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  • Ions Feeling
  • Deep Sleep Music, Calm Music, Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Music to Help You Sleep
    Spiritual Moment

    The right kind of music can soothe us into a perfect state of relaxation. Add this scientifically-based, 8 hour-long video to your nighttime playlist and catch more Zzzz's. Exclusive Playlist on Spotify: Beautiful nature videos and use the relaxing music in youtube channel: ►Music to study, work, read and get focused: The music to study of Musicoterapia is ideal to be able to focus in depth during the study and get the most out of it. It helps you concentrate, pay more attention, focus and work in a more efficient way. Our music to study contains brain waves, specifically Alpha waves, which increase concentration and the power of the brain to improve the memory and the intelligence. This instrumental relaxing music will help you to study, focus and learn more quickly to allow that your mind reaches the best of its focus states. It’s ideal for the job and the study ►Music of relaxation and meditation to calm the mind and control anxiety: Our music of relaxation and meditation is perfect to Buddhist meditations, Zen meditations, aware meditations, Deepak Chopra meditations and Eckhart Tolle meditations, among others. This type of music contains elements of a lot of cultures like: Japanese music, Indian music, Tibetan music, Chinese music, Shamanic music. Our music to meditate is also ideal for calm the mind, control anxiety, eliminate stress, stop thinking, etc. ►Relaxing music for spas and massages: Our instrumental music is calm and soft. It’s a music that facilitates the complete relaxation of the body after a long day of work and helps the body to get into a total relax state. This music is perfect to be used in Spas and massages, since it contains relaxation relaxing sounds very soft that helps to relax both the body and mind. Besides, much of our compositions contain relaxing sounds presents in nature, as the sound of: sea waves, rivers and water falls, relaxing rain, birds from the woods, etc. The music of Musicoterapia will be of great help to get you relaxed. ►Reiki Zen music and music to heal the chakras: This music is perfect to sessions of reiki to favor an easy entrance to the Zen state. Let the spiritual sounds take you to a higher state of consciousness and prepare yourself to receive the vibrations. This type of music is ideal to heal, clean and balance the seven chakras. Also we have the sounds of the Tibetan bowls with its correspondent tones to heal each chakra. ►Relaxing Shamanic music: The music of Shamanic category pretends to emulate the altered states of consciousness as it’s made by Shamans anywhere in the world, with sounds of the mother nature and the animals of power that help the listener to enter in a deep calm state in which the body heals and the soul cleanses energy, giving calm, peace and quietude with a long listening. ►Music to sleep deeply and rest with Delta waves: The music to sleep of Musicoterapia is a relaxing music, perfect to enjoy a profound and pleasurable dream. Our music to sleep is the best music that you’ll find to calm the mind, relieve stress, diminish insomnia and foment sleep. Amazon / iTunes / Bandcamp: Facebook /Twitter / Google +: BEST RELAXING MUSIC COLLECTION ☯ Shamanic Healing Sounds: ☯Reiki Zen Meditation Music: ☯Sleep Music Channel: ☯Extremely Powerful Brainwave Binaural Beats: ☯Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation: ☯Relaxing Flute Music - Playlist:

  • Rinnovare - Quilted Multiverse

    Rinnovare - Quilted Multiverse ✨ Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #PostRock #Instrumental 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 To be free is to have achieved your life. -Tennessee Williams 🧡 Rinnovare 💿 Suggested track: ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Matteo De Grandis - For You

    Matteo De Grandis - For You 🧡 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #Piano #Classical 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously. -Henry Kissinger 🧡 Matteo De Grandis 💿 Suggested track: ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Dntel - Unsettled

