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  • invention_ - Levitating
    Chillhop Music

    🍃Stream/Buy Vinyl » Follow Invention_ 🎨Artwork by Tristan Gion ・ ・ 🍃As the Winter slowly loses its long dark nights to the growing days of Spring, the bare trees and vacant flowers begin to blossom into something new, refreshing and eye opening. To accompany you through the inviting vibes of this coming season we are back with the next instalment of our Essentials series. Like the cool breeze to be expected in the following months ahead, as the sun begins to make its presence known once again, this 25 track release encompasses the chilled aura of our previous compilations while bringing a warmth to be enjoyed wherever you may be. Paired with stunning artwork (courtesy of Tristan Gion) which perfectly sums up the essence of this release, nudging us closer to the realisation that it's time to start going outside and explore what the world has to offer. Particularly once Spring begins to show its true colours.

  • MNMT Label Showcase: A Strangely Isolated Place

    We're glad to welcome the Los Angeles-based ambient label 'A Strangely Isolated Place' to the MNMT Label Showcase series. Read more (interview + tracklist incl) :

  • Call Me x bd hbt - Meditation
    Call Me

    “There are ways of perceiving the world and the way you live in it such that each experience brings you more deeply into the meditative space. At the same time however; this kind of meditation requires firm grounding. You must continue to function effectively in the world as you meditate upon it. This is meditation in action. Now take a deep breath in and slowly exhale, close your eyes and relax. Let every racing thought in your head drift off till there is nothing. Listen to everything around you, feel the air in your lungs as you keep breathing deeper and deeper. Nothing can harm you here. Meditation is going to be a big help to you along your journey. But remember if it ever gets too hard along the way just pick up the phone. We'll hear you." Make sure to grab a FREE DOWNLOAD added with some extra goodies for the fam. Statement: Mix/Master/Artwork by: Call Me Go follow @bdhbt Follow Us On Social:

  • Johnny Blue - Rainforest Dropera
    Johnny Blue
    freestyle psychill

    Rainforest Dropera (Compiled & Mixed by Johnny Blue) Tracklist 1. Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Nostalgia 2. Bluetech - The Archer 3. Gumi - Never Ending Story 4. Symbolico & Earth Connect - Hanging In Space 5. Ryanosaurus - Coburger 6. Hypnagog - Micro-Cosmic 7. Soulacybin - Sporeal Allies 8. Ekorce - Roots Of Harmony 9. Liquid Bloom - Sacred Blessing (Kaminanda Remix) 10. Entheogenic - Yage (Himmelkompass Remix) 11. Floating Machine - Inside Job 12. Aes Dana - Horizontal Rain 13. Hibernation -Sympath 14. Globular - The Zeno Effect 15. OmDub - Event Horizon

  • Ambrelune
    Anthox Colaboy

    Nouveau son fraichement sorti, fait sur logic pro 10 avec les VST de la gamme East West hollywood (son libre de droit) bonne écoute !

  • Robert ÆOLUS Myers - Dreamscape from the Night Kitchen (STW Premiere)
    Stamp The Wax
    New Age

    Ethereal, immersive New Age from @robert-aeolus-myers, a pioneering composer on the Hawaiian avant-garde scene. Out on @origin-peoples. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

  • Thomas James White - I Have No Heaven Left

    I Have No Heaven Left 🎆 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within. -Alfred Lord Tennyson 🧡 Thomas James White 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Rakicevic Nenad ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre 🖤 Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) ❕ All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons. Any business offers, music and photo submissions, copyright issues: ✉️ [email protected]

