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  • Pretinho 16/09/2020 ⭐Potter
    Podcast do Pretinho

    O maior podcast humorístico do Brasil. Fetter, Luciano Potter, Porã, Rafinha, Magro Lima e Duda Garbi, com as participações itinerantes de Neto Fagundes, Lelê, Cris Pereira e Rodaika, repercutem as maiores notícias do dia do jeito mais engraçado possível. Veja muito mais no youtube 📺: atlantidalives e atlantidaforadoar

  • Ep 196: The Naughty Birthday Boy

    Oh dear, Paul's been drinking again. This time his excuse is that it's his birthday and he is allowed. Eli is very unimpressed by the state of his podcast co-host, but he battles on regardless! This week, Eli tries to keep the show together and Paul behaves like a naughty boy. It's all rather desperate. However, there IS still economy comedy content. Eli dives into his Cheap Eats hamper to torture Paul with bite of lemony chocolate, fills in the gaps on last week's League of Snacks (& Crisps) Update and stares in wonder at a Pot Noodle without the pot! Paul's in charge of the Vinyl Selection and it's a horrific mix of 80s sitcom novelty music and a 7 Inch piece of vinyl featuring the cast of Grange Hill singing about hosteling! It's all very odd. As Per. And if you like us, why not support us: Share & Enjoy. Photos/Videos for this episode can be seen at If you want to get involved, email us at [email protected] And if you have to, follow us on Twitter @thecheapshowpod or @paulgannonshow & @elisnoid With thanks to @alistaircoleman for allowing us to read his blog in this episode Like, Review, Share, Comment... LOVE US! Podbible Interview:…show-celebration/ MERCH Paul is writing a book! Want to help make it happen?

  • Zap Zap do Mução - 21.09.2020

    Programa a Hora do Mução, de segunda a sexta-feira, das 17h às 18h.

  • 570 - Ian Bagg - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

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    Tom Segura and Christina P start off this episode of Your Mom's House by discussing Christina's accent. They listen to a recent favorite fan song "Don't Be Stingy" by Hendawg which launches a conversation about Leo's famous video. They watch a video of Joe Biden farting during a speech, a couple pillow fighting, an update from the Gmail cool guy, a fart that turned into a brown, a rant about messy men, and more! They respond to listener emails about RPC, an Ed Asner cake, and a mommy who got the cops called on them because of the show.

    Ian Bagg is stand-up comedian, and host of Around the Bagg. He has a new hilarious comedy album out called "Every Wants Some" available on all audio platforms! He joins the main mommies to discuss their trip to Africa, crowd work, bombing on stage, finding dead bodies, and stupid comedy clubs. He watches Norm's poutine, a cool guy's message to Mark Zuckerberg, a guy whose goal is to look like a parrot, Christina's TikToks, and more!

  • #645: The Forgotten Story of the Lumberjack Commandos of WWII
    The Art of Manliness

    Today, it's hard to go very long without hearing about special operations forces like the Army's Green Berets and the Navy's SEALs. But before special operators became an ingrained part of the military's strategy and established a prominent presence in the public eye, they existed as experimental, now largely forgotten units that were launched during the Second World War. One of the primary predecessors of today's commandos was the 1st Special Service Force, which was known simply as the Force, and is described in a book of the same name by military historian Saul David. Today on the show, Saul explains how he came across the little known story of the Force and traces its origins to an idea formulated by a British civilian scientist and championed by Winston Churchill which envisioned a unit that could accompany a fleet of snow tanks into enemy territory. Saul details how the Force was composed of men from both America and Canada, how members were recruited from the rough-and-ready ranks of explorers, miners, lumberjacks, and hunters who were physically strong and used to cold temperatures and rugged terrain, and the rigorous training that turned these recruits into what was arguably the military's fittest and best disciplined fighting force -- a unit which would become known as the "Devil's Brigade." We then turn to the action these elite commandos saw during the war, which included scaling the sheer cliffs of a mountain to secure a Nazi stronghold. We end our conversation with why the unit was disbanded before the war was even over and how its legacy continues to live on in the special forces of today. Get the show notes at