    @dntel Bedouin Ascent - Clusters (loop) Dntel - Faucet Song Ekkehard Ehlers - Hubert Fichte Steve Hiett - Standing There (Dntel mix) Golden Hits - 53018 PT1 edit Dntel - BP 818 1 Enya - I Could Never Say Goodbye (Dntel mix) Dntel - Movie Tears Interior - Park Durutti Column - Harry Dreams The Dream (Dntel mix) Dntel - Peanut Butter Solution Lewis Furey - Peanut Butter Solution OST Thomas Diethelm Band - S.N.E.U. Pelican Daughters - The Bicycle Ride Michael Mantra - Sonic Alter Rapoon - Waveform (1996 Remix) Sana Shenai - Laqua Kenny Larkin - My Travels

  • Moola Mantra - Incantation (Whale Song) - Deva Premal x Kailash Kokopelli & Bernt Balchen
    Alexey Kuzmin (Sakma)

    the deep connection between «Moola Mantra - Incantation» by Deva Premal and «Whale Song» by Kailash Kokopelli & Bernt Balchen download on bandcamp:

  • D3. Sun Electric - Love 2 Love (4:03)
    Music From Memory

    Taken from 'V/A - Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997' (MFM050) Buy Vinyl: Buy Digital: © 2020 Music From Memory

  • Dave Parry & Steffen Ki - Vuela Vuela ~ FREE DOWNLOAD ~

    Download the high quality wav file here: Original Song written by Don Jose Campos Pelican Feather Flute, Guitar and Vocals by @davidmichaelparry Recording, addional prodcution, Mixing, Mastering by @steffenkirchhoff I heard my friend @davidmichaelparry play this song during a jam session and I was instantly enchanted by the chords he played on his guitar and the vibe this song carried. He said he learned it from the taita that he works with in plant medicine ceremonies and that he loves to sing this song for people in ceremony when it gets topsy turvy to clam them down and create a soothing effect. I invited him to the studio to record it and together we alchemized it into this beautiful journey. The flutes you can hear are self made by Dave using pelican feathers. May this track inspire you to never loose trust and spread your feathered wings and fly. <3 Much love from Costa Rica Steffen & Dave

  • Love Without A Beat
    Tony y Not

    Over months and years I’ve collected ambient tracks by my favourite artists that I hold close to my heart and found / felt in very special moments. There is something about music without a beat that is very often overlooked and needs to fit a special setting. Lots of meaning and feelings are involved. I made this mix Love Without A Beat with these tracks. I allowed myself to edit and add to the originals and change things slightly. Somewhere around Minute 35 you can hear my own track New World starting that is the intro track of an album that I working on. It will be different to club music and YES, I am singing. This is very symbolic to me because now more than ever, people must use their voice to dedicate for the greater good. So listen to this with the rising sun before sleep or in those long winter hours to work with your heart. Prins Thomas - Foreplay Laurie Spiegel - Drums Fantastic Twins - A Brand New City Cornelius - Fantasma Asok - Emotional Perception Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (harmonium) Dreems - Pambula XTC - The Somnabulist (2001 Remaster) Bohren & der Club of Gore - Komm Zurück zu Mir Tony y Not - New World Still Corners - Skimming Superpitcher - Solaris Daniel Avery & Alessandro - Interrupted by the Cloud of Light Birds

