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  • run away with me tomorrow
    Alternative Rock
  • Santi & Tuğçe - Hikâye (Souq Records)
    Santi & Tuğçe

    A TWICE TOLD TALE One fine autumn day in late September, Santi (from Asunción, Paraguay) and Tuğçe (from Istanbul, Turkey) have crossed paths in a small town in the middle of the “heartland” US. From this moment on, their lives have become webs of inquiry and revelation as they have jointly devoted forces to mastering the art of musical storytelling. Drawing on a wide palette of ideas and influences, Santi & Tuğçe have created an enchanting world with their music in which the characters are driven by passion and a zest for life. A world where mythical creatures return home after an epic quest to an island surrounded by land, where a wise woman prepares potions to heal the poet, the dreamer, and the disillusioned; where planets collide and create new patterns in the cosmic swirl; where two starry-eyed lovers sail away on a sea turtle spaceship to places unknown; and where self-aware, compassionate robots resolve ancient paradoxes in their mission to rescue humanity. On this fine autumn day in late September, thirteen years after their fortuitous encounter, Santi & Tuğçe, now based in the ‘center of electronic music’ Berlin, present their latest musical odyssey: “A Twice Told Tale”. Filled with unmistakable charm and complexity, “A Twice Told Tale” conjures up stories that connect with something deep within the listener. Told with emotional intensity and intricacy, these are songs for and about everyone. The first single from this EP, “Hikâye” tells a long tale, a tale that is “a little naïve, a little rebellious, and a little tender”. Life is fleeting, leaves will fall, colors will fade, and before we know it, it will be time to depart from this beautiful earth. Yet the tale we have lived to tell and the love we have lived for will remain. TRACK CREDITS: Original Track: Santi & Tuğçe Vocals and Lyrics: Tuğçe Kurtiş Piano: Pier Luigi Salami Cover Art: Gamze Yalçın LYRICS: Uzun bir hikâye Biraz saf, biraz asi Biraz da kırılgan Anlatılan Bir ses bir iç çekiş Usulca duyulan Zaman ötesinde Yankılanan Kabus ortasında Uykudan uyanmış Bir çocuk misali Haykırılan Bir gün biterse Hikâye, üzülme Hayat geçse de Aşktır kalan ENGLISH TRANSLATION: It’s a long tale A little naïve, a little rebellious And a little tender A sound, a sigh Which is heard discreetly Which echoes through time A tale that gets wailed Like a child Who has just awoken In the midst of a nightmare If, one day, this tale reaches an end Do not be upset Even though life goes away It is love that remains

  • Same Graves
    The Ghost Club
    Alternative Rock

    Produced by Eric Palmquist Written By: Domenic Dunegan Eric Palmquist

  • Less Than Human
    Ezzie/Stopping Clocks

    Zook has, once again, written something great LYRICS: Have you been awake all this time Is there a way to put this all into words Will I make it to the end this time We're not the type to understand how it works Was there a time when I never cared Or wanted something more than fiction Was there a time before I was found When I was something less than human No one has to know Who we are I'm not sure who I am In your arms There's something in the way I'm paralyzed Turn and look away Don't trust my eyes Have you been dreaming all this time Is there a way to make you understand Will I make it out once again You're not the type to know who I am Was there a time when I'd given up And wished all the world to get over Was there a time before I was found When I was never more than sober No one has to know Who we are Reasons I should stay here In your arms Fear is rushing back Your heart is high Imperfect I abandon My disguise CREDITS: Zook - Writing, Synth, Drums, Guitar, Production Ezzie - Writing, Bass, Drums, Production Ron - Writing

  • oblivious

    oh your eyes they speak to me, you don't know it oh so quiet but a symphony in my head must you taunt me with beauty? and you leave me in gloom again oh i wish she was seventeen oh i wish she was seventeen unruly to the world a poem that's unheard she is everything oh i know that it's not right she's oblivious to her light she is everything credits written, composed, and produced by rooftub at home in September 2020 including the cover art.

