes on top of simple drum machine beats. __Lyrics__ I found my way to a place you didn't notice i dont believe its the way to my heart Left on my own i would always turn away like this but i, i didnt care. I couldn't find the bones you had broken, and you will forgive me... Left outside, you'd always turn to face the light..... (don't you think that i could be here with you?) You don't believe darkness always finds a way out. Cling to the edge tear a piece at a time Light wanders in through a gap that leaves a space for me to breathe i couldnt breathe. Left on my own i would always turn away like this but i, i didnt care. I couldn't find the bones you had broken, and you will forgive me... Left outside, you'd always turn to face the light... (don't you think that i could be here with you?)

  • I Just Got the Call w/ drugdead (prod. Loony)
    Cha$e Bank

    featuring drugdead produced by Loony engineered by drugdead

  • & Me
    Chill Rock

    & Me is an indie rock song by Mydeu, taken from the release called: You & Me.

  • M.T.M.E. (Live at Mahogany Sessions, 2016) - Alexandra Savior
    PΔSSIΘNFLΘWΣR (2nd account)

    In an old courtyard in East London, Portland's dream-pop queen Alexandra Savior performs 'M.T.M.E.', for Mahogany (2016)

  • Fire and The Thud - The Arctic Monkeys acoustic cover

    Vocal - Fiqih Prawira Acoustic Guitar - Fiqih Prawira

  • 13 - California Dream
    Dr Johns Surgery Records

    Snail is an Indie pop-rock band from Bastia (Isle of Corsica - France) with two members: Florian Brozzu (Voice/Guitar) and Michael Cropanese (Bass guitar). Since 2017, they collaborate with the guitar player Jean-Bernard Rongiconi (ex-guitar player and composer of the Corsican band I Muvrini) and the French drummer Loïc Pontieux. The band started in 2009 playing cover songs in clubs across Corsica and France. At that time, Snail was formed by three family members (Florian, Michael and drummer Gabriel are first cousins) and Cédric Raf fini on guitar. On July 2016, their record "Dream Out Loud!" came out, a fourteen track album with powerful indie rock sound. Snail toured for almost a year but the band split up in 2017 preventing them from crossing the island borders. The actual Snail starts in 2017, when Michael and Florian started working on a new project with Jean-Bernard and Loïc. By the end of 2017, they are back in Jean-Bernard Rongiconi's studio in the peaceful village of Valle-di-Rustinu to record some demos. In 2020 they have enough material for their second album, more eclectic, with folk, pop and rock sounds. "The Looks" came out on April 2020.

  • clear out
    Old Hands

    a song about a conversation in a dream lyrics: There’s a feeling, it’s not right Got me waking up at night Cannot sleep You’re in my brain Doesn’t feel like I’m in pain though See I’m doing fine? Met my new friends all online If you have a bit of time I’ve got things weighing my mind down Look me in the eye Do you think I’ll be alright? Am I walking down the line towards Health and a long life? Do I know what time I die? 
If I move I think I’ll cry There’s just so much going on I need to clear out and move on written and recorded by spencer rose

  • Funken in der Kälte (Sparks in the cold)

    I have teamed up with Drummer Tobias. Together we are currently recording our first E.P. in a damp basement with basic equipment. We'll be done soon. Here's the first song. Enjoy! You can find out more at

  • You Opening Your Eyes
    Keyptown (Fiodor Zhabskyy)

    Скачать этот трек бесплатно (или с монеткой) вы можете здесь: indie-pop track which I like pretty much) Verse Every time I feel myself like under Beating from inside some kind of thunder How can I be someone That you could get It on with Any time in fact belongs to no one Anyway we just keep moving forward It reminds me the only thing I know I can live Chorus You're opening your eyes Every day is the prize How can we say good bye I'm asking - forgive me It's time to believe it Verse 2 So many things that just don't matter Being with you I feel like nothing happened It could be so hard to Connect with someone like me Insecurity is far ahead of us All my doubts are constant companions There is the only one sure thing I know We can live credits released August 6, 2020 Thanks to: Justin Kelly - for lyrics correction and ideas Anton Bessonov - for live guitar solo on left channel :) Max Alyokhin - for cover art and to everyone else who been in touch!

  • Pattern (Live at Studio Brussel's Club 69, Belgium, 2016) - The Last Shadow Puppets
    PΔSSIΘNFLΘWΣR (2nd account)
    Alternative Rock
  • Episode 4: The Squirrels Have Risen and Taken Over the Park
    Eric Pfriender

    Still alive in the Apocalypse Bunker. Some dope stuff on here- actual new stuff (new Notwist single! new Caribou!) and some new acquisitions (obsessed with this Vivien Goldman 45). Hope you dig it. 01: Walk Don't Run - The Sound Dimension 02: Launderette - Vivien Goldman 03: Places That Are Gone - Tommy Keene 04: La Costa Brava - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists 05: Rien a Dire - Marie et la Garçons 06: Hot Milk - Jackie Mittoo 07: Never As Tired As When I'm Waking Up - LCD Soundsystem 08: Ship - The Notwist 09: New York Kiss - Spoon 10: Love Me Like You - The Magic Numbers 11: If Looks Could Kill - Camera Obscura 12: Stars Are Out Tonight - David Bowie 13: Horny Toad - Prince 14: This Old Heart of Mine - The Zombies 15: Home - Caribou 16: Season of the Shark - Yo La Tengo 17: Pure Imagination - The Dave Harrington Group

  • War Paint And Battle Cries
    Ø M S
    Alternative Rock

    A yellowish hue stains the paper on the walls and the hard maple bar stools paint a solid picture of the kind of place I just stumbled in. There's three men at the bar, each sitting two stools apart and it is not hard to tell by the look on their faces that they are not here to have a good time, nor the face the night, away on dancing feet. Still I felt this urge to return here. To the same booth where you were sipping your wine when you told me they found out it spread out to your lungs this time. An I remember us putting on a brave face, but by the second cheap bottle of wine, it was all war paint and battle cries. You said: "If they want me, they will have to drag me out of here. I've won tougher fights than this and I will show them my teeth. I'll be kicking. I'll be screaming. If they want me, they'd better come prepared." But prepared they came. And the poison in your blood took more away from you than it ever did to help you, than it ever took from them. It's just a matter of days now. So you felt this urge to make 'em count. You sang: "I'll burn out before I fade away". And by the time the moment came, you said "there's nothing left to say". Well they wanted you but they had to drag you out of here. There is no tougher fight than this and you showed them your teeth. You were kicking. You were screaming. There is no braver fight than yours. If they want me, they will have to drag me out of here. There is no tougher fight than this, but I will show them my teeth, like you showed them your teeth. I'll be kicking. I'll be screaming. There is no tougher fight than this. Give me some time to stop cursing the darkness. I'm lighting candles honey, one at a time. Though I don't see it, I know your hand is always in mine.

  • L'indepen-dance N°1503

    Broadcast Radio Show on Radio Pulsar - 95.9 Mhz /// Poitiers /// France - N°1503 - 16/09/2020 Playlisted by Franck & François --> THE APARTMENTS - IN & OUT OF THE LIGHT - TALITRES (c) Radio Pulsar - 95.9 September 2020