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  • Androids & Asteroids
    Gravity Circus

    Gravity Circus - Androids & Asteroids I'm the kid in a pouring rain I've lost my senses, I feel no pain I shed some tears 'cause I've opened my eyes A broken android in disguise I'm in the water of empty thoughts I'm the courage, but its not enough I'm the moon on a sunny day I'm the pain that came and fade away (2x) The smile in a mirror The glass ceiling spinner The upper class ringer The underdog winner The loser The faded The utterly frustrated The painting The painted The underoverrated The winner The jaded The unappreciated The martyr The sinner The rebeginner ("..A broken android in disguise..") I'm the fool on a moving frame Suspicious symptoms, surmounting phantom pain I'm static noises and blinding lights I'm the star on a cloudy night I'm the man that wears the coloured suit I'm with the snake and the forbidden fruit I'm not the ocean, I am the sea I'm not with you, you're not with me (2x) The smile in a mirror The glass ceiling spinner The upper class ringer The underdog winner The loser The faded The utterly frustrated The painting The painted The underoverrated The winner The jaded The unappreciated The martyr The sinner The rebeginner ("..An asteroid on a cloudy night..") (2x) When my time has come Is when the androids are And where the androids go Is where the asteroids show © ℗ 2019 Gravity Circus

  • Slumber [directors cut]
    Mick Southerland

    Follow on Facebook: __________________ Mick Southerland, formerly of Southernayer, would like to announce the release of his new track A Night Divine from his upcoming solo EP, A Night Divine. It blends an 80s aesthetic with a modern electronic soundscape that is, "instantly captivating and entirely impressive." Slumber Reviews "...Slumber is a relentless machine – which brilliantly sets itself against the very, very human lead vocal, which is littered with creaking and affecting vibrato...chorus part of the song features a one syllable word per beat, which is ridiculously hooky. Repeat listens flag up the pop nous on display. The production is dreamlike: little buzzes, scrapes and knocks flesh out the percussive sound in really satisfying ways that only truly reveal themselves after repeat listens. It’s epic, sounds effortless, and almost certainly wasn’t! by Stereo Stickman: ---------------------------- Echoing with shades of early U2, Arcade Fire, and the textured emotive qualities of Death Cab For Cutie, ‘Slumber’ is a cultivated mix of wonderfully melancholic tones that expand and spread to become a lavish soundscape. Let with a brilliant human touch, the heart and soul of the single shines, bringing out the emotion in Mick’s vocals and matching them flawlessly with rustic melody of inlaid into each instrument....‘Slumber’ is a single that everyone should take the time to appreciate. Score: 9/10 Broken 8 Records ------------------------------------------ “Slumber” – that sensation that tells your whole body that you’re experiencing something spectacular…a song so memorable, you know instantly it has to be included in the soundtrack of your life, permanently, forever. My jaw’s truly on the floor…everything about “Slumber” is everything I want to hear more of, always. Sleeping Bag Studios FOR PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: [email protected]

  • Water Balloon

    Big thanks to @rosarrie for the art! Listen to this song on Spotify: Dive deeper: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Lyrics: I keep on putting tape over my own mouth Anytime I try to let you into my brain it shuts down I want to tell the truth But my doubts cling to my belt loop Anxiety crashes over me like a water balloon *I flute* Practice to myself all the words I’d like to release Recite them in my head, my heartbeat rises with the heat I’ve got blisters on my feet from wearing shoes that don’t belong to me But I’m scared to take them off, they’re on so tight that my feet will bleed It's fine for a while But it seeps into your skin The secrets that I hide They're burning me alive You're tearing me apart, the way you make me feel You're tearing me apart, how good you make me feel

  • Dull
    olivia o.

    the dogs in the yard are barkin loudly i can hear it fine my ears are hurting noises all around me are so big they bounce in my head all this food is making me sick nothing in my bed nothing in my fridge nothing in my chest i’m dulling out i will not stop i will not stop it i’m dulling out i will not i will not i feel it still the claws in my brain trying to remember but i’m too dull to recall what it was i wanted to not forget i’m dulling out overstimulated unprepared for the consequences of my actions i feel myself dulling out my senses are getting weaker my sense of self is growing smaller the moths that used to crowd me are no longer attracted to my glow they’ve found something brighter than what they used to know i can feel my brain as it gets older sense my hair turning grey at roots i will not cover them i will not cover i’m dulling out i will not stop i will not stop it i’m dulling out i will not i will not i feel it still the claws in my brain trying to remember but i’m too dull to recall what it was i wanted to not forget the crows have come they’re singing softly they can see i’ll be there soon they can smell it on my breath Im dulling out. Im dulling out