  • #644: How to Develop Greater Self-Awareness
    The Art of Manliness

    95% of people say that they're self-aware. But only 10-15% of people actually are. As my guest today says, that means "on a good day, 80% of us are lying to ourselves about how much we're lying to ourselves" and this blind spot can have big repercussions for our success and happiness.  Her name is Tasha Eurich, and she's an organizational psychologist and the author of Insight: Why We're Not as Self-Aware as We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life. Tasha kicks off our conversation by arguing that our level of self-awareness sets the upper limit of our individual effectiveness and that self-awareness can be developed and is truly the meta skill of the 21st century. She then unpacks what it is you know about yourself when you possess self-awareness, how there are two types of this knowledge, internal and external, and how you can have one without the other. Tasha then outlines the seven pillars of self-awareness, the barriers to getting insights into them --  including falling into the cult of self -- and how these barriers can be overcome, including asking yourself a daily check-in question. We then discuss how two of the most common methods for gaining self-knowledge -- introspection and journaling -- can in fact backfire and how to do them more effectively by asking yourself what instead of why, and actually journaling less instead of more. We also get into why you should be an in-former, rather than a me-former on social media, how to become more mindful without meditation, and how to solicit and handle feedback from other people, including holding something called the "Dinner of Truth." Get the show notes at

  • Mução Notícia - 23.09.2020

    Programa a Hora do Mução, de segunda a sexta-feira, das 17h às 18h.

  • Jamychal Green's Clippers Blow 3-1 Lead
    Jenkins & Jonez Podcast

    Topics: YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS! Music: Cousin Stizz "Beamin" Big Baby Gucci "Drop Top Lexus"

  • Jacob Two-Two (2003) - SMCB 222
    Nerd Sloth

    SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON BOOM PODCAST: This Saturday morning, Joseph and Chris watched Jacob Two-Two, from 2003. This was chosen by @artofanadventurer on Instagram! Thanks, Art! 1. First Episode: Jacob Two-Two vs The Hooded Fang (S1E01) 2. @artofanadventurer's Pick: Jacob Two-Two and the Conniving Caterer (S1E04) 3. Highest Rated: Jacob Two-Two's Time Trials (S2E02) The adventures of a precocious young boy in Montreal who has a habit of repeating himself. VOTE for which cartoon we watch next: Listen to each podcast episode as it airs! Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Stitcher: Follow Saturday Morning Cartoon Boom podcast on Social Media! Twitter: Instagram: Join the Nerd Sloth crew! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

  • Mução Responde - 23.09.2020

    Programa a Hora do Mução, de segunda a sexta-feira, das 17h às 18h.

  • The Ensign's Log Podcast episode 067: Tears of the Dolan
    The Lemme Listen Podcasts

    The Ensign's prepare for a new roommate!

  • Programa - 18.09.2020

    Programa a Hora do Mução, de segunda a sexta-feira, das 17h às 18h.

  • Pretinho 16/09/2020 13h ⭐Lelê
    Podcast do Pretinho

    O maior podcast humorístico do Brasil. Fetter, Luciano Potter, Porã, Rafinha, Magro Lima e Duda Garbi, com as participações itinerantes de Neto Fagundes, Lelê, Cris Pereira e Rodaika, repercutem as maiores notícias do dia do jeito mais engraçado possível. Veja muito mais no youtube 📺: atlantidalives e atlantidaforadoar

  • A Hora do Mução - Rádio Mix - 16.09.2020

    Programa veiculado na rádio Mix FM de São Paulo, de segunda a sexta-feira das 08:00 às 09:00.