  • PREMIERE : Suna Path - Blood Moon
    Les Yeux Orange

    Jan Cree & Suna Path - Moorlands EP (incl. Gonjasufi and Roedilius Remix) Release date: 26th October 2020 Buy Link: Label: Bulletdodge Records ( Format: Digital Bulletdodge Records continues to explore its exciting new musical direction with a split EP of experimental electronics from Jan Cree and Suna Path that also comes backed with remixes from Gonjasufi and Roedelius. Jan Cree and Suna Path have been producing independently for more than a decade across various labels such as Stereofly, WiN Recordings, Rawax and Bulletdodge Records. Their music has always been fresh and innovative and has explored a wide array of niches across the electronic spectrum, always with an experimental and forward looking edge. This continues with their thrilling new tracks here on Scottish based imprint Bulletdodge Records following various tracks and releases from Robert Hood, Plaid, Adamski, The Mad Professor and Carl Cox plus more. Cree kicks off with 'Escape', a sludgy and hypnotic deep techno cut with freaky vocals and twisted synths burrowing ever deeper. San Diego hip hop head, Warp album artist and yoga teacher Gonjasufi then steps up to remix with his distinctive brand of beat making. He rips the track apart and rebuilds it as a tortured electronic soundscape of busted beats and manic beeps, paranoid vocals and pure musical tension. Suna Path then comes correct with 'Ondine,' an ambient piece with lo-fi chords drifting over a pained synth while flickering human vocals appear and disappear before your very ears. Remixer Roedelius is a cult German electronic musician and composer best known as co-founder of the influential krautrock groups Cluster and Harmonia, and for his work in the ambient jazz trio Aquarello and collaboration with Brian Eno. His take is one that floats you in a celestial sky amongst harmonic pads and shimmering vocal tones and leaves you in awe. 'The Secret' is an airy track of skipping kick drums and off grid chords that light up the airwaves next to scuttling found sound details. 'Blood Moon' is a jazzy techno tune with live sounding drums and more exquisite harmonies that ride up and down the scale in dynamic fashion and 'Path Of The Monk' closes out with a tense and suggestive ambient soundtrack that is straight from the cosmos.

  • SA Presents Jake Muir ~ NTS radio ~ 17.10.20
    Space Afrika
    Jake Muir

    SPACE AFRIKA PRESENTS JAKE MUIR ~ NTS RADIO, 17.10.20 @jake-muir TRACKLIST R. MILLIS Secret Sentence MADTEO Abstrack ZURICH A Harsh Truth (Parts 1 &2) TEXT OF LIGHT 091502 Anthology Film Archives MARCEL DUCHAMP The Creative Act OGIVE Isomerica EMANUELE ERRANTE Lucus FM3, 窦唯 一 :ZOVIET*FRANCE: Caught In The Square NO UFO’S Mechanically Replayed PHIL STRUCK Sommertage STH Mks2 THE SILVERMAN Requiem Settings 4 MARK TEMPLETON Half Wave THOMAS KÖNER Retiro Station, Buenos Aires ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE Thought Withdrawal Stage 1 GREGORY WHITEHEAD I JULIA REIDY Crystal Bones GASTÓN ARÉVALO Deriva DJ OLIVE MEETS I/O3 5 CLAIRE ROUSAY For Marcus, Michaela, Samantha, Jen EN Mendocino Nature Rave ANGELA JAEGER, DAVID CUNNINGHAM Made Of Sand AMBARCHI, FENNESZ, PIMMON, REHBERG, ROWE Afternoon Tea 2 OREN AMBARCHI Bleeding Shadow MARINA ROSENFELD theseatheforestthegarden JANEK SCHAEFER Conclusions In Two Minds ZK AJ6 John Fowles Is Dead GIUSEPPE IELASI 06 SELTENE ERDEN Water Prismite MARJA AHTI Lost Lake ALP Oost ROBERT FRIPP A Blessing Of Tears BELLOWS Untitled AGF Digital Yoik BIOSPHERE, DEATHPROD, H.I.A. Katedra Botaniki NEW CULT OF THE SUN MOON Sun Phase 04 BROSHUDA Obj. Contraire (Feat. Elen Huynh) EIVIND AARSET, JAN BANG Asphalt Lake TETSU INOUE Supernature SOHRAB In The World SCOTT GAILEY Errant Moon 0N4B dotdotdotThree ALEXI BARIS Foul Perception PONTIAC STREATOR, ULLA STRAUS Item 6