  • Stay Awhile
    Mick Southerland

    Follow on Facebook: Mick Southerland of Texas, plays a blend of pop and indie electronic with unique inspiration from greats the likes of David Bowie, INXS and George Michael. The blend of melancholic lyrics and lush, old-school pop melodies find a way to be reminiscent of classic 80s music yet modern for today's indie music scene. Check out the new single "Slumber" “Ghost in this House is one of the best debut albums that I’ve heard.” – NO DEPRESSION ROOTS MUSIC JOURNAL "Slumber" 9/10. "Instantly captivating and entirely impressive, ‘Slumber’ has hidden frailty that makes it mesmerizing, largely due to Mick’s vocals and the presence that they bring...Echoing with shades of early U2, Arcade Fire, and the textured emotive qualities of Death Cab For Cutie, ‘Slumber’ is a cultivated mix of wonderfully melancholic tones that expand and spread to become a lavish soundscape." Broken8Records FOR PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: [email protected]

  • Otto Orlandi & Charlie Disney - Sadgirl
    O Music Recordings
    Alternative Pop

    Otto Orlandi & Charlie Disney - Sadgirl | OUT NOW! Listen or download: Introducing the upcoming avant-garde single “Sadgirl” by Otto Orlandi in collaboration with the Russian songwriter and vocalist Charlie Disney. Hailing from Italy, Otto is looking to follow up his successful summer smash “You and I”. The track has collected over 100k plays on Spotify in just two weeks and is still performing worldwide on multiple radios and streaming platforms. Not to mention, his singles “Don’t Miss You” and “Seven Days” featured by the multi-platinum songwriter Melanie Fontana respectively collected over 2.6 and 1 million plays on Spotify alone. With “Sadgirl” Otto experiments with sounds in an unprecedented and alternative style, all while maintaining his notorious excellent standards of production. With this track, Otto’s skills as a producer are in full display showing why he has worked with labels of the caliber of Sony Music, Spinnin Records, Armada, Blanco Y Negro as well as his own label O Music Recordings. Russian Indie-Pop artist Charlie Disney contributes to the production while providing the unique vocals for “Sadgirl”. Charlie is often praised by music critics for her peculiar style known as “Alien Pop” which entails pop tones with deeper and darker colors. Her timbre and vocal range are often compared to Lana del Rey and Lorde’s. Additionally, Charlie was nominated amongst the top 35 most successful musicians by the popular Russian radio Rostov FM. Independent magazine “Indie Music France” described Charlie as an unique character who represents the future of Indie music in Russia. Along with Otto’s masterful production, Charlie’s impeccable vocals are core to “Sadgirl”’s unique Indie and alternative pop dark vibes. With its release on O Music Recordings, “Sadgirl” marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for O Music as it relentlessly expands and masters different music genres. If “Sadgirl” is anything to go by, the future is looking very bright indeed. Follow Us:

  • Hater - It's A Mess

    Hater release new ‘Four Tries Down/It’s A Mess’ 7” out 6th September & first US tour Pre-order link: US tour dates 07 Sep: The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa, CA, US 08 Sep: The Echo, Los Angeles, CA, US 09 Sep: Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA, US 11 Sep: Holocene, Portland, OR, US 12 Sep: Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA, US 13 Sep: The Bartlett, Spokane, WA, US 14 Sep: Neurolux, Boise, ID, US 18 Sep: Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA US 19 Sep: Berlin, New York, NY, US 20 Sep: Alphaville, Brooklyn, NY, US Malmo’s much-praised quartet of Caroline Landahl, Måns Leonartsson, Adam Agace and Lukas Thomasson release two glorious new tracks hot on the heels of ‘Siesta’, their excellent second album of last year on Fire Records. “Swoony Swedish indie-pop.” Record Collector “Too noisy to be indie pop, too sweet to be post punk.” Clash ‘Four Tries Down’ and ‘It’s A Mess’ further hone the band’s dream pop adding extra allure through the musical interplay that coagulates behind Caroline Landahl’s ethereal vocal. “Perpetually swaying between comforting and devastating” Gorilla Vs Bear reckoned of their debut album, ‘You Tried’ from 2016, and last year’s ‘Siesta’ was celebrated for being “nostalgic for ‘90s indie pop innocence” by MOJO. As their reputation gathers global attention, Hater have continued to blossom making a compelling slice of angular pop music that’s dysfunctional, dreamy, tempting and teasing. ‘Four Tries Down’ presents an acute hand-tooled angular rasp, with its chiming guitar chopped out against a disengaged rhythm, topped with the dreamy ambience of Caroline Landahl’s whispered confessional that cuts through the mesmerising hum. ‘It’s A Mess’ is more subtle, with a teenage Nico admitting to inevitable boyfriend trouble. Drums rattle before cutting down to the basics to let Landahls pontificate as it all goes wrong – it’s a beautiful mess. Beautiful. Set for release this Autumn, 7" 'Four Tries Down' coincides with Hater’s first US tour.