  • #367: Khazarians, Witches, the Star Of Vergina and the Tuskegee Experiment w/ Bishop Larry Gaiters
    Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli

    Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode I wasn't feeling very good so I welcome the Man, the Myth, The Legend Bishop Larry Gaiters to the show to discuss one of my favorite topics, The Khazarian's Bloodlines! As always the Bishop never fails to blow our minds. Thank you for your support. See Sam Tripoli Live: Raleigh North Carolina: Sept 24-26 Goodnight Comedy Club: St. Louis, Missouri: Oct 1st-3rd: Headlining the St. Louis Helium Comedy Club: Cleveland: Oct 23rd: Hilarities 9;30pm show Please support Bishop Larry Gaiters across all of the internet: Bishop Larry Gaiters Host of The Nationally Syndicated Global Spiritual Revolution Radio New York City, New York Life Radio Network 92.9 FM 1460 AM iHeart Radio Network Tin Foil Hat Social Media: Tin Foil Hat Podcast: Instagram: XG: Twitter: Instagram: Johnny Woodard: twitter: instagram: Please check out all of our platforms: Our Youtube page Patreon: Check out my new spiritual podcast called Zero on Rokfin: Tshirts: Coffee Cups: Thank you to our sponsors: Hydrant has created a refreshing electrolyte powder that you mix directly into water to more efficiently and effectively hydrate your body. It hydrates you quickly and keeps you going for longer. We’ve got a special deal for our listeners to save 25% off your first order: Go to or enter our promo code HAT at checkout. MyBookie: Go to invest in your intuition. Use the promo code "TINFOILHAT" and double your first deposit, new players get up to $1000 in Free Play Proactive: Right now is a great time to try Proactiv! For our podcast listeners, you can get an EXCLUSIVE OFFER, ONLY available by going to! Proactiv subscribers will receive the Hydrating Duo as a FREE GIFT. That includes four Hydrogel Masks AND the Green Tea Moisturizer! You also get FREE SHIPPING. Again visit to take advantage of this special offer now. That’s and subscribe to clear skin! With a wide variety of award winning CBD products. For all the Tin Foil Hat listeners goto and type the word "Tinfoil" to 20% off for every order. Skrewball, the original and most awarded, peanut butter whiskey, is now available near you. At seventy proof, enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail. Pick up Skrewball at your local store or get it delivered today. Go to for more info and click on buy now. Please drink responsibly. Mack Weldon is a premium men’s essentials brand. Mack Weldon have even created their own totally free, loyalty program called Weldon Blue. Level 1 gets you free shipping for life. And once you reach Level 2 by spending $200, Mack Weldon will start giving you 20% off every order for the next year! Here is a the special offer from Mack Weldon for the Swarm.... 20% off your first order, visit AND ENTER PROMO CODE: tinfoil Blue Chew: Visit Blue Chew dot com and get your first shipment free when you use promo code tinfoil. Just pay $5 shipping. That’s B-L-U-E-Chew dot com promo code tinfoil. Chew it and do it! Manscaped: Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code TINFOILHAT at That’s 20% off with free shipping at, and use code TINFOILHAT

    ZDU Podcast

    El dilema de las redes sociales explora cuestiones cotidianas de un tema al que nos enfrentamos día con día, a través de muchas risas y momentos increíbles de la pantalla grande, incluyendo un insight sobre Aaron Sorkin

  • 246: A Buzzkill Twofer

    Making up for Marty's late entry into the Buzzsaw 2 canon, you get two episodes of Buzzsaw 2! Plus the usual nonsense about stuff on TV the MIRPs haven't watched and books they haven't read. But two eps! Let us know what you think and how you are: [email protected]

  • #047 The Qualm Issue
    The Cryptid Factor

    (13 September 2020) Here we go again - The Cryptid Factor team on a roll! This ep sees qualms raised, jetpack conga-lines, kite flying 3 year olds, Bigfoot shooting uncles, Benny Hill Flat Earthers - oh and not to mention we talk with 'X-Files - The Official Archives' author Paul Terry!

  • Mução Responde - 18.09.2020

    Programa a Hora do Mução, de segunda a sexta-feira, das 17h às 18h.

  • MAGA IS THE NEW BLACK w/ Karyn Turk and Perry Strong
    Race Wars

    It’s a fiery one!! Hot blonde convicted felon Karyn Turk leads us down an Israel hole where Trump is the good guy, slavery vs the Holocaust is a weird debate but we’ll take it, and nothing unites people on both sides of the political spectrum more than hating NYC mayor and giant floppy muppet man Bill DeBlasio.