  • Blue Dot V (DJ Mix)
    We Are All Astronauts

    Welcome back to the Blue Dot world. It's time for a journey. As always, thank you to all the amazing artists and thank you all for listening. Any sharing of the mixtape is encouraged and much appreciated :) I've included links for all the tracks so please go support the ones that take you to that special place. Enjoy! Subscribe over at for more info and downloads :) 00:00:00 MER-A - Mare Australe (BDV Edit) [SoundCloud] 00:03:30 Joachim Heinrich - The Masks Fall (Original Mix) [Bandcamp] 00:04:00 Jon Hopkins - C O S M (Original Mix) [Domino] 00:09:00 We Are All Astronauts - Expansion (Original Mix) [Unreleased] 00:11:30 Logic Moon - Oblivion (Original Mix) [Archives] 00:13:00 Helios - Friedel (BDV Edit) [Unseen] 00:17:20 Delectatio - Saudade (Original Mix) [Bandcamp] 00:20:30 Sigur Rós - Ég Anda (BDV Edit) [Parlophone] 00:25:45 Joachim Heinrich - An Elephant For Mum (Original Mix) [Bandcamp] 00:28:30 Olan Mill - Country (BDV Edit) [Serein] 00:29:45 Rhian Sheehan - Between Us and the Dying Starlight (Original Mix) [Loop] 00:33:45 Logic Moon - Buried In Time (Original Mix) [Archives] 00:34:30 Jon Hopkins - Luminous Beings (Original Mix) [Domino] 00:35:00 Purl & Deflektion - Growing [Dewtone] 00:38:00 Maribou State feat. Holly Walker - Nervous Tics (Original Mix) [Counter Records] 00:40:45 Rival Consoles - What Sorrow (BDV Edit) [Erased Tapes] 00:44:30 Jóhann Jóhannsson - Flight from the City (Original Mix) [Deutsche Grammophon] 00:48:00 Helios - Dreams (Original Mix) [Unseen] 00:51:30 This Will Destroy You - Villa del Refugio (BDV Edit) [Magic Bullet] https://thiswilldestroyyou.bandcamp.c... 00:54:30 Blure - Caida (BDV Edit) [Sekai] 00:55:45 Cobalt Rabbit - Tamara (Original Mix) [Insight Music] 00:57:45 Brambles - In The Androgynous Dark (Original Mix) [Serein] 01:01:15 Kryshe - Hauch (Original Mix) [Serein] 01:03:30 Essáy - Colours Of Liz (Original Mix) [Unreleased] 01:09:00 Stray Theories - We Never Left (Original Mix) [Bandcamp] 01:09:30 Quatri - How Far Can You Go (Original Mix) [Nie Wieder Schlafen] 01:11:30 Max Cooper - Hope (BDV Edit) [Mesh] 01:11:45 Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (BDV Edit) [Domino] 01:12:45 Bon Iver - Re Stacks (BDV Edit) [Jagjaguwar] 01:15:45 Ólafur Arnalds ft. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir - Particles [Erased Tapes] 01:19:00 Nils Frahm - For (BDV Edit) [Erased Tapes] 01:20:00 Abul Mogard - The Purpose Of Peace (original Mix) [Ecstatic Recordings] 01:23:00 Rhian Sheehan - Elegy For The Past (We Are All Astronauts Remix) [Loop]

  • words unsaid
    ambient lullaby

    a minimal ambient piece with live guitar improvisation i hope this helps you sleep or relax, that's all i dream of with my music. thank you for all the love, new music very soon :') working on an album, let's hope for the best. ~ follow me: art by the amazing <3

  • NO MAN'S LAND - March 14 - Radio Mix 2019
    Richard Medicineman

    NO MAN'S LAND Playlist – March 14, 2019 Tune in locally on CIUT 89.5 FM every Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm (EST) and listen live online at ARTIST - TRACK Zoungla - Deep Sea Dubbin' Shankara - Terrestrial Birth Sub Roots - New Moon Seamoon - Expression of the moment Rigzin - Kilaya Liquid Bloom - Whispers of Our Ancestors (Ancestral Elephants Remix) CloZee - Chinese Trip Essex - Floating Kaya Project - Soul Sanctuary (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix) Hinkstep - Blend In With The Crowd Mr. Squatch - The Squatch Expands Life ft. Ganga Giri (Grouch in Dub Remix) Zen Baboon - Keep Positive Plantrae - Dreamsick beatfarmer - Jedi Shake (wind mix) Uji x Corina Lawrence - La Descarriá (Uji Remix) Deep Forest & Gaudi - Mistero Kaya Project - Raging Rivers (Pedra Branca Remix) Grouch - Sarva Dharma Chrisna Karast - Awakening Lionz ATYYA - Chronos

  • Steve Gibbs - Contemplative Classical Guest Mix 3
    Contemplative Classical

    Composer @SteveGibbs curates a special guest mix for Contemplative Classical featuring music from the likes of: Goldmund, Christian Löffler, Ólafur Arnalds, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Jon Hopkins and much more. You can purchase Steve's first album 'Adrift' released on Injazero Records here: 01. Goldmund - Sometimes (0:00) 02. Slow Meadow - Grey Cloud Lullaby (2:41) 03. Christian Löffler - Pigment (Parra for Cuva Piano Reinterpretation) (6:31) 04. Otto A Totland - Anona (11:18) 05. Rhian Sheehan - Between Us And The Dying Starlight (14:26) 06. Ed Carlsen - Rain (18:53) 07. Helios - Dreams (23:02) 08. Matt Emery - Empire (Daigo Hanada Rework) (27:15) 09. Ólafur Arnalds - Saman (31:13) 10. Jacob David - Intet Forbi (33:15) 11. Oliveray - Piano In The Pond! (36:28) 12. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos III (40:34) 13. Jon Hopkins - Recovery (44:28) 14. Hammock - No Agenda (instrumental) (48:22)