  • Deep Breakfast 084 - Dj Mist
    Deep Breakfast Series

    ~ Deep Breakfast 084 by ~ Tracklist: 01. Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri - Cuando El Misterio Es Demasiado Impresionante, Es Imposible Desobedecer 02. Ballista - Heaven's Gate 03. 154 - Apricot 04. Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri - Elevado Como Barrilete 05. Deru - Black Beach (Tape Version Remix) 06. Glåsbird - Hvítar Fjöll 07. Epic45 - Old Light 08. Quiet Places - Track 6 09. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Persistence 10. Markus Guentner - Hotel Shanghai 11. Simone Giudice - Ode 12. Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri - Un Horizonte En Llamas 13. ASC & Sam KDC - Fading From Memory 14. Acronym w Korridor - Sscending 15. Lapith Girl - The First Hands Opened Like Trees 16. Moss Garden - Overlooking Oceans 17. Awakened Souls - Resonate 18. øjeRum - Tredje Sjæl 19. Autumn Of Communion - Interval Two 20. Varuna - Timoti De Foris Have a good listening. Photo credit: Mark Littlejohn

  • Dying
    Karlit-O-Kay (K-O-K)

    ....My musical associations to the process of dying... ...Meine musikalischen Assoziationen zum Prozess des Sterbens....

  • 'Music For Sex' mixed by Aleceo

    'Music for sex and sensual pleasure' compilation of slow music for making love. Dive into your inner cosmos and release your sexuality. Leave your feedback in a comments. If you liked this compilation and want to thank the author for an unforgettable experience, you can donate to PayPal: [email protected] to be continued... Mixed and compiled by Aleceo. Art by @natalie_magic (@gedonist_i)

  • Transmisiones From Buenos Aires 5
    Jonas Kopp

    1 hour of meditation sounds from Buenos Aires by Jonas, for your mind and soul. Enjoy it!

  • F3. Bedouin Ascent - Joyriding III (2:01)
    Music From Memory

    Taken from 'V/A - Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997' (MFM050) Buy Vinyl: Buy Digital: © 2020 Music From Memory

  • F2. The Arc - Orphic Mysteries (7:43)
    Music From Memory

    Taken from 'V/A - Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997' (MFM050) Buy Vinyl: Buy Digital: © 2020 Music From Memory

  • Gareth Emery - Welcome To Your Life (Acoustic)

    The full acoustic version of THE LASERS album out now: “This is one for the chilled out Sunday afternoon vibes. One for 2020 when clubs are closed and festivals are cancelled. I’m really proud of how these stripped back versions have turned out. In some ways, the power and message of the songs comes through a lot more.” - GARETH EMERY

  • Amazon Chillout 12.10.2020 @Sunset Hill Sauna, Koh PhaNgan

    A journey through sacred and folk music, mostly from the Amazon and south american, infused with beats. Chosen in the moment and played live at my "Nataraj" event at Sunset Hill Sauna in Koh PhaNgan, Thailand. Featuring: Poranguí Desert Dwellers Run Child Run Peter Power, Leonidas Jancidakis, Mauricio Sprovieri & Renato Nassif Ancestral Elephants El Búho Liquid Bloom, Stratusphere Derrok Lunar Symphony & Kompass Billy Caso LUM Nato Vincent Gericke VINZOO, Gustavo Santaolalla - Echoes from Venus El Búho x Captain Planet M.RUX & Thomash TOMANKA Danit, Rey&Kjavik El Búho x Klik & Frik An-Ten-Nae Ohxalá, Projeto Mujique Mom, ANuT Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor Hadron Orchestra, Sannan Jacob Groening Klik & Frik, Grupo Bahía GATS & Temple Arilu, Mente Orgánica Nicola Cruz Kurup Kaya Project ft. Pooja Tiwari Sacred Earth

  • Meditation #1
    Ambient Music

    A shortened edit and remaster of Meditation #1 . From the album The Ambient Meditations. and originally recorded in 2010. An album of older deep ambient tracks remastered from an older release along side some brand new recording. Paul Landry: Midi keyboards with vsti synths. Composed, performed, produced and recorded by Paul Landry ©2009 Paul Landry ► ► ► ©2010 Paul Landry Music All Rights Reserved