  • SNS ALT 403
    Alternative Rock

    Alt Show #403 (the Weekend of Sept 18/19) Playlist: House Of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix) Marcy Playground - Sex And Candy (Rhythm Scholar Remix) I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME - Leave Me Alone Foster The People - Sit Next To Me (Flipside Remix) Bakar - Hell N Back Common Kings and Shwayze - California Day Toots and the Maytals - Pressure Drop Glass Animals - Tangerine No Doubt - Don't Speak (DJ Kontrol Remix) MISSIO - Middle Fingers (Glades Remix) Grouplove - Inside Out Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (Zhu Remix) Saint Motel - Preach Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life (Alex Adair Remix) Tame Impala - Is It True SUB URBAN - Freak A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum (Pharrell Williams Remix) George Michael - Faith (Aeroplane Remix) Bob Marley and the Wailers - Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five Remix) The Neighbourhood - Devil’s Advocate Muse - Starlight (Hyperbits Remix) Portugal. The Man - Live In The Moment (Tycho Sunrise Remix) Bastille ft/ Graham Coxon - What You Gonna Do The Black Keys - Fever (Mike Czech PALM TREES Remix) Phoenix - Identical Kaleo - Way Down We Go (DiPap Remix) Foster The People - The Things We Do The Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) Grouplove - Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix) Hot Chip - Over And Over

    Hip-hop & Rap

    Official audio for "SUMMER'S OVER", the latest single by DONi. Follow DONi: Instagram: YouTube: Stream DONi: Spotify: Apple Music: SoundCloud: Deezer: Lyrics: [Verse 1] I remember being young Waiting on the one to tell me I would be enough Feels like only yesterday my name was on your tongue And we complained about the sun Spending hours on the beach, watching waves go and come And in the shade you told me I’m the greatest thing that ever happened Looking back, I think I laughed cause you were looking so attractive Never cared if you had sand in your hair, I’ll take you anywhere I’m tryna feel the breeze in the air Cause I was scared to fall in love until you came around But every summer you would be the one to lay me down It’s never warm when I’m alone but then you showed me how To be myself, I haven’t felt this in a little while My only hope was that you wouldn’t let me go Never be the wave to go away, I need you close Staring in her eyes, I was shining like the coast But every summer has to die, I wasn’t ready for the cold- Now I really know [Chorus] And I know, summer’s over But I want you here with me And I know, summer’s over But I want you here with me [Verse 2] I never really liked the snow cause it looked good from afar But once you step into the cold, it might leave you a scar Now it’s winter, only pictures to relieve any thoughts Of all the memories of everything we did in the sun Look, I never wanted you to leave Asking for a reason but you said it wasn’t me Changing like the seasons, now you’re reaching for your keys Saw the headlights fly as you left me in the street Trying not to freeze Her summer eyes turned to ice in the blink of an eye Tryna find a reason why but I was hurting inside Every night I hit the lights so I can cry to myself Now it’s cold cause I’m alone, I really needed some help I wish I noticed you were nothing, it was all a façade Summer’s over, now it’s colder all the time that I lost- Was only spent on getting closer with a simple mirage But now I’m older, now I know my loving came at a cost [Chorus] And I know, summer’s over But I want you here with me And I know, summer’s over But I want you here with me [Verse 3] Another year, I’ll have to wait until we meet again Save the tears, she told me I could always be a friend I fall in love just like the season Just to see if I’ll make it around to win her attention And spring to summer for everything to repeat For everything to repeat.

  • sad slowed songs to cry to (pt. 1)

    0:00 the cinematic orchestra - to build a home 7:25 winter aid - the wisp sings 13:40 syml - where's my love (alternative version) 18:39 sufjan stevens - visions of gideon 23:39 bon iver - roslyn 29:25 billie eilish - when the party's over 33:23 conan gray - heather 37:20 amber run - i found 42:36 joji - will he 46:37 robot koch - nitesky 52:13 lorde - ribs 57:29 harry styles - fine line

    Alternative Rock


  • Soulmate

    for arianna obviously days and time will go by (but our) moments will never die I've tried to say it rhyme to portray it but I seem to lack the words no time-wasting we're 16 and our love's spanned lifetimes and this won't be any different baby peace and calm are all that I will let come by you're the one and I will never say goodbye tell me it's true the cold has gone we've been waiting too long the sun has come through and will never, never go away and what I feel I've failed to say I'll find a way to show you forever another life spent in bliss together all my time will only be by your side golden skies are only mirrors of your eyes tell me it's true the cold has gone, we've been waiting too long the sun has come through and will never, never go away tell me it's true how can it be I've found someone perfect like you? heaven's known us two since our souls left to find each other (again) now we've come to be together one hand, one heart now I can confess I will love you to no end days go by except for our time our stars have now aligned now it is true I've found my love, she's what dreams are made of summer was the start, and it won't have any ending.

