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  • 2019 in Sound
    Marc Fennell
  • U40: Twists and turns heading to signing day? OU vs. LSU. We're set
    Oklahoma Sooners Unofficial 40

    Oklahoma is set for the playoffs, that much we know. But before that, we have national signing day coming up Dec. 18 and the Sooners are looking to close strong. It started last night with some late night eyeball emojis from Lincoln Riley. We also have some potential drama developing with one of OU's longest commitments. The numbers are tight for the Sooners even with former targets coming on the market late. How will Riley and the Sooners manage it. We also get into some awards circuit talk with CeeDee Lamb hoping to bring up a Biletnikoff Award and Jalen Hurts travels to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. We also talk a little LSU preview and go back a bit to look at the Big 12 Championship game. Lots of college football talk in this one both locally and nationally on the Midfirst Bank Unofficial 40 The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome the Sooners are going to the Playoffs, again 2:00 - EYE BALLS OUT 10:30 - Jase McClellan situation; what's going on? 21:00 - Team Talk / Big 12 Championship recap 35:00 - CFB Playoff talk / match up vs. LSU 48:00 - Joe Burrow ... he good 59:00 - College Football Awards (Thurs)/Heisman Trophy (Saturday) 1:17 - Recruiting weekend preview

  • NFL Week 15 Sports Betting Picks: Rams at Cowboys, Chicago at Green Bay, Buffalo at Pittsburgh
    Bet The Board

    NFL Week 15 is here and Todd Fuhrman and Payne Insider from are back to break down all the big games from a point spread perspective. The two provide key metrics, on-field matchups, player data, and important information. PLUS, a Week 15 NFL BEST BET! Today’s presenting sponsor is -- they're now offering legalized sports betting in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Sign up and receive up to $100 in FREE CASH! Week 15 NFL deep dives include: ▶️ Chicago at Green Bay (2:35) ▶️ Houston at Tennessee (13:15) ▶️ Buffalo at Pittsburgh (24:08) ▶️ Los Angeles Rams at Dallas (36:35) ▶️ New York Jets at Baltimore (45:25) ▶️ BEST BET ! (59:41) Will Trubisky continue to use his legs more, and can he hit a few explosive passes against this Packers secondary? Will it be the Texans or Titans defense that gets a crucial stop to propel its team atop the AFC South division? Can Josh Allen improve under pressure against Pittsburgh’s dynamic front 7? The Rams have everything to play for, the Cowboys don’t. But has the market over-accounted for this? Will the elite Jets run defense give Lamar Jackson and Baltimore’s offense troubles, or will the Ravens be too exotic on a short week for Gregg Williams to have success? We answer all these key questions and more! ▶️ Follow on Twitter: Bet The Board - Payne Insider - Todd Fuhrman - ▶️ Bet The Board Website:

  • 12 12 2019 Pastor Paul Interview With Michael Cosmic Pulse And Impeachment
  • Episode 235: Katya Returns
    RuPaul: What's the Tee?

    In this episode Ru is rejoined by Katya. They discuss life after Drag Race, Cirque du Soleil, fighting, sobriety, and their respective Netflix shows. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Bombas.

  • Avsnitt 329 - Lowballa

    Årsskiftet närmar sig och det är dags att göra portföljen redo för att köpa årets förlorare i gammal vanlig ordning. Vilka sektorer är intressantast efter 2019s monsterhausse? Dessutom pratas det tåkrämer, flygbolag, spelbolag och att Sverige skulle behöva en Trump för att rensa upp i myndighetsträsket.

  • Episode 394: The Murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft Part II - President Goon
    Last Podcast On The Left

    On the conclusion to our series on the murder of Girly Chew, we cover the possible ways the murder might have gone down including the possibility that the perpetrator was a former fashion designer named Linda Henning who believed she was a Reptilian queen tasked with saving the planet. Check out for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code LASTPOD to save 10% off your first purchase! Sign up for your trial today at For 20% off your first purchase, visit and use promo code LAST20 during checkout! Just go to to save on gift sets and to get your first refill FREE with a refill plan. "Chill" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( "Autumn Day" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( "Cool Vibes" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( "Cheery Monday" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

  • 2019 - 12 - 08 11am Sunday Sermon
    Gospel Fellowship
  • Mike Norvell press conf review & Recap of search process
    The Nolecast

    Ingram and Bud give their thoughts Mike Norvell's opening press conference and give their final observations on some of the informational high and lows of FSU's search process

  • 12 10 2019 Evening Study BORN AGAIN AGAIN

    JOHN 3

  • Instant Reaction - Mike Norvell, FSU's next head coach
    The Nolecast

    FSU has named 38 year old Mike Norvell as its next head coach

  • High Pitch Erik Pretends to Be Santa During Phone Sex With Chris Wilding – The Howard Stern Show
    Howard Stern
    Howard Stern

    From The Howard Stern Show (12-11-19) - High Pitch Erik Pretends to Be Santa During Phone Sex With Chris Wilding For more Howard Stern Show: Website - Twitter - Instagram - www.instagram/sternshow Facebook -

  • 12 10 2019 Midnight Hour Impeachment Proceedings Update

    some brief "wave" updates regarding volcano activity

  • Presidente do Banrisul, Cláudio Coutinho - 12/12/2019

    Presidente do Banrisul, Cláudio Coutinho fala sobre a gestão do banco público estadual

  • Our Right to Privacy Is Gone | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee, Brad Polumbo, & Dallas Jenkins | 12/12/19
    The Glenn Beck Program

    An Arizona man registered a swarm of bees as an emotional support animal. Yesterday Sen. Ben Sasse called out the FBI’s abuse of power in a big win for the American people. Sen. Mike Lee calls in to discuss how the FISA review signals the destruction of the Fourth Amendment. Glenn argues that the media is now the enemy of the Constitution. Gay libertarian journalist Brad Polumbo debates Glenn on whether the Fairness for All Act protects individuals as well as churches. Trump’s latest court pick proves that progressives are scared of him. And is “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” the “queerest holiday special"? Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins discusses his new crowdfunded gospel series, “The Chosen,” which goes WAY beyond any “Jesus film.”

  • Climate Youth Declare: “We Are Unstoppable! Another World Is Possible!”
    Democracy Now!
    News & Politics

    MADRID — This year’s United Nations climate summit, dubbed “COP 25” for the 25th annual “conference of the parties” to the climate negotiations, heated up Wednesday as grassroots activists, youth and indigenous leaders protested en masse outside the main plenary hall. As the “Democracy Now!” news hour broadcast live from the convention center, chants rang out: “Shame! Shame!” and “The people, united, will never be defeated,” in Spanish and English, and “What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!” The protest was one of many here in Madrid, challenging the lack of progress in finalizing rules for the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement, the global treaty that is the last, best hope to forestall catastrophic, irreversible climate catastrophe.

  • Nolecast Listener Q&A Part 1
    The Nolecast

    We open the pod to listeners and do our best to touch what was thrown our way.

  • #219 - We're Going Down
    The Basement Yard

    On this episode, we honestly just go off the rails. This is the craziest episode in a long time.

  • Cheftrainer Dirk Schuster vor #AUESSV
  • Roy Smalley's Chin Music 195 - Pete Rose and monster contracts
    Talk North - Souhan Podcast Network

    Roy Smalley on big money, free agents, trades, Sano and the Twins. Thanks to Berry Coffee (  State Farm agent Tony Hoaglund ( & Bitesquad (code: TALKNORTH)