  • Save Me
    Alternative Rock

    11:11. Iconic and mystical album by Zetetics From now on, you will start noticing signs of the Universe everywhere –– on phone screens, watches, in ads and browser windows. "11:11". The most iconic and mystical Zetetics album was just released. Nine songs, full of impressionistic emotions that make life more cinematic from the very first moment. According to numerology, a combination of any identical numbers is a reminder of the Universe that nothing happens by chance, everything is related and occurs for the sake of something. Seeing the 11:11 combination is a reminder that you are special. "This magic of numbers has haunted me for a long time," –– explains Lika Bugaeva, lead of Zetetics. "Every day I see 11:11 everywhere. On a watch, on a receipt, on the buildings, or even on the navigator that shows that I’ll be home at exactly 11:11. For me, it’s like checkpoints –– when I notice them, I feel that the subtle world exists. Same thing with the songs –– each of them happens suddenly, makes me happy and confident that everything is going on perfectly. The main thing is to make it out and write it down." "11:11" long-play is about self-knowledge and the purity of the self-talk. Each song has an undertone of mystical realism –– the genre that characterizes Zetetics. It's a key to fantastic, lyrical feelings that are beyond ordinary senses. The new Zetetics' album is saturated with signs and symbols. The album cover features song lyrics from Lika's notebook as if written by the hand of a weird scientist obsessed with music. But this song is going to be released sometime in the future. People who often see 11:11 have a unique mission –– to bring as much light as possible to this planet, to raise the vibration of love upon it. Why not? Just trust your senses.

  • Watchdog
    olivia o.

    watch dog watch dog watch dog stop staring at me with your red eyes i get scared sometimes i get scared sometimes i get scared of your teeth dark fur watch dog watch dog watch dog stop staring at me with your eyes you can see right through me see right through me you scare me with your mind

  • No Passion (Car Seat Headrest Cover)
    Power Chronic

    I never feel I can never feel Oh, I was cut open And now I can never feel Betraying no emotion underneath your aviators And your flight attendant uniform, perfectly tailored For your ninety-one-degree angle shoulders Fucking goddamn, how I love your shoulders In morning I'm a corpse Draft my Email to the corporation "You're saving my life every day, god bless you." I don’t have time for pride, I only like people Who hate the things that brought us together I never feel I can never feel Oh, I was cut open And now I can never feel I want a man who would hate me for what I am I want a man who would leave me if I told him my Deepest and darkest secrets, like I would leave him In a situation where our positions were reversed In my wildest sexual dreams I dream That I’m watching porn, but there’s too much sunlight Shining on my laptop monitor, so I Can’t see anything with any amount of clarity I never feel I can never feel Oh, I was cut open And now I can never feel

  • Dead Inside (Yet Still Alive)
    Johnny Diamonds
  • An Umarketed Product: Guided By Voices Songs By Other People

    Fawn Spots - Motor Away Luke Saxton - Echos Myron H Grimace -Over The neptune Finnmark - Jar of Cardinals Keel Her - Crutch Came Slinking Incredible Weapons - Drangons Awake Barbados - How's My Drinking? Savaging Spires - Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory Worm - I am A Tree Kasey Keller Big band-Drag Days Saw Forrrest - Gleemer Slowhammer - Teenage FBI Brown Brogues - My Valuable Hunting Knife ExPainters - Acorns and Orioles Echo Brigades - Please Freeze me

  • ISABELLE TIZANE - God Of Karma
    Isabelle Tizane Fan Club
    Alternative Rock

    God of Karma is the forthcoming debut single from London born singer/songwriter, Isabelle Tizane. Isabelle is already being tipped by the influencers as the one to watch in 2020. You can find out more by following her Spotify page -

  • SEA OF BLOOD (Alfonso Llorente)

    ALFONSO LLORENTE: LYRICS, VOCALS, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, ELECTRIC GUITAR, BASS, DRUMS & SYNTH Sometimes I feel lost on a sea of blood.... SEA OF BLOOD You might be standing in my way You might be getting into my days In a sea of blood I found you Dancing your way thru life As a lost bird you flew to me As the last bridge you stood alone My ship sunk in your tears And your love becomes my fear Have I drowned in your dreams? I´m not sure but it seems But sadness dimmed your gaze And the bridge is gone On a sea of blood our love flows And our dreams are the waves As our lives wreck in love Our souls rest on its sands. You´re my bridge to this world Can´t find the key to enter Our love will always collide On a sea of blood we flow Is the key to your heart Lying on the seabed? On a sea of blood our love flows And our dreams are the waves As our lives wreck in love Our souls rest on its sands. You are standing in my way You are getting into my days In a sea of blood we are together Dancing our paths thru life As lost birds we are flying To the last bridge to this world!