  • Trust Fund Buddha (demo)
    Alternative Rock
  • k054
    Kick In The Eye
    Yacht Rock

    01. Chris Watson - Jamaica Bay To Leigh Valley [Moog Recordings Library] 02. Jim Noir - Eggshell [Dook] 03. Gorillaz feat. George Benson - Humility [Parl0phone] 04. Mark Barrott - Baby Come Home [International Feel] 05. Byrne & Barnes - Love You Out Of Your Mind [Favorite] 06. Young Gun Silver Fox - Distance Between Us [Légère] 07. Connan Mockasin & Devonté Hynes - Feelin' Lovely [Mexican Summer‎] 08. Matt Duncan - Lone Ranger [Soul Step] 09. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - C-Side [Dead Oceans] 10. The Sadistics - Tokyo Taste [Light In The Attic] 11. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Necessary Evil [Jagjaguwar] 12. Video Age - Scenic Highway [Inflated] 13. Shintaro Sakamoto - Let's Dance Raw [Zelone] 14. MGMT - Me & Michael [C0lumbia] 15. Ducktails - Under Cover [Domin0] 16. Sugardaddy - How Long [LateNightTales] 17. Todd Rundgren - Tin Foil Hat [Cleopatra] 18. Joe Armon-Jones - Almost Went Too Far [Brownswood] 19. Washed Out - Leave You Behind [Sub Pop] 20. Mudd & Pollard - Villa Stavros [Claremont 56] 21. Cass McCombs - Switch [Anti-] 22. People Under The Stairs - Sonic Elders [Piecelock 70] 23. Mango Lane - Sex [Palm Tapes] 24. M83 - Moon Crystal [Naïve] 25. Blood Orange - Orlando [Domin0] 26. Benny Sings - Honey Bee [Dox] 27. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Can't Hear My Eyes [Mexican Summer‎] 28. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee [Jagjaguwar] 29. Toro y Moi - Embarcadero [Carpark] 30. Incarnations - Make You Mine [Lovemonk]

  • ?Oa?I?Ea
    Young Jib Kidder

    Just some songs from producer/singer-songwriter Jib Kidder that I have been able to scrape up over the years. These all were written and recorded before his breakout 2008 masterpiece "All on Y'all." The artist seems to be forever morphing and as such has abandoned his earlier works, which were mostly published on CDR and thus in peril of being lost. It is my opinion that they yet have amazing worth and show the young artist's trajectory. Please enjoy and contact me if you know of any early tracks or if you can name the ones I've posted here, thank you.

  • Ride
  • Little Hugs & Kisses
    Dance & EDM

    In a time like this, where little happens and life feels stagnant, I often find myself wondering of things that have never happened. Goodbye came too soon. For us, I've little to hold on to than my own daydreams and small moments together. I suppose for now, uncertainty must be matched with hope. Lyrics: Verse 1: tell me is it cold outside? would you hide both your hands in my sweater? tell me is it you and i that you dream of when you rest your head? Pre Chorus: when will i see you? when will i see you, again? i know that time will tell a story to unfold so i dream of you and all of the things we'd do ill make stories of us until we meet again Chorus: all these little hugs and kisses as i sit here reminiscing on all the memories that we havent made at all Bridge: and everyday i wake up at sunrise to sometimes fall asleep again lie still as i watch all the time pass my thoughts end up here again Verse 2: tell me on this sleepless night are you staring out the window too? tell me do the street lights shine in the shadows of your empty room?