  • day dreams
    the poor collective
  • Yoann Garel - Clint Ballad

    Clint Ballad 🏇 Stream & Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win. -Bobby Knight 🧡 Yoann Garel 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Jakob Owens ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre 🖤 Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) ❕ All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons. Any business offers, music and photo submissions, copyright issues: ✉️ [email protected]

  • Taj Mahal

    Links to artists, label and stores can be found at the bottom of the description! The album: Modern Wonders Modern is a relative term. When we reset our annual counter we embarked on a wonderous journey full of historical wonders up until this very moment. Release date: 15-03-2019 on Legacy of Thought label: The tracks: 01 K37 - Colosseum 02 Time Away - Chichen Itza 03 Progeny-1 - Angkor Wat 04 Tuuligan - Lalibela 05 Ivan Black - Forbidden City 06 Bronux - Machu Picchu 07 Andawan - Taj Mahal 08 Der Bischof - Sagrada Familia 09 Colin Stevens - Zuiderzee Works 10 Tolubai - G-Cans 11 Ambient Indigo - Öresund Bridge 12 Orbital Hum - Burj Khalifa The artwork: Der Bischof: Mastering: Chris Held: The links: #Facebook: #Twitter: #Drooble: #Spotify: #Qobuz: #Youtube: #Beatport: #Juno: #Soundcloud: Also on #itunes and #amazon Time Away: Colin Stevens: Der Bischof: Andawan: Ivan Black: K37: Cat Friendly: Progeny-1: Tuuligan: Orbital Hum: Tolubai: Ambient Indigo: Bronux:

  • PREMIERE | Oren Cantrell - Tiangi [Séance Centre] 2019
    44,100Hz Social Club

    This immersive ambient piece is part of a 4 tracks EP, originally created of an unrealized film project by NY based director Oren Cantrell. Upcoming on Séance Centre on March 22nd, Tiangi is a deep meditative jam where Oren’s voice soothly appears back and forth, layered between buzzing modular sounds and shimmering traditional bells and percussions. This superb soundtrack feels like a comforting bath of warm sounds that would appear in the middle of cold and perilous mountain, and we all need this kind of safe haven sometimes. This is the sound of the spring.

  • 'Discover' Ambient Mix

    Discover the world 🌏✨ 🎧 Spotify Playlist: 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: #Ambient #Space #Chillout 📌 Suggested mix: Skywalker Ambient Mix: 📃 Tracklist: 00:00 Serein - Avenoir 04:03 Solace - St Catherines 08:39 Norvik - Second Spring 12:04 Arros - Placate 16:05 Delectatio - Evoke 21:20 Joachim Heinrich - Pilgrim 23:53 Poolz - Be Yourself 29:58 Luis Miehlich - I Tried To Reach Out (with Handbook of Magic) 34:45 Bedroom - The Remembering Machine 38:48 Josh Leake - Chapters 43:45 Amann - Illuminate 45:48 Hviledag - Hjælp Mig Ud Af Mig Selv 50:55 Sensitize - Reflections 55:14 Miro - Intoku 📷 Picture by Logan Lambert Serein Solace Norvik Arros Delectatio Joachim Heinrich Poolz Luis Miehlich Bedroom Josh Leake Amann Hviledag Sensitize Miro ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre 🖤 Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) ❕ All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons. Any business offers, music and photo submissions, copyright issues: ✉️ [email protected]

  • When Only Sadness Remains
    Uncertain Voices

    Out on all streaming services next week!

  • Esq I

    A collection of experimental ambient pieces. 1 - Circe 2 - Arroyo 3 - Campfire 4 - Bellow 5 - Eyes 6 - See 7 - Saving Time 8 - Further Farewell 9 - Clear Picture 25/03/19

  • Realizer : Sun Set
    Echoes Blue Music

    Sun Set / Sun Rise : two evocative and expansive ambient experiences + Download & stream: Join Realizer! + Bandcamp: + Instagram: + Soundcloud: @mattcwhite + Twitter: Join Echoes Blue Music! + Twitter: + Website: + YouTube:

  • Michael FK - Abaft
    Michael FK

    ● Stream on Spotify ▸ ● Download on BandCamp ▸ ● Download on Itunes ▸ ● My merch is available here ▸ ● Support me on ▸ ● I'm super excited to finally be able to show my new track "Abaft" to the world and. I really appreciate you giving it your time, and am totally blown away by all the beautiful responses. I hope you enjoy it. Follow Michael FK: ● SF ▸ ● FB ▸ ● BC ▸