  • An O Brain

    The word title of the song was inspired by the song Anobrain by The 1975, "anobrain" isn't a real word, but after looking up what ano means, it means upper, so I titled my song anobrain because the upper brain or the cerebrum is what controls your emotions (and other things)which is usually the part that goes a little insane sometimes. // I was dreaming, fast asleep when I found a bullet in my hand, landed on the ground. Looking through the hole I could see my veins pumping away all that was left inside. Sometimes it tears itself down, sometimes it crawls back into the ground, and sometimes it likes to stick around. But I think I've got rid of it now. Anobrain don't drive me insane. Anobrain don't drive me insane. I had to find a piece that I could hold onto. A piece I didn't create of myself to please you. And everybody says "when is she gonna get her head on straight, she's lost a few screws here and there, she'll never be the same" But it's fine, cause I liked change. And I don't really care what they say, anyways. Anobrain, anobrain don't drive me insane. Anobrain don't drive me insane. There's no such things as pain, in the anobrain.

  • Another One - Mac DeMarco cover
    Emil Bror
  • Unseen (prod.kofi bae)

    this was on hold for five months so here ya go i wondered what you think about me probably bad thoughts as it seemed all of this happened to me i don't know what i'm supposed to be will you ever trust in me oh boy i'm here cant you see? will you ever just love me i know i'm invisible to see well it's 8 am gatta get out of this bed feeling nothing in my mind of state am i going the right way going the right way i cant say going the right way i cant stay the time wasn't right stay up all night the time wasn't right stay up all night

  • The Monochrome Set - "Rest, Unquiet Spirit"
    Tapete Records
    Alternative Rock

    'Rest, Unquiet Spirit' is taken from the upcoming album "Fabula Mendax (out 27 September 2019) by The Monochrome Set. +++++ The Monochrome Set live: 21/09/2019 GR Athens, AN Club 28/09/2019 UK London, The Lexington 01/10/2019 DE Nuremberg, Kantine 02/10/2019 DE Karlsruhe, KOHI-Kulturraum 03/10/2019 DE Frankfurt, The Cave 04/10/2019 DE Reutlingen, franz.K 05/10/2019 DE Hamburg, Yoko 12/10/2019 UK Bristol, The Crofters Rights 25/10/2019 NL The Hague, Paard 26/10/2019 FR Paris, Petit Bain 02/11/2019 UK Hasting, The Printworks 08/11/2019 JP Tokyo, Shinjuku Marz 09/11/2019 JP Tokyo, Koenji High 23/11/2019 UK Oxford, The Jericho Tavern 14/12/2019 PT Coimbra, TAGV 01/02/2020 UK Norwich, Waterfront Studio 08/02/2020 UK Liverpool, Jimmy’s 28/02/2020 UK Glasgow, Mono 29/02/2020 UK Dundee, Beat Generator 07/03/2020 UK Newcastle, The Cluny 11/04/2020 UK Manchester, The Deaf Institute 18/04/2020 UK Lewes, The Con Club 25/04/2020 UK Sheffield, Greystones US tour in 2020 +++++ Info: At the end of the 70s, The Monochrome Set were part of the first wave of ‘post punk’ bands. Right from the beginning, the band earned a solid reputation as purveyors of fine pop, gaining praise from 80s contemporaries such as Morrissey and Edwyn Collins. Importantly, in later years this praise has continued with artists such as Franz Ferdinand, The Divine Comedy and Graham Coxon, all citing the band as a key influence on their own work. The Monochrome Set sound has often been described as ‘timeless’, and that alone explains why, over the years, the band has continued gaining admirers. “Fabula Mendax” is based on manuscripts written in the 15th Century by Armande de Pange, a companion of Jehanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc). Follow Armande as she flees her unhinged family, only to be caught up in the chaos of The Hundred Years’ War. She encounters and trails the enigmatic Joan, later becoming a part of her expanding group of followers. As they travel west into the war zone of Northern France, they meet a motley medley of scheming noblewomen, bellicose knights, nefarious bishops, and assorted rotters, rogues and renegades. This is The Monochrome Set at its most ornate, and, much like Joan of Arc’s ensemble, features a myriad of fiddlers, pluckers, beaters, tinklers and wailers, surrounding a central core of notorious crackpots. The hauntingly melodic pop harks back to the early TMS period of “Eine Symphonie Des Grauens”, but is now complemented by a (periodically unemployed) vampire’s orchestra, whose cha-cha-charnel chiming careens into carnal rhyming chanting, while saints and demons trip lightly across the slick red fields of liberty. As with all TMS albums, “Fabula Mendax” is at once accessible and arcane, upbeat and dark, lush and spare, and with lyrics that as ever remain tantalisingly opaque.