  • Dark Dreams
    Midnight Divide

    Dark Dreams is the newest single from Los Angeles based dark indie/alt rock band Midnight Divide. VERSE 1 My bed is cold as sin I’m re-positioning But when I turn I find my body paralyzed with fear I see the shape of you But next to someone new And in between us there’s a chasm filled with what we lost BREAK I try to cross the room Trip over words and truths Stuck in a cage of wicked wire built from my own design That’s when I wake and scream It’s nothing more than dreams But you’re not the there to say it’s all gonna be ok CHORUS I been having dark dreams without you I don’t know if we’ll ever find it again My heart is yours if you ask it I don’t know if you’ll ever love it again But if you say you know VERSE 2 The hardest truth to face Is one you can’t erase I want so bad to be the one you call when you are cold So if you’re cold and lonely Then baby pick up the phone CHORUS BRIDGE Oh, would you believe me if I said I’m sad and I don’t know why I did? (Finally found a way I could be unbroken, then I hurt the one who had made me whole) Oh, would you believe me if I said I’m sad and I love you til the end? So I’m begging you to stay… CHORUS x2 Midnight Divide is an indie alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, CA, drawing influences from artists's like: Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Imagine Dragons.

  • easy (prod. wetgropes)
    oxy cabret


  • 09 - The Rise And Fall
    Dr Johns Surgery Records

    Snail is an Indie pop-rock band from Bastia (Isle of Corsica - France) with two members: Florian Brozzu (Voice/Guitar) and Michael Cropanese (Bass guitar). Since 2017, they collaborate with the guitar player Jean-Bernard Rongiconi (ex-guitar player and composer of the Corsican band I Muvrini) and the French drummer Loïc Pontieux. The band started in 2009 playing cover songs in clubs across Corsica and France. At that time, Snail was formed by three family members (Florian, Michael and drummer Gabriel are first cousins) and Cédric Raf fini on guitar. On July 2016, their record "Dream Out Loud!" came out, a fourteen track album with powerful indie rock sound. Snail toured for almost a year but the band split up in 2017 preventing them from crossing the island borders. The actual Snail starts in 2017, when Michael and Florian started working on a new project with Jean-Bernard and Loïc. By the end of 2017, they are back in Jean-Bernard Rongiconi's studio in the peaceful village of Valle-di-Rustinu to record some demos. In 2020 they have enough material for their second album, more eclectic, with folk, pop and rock sounds. "The Looks" came out on April 2020.

  • Hold On

    Written, recorded and produced by Aaron Molyneaux. How did we find this, oh how do we stop. Can we rewind this, go back to the start. All of the violence, we’re counting the shots. Please don’t remind us, of the blood on the waves. We can hold on, if this world knows wrong from right. We can hold on, if this world just shines that light. How did we find this, oh how do we stop. Can we rewind this, go back to the start. All of the violence, we’re counting the shots. Please don’t remind us, of the blood on the waves. We can hold on, if this world knows wrong from right. We can hold on, if this world just shines that light. How did we find this, oh how do we stop. Can we rewind this, go back to the start. Go back to the start. Go back to the start. Go back to the start. Go back to the start. We can hold on, if this world knows wrong from right. We can hold on, if this world just shines that light. After all is said, and all is done. Your still my morning and my evening sun. My evening sun. My evening sun.

  • SNS ALT 402
    Alternative Rock

    Alt Show #402 (the Weekend of Sept 11/12) Playlist: Beck - Up All Night (Oliver Remix) The Roots - The Seed (2.0) Grouplove - Inside Out Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth (Beat Box Version) Foster The People - The Things We Do Saint Motel - Preach Beverly Hills Cop Vs. The Beastie Boys - Ch-Check Out Axel F (Al-B3 Remix) Tame Impala - Is It True Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners - This Girl Blue October - Oh My My MGMT - Kids (Two Friends Remix) Cage The Elephant - Aberdeen (Mike Czech Re-Drum) I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME - Leave Me Alone Saul Williams - Sunday Bloody Sunday Bakar - Hell N Back Outkast vs. RHCP - Under The Fresh Bridge (Mike Czech Remixxx) Silversun Pickups - It Doesn't Matter Why Rage Against The Machine vs. The Beastie Boys - So What Cha Want Down Rodeo (Mike Czech Remixxx) Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Unlike Pluto remix) Twenty One Pilots - Chlorine Bastille ft/ Graham Coxon - What You Gonna Do Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (Discotech Remix) Common Kings and Shwayze - California Day Cage The Elephant - Take It Or Leave It (Nebbra Remix) Glass Animals - Tangerine Bastille - Flaws (Deep Chills Remix) Foster The People - Sit Next To Me Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix) Florence + the Machine - Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix) Francis and The Lights - May I Have This Dance (Feat. Chance The Rapper)